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					   Water Treatment

                                                     5220-3415 211B-D Duplex Water Softener

                                                        Water Softener Sizing
                                                        AVAIlABle SySTeMS:
Standard features include:                              ecodyne Water Softeners                                                   Grains
• Tank diameters from 8” to 27”;                       5220-3505: RS9A Single Tank Water Softener                               90K
  Exchange capacities from 60,000                       5220-4008: RS 121B Single Tank Water Softener                             120K
  to 600,000 grains                                     5220-3400: 121B Duplex Water Softener                                     120K
                                                        5220-4009: RS 151B Single Tank Water Softener                             150K
• Continuous flow rates from
                                                        5220-4011: RS 211B Single Tank Water Softener                             210K
  16 to 214 GPM
                                                        5220-3415: 211B-D Duplex Water Softener                                   210K
• Electronic controls                                   5220-3420: 241B-D Duplex Water Softener                                   240K

• Valve sizes of .75”, ”, .5”, 2”                     eqUIPMenT FAcTORS
  and 3”                                                GT/GTO-300                                       (20 GPM)         7,500 gallons per bay
                                                        GT-500/700 & GTO-700                             (30 GPM)         7,500 gallons per bay
• Fleck valve                                           Self-Serve                                       (3.5 GPM)        ,380 gallons per bay
                                                        Tunnels                                          Varies depending upon configuration
• Available in single, duplex,
  or multiplex tank models                              FORMUlA
                                                        equipment Factor x number of Bays x
                                                        Hardness of local water = grains exchange capacity
  NOTE: System should use only 75% of softener
  total capacity. Continuous flow rate should           Note: If hardness is given in mg/l or PPM, divide by 7. to obtain grains per gallon
  exceed the G.P.M. designations shown above.

  SPECIAL NOTE: Peak flow rate (GPM) of                 example:
  softener must also exceed total flow rate of
  combined bays. In the example to the right, that                  O
  is 44 GPM.
                                                        Select water softener model by choosing softener with capacity (in grains)
                                                        exceeding formula total.
                                                                                                                                    Water Treatment
    Mark VII achieves spot-free quality
    water by means of reverse osmosis
    (R.O.). For a complete system,
    the following components are
    necessary: Reverse Osmosis unit,
    storage tank, repressurization
    system and controls.
                                                                                     5280-1050 300 gallon water tank

Repressurization System for Automatics and conveyor Systems
Required to repressurize the Mark VII Spot-Free system on all automatic         AVAIlABle SySTeMS:
applications. Includes pump, pressure switch, foot valve, and expansion tank.   ecodyne R.O. Systems
  Description                                                  Part no.         5220-360       Ecodyne ,800 GPD R.O. System
  Above Ground Repressurization System                         9160-4000        5220-3602       Ecodyne 3,600 GPD R.O. System
  Below Ground Foot Valve Repressurization System              9160-4001        5220-3603       Ecodyne 5,400 GPD R.O. System
                                                                                5220-3604       Ecodyne 7,200 GPD R.O. System
Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) Water Storage Tanks
Required to repressurize the Mark VII Spot-Free system on all automatic
applications. Includes pump, pressure switch, foot valve, and expansion tank.

Part no.          Volume              Size            Above or Below Ground
5280-250           75           29” x 65”                    Above
5280-1050           300           34” x 82”                    Above
5280-200           500           92” x 69”                    Below

Custom sized tanks available upon request.

            toll-free: 800-525-8248                                     It’s not about the carwash,
                                                                                                 it’s about the carwash business.
Water Treatment

                   3950-2221–Purclean Xtreme environment Spot      3950-1771 Stand-Mounted                              3950-1770 Wall-Mounted
                   Free Rinse System                               6,000 GPD R.O. System                                4,500 GPD R.O. System

                  AVAIlABle SySTeMS:
                                                                PurClean Reverse Osmosis
                  PurClean R.O. Systems                         (R.O.) Systems
                                                                Semi-permeable filtration (R.O.) system designed to filter total dissolved solids
                  3950-767         PurClean Wall-Mounted       (TDS) from the water. Systems include 5 micron prefilter, automatic membrane
                                    ,000 GPD R.O. System       backflush, water stabilizer, carbon filter with auto backflush, repressurization
                  3950-768         PurClean Wall-Mounted       pump and auto freshwater bypass. The water stabilizer eliminates the need for a
                                    2,000 GPD R.O. System       softener to create spot-free water.

                  3950-769         PurClean Wall-Mounted
                                    3,000 GPD R.O. System       Spot-Free Rinse Sizing Guidelines
                                                                eqUIPMenT FAcTORS
                  3950-770         PurClean Wall-Mounted       Self-Service                         00 Gallons Per Bay/Per Day
                                    4,500 GPD R.O. System       Rollovers                            3,000 Gallons Per Bay/Per Day
                  3950-77         PurClean Stand-Mounted      Tunnels                              Varies with Wash Volume
                                    6,000 GPD R.O. System
                                                                Note: Correct sizing depends upon water storage capacity. Consult with your Mark VII Distributor or call
                  3950-772         PurClean Stand-Mounted      PurClean at 800-882-8854 for a sizing recommendation tailored to your site.
                                    8,000 GPD R.O. System

