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					                                                            The Coast Guard/NOAA
                                                              Retirees’ Newsletter
                                                                                 “Semper Paratus”

       April-June 2010                      Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty                                       Issue 2/2010

  ITEMS OF INTEREST                                 RETIREE & ANNUITANT SELF SERVICE
NOAA News                        5   In January 2010, we began implementation of Retiree and Annuitant Self Service. Under
                                     the first phase of implementation, you became able to view and print your Pay Slips and
VA News                          9   IRS Forms 1099R. In April 2010, we are implementing the next phase of Self Service. This
                                     phase gives you the ability to add/update phone numbers, update mailing address, and opt
Coast Guard Mutual Assistance   14
                                     in/out of receiving a Retiree Newsletter by mail.
World T.E.A.M. Sports Lists
Upcoming Events                 15   1.   Adding/Updating Phone Numbers. You will be able to update your phone numbers,
                                          including business, mobile/cell, and home.
TRICARE News                    19
                                     2.   Update Your Mailing Address. You will be able to update your mailing address.
                                          However, there are a few things to keep in mind:
                                     ♦     The changing of your mailing address only affects the mailing of paper pay slips,
                                           1099Rs, paper checks, and the Retiree Newsletter. If you need to change your state
                                           of legal residence or state tax withholding, you will need to contact RAS.
                                     ♦     You will have to call RAS for any address changes which involve a foreign address.
                                     ♦     Once you have finished updating your address, the system will notify you as to when
                                           this change takes effect.

                                     3.   Retiree Newsletter Opt In/Out. You will have the ability to notify PPC whether or not
                                          you would like to continue receiving the Retiree Newsletter in the mail. If you prefer not
                                          to receive one by mail, simply uncheck the box. By electing to not receive a mailed
                                          Newsletter, you save the Coast Guard money in printing and postage costs. You still
                                          have the ability to view the Newsletter on-line.

                                     If you haven’t used Self Service before, here are some of the things you must have:

                                     1.   Internet Access. You need to have access to the internet. Below is a description of
                                          the web browsers that have been tested and proven to work best on your personal
                                          Operating System                   Recommended Web Browser(s)
                                          Windows 2000                       Internet Explorer 6, Netscape 7.x, Netscape
CO’s Corner                     2                                            8.1, or Firefox 2.0
Reunions and Notices            6         Windows XP                         Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7,
                                                                             Netscape 7.x, Netscape 8.1, or Firefox 2.0
Retirements                     7         Windows Server 2003                Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7,
TAPS                            11
                                                                             Netscape 7.x, Netscape 8.1, or Firefox 2.0
                                          UNIX or Linux                      Firefox 2.0, Mozilla 1.7, or Netscape 7.x
Dependent TAPS                  14
                                          Mac OS X                           Apple Safari 2.0.4, Firefox 2.0, Mozilla 1.7,
Editor’s Notes                  16                                           or Netscape 7.x
                                          Windows Vista                      Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8,
Directory Assistance            17
                                                                             Firefox 3.5, Firefox 3.0
                                          Windows 7                          Tests pend as of Mar 2010

                                                                                                        (Self Service continued on page 3)
Page 2                                               The Coast Guard/NOAA Retirees’ Newsletter                                            April-June 2010

CO’s Corner –

It has been a long, cold, hard winter for much of the country, including right here in Topeka, Kansas. I hope by the
time you read this, there will be some warming and a hint of spring in the air. As the weather warms up we are all en-
couraged to get outside and be active. We regularly include announcements of activities, reunions and special events
in our newsletter, and I would like to draw your attention to the World T.E.A.M. sporting events coming up. I would
also like to commend our PPC staff for the great work they do in getting information out to our customers, especially
Mr. Rich Etheridge for our web information, and Mr. Bill Weakly for our quarterly newsletter. They are both excellent
ways to stay connected to Coast Guard or NOAA.

I am happy to report we have successfully completed the first phase of self service for our Retiree and Annuitant cus-
tomers, and you will see continued progress in this area as we expand self service capabilities beyond just viewing,
as detailed in this newsletter.

All W-2’s and 1099R’s were distributed quickly in January, in addition to their availability on line, so you should have
everything you need from us to complete your tax returns if you haven’t already done so. Please contact us right away
if you have not received your proper 2009 tax information. Good Luck!

We continue to work on our communications issues with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA), and still routinely
have frustrated customers regarding Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay issues. We are voicing that concern at
a higher level in VA as we work with them to update our procedures in a formalized Memorandum of Agreement. This
will be a long-term effort, and while it is ongoing we will do whatever we can to work around communication barriers to
help our shared customers. If you are directly affected, we appreciate your patience with us and perseverance with
VA. The implementation of “Connect Direct” application software, the VA’s selected secure data transmission tool, is
progressing, albeit more slowly than desired, and it will help us improve data sharing with the VA once completed.

One thing that does not change here at PPC is our dedicated service to you, our Retiree and Annuitant customers.
We value you as our customers and thank you for your service to our country. Please let us know how we are doing in
meeting your needs. Our “Customer Service Survey” link is on the left hand side of the Retiree and Annuitant Section
of the PPC web site at Don’t forget to check it out for lots of current news and items
of interest. Thank You!

PPC values are: Customers First; Committed to Employees; Stewardship and Integrity.

Semper Paratus!
J. D. Phillips, Captain, USCG
Commanding Officer, PPC Topeka

                                                U. S. Coast Guard Pay & Personnel Center

              CAPT Jay Phillips                                                                                          Michael P. Sullivan
             Commanding Officer                                                                                          Executive Director

             Debra G. Farley                                      CWO4 Marie Hallford                                      William L. Weakly
    Chief, Retiree & Annuitant Services                 Chief, Procedures & Development Branch                     Editor, The Coast Guard/NOAA
                                                                                                                         Retirees’ Newsletter

The Coast Guard/ NOAA Retirees’ Newsletter is a publication containing news of general interest, suggestions, and information to keep Coast Guard and NOAA
retirees and their family members informed of recent developments. This publication shall not be considered authority and is non-record material.
April-June 2010                               The Coast Guard/NOAA Retirees’ Newsletter                                        Page 3

(Self Service continued from page 1)

2. Valid E-Mail Address. You need a valid personal e-mail address. This e-mail address is used in the event that you
   forget your password and it has to be reset. If you do not already have an e-mail address, please set one up prior
   to accessing the system. Many e-mail providers offer free e-mail addresses, such as Yahoo, Gmail, and AOL.

3. PDF Reader. Documents you retrieve from the system will be in a PDF format. In order to view them, you need to
   have Adobe Reader or some type of PDF reader installed on your computer. If you do not already have this on
   your computer, you can download Adobe Reader free of charge at

Access Procedure

    Step       Action                                                       Notes

      1        Using your internet service, access

      2        Retiree & Annuitant Self Service is a secure
               Website. You may receive a Security Alert. If so, click

      3        Enter your User ID.                                          User ID is your Empl ID. It is shown at the
                                                                            top of Pay Slips you receive from PPC.

      4        Enter your Password                                          If a first time user, a default password has
                                                                            been setup for you and you will be prompted to
                                                                            change it. The formula for your default pass
                                                                            word is CG + last 4 of your SSN @ four digit
                                                                            birth year. (For example, if the last 4 digits of
                                                                            your SSN are 1234 and you were born in
                                                                            1956, your default password is CG1234@1956.)
                                                                            The password is case sensitive.
      5        Click the Sign in button.

      6        Click OK on the next screen.                                 If a first time Self Service user, you will be
                                                                            prompted to reset your password and set up
                                                                            the Forgot My Password feature. This step will
                                                                            require you to:
                                                                                       • Enter your password (from step 4).
                                                                                       • Create a new password (which con-
                                                                                         forms to the password rules below).
                                                                                       • Re-enter the new password a second
                                                                                       • Answer a system security question.

      7        Enter a valid e-mail address (or verify that the one         If there was already an e-mail address on file
               displayed is correct).                                       for you, it will display here. Otherwise, you
                                                                            must enter a valid e-mail address to use Self

      8.       Click OK.

                                                                                                      (Self Service continued on page 4)
 Page 4                                       The Coast Guard/NOAA Retirees’ Newsletter                             April-June 2010

 (Self Service continued from page 3)

Rules and Guidelines for Passwords

1) Global Pay passwords must:
   a) Be between 9 and 32 characters long:
   b) Include at least 1 number, and
   c) Have at least 1 special character. For example, ! @ # $ % & * ( ) - + \ | [ { ] } ; : / ? .
2) Passwords are case sensitive. You should use both lowercase and capital letters in your password.
3) Your password cannot be the same as your User ID.
4) Don’t use passwords that are based on personal or any other type of information that can be easily accessed or
   guessed such as your address or children’s names.

If You Forget Your Password:

In the event that you forget your password to access Self Service, below are the steps to take in order to reset it.

    Step       Action                                                       Notes

       1       Using your internet service, access

       2       Click on the “Forgot My Password” link.

       3       Enter your User ID and select “Continue”.                    User ID is your Empl ID. It is shown at the top
                                                                            of Pay Slips you receive from PPC.

