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									                                                                 FOOD TECHNOLOGY
Name: Koroniria Horo                                                                Academy: Discovery

Room: 4                                                                             Term: 1

Learning Intentions:

Create a dish using vegetables, which is tasty, presented attractively and is interesting and

                                                                     Level 1             Level 2             Level 3            Level 4
                                                                 I am beginning      I am developing     I am achieving      I am an expert
  Technological Practice

                                                                                                                            I can identify the
                                                                                                          I can describe
                                                                                      I can explain                          problem, define
                                              I can describe,                                             attributes and
                                                                 I can show what      features and                                  the
                            Developing a      implement and                                              make changes to
                                                                  I am doing and     describe what I                          specifications,
                               brief           understand a                                              my brief. I can
                                                                 what I am using.    am doing in my                           and describe a
                                                   brief.                                                 explain these
                                                                                          brief.                                 suitable
  Technological Knowledge

                                                                                      I can describe      I can explain       I can explain
                                              I can understand
                                                                                      how and why I      how I tested my         how my
                            Technological      how to test my     I know what a
                                                                                         used my         prototype and if       prototypes
                              Modelling       ideas by using a     prototype is.
                                                                                     prototype to test     I needed to      helped me refine
                                                                                         my ideas.       make changes..         my ideas.
  Nature of technology

                                                                                                                            I can understand
                                                                                                          I can explain
                                              I can understand     I understand       I can describe                         the benefits of
                            Characteristics                                                              why changes in
                                                  how new           how people       some things that                       new methods of
                                 of                                                                          cooking
                                                creations can          design         have changed                          cooking and can
                             Technology                                                                  methods have
                                                 change the      something to fit       the way we                            describe what
                                                                                                         occurred over
                                                   world.           their needs.           cook.                            impact it has on
                                                                                                                               our society.

                                                                                      I sometimes
                                                                                                          Most times I      I always manage
                                              I can manage       I rarely manage     manage myself
                                                                                                         manage myself         myself and
                 Key Competency               myself and act       myself or act     and sometimes
                                                                                                            and act             always act
                                              appropriately.      appropriately.           act
                                                                                                         appropriately.       appropriately.

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