                  3950-773         PurClean Stand-Mounted
                                    0,000 GPD R.O. System

                  3950-1774         PurClean Stand-Mounted
                                    5,000 GPD R.O. System

                  3950-866         PurClean Environmental
                                    Cover for Wall-Mounted

                  3950-222         Xtreme Wall-Mounted
                                    3,000 GPD
                                                             AVAIlABle SySTeMS:
                                                             PurWater Reclaim Systems
                                                             3950-2088         30 GPM
                                                             3950-225         30 GPM with Ozone

                                                                                                                             Water Treatment
                                                             3950-1946         60 GPM
                                                             3950-1947         60 GPM with Enzyme Dosing for Order Control
                                                             3950-1948         60 GPM with 12 GPH Ozone
                                                             3950-1949         60 GPM with 24 GPH Ozone
                                                             3950-950         90 GPM
                                                             3950-95         90 GPM with Enzyme Dosing for Odor Control
                                                             3950-952         90 GPM with 2 GPH Ozone
                                                             3950-1953         90 GPM with 24 GPH Ozone
                                                             3950-3032         120 GPM with 24 GPH ozone
                                                             3950-3033         160 GPM with 24 GPH ozone

PurWater Features and Benefits
) Minimal Footprint: The PurWater Recovery System requires a minimal footprint of 16” x 48”, much smaller
   than most water recovery systems and a benefit for sites with limited space equipment rooms.

2) 2-Stage Powdercoated Frame: The PurWater Recovery System frame is fabricated and then treated with a
  zinc undercoat to provide the frame with a protective base coat to resist rust.

3) Variable Frequency Drive: The technologically-advanced PurWater systems incorporate a Variable Frequency
   Drive, greatly enhancing the versatility of the unit, eliminating the need of additional pumps, and providing
   the operator with an efficient, cost-effective operation tailored to his or her wash even on the busiest peak
   wash days.

4) Programmable logic controller: The user-friendly PurWater systems’ Programmable Logic technology
   controls all systems functions, is totally automatic, and provides controls for water level, pump speed,
   activation, recirculation and odor control equipment—all while eliminating the confusion typically associated
   with water recovery.

5)       Water Pump Protection: The PurWater “Low Water Pump Protection” feature protects the pump from
     operating “dry.” Most systems “assume” the tanks will always be full and this could be dangerous to the
     pumping system. This important feature prevents unnecessary repairs and prolongs the life of the pump.

6) Automatic Tank level control: This design feature, operated by the PurWater PLC maintains a safe,
   consistent level of water in the reclamation system tanks by adding fresh water if the system should run low
   of reclaim water due to peak wash days, excessive carry out or evaporation.

7) no constant Ongoing Filter or Bags to Replace: The PurWater system removes dissolved solids to a
   5 micron level with its patent pending “Succession Technology.” The cyclones or source of the Succession
   Technology require virtually no ongoing maintenance other than a cleaning of a small orifice plate once
   a month.

8) 5 Micron quality Water: The PurWater system uses the Krebs G-MAX hydracyclones; this technologically-
   advanced filtration process will remove dissolved solids to an engineer-certified 5 micron quality wash water
   level and is exclusively available on the PurWater Recovery System.

 toll-free: 800-525-8248                 
Bay Doors & Heating

                      Bay Doors
                      Mark VII Door control Systems
                      This system is designed to automatically open and close the wash bay’s
                      entrance and exit doors during inclement weather or for night security. The
                      unit will open the entrance door when a wash is selected, then shut it once
                      the vehicle is safely inside. When the wash is completed, the exit door will
                      open, then close once the unit has verified the departure of the vehicle.
                      Choose from one of the systems below.

                      Description                                   Part number
                      Door Control System Loop Only                 930-2500
                      Eyes Only                                     930-2505
                      Eyes and Loop                                 930-250
                      Above Ground Large Loop Sensor                930-256

                      Ultimate Door Package
                      Specifically designed for carwash applications, using only the heaviest
                      gauge galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel metal components.
                      The door panels are sound dampening, shatterproof, polycarbonate with
                      “clear vision” center section. Two air-operated pistons mount to the door
                      track and respond to manual or electric signals. Door controllers tie into
                      Mark VII automatic door control system for attendant-free operation.

                      Door system components:
                      (2) 0’ x 0’ doors                           (2) Ultimate operators
                      (2) Waterproof control boxes                  (24) Ultimate rollers
                          with push buttons                         (2) Galvanized steel shafts
                      (2) Electronic eyes                           (2) Cylinder lube systems (Auto oilers)
                        NOTE: Requires a Mark VII door control system for automated operation.

                      Description                                   Part #
                      Door System                                   9310-2024
                        Economy Two Button Station                  6220-0330
                        0’ Operators                               6220-0385
                                                                                                                                    Bay Doors & Heating
BayWatch Overhead Doors
Package includes one set containing: two 0’2” X 0’ polycarbonate doors; 3’
angle mount track with high lift if needed (up to 24”); solid galvanized shaft with
keyway; heavy duty greasable zerk bearings; gauge hinges; long stem rollers;
and door stop with vinyl insert. The required door system packages also include
all required hardware, gear reducer wash-down duty motors and door operators.