       4       You will then be directed to a page that has your
               User ID and E-mail ID at the top.

       5       In the box provided, enter the answer to your                It is not case sensitive
               Security Question.

       6       Click on “E-mail New Password”.

       7       You will receive an e-mail providing your                    The e-mail also provides information on how
               temporary password along with instructions.                  to log a trouble ticket if additional assistance
               Please read these instructions fully and carefully.          Is required

       8       Return to
               /signon.html and follow the directions given in
               the system e-mail you received.

Upcoming Self-Service Implementation Phases

Over the next year, we will be rolling out additional Self Service functionality. We will notify you via the Retirees’ News-
letter as additional functionality becomes available. This will include:

♦   Update final pay beneficiary information
♦   Complete Certificates of Eligibility & Reports of Existence
♦   Update direct deposit information
♦   Change federal tax withholding
♦   Change state tax withholding
♦   Start, stop, and change allotments & savings bonds (retirees only)
April-June 2010                              The Coast Guard/NOAA Retirees’ Newsletter                                             Page 5

                                                    NOAA NEWS
  Wreck of Airship USS Macon Added to National Register of Historic Places

Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the loss of the U.S. Navy
airship USS Macon, NOAA today announced that the wreck site
on the seafloor within Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
has been added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The Macon, a 785-foot dirigible was one of the largest airships in
the world – comparable in size to the RMS Titanic. It was in-
tended to serve as a scout ship for the Pacific Fleet and had the
ability to launch and recover Sparrowhawk biplanes. In service
less than two years, the Macon, based at Moffett Field in Sunny-
vale, Calif., was damaged in a storm on Feb. 12, 1935, and sank
in the Pacific Ocean off Point Sur, south of San Francisco. All but
two of the Macon’s 83 crewmen were rescued by nearby Navy
ships.                                                                                   Airship USS Macon in flight.

“The USS Macon and its four associated Sparrowhawk biplanes are not only historically significant to our nation’s history, but
have unique ties to our local communities, where public museums highlight the airship’s history,” said Paul Michel, Monterey
Bay National Marine Sanctuary superintendent. “The National Register listing highlights the importance of protecting the
wreck site and its artifacts for further understanding our past.”

The National Register of Historic Places is the nation’s official list of cultural places considered worth preserving. Authorized
by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, the Register is part of a national program to coordinate and support public
and private efforts to identify, evaluate and protect America's historic and archeological resources. Properties listed in the
National Register can qualify for federal grants for historic preservation.

The wreckage of the Macon and four aircraft lie at a depth of more than 1,500 feet and were first documented in 1990 by the
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI). Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary conducted a sonar survey in
2005 followed by the first archaeological expedition in 2006 that documented the Macon’s remains. The expedition was a
collaborative venture involving NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, NOAA's Office of Ocean Exploration and
Research, NOAA's Preserve America Initiative, MBARI, Stanford University, University of New Hampshire, U.S. Navy,
Monterey Maritime and History Museum, and the Moffett Field Historical Society and Museum.

The Macon wreck site includes the airship's hangar bay, containing its four Sparrowhawks and their detached landing gear.
Five of the Macon's eight engines also have been identified along with objects from the ship's galley, including two sections
of the aluminum stove and the enlisted men’s dining table and bench. Aluminum chairs and desks that may have been in a
port side officer’s or meteorologist's office also have been found.

“Dirigibles were an important development in the history of aviation and the Macon's remains represent the only archaeologi-
cally-documented example of such aircraft in the United States and possibly the world,” said Bruce Terrell, senior archaeolo-
gist, NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries Maritime Heritage Program.

The Macon wreck is the second site in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary to be included on the National Register. The
wreck of the California Gold Rush side-wheel steamship Tennessee was listed in 1981.

                                                                                                (Source: NOAA Press Release dtd 11 Feb 2010)
 Page 6                                   The Coast Guard/NOAA Retirees’ Newsletter                          April-June 2010

                                         REUNIONS AND NOTICES
HAWAII COAST GUARD RETIREE COUNCIL will meet                     Coast Guard All Icebreaker Muster May 12-16, 2010 in
at 1900 to 2100 at Club 14, Sand Island the second               Nashville, TN. Further information can be obtained by
Wednesday of every August, November, February, and               visiting the website or con-
May. Contact CAPT Schultz at                tacting Louis LaRiccia at (623) 434-6805 or e-mail at
or BMCS Dutton at DuttonM003@Hawaii.RR.Com if you                icebreakermuster@yahoo.coml
have any questions.

                                                                 USCGC SOUTHWIND (WAGB-280) - second reunion will
TRACEN YORKTOWN Retiree Council office hours are                 be held September 23-26, 2010 in Baltimore, MD. For
0800-1400, Mon-Wed, except all Federal Holidays, phone           more information visit or
number (757) 856-2136. E-Mail:                                   you may contact CWO4 (BOSN) Ed Clancy, USCG, Ret
Adrian.H.Rymer@USCG.Mil, LFConley@USCG.Mil or                    at (904) 242-9070 or

                                                                2010 National Retired Military Golf Classic will be held
Arizona Retiree Reunion takes place quarterly in the
                                                                in Myrtle Beach, SC from June 1-5, 2010 and will be
Phoenix area for all former, active duty and reserve Coast
                                                                played at 5 different golf courses. Only 872 men and 128
Guard. The location changes quarterly. The next brunch
                                                                women will be accepted for this event. Over $160,000 in
will take place at 9:30 am, April 24th, 2010 in Sun Lakes
                                                                cash and prizes will be awarded. $10,000 cash will be
near Chandler, AZ. Attendees at this reunion range from
                                                                awarded as a special hole-in-one prize for both men and
all enlisted rates to a Vice Commandant of the USCG.
                                                                women. The classic has given over $40,000 to the Fisher
Member come from as far away as New Mexico. For in-
                                                                House Foundation to support our troops and their fami-
formation on the group rates please call SKCM Art Sloane
                                                                lies. Applications will be mailed in early December 2009 to
at (480) 802-6810 or (480) 688-0066 or e-mail him at:
                                                                those on the mailing list. Applications will also be avail-
                                                                able at most of the military golf courses around the coun-
                                                                try. Priority will be given to those who have played in pre-
                                                                vious classics. After 1 February 2010, acceptance will be
USCGC BOUTWELL (WHEC-719) - “Calling on all Ship-               on a first come, first served basis. For applications, call
mates, Sea Dogs, and Sea Lawyers assigned to the                1-866-469-7853 or write to Oceana Resorts, National Re-
USCGC Boutwell during October 1980. If there is enough          tired Military Golf Classic, PO Box 3608, Myrtle Beach,
interest a reunion would be tentatively scheduled for Oc-       SC 29578 or visit the website
tober 2010 in Seattle, WA to celebrate the 30th anniver- Point of contact is Terry
sary of our rescue of passengers aboard the Motor Ves-          W. Brown, Tournament Director at 803-315-2924.
sel Prinsendam.” Please contact YNCS Stan Jaceks,
USCG, Retired, at 1335 Fairway Dr. NE, Moses Lake,
WA 98837, phone (509) 764-0180 (h) or (509) 760-4866             USCG Investigative Association Reunion will be held
(c) or e-mail him at:                  October 8-10, 2010 at the Doubletree Hotel, Portland,
                                                                 OR. Contact: Tom Craig, 1133 Jefferson St., Wenatchee,
                                                                 WA 98801, phone: (509) 663-4015 or you may e-mail him
Hear Ye - Hear Ye
Ye olde telephone pole climbers and Cable Boat crews,
mark your charts and Right-of-Way drawings. The East
Coast EMTel - TT - IT Reunion will be held on the                U.S. Coast Guard National Association of Former
weekend of May 14-16, 2010 in Chincoteague, VA at the            Stewards and Stewardmates Inc. will be holding their
Piney Grove Camp Ground. Come early, stay late and               21st reunion July 28—August 1, 2010 at the St Christo-
spin your yarns. Contact TTC Bo Stapelton (Ret) at (757)         pher Hotel , 114 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA. For fur-
340-3732 or TTCM Curtis Leary (Ret) at (919) 469-3010            ther information please contact CPO Donald Lewis,
or email at for more information.           USCG, Ret., at (504) 891-9568 or (718) 341-2450.

