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2005 Kelland, Frank E by wfq74180


									TO:        Office of Research and Creative Activities
FROM:      Frank E. Kelland
SUBJECT:   Proposal ID # 10203/The Latin Oresteia; Dr. Nancy DeBloois’ Translation
           of Seneca’s Agamemnon
DATE:      16 September 2005
                              PROGRESS REPORT

                  Under Dr. Roger Macfarlane’s tutelage, I have established the

           baseline Latin text that serves as the foundation for Dr. DeBloois’

           translation. She used Dr. Otto Zweierlein’s Latin text of Seneca’s

           Agamemnon found in the Oxford Classic Text for the initial two hundred

           verses. The remaining verses, approximately eight hundred, come from

           Dr. R.J. Tarrant’s Latin text of Seneca’s Agamemnon found in the

           Cambridge Classical Text.

                  At the same, Dr. Macfarlane met with me weekly to correct

           grammar and spelling errors in the Latin text and English translation. After

           completing the corrections and updating the on-line texts, I passed a Latin

           text copy to Dr. Richard Lounsbury and an English text copy to Dr. Grant

           Boswell for additional proofreading and stylistic suggestions. Together

           Dr. Macfarlane and I are tracking their progress and Dr. Macfarlane is

           trying to schedule our first editorial meeting.

                  While Drs. Lounsbury and Boswell are proof reading , I am, still

           under Dr. Macfarlane’s guidance, researching Dr. DeBloois’ notes for

           possible footnotes. I am also in contact with Chris Haney (Dr. DeBloois

           research assistant) but as of yet I have been unable to complete the

           necessary interviews for background details.
       Additionally, Dr. Macfarlane and I have met with Mel Thorne of

BYU’s English and Linguistics Department printing office regarding the

publication of the Festschrift.

       With continued direction from Dr. Macfarlane, I have every

confidence that the research project and publication preparations will be

completed successfully and in a timely fashion.

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