      Door Package                   Total of 2 doors – 10’2” X 10’                   Required
                                     Cable Keepers, Hinges, Rollers,      3950-
      Hardware Package                                                                Required
                                     Bearings & Fasteners                 1914
                                     Logo, PLC, Control Box &             3950-
      Operator Package                                                                Required
                                     Mark VII VF Drives                   022
                                     Photo Transmitters/Receivers,
      Accessories & Hardware         for Operator Package, Mounting                   Required
                                     Parts & Fasteners
                                     Motors, Proximity Sensors,           3950-
      Motor Package                                                                   Required
                                     Arm Motor Mount & Fasteners          95
      Remote Monitoring              Siemens TD200/40 Display             3950-       Strongly Suggested
      Package                        Monitor & Controls                   293        for C-Stores
                                     Illuminates carwash
      Built-In Open/                                                      3950-
                                     availability directly on one                     Option
      Closed Sign                                                         08
                                     entire door panel
      Chemical Monitoring            Ultrasonic sensors monitor           3950-
      Package                        up to 3 carwash chemical levels      09

ADI conversion Option
Eliminates the need for an electrician to manually run conduits and new wiring
between each door sensor and BayWatch control panel. Reduces time of door
and operating system installation and electrician charges as much as 75%.

Description                 Part #
Conversion Accessory        3950-020

      toll-free: 800-525-8248                                           It’s not about the carwash,
                                                                                                 it’s about the carwash business.
Bay Doors & Heating

                      Airlift Doors
                      Polycarbonate—The World’s Toughest Garage Door
                      The polycarbonate door from Airlift is ideal for high-volume applications, harsh
                      or wet environments, as well as improving the building appearance and security.
                      Airlift Alaska doors feature:

                               • Triple Wall 5/8” Lexan panels
                               • Sloped rails to allow water run-off
                               • Clima-seal rust resistant fasteners
                               • 3” angle mount track
                               • “Strapeze” counterbalance or 00,000 cycle springs
                               • Greasable end and center zerk bearings
                               • 5/32” stainless steel door cables
                               •  gauge heavy-duty hinges
                               • All necessary hardware fasteners
                               • Bottom vinyl astragal and retainer
                               • Extended ” solid galvanized shaft
                               • Stainless steel section fasteners

                      Description                        Part #
                      Airlift Alaska Door System         3950-897
Water Heating Systems
Insulated storage tank recommended for self-service systems. All systems include gas-fired

                                                                                                                                                        Bay Doors & Heating
heat exchanger, flow switch, tank thermostat, high limit thermostat, circulating pump and
draft hood. Factory installation includes stand, copper pipes and fittings.

Water Heater Sizing
All sizing based on 70º Fahrenheit temperature rise and the assumption that bubble
brush, presoak, tire cleaning and cold water rinse will be used in self-service.

Conveyors:            40 Cars Per Hour                   700,000 BTU/Hr.
                      60 Cars Per Hour                   950,000 BTU/Hr.
                      80 Cars Per Hour                   1,400,000 BTU/Hr.
                      00 Cars Per Hour                  ,800,000 BTU/Hr.

Altitude Factor: If car wash location is over 2,000 ft. elevation, add 4% per
,000 ft. above sea level. Example:4,000-ft.elevationfactoris1.16.

3.5 GPM               85,000 BTU/Hr. Per Day
4.5 GPM               100,000 BTU/Hr. Per Day

Equipment Factor x Number of Bays x Altitude Factor (if applicable) = Number of BTU/Hr.
Example: BaySelf-Serve(3.5GPM)inDenverCO(Elevation5,300ft.)
                                                              FAcTORy InSTAllATIOn
                   Part No.                                                           Plumbed for
  Model #                    Description                   Pre-plumbed                Storage Tank*
                 BOILER ONLY
 33             930-999            Natural gas
                                                        WTB33-0                 WTB33-03
                 930-0550            LP gas
 83             930-2000            Natural gas       WTB83-0                 WTB83-03
 263             930-200            Natural gas       WTB263-0                 WTB263-03
 333             930-2002            Natural gas       WTB333-0                 WTB333-03
 403             930-2003            Natural gas       WTB403-01                 WTB403-03
 514             9130-2004            Natural gas       WTB514-01                 WTB514-03
 624             930-2005            Natural gas       WTB624-01                 WTB624-03
 724             930-2006            Natural gas       WTB724-01                 WTB724-03
 824             930-2007            Natural gas       WTB824-01                 WTB824-03
 962             930-2008            Natural gas       WTB962-0                 WTB962-03
 25            930-2009            Natural gas       WTB25-0                WTB25-03          Storage Tanks
 223            930-200            Natural gas       WTB223-0                WTB223-03          Insulated hot water storage tank.
 336            930-20            Natural gas       WTB336-0                WTB336-03
                                                                                                      ASME approved.
 1468            930-202            Natural gas       WTB1468-01                WTB1468-03          Description                        Part #
 63            9130-2014            Natural gas       WTB63-0                WTB63-03          ASME - 5 gallons                 5280-60
 826            930-205            Natural gas       WTB826-0                WTB826-03
  *Storage tank must be ordered separately. Boiler, storage tank, pump packages are
   also available. Contact customer service for part numbers and pricing.