                                                                                                         (Continued on page 15)
 April-June 2010               The Coast Guard/NOAA Retirees’ Newsletter                           Page 7

                   USCG Retirements
                                    Date of                                                   Date of
Name                    Rank       Retirement         Name                     Rank          Retirement

ADAMS, GERALD          SKC          20091201          DEBELAK, KENNETH         PS1            20091205
ADAMS, DAVID           CDR          20100201          DELGADO, MARTIN          LT             20091201
AGORAS, NICHOLAS       AMTC         20091201          DENNY, PATRICK           YNC            20091201
ALEXANDER, VIRGIL      SKCM         20100101          DEPAOLO, ANTHONY         ELC2           20100101
ALHO, THOMAS           MSSE4        20091201          DIETZ, SCOTT             FSCM           20091201
ALLEN, THOMAS          EM3          20100101          DONNELLY, PATRICK        BM2            20091215
AMMONS, JAMES          ETC          20091201          DUCOS, JOSE              ET1            20100204
ANDER, JAMES           HS1          20091125          DUNN, JERRY              ITC            20100101
ANDREWS, MARK          MK1          20091201          DYNDA, PETER             OS2            20091202
ARMBRUSTER, KEVIN      PS1          20100205          ELSO, JON                FS1            20091207
ASHITOMI, ALLEN        OSC          20100213          EMERICK, ANGELO          AMT3           20100125
BALD, RONALD           CDR          20091201          EMERY, BRIAN             ISM4           20100201
BARANIC, ROBERT        ET1          20091216          ENSLEY, ROBERT           AVI3           20091201
BARBER, PATRICK        AMT1         20091201          EZELL, LILLIAN           YNC            20100203
BARRERA, JORGE         AMTC         20091201          FALCON, NOEL             AMTCS          20091201
BARRETT, RICHARD       CDR          20091231          FARMER, MICHAEL          BMC            20091201
BARTHELMES, ROBERT     LCDR         20100101          FARRELL, CHARLES         HSCM           20100201
BASINS, DAVID          MK2          20100215          FERNANDEZ, EFRAIN        EM1            20091201
BATCHELOR, BRIAN       BMC          20091201          FIGUEROA, JESUS          PS1            20100215
BEAUPARLANT, SUSAN     F&S4         20091128          FITZPATRICK, JUDITH      SK1            20100112
BELCHER, JIMMY         OSCS         20091201          FRATTINI, GUY            MKC            20100205
BELL, MICHAEL          EM3          20091202          FRENCH, JOHN             BMC            20091201
BENNETT, ROBERT        ISCM         20091201          FULFORD, TERRY           BM1            20091206
BENWAY, ROBERT         MST1         20091214          GARCIA, STEVEN           BMC            20100101
BERGERON, PETER        CAPT         20091201          GELATO, JAMES            MKCS           20100116
BERNARD, JASON         BM1          20100201          GENTILE, CECILIA         PERS4          20091201
BETHURUM, DARRELL      HSC          20091201          GENTILE, THOMAS          MSTCM          20091201
BISSONNETTE, WILLIAM   MK2          20091230          GEORGE, HARRY            PERS4          20100201
BONDI, ANTHONY         MKC          20091220          GLAVIN, STEVEN           ETCS           20091201
BOUGHNER, BERNICE      YNC          20091230          GOLDMAN, MARK            CDR            20100201
BOWSER, DANIEL         LTJG         20100203          GOLDSMITH, LEE           OS1            20100201
BRANDON, BRIAN         OSC          20091201          GRAY, MONTY              OSC            20100101
BREWER, GEORGE         ENG4         20091201          GROSE, JOHN              BM1            20100101
BUCKLEY, GEORGE        FSC          20100201          HAMAIDE, CHARLES         OSC            20100102
BURKE, RICHARD         LCDR         20100201          HARDEN, DAVID            BM1            20100113
BURNETTE, MARSHALL     CDR          20100124          HARPER, PARLEE           SK1            20100201
BURTON, DAVID          BMC          20091201          HARRIS, DAVID            ETCM           20100201
BURTON, CURTIS         MKCS         20091201          HATHAWAY, GEORGE         MAT4           20091201
BUSLER, NILES          BOSN4        20091203          HAUKE, PATRICK           ENG4           20100101
CADE, JERRY            HSC          20091201          HEIMBUCH, DAVID          MKCS           20091201
CAMARA, RICHARD        ETC          20091201          HEYE, DAVID              BMCM           20091201
CARROLL, RICHARD       BMC          20100120          HILL, KENNETH            BMCS           20091201
CARUTHERS, TROY        MSTC         20091130          HILTON, JEROME           CDR            20100201
CASEY, DENNIS          BOSN4        20100201          HIRO, KEVIN              HSC            20091201
CASPER, JAMES          MKC          20091201          HOLLAND, HENRY           ENG4           20091201
CASS, DAVID            BMC          20100206          HOLTZMANBELL, VIRGINIA   CAPT           20100201
CAVALUZZI, ROCCO       PSC          20091226          HOLVOET, LANCE           FSC            20091201
CHASE, BRADLEY         OSCS         20091201          HUBBARD, WILFRED         YN1            20091221
CHRISTENSEN, RICHARD   CDR          20091220          HUNTELMAN, MARK          ETCS           20100201
CLARK, CHARLES         BMC          20100201          HURT, CECIL              F&S4           20100101
CLARK, CARLA           SKC          20100201          HYMAN, MARTIN            CAPT           20091129
CLAY, STEVE            MKC          20100109          JOHNSON, CHARLES         BM1            20100212
CLAYTON, EDSEL         HSC          20100201          JOHNSON, JASON           BM1            20091201
CLICKSTINE, WILLIAM    DC1          20100222          JOHNSON, MICHAEL         YNCS           20091201
COLONNA, JOSEPH        BMC          20091201          JONES, BYRON             F&S4           20100101
COYNE, THOMAS          LT           20100101          JONES, MASAHARU          LT             20100116
CRABTREE, JAMES        ENG2         20100101          JONES, BRANDON           SN             20100127
CREWS, SCOTT           BMC          20091201          JORJORIAN, MARTIN        BMC            20091203
CUMMINGS, MARK         AMTCS        20091201          KARNUTH, FRANZ           MSSD3          20100101
DARMINIO, DEBORAH      LCDR         20100201          KELLEY, RICHARD          BMCM           20091201
DAVIS, ANDREW          SKC          20091201          KEMPF, CHASE             OSC            20091201
DEAN, ROBERT           CAPT         20091201
                                                                                       (Continued on page 8)
Page 8                            The Coast Guard/NOAA Retirees’ Newsletter                April-June 2010

