No Claims by Armaggedon


									                                               No Claims

...the Initiate never proclaims his initiation. CF 198

It must ever by remembered that individual status is rigidly kept to oneself, and the point of
evolution (which may be truthfully recognized as lying ahead of that of the average citizen) will
be demonstrated by a life of active unselfish service and by the manifestation of an illumined
vision which is ahead of the racial idea. WM 602

But--until the disciple seeks no recognition, until he fails to think in terms of results and is
unaware of the reaction of the world to his work as an individual disciple--he has yet far to go in
order to gain the higher initiations. RI 212

The initiate, on his tiny scale, likewise has to learn to work behind the scenes, unknown and
unrecognized and unacclaimed; he must sacrifice his identity in the identity of the Ashram and
its workers, and later in the identity of his working disciples out in the world of daily life. He
institutes the needed activities and brings about the required changes, but he receives no
reward, save the reward of souls salvaged, lives rebuilt and humanity led onward upon the Path
of Return. DNA2 288

The Path of Discipleship is a difficult one to tread, and the Path of Initiation harder still; an initiate
is but a battle-scarred warrior, the victor in many a hard-won fight; he speaks not of his
achievements, for he is too busy with the great work in hand; he makes no reference to himself
or to all that he has accomplished, save to deprecate the littleness of what has been done. IHS

...the true initiate has never made the slightest claim, either privately or publicly, to be an initiate.
 It is against the occult law and too many people of no particular spiritual focus or intellectual
capacity make these claims and consequent harm has ensued, thus lowering the idea of the
Hierarchy and the nature of adeptship in the eyes of the watching public. DNA1 780

There is much foolishness talked these days in connection with initiation, and the world is full of
people who are claiming to be initiates. They fail to remember that no initiate makes any claim
or speaks about himself. Those who claim to be initiates give denial to their claim in so doing.
Disciples and initiates are taught to be inclusive in their thoughts and non-separative in their
attitudes. They never set themselves apart from the rest of humanity by asserting their status
and thus automatically placing themselves upon a pedestal. BC 23-24

This has often been forgotten and men have claimed the rights of discipleship and the powers of
initiation before they have even become integrated persons. This has led to disaster, and the
falling into disrepute of the whole problem of discipleship and initiation. EP2 346

They are those disciples who talk too much and too soon and too self-centeredly, and who
present to the world an ideal toward which they are indeed working, but which they are as yet
unable to materialize, owing to the inadequacy of their equipment. EP2 13

You need to remember that the world of men today is full of those who have taken one or other
of the initiations and that there are great disciples, from all the rays, working on the physical
plane as senior workers for humanity under the Hierarchy; there will be many more during the
next one hundred years. (Written in 1949.) Some of these do not know their particular
hierarchical status in their physical brains, having deliberately relinquished this knowledge in
order to do certain work. That which I here write is intended--during the next forty years--to find
its way into their hands with the deliberate intent of bringing to the surface of their brain
consciousness who and what they are in truth. This is a part of the program planned by the
Hierarchy, prior to the externalization of the Ashrams. The Masters feel that these senior
disciples and initiates (being on the spot) should soon begin to work with more authority. This
does not mean that they will assert their spiritual identity and claim initiate status. This they
could not do on account of their point on the ladder of spiritual evolution. RI 707

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