           toll-free: 800-525-8248                                                          It’s not about the carwash,
                                                                                                                     it’s about the carwash business.
                      eqUIPMenT SPecIFIcATIOn
Bay Doors & Heating

                                       Input               Recovery at                Draft Hood             Overall      Approximate
                       Model No.
                                       (BTU/Hr.)           70°F Rise (GPH)            Size (in.)             Size (in.)   Weight (lbs.)
                       83WT           83,000             272                        7                      35 X 30      220
                       253WT           263,000             362                        8                      39 X 30      230
                       333WT           334,000             453                        8                      43 X 32      275
                       403WT           404,000             543                        9                      46 X 32      305
                       514WT           514,000             702                        0                     5 X 32      430
                       624WT           624,000             86                        2                     55 X 32      440
                       724WT           724,000             995                        2                     60 X 32      555
                       824WT           824,000             32                       14                     64 X 32      565
                       962WT           962,000             297                       14                     70 X 35      600
                       25WT          ,20,000           1545                       5                     78 X 35      660
                       223WT          ,223,000           700                       5                     8 X 35      700
                       336WT          ,336,000           833                       8                     85 X 35      855
                       1468WT          1,468,000           202                       8                     93 X 35      925
                       53WT          ,53,000           2236                       8                     00 X 35     970
                       825WT          ,825,000           2420                       20                     00 X 35     80

                      Bay Heating System

                      BAY HEATING SYSTEMS
                      Following are optional tube type, gas fired, radiant heating systems.

                      Description                                   Part #
                      37’ 75,000 BTU Straight Tube                  5140-2008
                      42’ 100,000 BTU Straight Tube                 5140-0050
                      17’ 75,000 BTU U-Tube                         5140-3030
                        NOTE: Optional frost protection equipment offered by Mark VII may not provide adequate freeze
                        protection. Bay heat and overhead doors are recommended.
                                                                                                                                           Bay Doors & Heating
Bay Tubing and Manifold Package
Including HDPE tubing (one roll per circuit), wire ties, tie wrap tool, copper
manifolds with gate valves on both supply and return, air test valve and
gauge, and hose clamps.
  Note: Includes enough for bays only—not aprons.

Description                      Part #
Tubing/Manifold Packages
2 Bays                   9140-0202
3 Bays                   9140-0203
4 Bays                   9140-0204
5 Bays                   9140-0205
6 Bays                   9140-0206
7 Bays                   9140-0207
8 Bays                   9140-0208
9 Bays                   9140-0209
10 Bays                  9140-0210
11 Bays                  9140-0211
12 Bays                  9140-0212

Floor Heat (De-Icing) Boiler Packages
Floor heating systems are available for Rollover and Self-Serve models
from Propak.


 Model No.            Part No.          Input (BTU/Hr)   Draft Hood     Dimensions      Approximate
                                                          Size (in.)    (L x W - in.)   Weight (lbs.)        All floor heat boiler
33-TDB            5140-2049               33,000           6           23 X 27            80              packages include boiler,
83-TDB            5140-2050               83,000           7           23 X 30            220              draft hood, flow switch,
263-TDB            5140-2100               263,000           8           26 X 30            230              operating thermostat, high
                                                                                                             limit thermostat, expansion
333-TDB            5140-2200               334,000           8           29 X 30            275              tank, antifreeze fill plus,
403-TDB            5140-2300               404,000           9           56 X 30            305              slab stat, circulating
514-TDB            5140-2400               514,000          0           63 X 30            430              pump, temperature/
624-TDB            5140-2500               624,000          2           70 X 30            440              pressure gauge, pressure
724-TDB            5140-2550               724,000          2           75 X 30            555              relief valve, high-velocity
                                                                                                             circulating pump, and air
824-TDB            5140-2600               824,000          14           79 X 30            565
                                                                                                             eliminator valve.
962-TDB            5140-2700               962,000          14           74 X 35            600
25-TDB           5140-2800              ,20,000         6           79 X 35            660

      toll-free: 800-525-8248                                                  It’s not about the carwash,
                                                                                                        it’s about the carwash business.
 entry Devices

                                                                  Hamilton Gold line
                                                                  500-0977     Gold Line® AutoCashier with XE Bill Acceptor,
Mark VII 12-Position large Rotary Door with credit                              two Slugbusters, keypad and automated
card acceptance.                                                                voice prompts.
Hamilton Data Access network                                      500-0978     Gold Line® AutoCashier with XE Bill Acceptor
7030-3144          12 Position Large Rotary Door with Bill                      and Credit Card Acceptance (required for
                   Acceptor, Hamilton Timer and Credit Card.                    acceptance of credit cards and/or Customer
                   (Requires purchase of 0041-0037 or 0041-                     Value cards using the D.A.N.).
                   0038. Cannot be used with Large Coin
                   Box-Double Enclosure 7030-2579.)               3950-2282     Gold Line® AutoCashier with XE Bill Acceptor,
                   For AquaSpray Self-Serve®.                                   Credit Card Acceptance and High Speed
                                                                                Receipt Printer (required for acceptance of
0041-0037          Data Access Network Deluxe System (panel                     credit cards and/or Customer Value cards
                   PC, includes touch screen and credit card                    using the D.A.N.).
                   reader/Customer Value Card programmer).
                                                                  500-0892     Gold Line® AutoCashier with XE Bill Acceptor
0041-0038          Data Access Network Basic System (panel                      and Hamilton POS.
                   PC, requires customer-supplied monitor,
                   mouse and keyboard).                           500-0962     26” SST Console Base.