(Continued from page 7)                                  REHBEIN, ERIC             IVCM        20100211
                                                         RIKER, JAN                RADM        20100122
KIDD, WAYNE               BMC           20091201         ROBERTS, TERRY            MSSD3       20091201
KIM, ALEX                 BM3           20091214         ROBERTSON, JAMES          BOSN4       20100201
KING, BRIAN               SKC           20091201         ROEMER, GAIL              YNCS        20091213
KNOWLES, DAVID            F&S4          20100101         ROMANO, DENNIS            GM1         20091223
LACASSIN, MICHAEL         AMTCS         20091201         ROSARIO, CARLOS           YNC         20091201
LAUFER, JOHN              CAPT          20100211         RUCKSTUHL, MARK           CDR         20100201
LAWSON, DWAYNE            AST1          20091201         RUDOLPH, VINCENT          YNCM        20091201
LEE, BRIAN                BMC           20091201         RYDER, JEREMY             BM1         20100210
LEVINE, GEORGE            PS1           20100116         SANCHEZ, JOSEPH           MK3         20091229
LEWIS, PETRINA            YN1           20091201         SANTMYER, TIMOTHY         AMTCS       20091201
LILIEN, TIMOTHY           EM1           20100129         SEBASTIAN, RANDY          AMT1        20091201
LINARES, EDDIE            MKC           20100201         SELBY, FRANK              IT1         20100206
LINCOLN, MARK             BMCS          20100112         SERRANO, HECTOR           AVI4        20100201
LOFTIS, LORRENE           SKCS          20100207         SETTEL, ROBERT            OSC         20091201
LOPEZ, ALLYN              BM2           20100223         SHELBOURNE, ARTHUR        AETC        20100101
LORINO, CHARLENE          YN1           20091201         SIMON, HARRY              PS2         20100114
MALLETT, FREDERICK        BM2           20100115         SIMPSON, ALANNA           CADET       20091231
MANN, DEDDIE              FSC           20091201         SMART, EDDIE              MKC         20100201
MANUEL, DAN               PERS4         20091201         SMITH, TIMOTHY            FSC         20091201
MARICEVICH, JAMES         AMT2          20100201         SMITH, ELLSWORTH          AVI4        20100201
MARTIN, MICHAEL           BMCM          20091201         SMITH, JOHN               ISS2        20100201
MARTINEZ, RICKY           BMC           20091201         SMITH, MALCOHM            FSCS        20091201
MARTINFREEMAN, LESLIE     SKC           20091201         SPARKS, ROBIN             AETCM       20091201
MARTYN, DAVID             CDR           20100222         SPROUL, WARREN            LT          20100201
MASSEY, JOHN              DC1           20100211         STARR, BARRY              ASTCM       20091201
MATHESON, JOHN            MSTCM         20091201         STELL, DOUGLAS            PSCM        20091231
MAY, STELLA               YN3           20100125         STEPHENS, MORRIS          CDR         20091227
MCCORMES, ROY             HS1           20091201         STRAUCH, KURT             BOSN2       20091201
MCCUIN, MARCUS            SKCS          20091201         STRAVINO, JOHN            BM2         20091217
MCGWIN, RUDY              LCDR          20100201         SUGHRUE, DENNIS           F&S4        20100201
MCKINSTRY, CARMEN         LCDR          20100101         SULLARD, THOMAS           LCDR        20100201
MCLAIN, GARY              DC1           20100130         SUTHERLAND, DAVID         MST3        20100125
MCNAMARA, JOHN            FS1           20091205         SWANSON, DANIEL           YNC         20091202
MEAD, DERRIK              SN            20100111         SWEENEY, JAMES            LT          20100223
MEADS, PAIGE              PS1           20091231         TAIRA, TROY               CDR         20091201
MENARD, BURT              DC1           20100101         TAYLOR, TRAVIS            LT          20100101
MENARD, RANDY             DCCS          20091201         TRAHAN-DEJESUS, ROSE      DC1         20091201
MERRILL, DAVID            BOSN4         20091201         TRAVIS, JOHN              OSC         20091201
MILLER, EUGENE            AMT2          20100122         TRAVIS, THOMAS            MK1         20100201
MILLER, LINDSEY           MST2          20091202         ULSH, ANDREW              YNCS        20091201
MILLEWICH, PAUL           CAPT          20100111         UNKRICH, CHARLES          BMCM        20091201
MINER, BRYAN              MKC           20100201         VANCLIEF, DAVID           PERS4       20100101
MITCHELL, WALTER          BMCS          20091207         VANOORT, DOUGLAS          PERS4       20091201
MONTGOMERY, JEFFREY       OSC           20091201         VANZANDT, DAVID           PSC         20091206
MORGAN, DAVID             PERS2         20100214         VAZQUEZ, EDWARD           MKC         20091201
MORISSET, DANIEL          AETC          20091201         WEBSTER, TERRY            DC1         20091129
MORSE, CARLTON            BM3           20091228         WEISE, DAVID              AMT1        20100201
MORTON, WILFORD           LCDR          20100201         CHRISTINE WETTLAUFER-ADCOCK LT        20091204
MOTSAY, PHILIP            LCDR          20091201         WHEELER, ANTHONY          PSC         20100130
MOYER, MATTHEW            AVI2          20100101         WHEELER, MARVIN           OSC         20091201
MURASHIGE, STEPHEN        PSCM          20091225         WHITAKER, GLENN           BM2         20100201
MYERS, RAY                SKC           20100217         WILKINSON, JUDY           CDR         20091129
OBRIEN, JERALD            BMC           20091201         WILLIAMS, ANTHONY         FSCS        20091201
OLSEN, JAMES              CAPT          20100115         WILLIAMS, LORENZO         YNC         20100101
OMALLEY, MARTIN           PS3           20091217         WILSON, FREDERICK         MSSD3       20091201
OSHAUGHNESSY, BRYAN       SK1           20100114         WILSON, WOODROW           LCDR        20091217
OWENS, EDWARD             MST1          20100201         WILSON, THOMAS            BMCM        20091201
PALMER, CARL              LT            20100101         WINN, OSCAR               EM3         20100210
PATTON, JIMMY             MKC           20100106         WOYTANIS, DANIEL          BMC         20091201
PETERSON, SUSAN           SKC           20091201         WYLIE, WILLIAM            ENG4        20091209
PETTY, GARY               PSCM          20100105         YORK, MAURICE             LCDR        20100201
PHILLIPS, DAVID           YN1           20091201
PIERCE, DAVID             BMCM          20091201
POORE, STEVEN             CDR           20100201
PORTER, MICHAEL           ITC           20091201
PORTER, RHONDA            YNC           20091201
POSEDLY, PAUL             SK2           20091213        BARNUM, STEVEN            CAPT         20100101
POWER, THOMAS             ETCS          20091201
PRYOR, APPLE              ENG2          20100120
QUEEN, PATRICK            PS2           20100106                      Congratulations to all
April-June 2010                                The Coast Guard/NOAA Retirees’ Newsletter                                         Page 9

                                                           VA News

White House Seeks $125 Billion for Veterans in 2011
February 1, 2010

                            Homelessness, Claims Increases and Access - Priorities for VA Budget

WASHINGTON – To expand health care to a record-number of Veterans, reduce the number of homeless Veterans and process a
dramatically increased number of new disability compensation claims, the White House has announced a proposed $125 billion
budget next year for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“Our budget proposal provides the resources necessary to continue our aggressive pursuit of President Obama’s two over-arching
goals for Veterans,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. “First, the requested budget will help transform VA into a
21st century organization. And second, it will ensure that we approach Veterans’ care as a lifetime initiative, from the day they take
their oaths until the day they are laid to rest.”

The $125 billion budget request, which has to be approved by Congress, includes $60.3 billion for discretionary spending (mostly
health care) and $64.7 billion in mandatory funding (mostly for disability compensation and pensions). “VA’s 2011 budget request
covers many areas but focuses on three central issues that are of critical importance to our Veterans – easier access to benefits
and services, faster disability claims decisions, and ending the downward spiral that results in Veterans’ homelessness,” Shinseki

Reducing Claims Backlog
The president’s budget proposal includes an increase of $460 million and more than 4,000 additional claims processors for Veter-
ans benefits. This is a 27 percent funding increase over the 2010 level. The 1,014,000 claims received in 2009 were a 75 percent
increase over the 579,000 received in 2000. Shinseki said the Department expects a 30 percent increase in claims – to 1,319,000 –
in 2011 from 2009 levels.

One reason for the increase is VA’s expansion of the number of Agent Orange-related illnesses that automatically qualify for disabil-
ity benefits. Veterans exposed to the Agent Orange herbicides during the Vietnam War are likely to file additional claims that will
have a substantial impact upon the processing system for benefits, the secretary said. “We project significantly increased claims
inventories in the near term while we make fundamental improvements to the way we process disability compensation claims,”
Shinseki said.

Long-term reduction of the inventory will come from additional manpower, improved business practices, plus an infusion of $145
million in the proposed budget for development of a paperless claims processing system, which plays a significant role in the trans-
formation of VA.

Automating the GI Bill
The budget proposal includes $44 million to complete by December 2010 an automated system for processing applications for the
new Post-9/11 GI Bill. VA also plans to start development next year of electronic systems to process claims from other VA-
administered educational programs. The Post-9/11 GI Bill authorizes the most extensive educational assistance opportunity since
the passage of the original GI Bill in 1944. Over $1.7 billion in regular Post-9/11 GI Bill benefit payments have been issued since the
implementation of the program on Aug. 1, 2009. In 2011, VA expects the number of all education claims to grow by 32 percent over
2009, going from 1.7 million to 2.25 million.

“To meet this increasing workload and process education claims in a timely manner, VA has established a comprehensive strategy
to develop industry-standard technologies to modernize the delivery of these important educational benefits,” Shinseki said.

Eliminating Homelessness
The budget proposal includes $4.2 billion in 2011 to reduce and help prevent homelessness among Veterans. That breaks down
into $3.4 billion for core medical services and $799 million for specific homeless programs and expanded medical care, which in-
cludes $294 million for expanded homeless initiatives. This increased investment for expanded homeless services is consistent with
the VA secretary’s established goal of ultimately eliminating homelessness among Veterans.

On a typical night, about 131,000 Veterans are homeless. They represent every war and generation, from the “Greatest Generation”
to the latest generation of Veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. To date, VA operates the largest system of homeless treat-
ment and assistance programs in the nation.

                                                                                                                    (Continued on page 10)
Page 10                                        The Coast Guard/NOAA Retirees’ Newsletter                                 April-June 2010
(VA News continued from page 9)

Targeting Mental Health, Preventing Suicides
“The 2011 budget proposal continues the department’s keen focus on improving the quality, access and value of mental health care
provided to Veterans,” Shinseki said. The spending request seeks $5.2 billion for mental health, an increase of $410 million (or 8.5
percent) over current spending, enabling expansion of inpatient, residential and outpatient mental health services, with emphasis on
making mental health services part of primary care and specialty care.

The secretary noted that one-fifth of the patients seen last year in VA’s health care facilities had a mental health diagnosis, and that
the department has added more than 6,000 new mental health professionals since 2005, bringing to 19,000 the number of employ-
ees dedicated to mental health care.

The budget request will enable the department to continue expanding its programs for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and
traumatic brain injury (TBI), along with the diagnosis and treatment of depression, substance abuse and other mental health prob-
lems. Shinseki called PTSD treatment “central to VA’s mission.”

The proposed spending will continue VA’s suicide prevention program. Since July 2007, the department’s suicide prevention hot-
line has received nearly 225,000 calls from Veterans, active-duty personnel and family members. The hotline is credited with sav-
ing the lives of nearly 7,000 people.

Reaching Rural Veterans
For 2011, VA is seeking $250 million to strengthen access to health care for 3.2 million Veterans enrolled in VA’s medical system
who live in rural areas. Rural outreach includes expanded use of home-based primary care and mental health.

