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					                                                                                                                                 Water Treatment
    WATER SOFTENERS                              Our Price £        WATER CONDITIONERS                                                   DRINKING WATER TAP KITS
                             .  The highest flow rates of any
                                                                    Scalemaster                                       Our Price £
                             softener available - up to 83
                             litres per minute
                                                                                                  . 10 year chemical free
                              . Easy push button set up -                                           corrosion protection
                                                                                                  . Copper body/chrome plate finish
                             only takes a few seconds
                             . 5 years parts guarantee with                                       . 2 year guarantee
                             12 months labour warranty
                                                                    Corrosion Master 22mm conditioner for CH                  42.85
    Monarch Midi Water Softener                        494.91
    Monarch Mini Aqua Water Softener                   591.91                                     . Requires no power source             T&O Filter kit c/w Chrome tap                    84.27
    Monarch Maxflow Hose Kit                               22.15                                  . Instantly effective                  Filter T&O cartridgereplacement - BOXED          24.93
                             . Fully automatic                                                    . Speedfit fittings/Slip coupling
                             . No electricity required                                            . 2 year guarantee
                             . Meter control                        Electrolytic 15mm water conditioner                       33.22
                             . Fast regeneration – takes                                          . Suitable for protection of
                             from only 11 minutes
                                                                                                    combi boilers, dishwashers
                                                                                                    and showers etc.
                                                                                                  . Requires no power source             Monarch
    Monarch Solo Non Electric Water Softener           640.79
                                                                                                  . Speedfit fittings/Slip coupling      Monarch Aquapro 100 WaterFilter system           80.19
    Monarch Solo Ultra - High Flow Non Electric
    Water Softener
                                                                                                  . 2 year guarantee                     with CP Tap Kit
                                                                                                                                         Monarch Aquapro 100Replacement                   22.91
                                                                    Magnetic 15mm water conditioner                           25.00      Cartridge
                             Fully automatic with adjustable
                             12 day programme timer                 Salamander                                                           Monarch CP 1/4 Turn drinkingwater tap            29.79
                             Easy setup                                                           . Stops strong, harmful acid           only
                                                                                                    going down the drain
                             Compact - only 515mm high
                                                                                                  . Fits all types of                    SAlT
                             Uses up to 80% less water than                                         condensing boilers                   Salt - 25kg Granular                              7.25
                             a conventional softener during
                                                                                                  . Starts working instantly             Salt - 25kg Tablet                                7.25
                                                                    Condensafe Acid Neutraliser                               23.54      Salt - Harvey Block Salt (Pack of two)            4.99
    Monarch PS12 Water Softener with                   400.97
    programmable clock                                              Aquadial Replacement cartridge Phosphate                  27.77
                                                                    Aquadial Combicare 15mm Scale reducer                     49.59
                                                                    Aquadial Combicare 22mm Scale reducer                     63.85
                                                                    Aquadial ELECTRON electronic water conditioner            57.59
                                                                    Aquadial Water hardness indicator kit                        5.66
                                                                    Aquadial Ceramic 15mm magnetic scale inhibitor            44.61

                                                                    Magnaclean® is a powerful, compact magnetic filter with a
                                                                    unique swirl chamber designed to remove
                                                                    virtually 100% of suspended Iron Oxide and other
                                                                    particulate from the water circulating through the
                                                                    heating system. Unlike typical Y-strainer filters
                                                                    which clog up and experience a dramatic
                                                                    reduction in flow performance,
                                                                    Magnaclean® maintains full flow rates at
                                                                    all times, and is so powerful it will retain at least 50X the
                                                                    amount of debris on its easily removed sheath.
                                                                    Magnaclean professional 22mm magnetic filter              82.25
                                                                    Magnaclean professional 28mm magnetic filter             162.50

    Quooker                                      Our Price £

                                                                   Classic                                                              Design
                                                                   Quooker PRO 3 Classic Brushed Chrome            3CSTL     768.34     Quooker PRO 3 Design Brushed Chrome       3DSTL   735.66
                                                                   Quooker PRO 3 Classic Polished Chrome           3CCHR     698.87     Quooker PRO 3 Design Polished Chrome      3DCHR   666.18
                                                                   Quooker PRO 3 Classic Satin Chrome              3CMCR     756.09     Quooker PRO 3 Design Satin Chrome         3DMCR   723.40
                                                                   Quooker PRO 3 Classic Stainless Steel           3CRVS     768.34     Quooker PRO 3 Design Stainless Steel      3DRVS   735.66
                                                                   Quooker PRO 7 Classic Brushed Chrome            7CSTL     993.13     Quooker PRO 7 Design Brushed Chrome       7DSTL   960.43
                                                                   Quooker PRO 7 Classic PolishedChrome            7CCHR     923.66     Quooker PRO 7 Design Polished Chrome      7DCHR   890.96
                                                                   Quooker PRO 7 Classic SatinChrome               7CMCR     980.87     Quooker PRO 7 Design Satin Chrome         7DMCR   948.18
                                                                   Quooker PRO 7 ClassicStainless Steel            7CRVS     993.13     Quooker PRO 7 Design Stainless Steel      7DRVS   960.43

   The Quooker boiling water tap is a rare ‘must                   Modern                                                               Basic
   have’. The simple, ultra-safe idea immediately                  Quooker PRO 3 Modern Brushed Chrome             3MSTL     735.66     Quooker PRO 3 Basic BrushedChrome         3BSTL   702.96
   renders kettles out of date and takes kitchens a                Quooker PRO 3 Modern Polished Chrome            3MCHR     666.18     Quooker PRO 3 Basic PolishedChrome        3BCHR   633.48
   giant leap forward.                                             Quooker PRO 3 Modern Satin Chrome               3MMCR     723.40     Quooker PRO 3 Basic SatinChrome           3BMCR   690.69
                                                                   Quooker PRO 3 Modern Stainless Steel            3MRVS     735.66     Quooker PRO 3 Basic StainlessSteel        3BRVS   702.96
   Although its new to the UK, over 100,000 kitchens               Quooker PRO 7 Modern Brushed Chrome             7MSTL     960.43     Quooker PRO 7 Basic BrushedChrome         7BSTL   927.74
   in Europe already depend on their Quookers for                  Quooker PRO 7 Modern Polished Chrome            7MCHR     890.96     Quooker PRO 7 Basic PolishedChrome        7BCHR   858.26
                                                                   Quooker PRO 7 Modern Satin Chrome               7MMCR     948.18     Quooker PRO 7 Basic SatinChrome           7BMCR   915.48
   instant boiling water.                                          Quooker PRO 7 Modern Stainless Steel            7MRVS     960.43     Quooker PRO 7 Basic StainlessSteel        7BRVS   927.74

May 2010          All prices include VAT at 17.5%

E & OE                                   Tel: 01784 426900                     E-mail:                                                         11

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