3950-2280          Customer Value Card reader/programmer          3950-937     20” Pedestal Base.
                   (included with Deluxe system, optional with
                                                                  3950-2283     Seriel to Ethernet Converter for Hamilton
                   Basic System).
                                                                                Gold Line® AutoCashier and New Change
3950-228          Transaction Receipt Printer (allows printing                 Machines (required for each Gold Line®
                   receipts directly from D.A.N. computers).                    AutoCashier).

                                                                  3950-2285     Card and Change Dispenser CCD with XE
                                                                                Bill Acceptor.

                                                                  3950-2284     Seriel to Ethernet Converter for Change
                                                                                Machine Retrolifts including Controller
                                                                                (required for each changer to be connected
                                                                                to D.A.N.).
                                                                                                                                 Entry Devices
Unitec Portal TI                                               Unitec Wash Select II
Description:                                                   3950-33        With Coinco validator and POS
The Portal TI provides an integrated sales and                 3950-0        With Coinco validator (no POS)
customizable marketing system that allows for increased        3950-836        With Coinco validator for
revenue through multiple advertising opportunities,                             Secondary Bay (at side-by-side sites)
loyalty programs and cross merchandising avenues.              3950-256        With MARS validator and POS
                                                               3950-966        With MARS validator (no POS)
The Portal TI comes standard with:                             3950-257        With Mars validator for Secondary Bay
• Coinco Bill Acceptance and Coin                                               (at side-by-side sites)
  Acceptance (Quarters, Tokens & $ Coins)                     3950-2029        With Speed Pass and POS (for
• Coin Dispensing                                                               ExxonMobil sites)
• Proximity Sensor
• Voice Messaging                                              Optional Upgrades
• Card Reader                                                  3950-32        Receipt Printer
• Receipt Printer                                              3950-257        Voice Messaging
• Basic Alarm                                                  3950-258        Proximity Sensor
• Lockable Cash Box                                            3950-88        Credit Card Reader and Software
3950-259          Standard Portal TI with Coinco              3950-2464        Credit Card Reader and Software
                   bill validator                                               (Internet)
3950-260          MARS bill acceptor upgrade                  3950-827        Fleet Card Acceptance (must also
3950-26          Credit Card Clearing                                         purchase 3950-88)
                   (includes modem hardware                    3950-86        VIP Wash Pass Cards (quantity 50)
                   and software)                               3950-89        Multi-Coin Acceptor
3950-262          Curb Height Stand                           3950-22        Stand—Angled 26” (curb height)
3950-263          Drive Height Stand                          5100-0384        Stand—Straight 26” (curb height)
                                                               500-0369        Stand—Angled 32.5” (drive height)
                                                               5100-0419        Stand—Straight 32.5” (drive height)

Unitec WashPay
7030-2680        2 Position Large Rotary Door with Bill Acceptor, Unitec Timer and Credit Card Acceptance for
                 AquaSpray® Self-Serve (requires purchase of 3950-2622 or 0041-0027).
3950-2622        WashPay Wall-Mountable Controller (1 required per site. Includes 4 port router WITH NEMA box
                 and is internet ready if used with a high-speed internet connection.
0041-0027        WashPay Basic Controller (1 required per site. Includes 4 port router WITHOUT NEMA box and is
                 internet ready if used with a high-speed internet connection).
0041-0028        Modem (required to process credit card transaction if using a dial-up phone line for credit card
0041-0026        16 Port Ethernet Hub (connects additional devices to the network: PC, receipt printer, etc.).
0041-0030        Wall-Mounted Receipt Printer.

  toll-free: 800-525-8248                                            It’s not about the carwash,
                                                                                              it’s about the carwash business.
Vacuums & Air Machines

 3950-2051                                                     3950-2055
 Je ADAMS MODel 28000 UlTRA 6-in-1 MUlTI-UnIT                  Je ADAMS MODel 20000 UlTRA Turbo-nator Vacuum

3950-2051                                                      3950-2055
Je ADAMS MODel 28000                                           Je ADAMS MODel 20000
UlTRA 6-in-1 MUlTI-UnIT                                        UlTRA TURBO-nATOR® VAcUUM