A key portion of rural outreach – which shows promise for use with Veterans across the country – is VA’s innovative “telehealth”
program. It links patients and health care providers by telephones and includes telephone-based data transmission, enabling daily
monitoring of patients with chronic problems. The budget provides an increase of $42 million for VA’s home telehealth pro-
gram. The effort already cares for 35,000 patients and is the largest program of its kind in the world.

Serving Women Veterans
The 2011 budget provides $217.6 million to meet the gender-specific health care needs of women Veterans, an increase of $18.6
million (or 9.4 percent) over the 2010 level. Enhanced primary care for women Veterans remains one of the Department’s top priori-
ties. The number of women Veterans is growing rapidly and women are increasingly using VA for their health care.

Shinseki said the expansion of health care programs for women Veterans will lead to higher quality care, increased coordination of
care, enhanced privacy and dignity, and a greater sense of security among women patients. Among the initiatives for women in the
2011 budget proposal are expanded health care services in Vet Centers, increased training for health care providers to advance
their knowledge and understanding of women’s health issues, and implementing a peer call center and social networking site for
women combat Veterans. This call center will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Delivering World-Class Health Care
During 2011, VA expects to treat 6.1 million patients, who will account for more than 800,000 hospitalizations and 83 million outpa-
tient visits. The total includes 439,000 Veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, for whom $2.6 billion is included in the budget
proposal. That’s an increase of $597 million – or 30 percent – from the current budget.

The proposed budget for health care includes:
        $6.8 billion for long-term care, an increase of $859 million (or 14 percent) over 2010. This amount includes $1.5 billion for
        non-institutional long-term care;
        Expanding access to VA health care system for more than 99,000 Veterans who were previously denied care because of
        their incomes;
        $590 million for medical and prosthetic research; and
        Continuing development of a “virtual lifetime electronic record,” a digital health record that will accompany Veterans
        throughout their lives.

VA is requesting $54.3 billion in advance appropriations for 2012 for health care, an increase of $2.8 billion over the 2011 enacted
amount. Planned initiatives in 2012 include better leveraging acquisitions and contracting, enhancing the use of referral agree-
ments, strengthening VA’s relationship with the Defense Department, and expanding the use of medical technology.

Preserving National Shrines
“VA remains steadfastly committed to providing access to a dignified and respectful burial for Veterans choosing to be buried in a
VA national cemetery,” Shinseki said. “This promise requires that we maintain national cemeteries as shrines dedicated to the mem-
ory of those who served this nation in uniform.”

                                                                                                                   (Continued on page 15)
April-June 2010         The Coast Guard/NOAA Retirees’ Newsletter                         Page 11

LAST NAME         FIRST NAME             RANK              DATE      CITY             STATE

ALBERTS           DONALD                 BMCM            20100109   CLEVELAND            OH
ALBERTS           JACK                   CDR             20091230   N CHARLESTON         SC
ALLEN             WILLIAM                BMCM            20100112   PAMPLICO             SC
AMMERMAN          PORTER                 CWO2            20091204   HAYWARD              CA
AUDET             FRANCIS                YNCM            20100105   SAINT CLOUD          FL
BAILEY            GILES                  CWO3            20091211   CORRALES             NM
BATSON            JULIAN                 FS1             20100131   THOMASVILLE          NC
BEAVERS           ROSCOE                 TTC             20100131   NEW ORLEANS          LA
BECKER            WALTER                 CWO4            20091110   CHESAPEAKE           VA
BENJAMIN          HARRY                  BMC             20100127   GREEN BAY            WI
BERDICK           DONALD                 FA              20091209   SPRINGFIELD          MA
BLEVINS           DONALD                 MK2             20091231   FERNDALE             WA
BOYD              THURMAN                CDR             20100208   WATKINSVILLE         GA
BRADLEY           FLOYD                  SA              20091215   CHESTER              VA
BRIXIUS           ALBERT                 YNC             20091227   CHULA VISTA          CA
BROWN             GERALD                 BTC             20100122   SANTA FE             TX
BUCKELEW          GUY                    CDR             20100122   CAPE MAY CT HSE      NJ
BUCKMASTER        RICHARD                AE1             20100209   MOBILE               AL
BURRUS            DALTON                 LCDR            20100122   CHESAPEAKE           VA
BUTTERY           JUDITH                 MUCS            20091224   OAKDALE              CT
BUZHARDT          RONALD                 LCDR            20100205   LEXINGTON            NC
CARTER            LESTER                 YNC             20100119   CHARLESTON HTS       SC
CASTRO            VICTOR                 FS1             20100121   CLEARWATER           FL
CAVUOTO           JOHN                   AE1             20100214   RICHMOND HILL        GA
CHESTNUTT         WILLIAM                CWO3            20091204   SEATTLE              WA
CLINTON           RONALD                 MKCS            20091228   LONDONDERRY          NH
COOKE             ROBERT                 CDR             20091206   GREEN CV SPRINGS     FL
CRANDALL          GORDON                 LCDR            20100125   WINDHAM              ME
CRUM              CHARLES                MUC             20100125   HOLTS SUMMIT         MO
DADEZ             RECARTE                FS1             20091227   CHARLOTTESVILLE      VA
DAISEY            ROY                    CWO4            20100127   POCOMOKE             MD
DAVENPORT         CHARLES                CWO4            20100110   ALVIN                TX
DAVIS             PAUL                   ETCS            20100126   HERNDON              VA
DEARING           JOHN                   CWO1            20100120   CALERA               AL
DEFFRIES          JAMES                  CWO3            20100221   NAMPA                ID
DIAZ              WILLIAM                AD1             20100222   PALM BAY             FL
DUNHAM            ROGER                  AMCM            20091211   ELIZABETH CITY       NC
EVANS             WALTER                 CWO4            20100116   PITTSBURGH           PA
FLESH             MARTIN                 CAPT            20100116   NEW YORK             NY
FORCE             DUANE                  CWO4            20091125   SEAL ROCK            OR
FRANCE            FRANCIS                CWO4            20100203   LONG BEACH           CA
FRANKLIN          CHARLES                CWO4            20100118   KENNER               LA
FRASCO            CHARLES                AT1             20100120   TAMPA                FL
GAELA             EDGARDO                FSCM            20100109   MIAMI GARDENS        FL
GARRISON          KENNETH                CWO2            20100102   TIGARD               OR
GELINDON          PRUDENCIO              FSC             20100125   FERROL               PI
GERHARDT          WILLIAM                CDR             20100108   HUNTINGTON BCH       CA
GHAREEB           GERRY                  MK1             20100130   ALLENDALE            MI
GRAVES            PAUL                   YNC             20091217   ELIZABETH CITY       NC
                                                                              (Continued on page 12)
Page 12                          The Coast Guard/NOAA Retirees’ Newsletter                  April-June 2010

LAST NAME                  FIRST NAME             RANK              DATE      CITY              STATE
(Continued from page 11)

