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									                                                                                                                             November 2009
Mission execution begins here.

                                   The U.S. Coast Guard has never been more relevant
                                 than it is today—ensuring public safety, enforcing
                                 laws, protecting natural resources and providing
                                 for maritime homeland security. But the Coast
                                 Guard also has never faced a greater challenge in
                                 maintaining its materiel readiness. Fatigue, corrosion
                                 and obsolete technology all have taken their toll on
                                 the fleet, which must be ready to face the world’s
                                 toughest environments, under its harshest conditions.
                                   The challenge requires a commitment of resources
                                 and expertise that will deliver and support new
                                 generations of platforms and mission systems. The
                                 Acquisition Directorate and its partners at Coast Guard
                                 Headquarters have backed this commitment with an
                                 annual investment of more than $1.5 billion in a                       “The Coast Guard is
                                 programs portfolio valued at approximately $27
                                 billion. This investment will upgrade and replace               undergoing a major effort
                                 the Coast Guard’s aging aircraft, ships and missions                      to modernize our
                                 systems, including weapons, sensors and Command,                  organizational structure
                                 Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence,
                                 Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) electronics.               and support process to
                                                                                                improve mission execution.
                                    A major component of the program’s portfolio is the              Given the complexities
                                 Integrated Deepwater System (Deepwater) program.
                                 Deepwater began in the mid-1990s when the Coast
                                                                                                       of current and future
                                 Guard recognized the need for a comprehensive                     mission requirements, a
                                 and state-of-the-market approach to delivering                       significant part of our
                                 new aircraft and cutters, modernizing legacy assets
                                                                                                 modernization effort must
                                 and providing a new generation of C4ISR mission
                                 systems for forces deployed and ashore. In 2002,                         be focused on the
                                 following extensive study and consultation with                                acquisistion
                                 stakeholders and partner organizations, the Coast                    of new and improved
                                 Guard competitively awarded the Deepwater
                                 program as an independent acquisition to an industry             aircraft, surface vessels,
                                 consortium called Integrated Coast Guard Systems.                   and systems to replace
                                 Finding the use of a commercial lead systems                        many of our aging and
                                 integrator for such a complex acquisition problematic,
                                 at the end of the first five-year contract award period,                 costly-to-maintain
                                 the Coast Guard re-asserted its role as lead systems                        legacy assets.”
                                 integrator and decided to bring the Deepwater
                                 projects under the management of the Acquisition                               —Admiral Thad W. Allen,
                                 Directorate, an organization established July 13, 2007.                 U.S. Coast Guard Commandant

                                 Commandant (CG-9) U.S. Coast Guard               2100 2nd St., S.W., Stop 7111, Washington, DC 20593-7111
  Deepwater is only part of the story, however. Today, the
Acquisition Directorate is delivering mission capability in
every operational domain. The second National Security
Cutter (NSC) Waesche was recently delivered to the Coast
Guard, while the third, Stratton, is expected to be christened
in summer 2010. The first NSC, Bertholf, was commissioned            The Coast Guard’s cutters, aircraft and mission
in August 2008. The most technologically advanced cutters            systems are on the front line of a layered strategy
in Coast Guard history, the NSCs will be the flagships of            that addresses maritime homeland security, law
the fleet, operating alongside modernized legacy ships               enforcement and public safety, and national defense.
and the new generation of Sentinel-class Patrol Boats now            Through its acquisition investment portfolio, the Coast
being developed. Meanwhile, the Response Boat-Medium                 Guard contributes a unique set of capabilities to each
project is delivering a new high-speed craft for search              of the three objectives of the National Strategy for
and rescue, security and law enforcement operations.                 Maritime Security:
   As part of the Multi mission Cutter Helicopter (MCH)              1. Preserving the freedom of the seas
modernization project, the Acquisition Directorate is                2. Facilitating and defending commerce and
upgrading the propulsion plants of the Coast Guard’s
                                                                     3. Facilitating the movement of desirable goods
102 HH-65C Dolphin helicopters. The MCH-65C offers
                                                                        and people across our borders, while screening
increased power, more effective C4ISR equipment and
                                                                        out dangerous people and materials
self-defense armament, making it better equipped than
previous H-65 models to execute a wide variety of missions.          The Coast Guard’s assets improve border and
  New radar, direction-finding sets and other systems                transportation security, increase interoperability with
installed on six new HC-130J “Super Hercules” and 16 in-             the U.S. Navy and other partner agencies, improve
service HC-130H “Hercules” aircraft are enhancing the                intergovernmental law-enforcement response and
mission capabilities of the Coast Guard’s Long Range                 coordination, and guard critical maritime infrastructure.
Surveillance fleet of fixed-wing aircraft. The Acquisition           The USCG Acquisition Directorate is committed
Directorate has also delivered the new HC-144A “Ocean                to delivering and supporting state-of-the-market
Sentry” Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA). The MPA and its              platforms and systems that are affordable, efficient
Mission Systems Pallet provide improved medium-range                 and mission-capable.
surveillance capabilities with radar and electro-optical/
infrared sensors, greater patrol endurance and a powerful
data voice and imagery communications suite to improve           “The Coast Guard Acquisition Directorate is providing more capable,
interoperability with Coast Guard and partner agencies.          interoperable assets that will enable our forces to close today’s operational gaps
  C4ISR systems, such as Rescue 21, already have                 and to perform their demanding missions more effectively, efficiently, and safely.”
improved situational awareness along more than 29,000                                                                 Admiral Thad W. Allen
nautical miles of the U.S. coastline. Rescue 21 replaces                                                        Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard
the aging National Distress and Response System with
a technologically advanced suite of communications                     The Coast Guard is a military, maritime, multimission
and direction-finding equipment to improve search and                  service, with a proud history as America’s “Shield
rescue capability out to 20 nautical miles from shore. The             of Freedom.” The security of America’s maritime
Acquisition Directorate also is investing in the Nationwide            domain – including 95,000 miles of coastline and
Automatic Identification System (NAIS), a maritime                     all of the world's oceans – is a vital element of
digital communication system that automatically transmits              America’s economic prosperity and homeland
and receives vessel position and voyage data. These and                security. Even before the September 11, 2001,
subsequent generations of C4ISR projects will deliver the              terrorist attacks, the Coast Guard faced an array of
decision-making tools that operational forces need to build            maritime security challenges – countering terrorist
situational awareness and to operate more safely and                   threats, rescuing mariners in distress, interdicting
effectively throughout the maritime domain.                            drug smugglers and illegal migrants, enforcing
  Looking ahead, the Acquisition Directorate is exploring              fisheries and protecting the marine environment
options for an Offshore Patrol Cutter, and the benefits                – that posed direct threats to American safety and
of moving into unmanned aircraft systems. The Coast                    security. These critical missions demand forces
Guard’s investment portfolio will continue to acquire and              with the capability to detect and intercept potential
deliver more capable, interoperable assets and systems in              threats on America’s maritime front lines before they
support of Coast Guard mission execution.                              reach our shores — a force that is ready for today,
                                                                       while preparing for tomorrow.


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