Service Features:                                              Standard Features:
• 6 different functions in one unit                            • Motor setting may be switched from 2 motors to 3 motors
• 2 motor vacuum                                               • 2 service doors
• 3 motor turbo vacuum                                         • 2”x 5’ vacuum hose with swivel cuff and nozzle
• Carpet Shampooer                                             • JB7 coin box with locking cover
• Carpet Spot Remover                                          • Dual service door security cover
• 3 Fragrance options                                          • Secured with 4 Medeco locks
• Air machine                                                  • 4 quick-change filter bags
Standard Features:                                             • Electronic multi-coin acceptor
• 5 service doors for easy access                              • MARS series 2000 bill acceptor
•  Medeco threaded screw lock for coin box                      (accepts $ and $5 bills and will hold up to 500 bills)
• 4 quick-change filter bags                                   • Digital display scrolls messages
• 3 – 1.6HP 110 volt Ametek motors                             • Lighted dome: available in red, yellow, blue, light green,
• Electronic coin acceptor                                       dark green or white
• MARS series 2000 bill acceptor                               • Last coin audio alert
  (accepts $ and $5 bills and will hold up to 500 bills)
• Large digital display scrolls messages
• Industries most powerful Thomas 2 HP air compressor
  with Norgren relief valve
• Lighted dome: available in red, yellow, blue, light green,
  dark green or white
• Plastic debris catcher
• Comes standard with  gallon each of JE Adams premixed
  all season formulas (9500WIN) shampoo and (000SPOT)
  spot remover
• Last coin audio alert
                                                                                                                               Vacuums & Air Machines
   3950-3027                                         3950-2260
   Je ADAMS MODel 29000                              Je ADAMS MODel 29015
   2 motor vacuum, 3 motor turbo                     2 motor vacuum, 3 motor turbo
   vacuum, shampoo & spot                            vacuum, 3 fragrances, w/ bill
   remover, w/ bill acceptor, 260 lbs.               acceptor, 260 lbs.

   Je ADAMS MODel 29000 and 29015

  • ULTRA secure 2-door design separates service area from individually locked bill acceptor and coin
    box storage areas providing protection for your investment
  • ULTRA maximum security with Medeco locks (3 for control door,  for internal bill acceptor locking
    box,  for internal coin locking box, and 2 for bottom service compartment)
  • Built with many common industry standard components
  • Easy-to-use lighted push buttons clearly identify selected service
  • Highly visible, easy-to-read large digital display timer scrolls messages, calculates time between
    functions, recalculates remaining time when switched during any function, built-in coin counter
  • Lighted colored domes (choice of 6 colors) and eye-catching designer graphics provide
    high visibility
  • Electronic multi-coin acceptor
  • MARS Series 2000 bill acceptor takes $ & $5 bills
  • 3 - .6 HP, Ametek motors
  • Visual and audible last coin alert
  • 4 quick-change filter bags
  • Optional credit card acceptor available
  • Optional alarm system available
  • ULTRA Turbo-Nator® Shampoo & Spot Remover Combination Vacuums and ULTRA Turbo-Nator®
    Fragrance Combination Vacuums come with black decals standard, colored decals are optional;
    ULTRA Turbo-Nator® Vacuums come with colored decals stand

toll-free: 800-525-8248                                            It’s not about the carwash,
                                                                                            it’s about the carwash business.
Vacuums & Air Machines

                          3950-2060                                               3950-2063
                          Je ADAMS MODel 9230                                     Je ADAMS MODel 9200-1lD

                         3950-2060                                               3950-2063
                         Je ADAMS MODel 9230                                     Je ADAMS MODel 9200-1lD
                         2-DOOR SUPeR VAc                                        2-DOOR SUPeR VAc WITH lIGHTeD DOMe, BIll
                                                                                 VAlIDATOR AnD DIGITAl DISPlAy
                         • 2-Door canister                                       Features:
                         • 4 quick-change filter bags                            • 2-Door canister
                         • 2 – 1.6 HP 110 volt Ametek motors                     • 4 quick change filter bags
                         • Large stainless steel dome                            • 2–1.6 HP 110 volt Ametek motors
                         • SSAC 20 volt accumulating timer                      • Lighted dome: available in red, blue, yellow, light green,
                         • Imonex mechanical coin acceptor takes quarters          dark green and white
                         • Faceplate secured with a Medeco camlock               • SSAC 20 volt accumulating timer
                         • Coin box secured with a Medeco threaded lock          • Imonex mechanical coin acceptor takes quarters
                         • 2” x 5’ hose with swivel cuff and claw nozzle        • 2” x 5’ hose with swivel cuff and claw nozzle
                           Also available with a lighted dome: 3950-206

                                          STAInleSS STeel FleXIBle z AnD
                                          FIXeD BOOMS
                                          Maximum pressure: 4060 PSI
                                          Maximum temperature: 320° F
                                          Maximum flow rate: 12 GPM

                                          LENGTH      INLET          OUTLET
                                          47”         1/4” Gj F      1/4” Gj M
                                          61”         1/4” Gj F      1/4” Gj M
                                          63”         1/4” Gj F      1/4” Gj M
                                          69”         1/4” Gj F      1/4” Gj M
                                          79”         1/4” Gj F      1/4” Gj M
                                          99”         1/4” Gj F      1/4” Gj M
                                          118”        1/4” Gj F      1/4” Gj M
                                                                                       Boom mounting brackets sold separately.
                                                                                                                                  Vacuums & Air Machines
 3950-2067                                                           3950-3026
 Model 8670-2TA                                                      Model 9420TH
 Air Machine with 8819 Pedestal                                      Vacuum and Air Machine

3950-2067                                                           3950-3026
Je Adams Model 8670-2TA                                             Je Adams Model 9420TH
Air Machine With 8819 pedestal (8170-3413)