GREENE                     THOMAS                 ENC             20091229   SANTA FE              TX
GRIFFIN                    LEVI                   BMCS            20091228   PEMBROKE              NH
GUNN                       ANDREW                 BM1             20091202   CORPUS CHRISTI        TX
GWYNNE                     HARRY                  CDR             20091130   PALM HARBOR           FL
HAMRICK                    DONALD                 DCC             20100113   MILL CREEK            WA
HAYGARTH                   DUDLEY                 ATCM            20100119   AUBURN                AL
HAYNES                     EMORY                  CWO4            20091231   MILLINGTON            TN
HEATH                      WILLIAM                CAPT            20100111   VIRGINIA BEACH        VA
HENDERSON                  ROBERT                 CDR             20100217   READING               MA
HENNEMAN                   GERRY                  LT              20100202   YORK                  PA
HICKS                      ELMER                  CWO2            20091129   LANHAM                MD
HILL                       KENNETH                RM1             20091221   EL DORADO HILL        CA
HOLSTEIN                   JULIAN                 AMCS            20100101   TRAVERSE CITY         MI
HORTON                     JOHN                   MKC             20091214   JACKSONVILLE          FL
HOWELL                     WILLIAM                MKCS            20100104   SAPULPA               OK
HUDSON                     HARRY                  BMLC            20100116   EGG HARBOR            NJ
HUGHES                     DONALD                 BMC             20091209   PHOENIX               AZ
HUME                       JOHN                   CAPT            20091204   GREEN VALLEY          AZ
HURST                      MILTON                 BMCS            20091125   CHIPLEY               FL
JARRETT                    JAMES                  PS2             20091208   ONEIDA                TN
JENKINS                    EDMOND                 ENC             20100202   LEESBURG              FL
KELLEY                     JAMES                  FS1             20100114   BIRMINGHAM            AL
KELLY                      CARLOS                 AMCM            20091220   NAPLES                FL
KENNEDY                    RAY                    BMCM            20100106   JACKSONVILLE          FL
KNEALE                     ROY                    ENC             20091201   OLATHE                KS
KURZMAN                    MURRAY                 MST1            20091210   LONG BEACH            NY
LANG                       NIGEL                  HS1             20100123   PITTSBURG             CA
LARKINBATTLES              ELGIN                  CSC             20100214   WAIANAE               HI
LEAVITT                    WILLIAM                AMCS            20100217   BEVERLY HILLS         FL
LEVEILLE                   WILLIAM                MK1             20091223   PRINEVILLE            OR
LINDBERG                   DOUGLAS                LCDR            20091219   MARIETTA              GA
LINDSEY                    ROBERT                 FSC             20091127   JACKSONVILLE          FL
LOFTON                     ROBERT                 GM1             20091123   VALLEY CENTER         CA
LOPEZ                      ANGEL                  CWO4            20100206   OVIEDO                FL
MADDOCK                    JOHN                   ETCM            20100203   PATCHOGUE             NY
MANN                       CHRISTOPHER            MK2             20091203   OKLAHOMA CITY         OK
MARLOWE                    ROBERT                 RMCM            20091225   ALBUQUERQUE           NM
MASON                      JOHN                   BMCM            20100127   CAPE ELIZABETH        ME
MCCALLISTER                WILLIAM                ENG3            20091204   YONA                  GU
MCGUIRE                    MICHAEL                MK1             20091204   HUNTSVILLE            AL
MCINTYRE                   EVELYN                 CDR             20091228   FAIRFAX CITY          VA
MCNAUGHT                   MICHAEL                ELC4            20091216   MERIDEN               KS
MELSON                     JOSEPH                 BM1             20100102   SEMMES                AL
MENENDEZ                   RAMON                  YNC             20100110   YORKTOWN              VA
MENGELSON                  JOHN                   AMTC            20100118   FLORAHOME             FL
MILTENBERGER               ALBERT                 SKCS            20100202   APPLE VALLEY          CA
MOCK                       VICTOR                 ET1             20091124   TILLMAN               SC
MONIZ                      JOSEPH                 MKC             20100208   BARBEAU               MI
MOORING                    ROBERT                 CWO4            20100211   BOWIE                 MD
NADON                      PAUL                   CWO3            20100115   PALMYRA               TN
NEWBERRY                   SCOTT                  OSC             20091228   ALEXANDRIA            VA
NOCON                      EFREN                  FS1             20091210   BACOOR                PI
OAKLEY                     GEORGE                 CAPT            20100211   DUNEDIN               FL
                                                                                        (Continued on page 13)
 April-June 2010                          The Coast Guard/NOAA Retirees’ Newsletter                       Page 13

 LAST NAME                      FIRST NAME                 RANK              DATE         CITY          STATE
 (Continued from page 12)

OKEEFE                           WILLIAM                  LCDR            20091217     ALBRIGHTSVILLE    PA
OPSITNIK                         MICHAEL                  CWO4            20100112     LAS VEGAS         NV
PAGE                             ROBERT                   CDR             20100120     MILLVILLE         NJ
PARKER                           WILLIAM                  CDR             20091216     MONTCLAIR         VA
PARKER                           BARNEY                   RMCS            20091219     MUSTANG           OK
PASTOVE                          GEORGE                   BM1             20100110     MOUNTAIN HOME     AR
PINK                             RICHARD                  BOSN4           20100117     VACAVILLE         CA
POE                              JOHN                     IVC             20091225     JASPER            AL
QUICK                            ROBERT                   FS2             20091223     CITRUS HEIGHTS    CA
QUINN                            SHERWOOD                 EMC             20100201     PINK HILL         NC
RAMSAY                           RICHARD                  CWO4            20100124     GLEN ROCK         PA
RASMUSSEN                        ALAN                     BM1             20091220     ANTIOCH           CA
RICKS                            DANIEL                   MKC             20091212     BEAUFORT          NC
RINEHART                         CLORIS                   ATCS            20091208     MEMPHIS           TN
RINKER                           BLAKE                    BM1             20091126     MONTOURSVILLE     PA
ROBINSON                         CLAUDE                   CWO2            20091209     ANNANDALE         VA
ROHLFS                           EDWARD                   MKCS            20100101     TOQUERVILLE       UT
RONCINSKE                        FRANCIS                  CS3             20100122     HASTINGS          NY
RUSSELL                          CLIFFORD                 AMC             20100120     SALISBURY         NC
RYAN                             DANIEL                   MKCM            20100204     TEHACHAPI         CA
SCASNY                           MICHAEL                  CDR             20100105     PENNSBURG         PA
SCHROEDER                        VIRGINIA                 CDR                          SOUTH PORTLAND    ME
SELMAN                           HARTZELL                 ADCS            20100213     OCALA             FL
SHEA                             LARRY                    BMC             20091204     FERNDALE          CA
SHORE                            RICHARD                  ATCM            20100218     WAXHAW            NC
SIEBERT                          EDWARD                   CWO4            20091226     MONONA            WI
SIMPSON                          JOSEPH                   AD1             20091215     ELIZABETH CITY    NC
SIMPSON                          PAUL                     ENCM            20100116     ARLINGTON         TX
SINCLAIR                         DAVID                    CAPT            20091209     BELLVUE           WA
SKILLINGS                        JOHN                     CDR             20091220     SILVER SPRINGS    MD
SMITH                            NORRIS                   DCC             20091228     THOMASTON         ME
SPRAGGINS                        CECIL                    BMCS            20100116     NEWPORT           ME
STAGG                            EDWARD                   YNC             20091223     SALEM             OR
SUNDIN                           CARL                     ET3             20091124     EAST TEMPLETON    MA
THOMPSON                         CUYLER                   BMC             20100215     MESA              AZ
TILLMAN                          THEODORE                 DC1             20091228     JACKSONVILLE      AR
TRAINOR                          EUGENE                   CAPT            20100103     SCITUATE          MA
VANDIVER                         ROBERT                   TTC             20091220     ANNANDALE         VA
VANWERRY                         NANCY                    SK1             20100115     FREDERICKSBURG    VA
WAGNER                           WARREN                   GMC             20091130     MULLAN            ID
WALDHEIM                         SIEGURD                  CAPT            20091227     BUFFALO           NY
WALLACE                          THOMAS                   PSC             20091219     LEMOORE           CA
WALLER                           WILLIAM                  AMC             20100207     MOBILE            AL
WALLISCH                         BRUCE                    CDR             20100215     WOODBRIDGE        VA
WANASEK                          ROBERT                   CDR             20100205     BURLINGTON        WI
WEIGAND                          RICHARD                  LCDR            20100110     WEST GLACIER      MT
WHITLOCK                         PANDI                    SA              20100104     ORMOND BEACH      FL
WILLCOX                          RAYMOND                  LT              20091221     NORMAN            OK
WILLERSCHEIDT                    FRANK                    BTC             20091230     TUCSON            AZ
WILLIAMSON                       LESLIE                   CAPT            20100130     TALLAHASSEE       FL
WILSON                           CLIFTON                  CWO2            20091124     OAKLAND           CA
WINSBOROUGH                      JAMES                    BM2             20100214     BREMERTON         WA
WOFFORD                          DELBERT                  MK1             20100207     TONOPAH           AZ
 Member deaths will be updated monthly on the RAS website:
 Page 14                                         The Coast Guard/NOAA Retirees’ Newsletter                                    April-June 2010

                                                     Dependent TAPS
Name of Dependent                                     Relationship                               Date of Death        Location

Kathy A Powell                Wife of CAPT David Powell, USCG, Ret                                  22 Dec 09         Frostburg, MD
Joan C Goedde                 Wife of GMC George Goedde, USCG, Ret                                  28 Dec 09         Belmont, MS
Margaret P Herron             Wife of CWO4 James L Herron, USCG, Ret                                03 Dec 09         Eden, NC
Francis R Adamson             Wife of CDR Robert Adamson, USCG, Ret                                 02 Jan 10         Tucson, AZ
Anita Ruth Govoruhk           Wife of YN1 John Govoruhk, USCG, Ret                                  10 Jan 10         Enterprise, AL
Martha A Downing              Wife of RM1 James W Downing, USCG, Ret                                19 Dec 09         Arlington, TN
Marian Rose Heilman           Wife of MK1 Richard C Heilman, USCG, Ret                              03 Jan 10         Petersburg, VA
Sybil Upshaw                  Wife of ADC Jerry Upshaw, USCG, Ret                                   15 Dec 09         Young Harris, GA
Margaret Blais                Wife of PSCS Everett T Blais, USCG, Ret                               05 Dec 09         Reading, MA
Donna R Galvin                Wife of FS1 Robert W Galvin, USCG, Ret                                07 Jul 09         Ketchikan, AK
Louise C Dupree               Wife of MKC James E Dupree, USCG, Ret                                 08 Nov 09         Mooresville, NC
Norma Harris Flood            Wife of CWO4 Richard Sargent Flood, USCG, Ret                         25 Jan 10         Lanham, MD
Jeri L Welden                 Wife of CWO4 John B Welden III, USCG, Ret                             20 Nov 09         Contra Costa, CA
Alta H Correll                Wife of CDR Charles F Correll, USCG, Ret                              25 Dec 09         Lancaster, PA
Margaret W Bain               Wife of LCDR Andrew Bain, USCGR, Ret                                  22 Jan 10         West Caldwell, NJ
Marguerite Hanley             Wife of BMC Daniel J Hanley, USCG, Ret, Dec’d                         25 Dec 09         Pace, FL
Mary Jane Hayes               Wife of CDR Warren Hayes, USCG, Ret                                   12 Jan 10         Plymouth, MA
Madelyn G Hall                Wife of CWO2 Glover Charles Hall, USCG, Ret                           16 Oct 09         Chino Valley, AZ
Jane ‘Jamie’ Sipes            Wife of BMC Russell Sipes, USCG, Ret                                  04 Jan 10         Pleasant Hill, CA
Judith M Hartgen              Wife of CAPT Roger P Hartgen, USCG, Ret                               03 Jan 10         Deerfield, NH
Pamela K Hamilton             Wife of CAPT Jeffery John Hamilton, USCG, Ret                         09 Feb 10         Grand Junction, CO
Virginia B Berger             Wife of QMC William Berger, USCG, Ret                                 27 Jan 10         Long Beach, CA

