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					                                                                                                                                             June 2010
Mission execution begins here.

                                      PROJECT DESCRIPTION:
                                 Rescue 21, the U.S. Coast Guard’s advanced
                                 direction-finding communications system, was
                                 created to better locate mariners in distress and save
                                 lives and property at sea and on navigable rivers.
                                 By harnessing today’s cutting-edge technology,
                                 Rescue 21 enables the Coast Guard to execute all
                                 its missions, especially its search and rescue
                                 mission, with greater agility and efficiency. The
                                 system can also identify suspected hoax calls,
                                 thereby eliminating unnecessary response actions
                                 and conserving Coast Guard resources.

                                 When completed, this major acquisition will

                                                                                                      MISSION CAPABILITY:
                                 provide an updated, VHF radio communications
                                 system that will replace the National Distress
                                 Response System in use since the 1970s. Rescue             • Uses direction-finding equipment to locate mariners
                                 21’s expanded frequency capacity will enable
                                                                                              in distress using lines of bearing;
                                 greater coordination with the Department of
                                 Homeland Security, as well as other federal,               • Provides VHF communications to vessels within a
                                 state and local agencies and first responders.               minimum 20-mile coastal radius;
                                 By replacing outdated technology with a fully              • Identifies and locates suspected hoax calls;
                                 integrated system, Rescue 21 provides rescuers
                                                                                            • Improves interoperability with federal, state and local
                                 with upgraded tools and technology to protect
                                 America’s coasts and rescue mariners at sea.                 agencies;
                                                                                            • Allows simultaneous monitoring of multiple VHF
                                 When fully deployed, Rescue 21 will provide                  channels;
                                 coverage throughout the coastal continental United         • Automates transmission of marine information
                                 States, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S.
                                 Virgin Islands, as well as modified coverage in              broadcasts;
                                 Alaska and along the Western Rivers.                       • Enhances clarity, recording and playback of distress
                                 For Alaska and along the Western Rivers, Rescue            • Closes coverage gaps for coastal communications;
                                 21 is designed for each region’s unique operating
                                 environment and terrain. At remote sites along the         • Supports Digital Selective Calling, a system that can
                                 Mississippi and Ohio rivers, Rescue 21 will upgrade          transmit pre-formatted distress messages, including
                                 current communications systems and facilities. Due           GPS coordinates, when properly registered;
                                 to Alaska’s unusually tough operating environment,         • Provides portable, deployable towers and electronics
                                 the Coast Guard will deploy a modified Rescue 21
                                 system tailored to factors such as population                for restoration of communications during emergencies
                                 densities, marine traffic, supportability, durability,       and natural disasters such as Hurricanes
                                 accessibility, weather and terrain.                          Katrina, Gustav and Ike.

                                 Commandant (CG-9) U.S. Coast Guard              2100 2nd St., S.W., Stop 7111, Washington, DC 20593-7111
      ALASKA MISSION CAPABILITY                                             Rescue 21 Operational Sectors:
                                                                                      Astoria, Ore.
•   Supports Digital Selective Calling for registered users;                          Baltimore*
•   Enhances clarity of distress calls;                                                 Boston*
                                                                                    Charleston, S.C.
•   Allows simultaneous channel monitoring;                                      Corpus Christi, Texas
•   Enhances clarity, recording and playback of distress calls;                   Delaware Bay, Del.
•   Reduces coverage gaps for coastal communications;                            Hampton Roads, Va.
•   Automates transmission of marine information broadcasts.                     Humboldt Bay, Calif.
                                                                                   Jacksonville, Fla.
                                                                                    Key West, Fla.
              WESTERN RIVERS                                                      Long Island, N.Y.

                                                                                      Mobile, Ala.
                                                                                     New Orleans
                                                                                       New York
•   Enhances clarity of distress calls;                                           North Bend, Calif.
•   Allows simultaneous channel monitoring;                                         North Carolina
•   Automates transmission of marine information broadcasts;                   Northern New England*
                                                                                 Port Angeles, Wash.
•   Provides more supportable, modern technology.                                    Portland, Ore.
                                                                                       San Diego
The Rescue 21 systems in Alaska and the Western Rivers have                         San Francisco*
unique operating environments and features. Further                          Southeastern New England *
information can be found under the project tab of                                 St. Petersburg, Fla. rescue21.
                                                                  * These Sectors are in conditional acceptance.
                                                                    Final acceptance pending.

      Installation of Rescue 21 across
     the nation represents a quantum
                                                                   Today Rescue 21
             leap forward in command,
      control and communications. By
                                                                         is standing
         closing coastal coverage gaps
          and capturing more accurate
                                                                  watch, answering
        data from radio transmissions,                               the call of duty
         the system offers an essential
      tool in maritime security, search                           over 35,748 miles
                and rescue and marine
             environmental protection.                                  of coastline.