Features:                                                           Features:
• High security internal lock bar system with                       • 2 - .6 HP, 0 volt Ametek motors
  heavy duty camlock (8672-)                                       • 4 quick-change filter bags
• Thomas Air Compressor – 3/4 HP oil-less                           • 2 SSAC 0 volt accumulating timers
• 25’ wire braid, cut resistant air hose with                         standard
  90 PSI gauge and tire chuck                                       • 3/4 HP oil-less Thomas air compressor
• Can be wall-or pedestal-mount                                       standard, 8-month warranty
• Heavy gauge stainless steel construction door                     • Side-mounted, easy-coil, adjustable speed,
  and cabinet                                                         retractable air hose reel
• Concealed tamper proof hinge                                      • 25’ air hose with 90-PSI air gauge
                                                                    • 2 separate Imonex coin mechanisms,
                                                                      takes quarters
                                                                    • Devilbiss air compressor available,
                                                                      6-month warranty

 toll-free: 800-525-8248                                              It’s not about the carwash,
                                                                                               it’s about the carwash business.
Vacuums & Air Machines

                         Ultra Series Vacuum
                         Island Canopies

                                                                     ISlAnD FeATUReS
                                                                     • All stainless steel construction including
                                                                       vacuum platforms
                                                                     • 4 piece (double vacuum island bases) & 3-piece
                                                                       (single island base) modular construction
                                                                     • Front service trash door
                                                                     • Rubbermaid 28-gallon trash container provided
                                                                     • Bumper guards available in red, blue, yellow
                                                                       or green
                                                                     • Teepee mat holder and permanent trash cover with
                                                                       4 mat clamps
                                                                     • Optional vaults available for all models
                                                                     • Ultra Vacuum Island Bases are compatible with J.E.
                                                                       Adams’ internal mounting vacuums
                                                                     • Bases available in 8’, 0’ and 2’ sizes
                          3950-3028 UlTRA STAnDARD SIze DOUBle
                                    VAcUUM ISlAnD BASe (32010)
                          3950-3029 cAnOPy (32010cAn)                cAnOPy FeATUReS
                                                                     • Unique 2-piece modular canopy design
                                                                     • Aluminum interior frame with 6 oz. vinyl covering
                                                                     • Available in red, blue, yellow or green
                                                                     • Egg crate bottom panels
                                                                     • Fluorescent light fixtures
                                                                     UlTRA ISlAnD BASeS AnD cAnOPIeS ARe SOlD

                                                                     BOOM MOUnTInG BRAckeTS SOlD SePARATely

                                                                 3950-3030 UlTRA SInGle VAcUUM
                                                                           ISlAnD BASe (32001)
                                                                 3950-3031 cAnOPy (32001cAn)
                                                                                                        Air compressors

Value Package Ingersoll Rand                    Fully Packaged Ingersoll Rand
7.5 HP Two-Stage Air compressor                 7.5 HP Two-Stage Air compressor

Ingersoll Rand Compressors
Value Package compressors:
Includes: two-stage, 00% cast iron pump; ODP electric motor; mounted and wired
magnetic motor starter; automatic start & stop control with a NEMA  pressure switch
mounted; and an ASME coded air receiver tank. Maximum Pressure: 75 PSIG.

Mark VII Part #    IR Model #   Horse Power              Receiver Tank          Wet environment        Start Up & Installation kits for
5120-0135          2475N5            5                    80 Vertical                No                compressor install
3950-1810          2475N7.5         7.5                   80 Vertical                No
3950-1675          2475N5 NEMA4      5                    80 Vertical                Yes

Fully Packaged compressors:
Value package inclusion plus an aircooled aftercooler; low oil level shutdown switch:
and an automatic drain valve. Maximum Pressure : 75 PSIG

Mark VII Part #    IR Model #         Horse Power        Receiver Tank          Wet environment
3950-1907          2475N5FP                5              80 Vertical                 No
3950-1923          2475N7.5FP             7.5             80 Vertical                 No
5120-0121          2545K10FP              10             120 Vertical                 No

         • Start-up & Installation kits also available and include:
         • Start-Up: Four quarts of compressor lubricant and two
           additional inlet air filter elements.

         • Installation: 3 foot braided hose with swivel, four vibration
           pads, anchor bolts and installation template.

Speedaire compressors
Mark VII Part # Horse Power           Receiver Tank      Wet environment
3950-266           5                  80 Vertical            Yes
3950-229          7.5                 80 Vertical            Yes

Inclusions: NEMA 4 rating & initial fill of compressor oil.
Maximum Pressure: 75 PSIG.

        toll-free: 800-525-8248                                          It’s not about the carwash,
                                                                                                  it’s about the carwash business.
 Vending Machines

                        Stainless Steel Vending Machines
                        Mark VII Part # 5340-0200
                        All stainless steel, weatherproof cabinet and door with stainless steel finish.
                        Twenty-four drop shelves are easily reset by lifting. Security door frame is built
                        with heavy-gauge stainless steel. Easily installs with no holes to drill. Vends:
                        Armor All, Wet Towel, Huge & Hefty, and much, much more! Available with or
                        without decal.