 If you have lost a loved one and would like their name printed in Dependent TAPs, please contact with their name, date
 of death, your name and retired rank, and city/state of residence. RAS will make appropriate updates and then forward to The Coast Guard/
 NOAA Retirees’ Newsletter Editor. Or you can send your request in writing and mail to: Commanding Officer (RAS), Pay & Personnel Center, 444
 SE Quincy Street, Topeka, KS 66683-3591. You may also fax your request to (785) 339-3770.

CGMA is the Coast Guard’s own financial relief organization, established and maintained by Coast Guard men and
women to help one another in times of need.

Last year CGMA provided over $4.8 million in direct financial assistance to those in need. More than $286,000 in
emergency assistance went out to Retired military members.

The CGMA Fundraising Campaign occurs only once a year, in April. During the Campaign, a letter goes out to each
Coast Guard retiree. Those who can are asked to consider giving financially to make sure funds are available to meet
the needs that arise. Please consider giving to CGMA this year by allotment, check or credit card.

To learn more, visit or call (800) 881-2462.
 April-June 2010                           The Coast Guard/NOAA Retirees’ Newsletter                                               Page 15

                                                                  (VA News continued from page 10)
 (Reunion and Notices continued from page 6)

                                                                  The requested $251 million for cemetery operations and main-
TRACEN CAPE MAY, Retiree Council Office is now lo-                tenance will support more than 114,000 interments in 2011, a
cated in my home. It’s open to CG retirees, active duty           3.8 percent increase over 2010. In 2011, the department will
personnel, and other Armed Forces, Reserve & Guards,              maintain 8,441 acres with 3.1 million gravesites. The budget
Veterans of all services. I’m now a certified VFW, VA Ser-        request includes $37 million to clean and realign an estimated
                                                                  668,000 headstones and repair 100,000 sunken graves.
vice Officer. My address is 108 Cardinal Ave, Villas, NJ
08251. Call for appointment. You are all welcome. Cell:           Building for the Future
(609) 972-6453, home: (609) 889-6647 or e-mail me at:             $1.15 billion requested for major construction for 2011 includes                      funding for medical facilities in New Orleans; Denver; Palo Alto,                    Calif.; Alameda, Calif.; and Omaha, Neb. Also budgeted for
rcgrc.htm. Office: (609) 898-6387 Cell: (609) 972-6453            2011 are major expansions and improvements to the national
                                                                  cemeteries in Indiantown Gap, Pa.; Los Angeles; and Tahoma,
                                                                  Wash., and new burial access policies that will provide a burial
                                                                  option to an additional 500,000 Veterans and enhance service
                                                                  in urban areas.
The Pacific Northwest Coast Guard Ball will be held
September 25, 2010 in Bellevue, WA, hosted by Navy                A requested budget of $468 million for minor construction in
League of the United States—Lake Washington Council.              2011 would fund a wide variety of improvements at VA facili-
Reservation information and other details will be an-             ties.
nounced when available under “EVENTS” at the CG Re-                                        # # #
tiree Northwest website,
                                                                                                     (Source VA Press Release dtd 1 Feb 2010)
Ticket prices don’t cover costs. Anyone wishing to help
sponsor the event is asked to promptly contact Ball Chair-
man Roger Ponto at
                                                                     World T.E.A.M. Sports Lists Several
                                                                             Upcoming Events
For anyone sailing on a cutter out of Portland, ME, The
Portland Maine Cuttermans Association will be holding             World T.E.A.M. Sports in conjunction with Soldiers Angels
their reunion July 30—August 1, 2010 at the Best West-            is coordinating a Face of America 110 mile bike ride April
ern, Merry Manor, South Portland, ME. For more informa-           24 & 25, 2010 from Washington, DC to Gettysburg, PA.
tion please contact Wes at (207) 799-5475 or Vic at (207)         This is not a race and is open to all-wounded, ill, active
799-7754 or e-mail                      duty, civilians, young and old alike. For more information
                                                                  visit the website

                                                                  The second event hosted by World T.E.A.M. Sports is a
Those interested in joining the membership to the                 4,000 mile Face of America “Sea to Shining Sea” bike
COAST GUARD RETIREE COUNCIL of Jacksonville, FL                   ride. The event starts May 22, 2010 at the Golden Gate
or if you have questions, contact YNCM Bobby Wester,              Bridge in San Francisco, CA and will end at Virginia
USCG, retired at (subject line:               Beach, VA. Although most riders will be disabled Ameri-
CG Retiree Council), (904) 645-5552 (leave message), or           can veterans, the ride will be open to other disabled and
by regular mail to 3327 Brachenbury Lane, Jacksonville,           able-bodied riders who are encouraged to join the ride
FL 32225-3709 (please provide a telephone number                  and show their support. Visit the web site http://
where you can be reached).                               for further information.

                                                                  The third event is the Coastal Team Challenge, a nine-
                                                                  day (August 1-9, 2010) kayaking trek from Anacortes, WA
Loran Station Angaur Palau will be celebrating the 65th           to Vancouver, BC. Visit the World T.E.A.M. Sports web
anniversary of their commissioning in Oakland, CA from            site shown above for more information.
23-27 June 2010. All former crewman and their friends
and families and all Angaur people worldwide are invited.
Please contact: T J Mackell at or at
P.O. Box 5013, Alameda, CA 94501-8513
 Page 16                                  The Coast Guard/NOAA Retirees’ Newsletter                            April-June 2010

 Editor’s notes                                                                   Need a corrected DD-214?

                                                                 If your DD-214 is incorrect and you want a corrected form
            KEEPING RETIREE & ANNUNITANT                         (DD-215), you need to send your request in writing to:
                 SERVICES INFORMED
                                                                 Commander (ADM-3)
All retirees are reminded to inform PPC (RAS) as soon as         Personnel Service Center
possible following changes of marital status (divorce,           US Coast Guard Stop 7200
death, annulment, marriage, just to mention some), death         4200 Wilson Blvd, Ste 1100
of a designated SBP beneficiary, or any other changes            Arlington, VA 20598-7200
which could impact retired pay. Additionally, when you
make a change with DEERS it does not constitute a                Please include your name, rank/rate, SSN/Employee ID,
change to your Retired Pay account since DEERS is a              and date of retirement.
totally different system from RAS.
                                                                                  More DD-214 information

STATE TAX REMINDER: As a reminder when moving                    Great news for veterans—the National Personnel
from one state to another and updating your home mail-           Records Center (NPRC) has provided the following
ing address, don't forget to change your state tax with-         website for veterans to gain access to their DD-214
holdings. The retiree must request a change for state tax        online: This will cut the
as an address change does not automatically change or            waiting time veterans have had in the past waiting for cop-
stop the state information that the tax is being paid to.        ies of their DD-214s. Note: This website does not allow
                                                                 you to see or print a copy of your DD-214 but does allow
                                                                 you to print the request form needed to mail or fax to
                                                                 NPRC for obtaining a copy of your DD-214.
           Send your reunion or other notices to:
                                                                 VA compensation payments and federal income taxes
The Coast Guard/NOAA Retirees’ Newsletter
Commanding Officer (P&D)                                         If you retired from the USCG or NOAA based on years of
U.S. Coast Guard Pay & Personnel Center                          service and are later given a retroactive service con-
444 SE Quincy Street                                             nected disability rating by the VA, your retirement pay for
Topeka, KS 66683-3591                                            the retroactive period is excluded from income up to the
                                                                 amount of VA disability benefits that you would have been
E-mail:                            entitled to receive. The form 1099R reports the entire dis-
Phone: (toll free, U.S. only) 1-800-772-8724 or                  tribution because the income, when paid, was taxable
(785) 339-2236                                                   under the law.

                                                                 A corrected form 1099R which could support the de-
Coast Guard/NOAA Retiree Personnel Locator: If you               crease in taxable income will not be issued by PPC.
are searching for a Coast Guard/NOAA retired individual,         This policy is contained in the DOD Financial Manage-
we can help. Place your personal correspondence to that          ment Regulations, VOL 7B and also is stated in the IRS
individual in a sealed envelope, making sure to include          instructions for form 1099R, which directs that the entire
how they can get in touch with you. On the outside of that       income distribution will be reported if a part is taxable and
envelope, address it to them with their full name and rank/      a part is not taxable.
rate (for military). Please write your return address and
attach a stamp on the envelope. Then, place that enve-           Retirees who are affected by this policy should consult a
lope in a larger envelope and address it to:                     tax preparer for assistance. The retiree should provide
                                                                 copies of the Form 1099R and the VA Award Letter to
        Commanding Officer (RAS)                                 claim a refund of taxes paid on the excludable amount.
        USCG Pay & Personnel Center
        444 SE Quincy Street                                     You may also claim a refund of any taxes paid on an ex-
        Topeka, KS 66683-3591                                    cludable amount in previous years by filing an amended
                                                                 return on Form 1040X, subject to Statute of Limitations.
RAS will complete the person’s address and place it in
the mail.
April-June 2010                                 The Coast Guard/NOAA Retirees’ Newsletter                                          Page 17

           Pay & Personnel Center, Retiree & Annuitant Services (RAS) - Directory Assistance

    Questions, Address or Direct-Deposit Changes                                   Income Tax Withholding Changes

If you need information or have questions about:                       If you need to:

♦   Your retired or Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) annuity pay-           ♦   Start or change the amount of State Tax Withholding
    ments                                                                  (Retirees can call, e-mail, fax or use *IRS Form W-4, or
♦   Your Retired/Annuitant Statement                                       state form. If using IRS form, indicate that the form is
♦   IRS Form 1099R (reporting taxable income)                              for State Income Tax Withholding, not federal, which
                                                                           state it’s for and the dollar amount to be withheld,
or you need to change:                                                     (minimum amount is $10.00, no cents)). We cannot
                                                                           withhold state tax for annuitants
♦   Your and your dependents home mailing address (for                 ♦   Change your Federal Income Tax Withholding (Retirees
    Retired/Annuitant Statement, newsletter, 1099R, corre-                 use Form W-4, Annuitants use Form W-4P)
    spondence)                                                         ♦   Change exemptions or additional withholding
♦   Your financial institution or account number for your
    direct deposit                                                     Federal tax changes must be in writing. The original Form
♦   Report a change to your Designation of Beneficiary for             IRS W-4 or W-4P must be mailed to PPC (RAS) for action
    Payment of Unpaid Retired Pay (Note: Use Form *CG                  and filing, per IRS requirements. PPC (RAS) cannot accept a
    PPC-3600 Designation of Beneficiary for Payment of                 faxed W-4 or W-4P. Please mail to:
    Unpaid Retired Pay)
                                                                                Commanding Officer (RAS)
You may make the requests listed above by telephone, by fax                     USCG Pay & Personnel Center
or in writing. Our telephone and fax numbers are:                               444 SE Quincy St
                                                                                Topeka, KS 66683-3591
         Toll free: 1 800 772-8724
                                                                                                  (*)Note: forms available from our website
         Commercial: (785) 339-3415
         Fax: (785) 339-3770                                                                                 or directly from the IRS

Allotments, SBP Coverage and Beneficiary Changes                                             Report of Death

If you need to:                                                        To report the death of a Coast Guard, NOAA retiree/annuitant
                                                                       or a Lighthouse keeper call:
♦   Start, stop or change an allotment (you may use Form
    *CG PPC-7221 Retired Allotment Authorization Form,                          Toll free: 1 800 772-8724
    fax in the form or a written request, call us or send us an                 Commercial: (785) 339-3415
    e-mail request). If you e-mail us with the request, your                    Fax: (785) 339-3770
    pay tech will call you to verify your information.
♦   Report a change to your Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP)                Or write:
    coverage (must be in writing)
                                                                                Commanding Officer (RAS)
You may fax your request to (785) 339-3770 or mail to:                          USCG Pay & Personnel Center
                                                                                444 SE Quincy St
         Commanding Officer (RAS)                                               Topeka, KS 66683-3591
         USCG Pay & Personnel Center
         444 SE Quincy St                                              E-mail articles, dependent taps entries, reunion notices, etc.,
         Topeka, KS 66683-3591                                         to or call us at the num-
                                                                       bers listed below (phone menu option #4). The deadline for
                          (*) Note: forms available from our website   the next issue is May 9, 2010.

              E-mail:                                           1 800 PPC-USCG/1 800 772-8724

           Website:                                    If outside the U.S. (785) 339-3415
Page 18                                    The Coast Guard/NOAA Retirees’ Newsletter                                 April-June 2010

                                    Other Important Phone Numbers and Websites

Medical/Dental Benefits                                 Phone                                Websites/Notes

Eligibility (DEERS)/ID Cards                        1 800 538-9552   
                                                    1 866 363-2883             In CA: 1 800 334-4162; In AK & HI 1 800 527-5602

Mail-Order Pharmacy                                 1 866 363-8667   

Retiree Dental Plan                                 1 888 838-8737   

TRICARE Overseas                                    1 888 777-8343   

TRICARE United States                              phone numbers on  
                                                      their website

TRICARE For Life                                    1 866 773-0404   

Senior Pharmacy Program                             1 877 363-6337   

Federal Long-Term Health Insurance                  1 800 582-3337   

CG Health Benefits Advisor                          1 800 942-2422

Veterans Benefits                                       Phone                                Websites/Notes

Department of Veterans Affairs                     1 800 827-1000    

Insurance Information                              1 800 669-8477    

Veterans Group Life Insurance                                        

                                                                               Death and accelerated benefits claims only:
New VGLI Applications and VGLI                     1 800 419-1473              Fax: 1 877 832-4943
Reinstatements:                                    Overseas phone              All other fax inquiries: 1 800 236-6142 or
OSGLI                                               (973) 548-5699             e-mail:
PO Box 41618                                       Overseas fax #              All other inquiries:
Philadelphia, PA 19176-9913                         (973) 548-5300             General Correspondence:
                                                                               Office of Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance
                                                                               80 Livingston Avenue
                                                                               Roseland, NJ 07068-1733

Federal Benefits for Veterans and                  1 800 827-1000    
Dependents                                                                     VA Pamphlet 80-02-1

Headstones and Markers                             1 800 697-6947    

                                                                                                                (Continued on page 19)
 April-June 2010                             The Coast Guard/NOAA Retirees’ Newsletter                                   Page 19
 (Continued from page 18)          Other Important Phone Numbers and Websites

 Other                                                    Phone                               Websites/Notes

                                                      1 866 772-8724             Commanding Officer (SES)
 Final Active Duty Pay                                    Overseas               USCG Pay & Personnel Center
                                                      (785) 339-2200             444 SE Quincy St
                                                                                 Topeka, KS 66683-3591

 Contact PPC (SES) for information on Severance Pay, Separation Pay, Disability Severance Pay, LES’s, IRS Form W-2.

                                                                                 Send final travel claim to:
                                                      1 866 772-8724             Commanding Officer (TVL)
 Travel Claims                                           Overseas                USCG Pay & Personnel Center
                                                      (785) 339-2200             444 SE Quincy St.
                                                                                 Topeka, KS 66683-3591

 Service Records                                      (314) 801-0800             Write to: National Personnel Records Center
                                                                                 9700 Page Avenue
                                                                                 St. Louis, MO 63132-5100

 For copies of personnel records, medical & dental records, and service medals-requests must be in writing and include complete
 name, rank, SSN, dates of service and date of birth. DD-214’s are now available via the website

 Social Security                                      1 800 772-1213   

                                                                                 Attn: Patricia Thomas, Medal and Decorations
 WWII U.S. Merchant Marine Awards                                                Maritime Administration
 and Decorations                                      (202) 366-2646             U.S. Department of Transportation
                                                                                 400 7th Street, SW Room 7304
                                                                                 Washington, DC 20590

 National Coast Guard                           1 866 664-6245* (toll free)      E-mail:
 Retiree Council Help                                or 1 202 475-5381
 Desk Telephone/E-mail
 “HOTLINE”                                        *enter 55381 when you
                                                  hear the voice greeting

                                                   TRICARE NEWS

Great news! The TRDP video is now available on our web site at -- located conveniently on the Benefi-
ciary Liaison Resources page.

This tool is especially good for those personnel who are about to retire but who can’t get to a TAP class or preretirement
briefing for one reason or another.

To access the video directly from the TRDP web site, go to . Note that Windows
Media Player is required in order to view the video.

If you would prefer to link directly to the video from your own web site, use the following link to skip the resources page:
444 SE QUINCY ST                             PERMIT NO. G-157
TOPEKA KS 66683-3591


 Retiree & Annuitant Services
                                     We’re on the web!