                        • Heavy-gauge stainless steel cabinet, door, and security frame
  5340-0200             • 24 drop shelves
                        • 42” height, 5-1⁄4” depth, 12-1⁄4” width
                        • New high security coin box holds up to $0 in quarters
The promotion of        • The heart of this Vendor is a new simplified coin mechanism
                        • Adjustable from 25¢-$3.50 (1-14 coins)
impulse buying can be   • Can be adjusted with a standard screwdriver without removing
achieved by placing       the mechanism
the vending unit next   • Mechanism can be configured to accept coins or tokens
to the bill changers.
                        The most popular vending products include:
                        • Dry Towels
                        • Window Cleaners
                        • Protectants
                        • Pre-packaged and liquid fragrances

                        Unitec Washchange
                        Offered in single and dual styles, WashChange is a rear-loaded bill changer that
                        was designed with the self-serve operator in mind. WashChange uses a Coinco
                        bill validator (MARS bill validators also available) with a ,000 bill capacity for
                        $, $5, $0 and is programmable to accept $20 bills. WashChange is capable
                        of dispensing quarters, tokens, or $1 coins and the hopper holds 4,000+
                        quarter-sized coins.

                        3950-993         Single Changer with Coinco bill validator
 3950-2005              3950-2005         Dual Changer with Coinco bill validator
Success in vending sales is the result of

                                                                                                                   Vending Machines
a good vending location combined with
a variety of items to offer.

  ShurVendPlus “51”
  Mark VII Part # 3950-2194
  Available Options:
  • Security Structures: 3950-295 &
  • Control Panel Masks
  • Starter Kit 3950-298

  Starter kit Includes:
  Blue Huck Cloth Towel                    Character Fragrance—Bugs Bunny
  Terry Cloth Towel (COSTCO TOWEL)         Character Fragrance—SpongeBob
  Huge Paper Towel (Special Fold)          New Car Fragrance Tree
  Big Eagle Enterprises                    Vanillaroma Fragrance Tree
  Blue Paper Towel (Special Fold)          Musk Fragrance Tree
  ArmorAll Protectant Sponge               Peachy Peach Fragrance Tree
  ArmorAll Cleaning Wipes                  Vanilla Pride Fragrance Tree
  ArmorAll Glass Wipes                     Victory Lane Fragrance Tree
  ArmorAll Cleaner Sponge                  Wild Cherry Fragrance Tree
  Auto Glass Cleaner                       Bouquet Fragrance Tree
  Wet Towel                                Cinna Berry Fragrance Tree
  Window Wipe                              Piña Colada Fragrance Tree
  Bug and Tar Cleaner                      Strawberry Fragrance Tree
  Blackjack                                Rose Musk Fragrance Tree
  Magna Shine Micro Fiber Cloth            Country Pine Fragrance Tree
  Scrubbies                                New Car Fragrance Pump
  Just for Leather-Cleaner                 Passionfruit Fragrance Pump
  Just for Leather-Conditioner             Pine Fragrance Pump
  Never Fog                                Strawberry Fragrance Pump
  Rain Vision                              Vanilla Fragrance Pump
  Rain X                                   4oz. ArmorAll Tire Foam
  Rain X—Anti Fog                          4oz. ArmorAll Protectant Pump
  Character Fragrance—U.S.A. Flag          4oz. Simoniz Auto Glass Cleaner Pump
  Character Fragrance—Scooby Doo           4oz. Simoniz Tire Shine Pump
  Character Fragrance—Tasmanian Devil      4oz. Simoniz Wheel Cleaner Pump
  Character Fragrance—Garfield             4oz. Simoniz Multi-Purpose Cleaner Pump
  Character Fragrance—Tweedy               4oz. Bug & Tar Remover Spray
  Character Fragrance—Betty Boop           4oz. Carpet Stain Remover
  Character Fragrance—Rib Ticklers         4oz. Sun X Spray Wax

  toll-free: 800-525-8248                              It’s not about the carwash,
                                                                                it’s about the carwash business.

                                          24” x 18” H-Stake
 28” x 44” Signs for Windmaster, Pole,
 or Wall-Mount Frames

                                          3950-3044                           3950-3045

                                         10’ x 3’ Vinyl Outdoor Banners

                                                                                    36” x 42” Tunnel Instructions

3950-3039               3950-3041          3950-3034




3950-3038               3950-3042

                                                                                     17” x 13” coin Box Topper
                                         8.5” x 5.75” Pump Topper


3950-3040               3950-3043                                                     3950-3049

      3950-3051                                             3950-3054
      Windmaster Frame                                      Counter Mat
      • Durable, free-standing                              • Clear, scratch-resistant
      • Spring frame won’t blow over                        • Anti-skid, easy to clean
      • Easy access, front loading                          • Customizable inserts sold sepa-
      • Double-sided messages
      • Printed inserts sold separately

3950-3052                                                   Counter Mat Insert
Pole or Wall Mount Frame                                    • Full-color wash menu for counter mat
• Durable snap-lock frame
• Front-loading
• Indoor or outdoor use
• Printed inserts sold separately

Pole Mount Hardware
• For mounting 3950-3052 on pole

    toll-free: 800-525-8248                               It’s not about the carwash,
                                                                                   it’s about the carwash business.

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