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									sanity fair                                                                                                                                                             BY Ed GriFFiN-NOlAN

 Outrage of the Week                                                                                     Ed Griffin-Nolan does not like this.
Jon Alvarez mounting a Facebook fan page for a murderer
goes beyond the pale

        id you ever see a kid walking down     Joseph Stack did in mellow little Austin,      self, that’s called a sacrifice. When you take       WFBL should be ashamed.
        the street toss a McDonald’s wrap-     Texas, on Feb. 18. To avenge the injustices    someone else’s life, it’s called murder. And         Fans of this guy? Fans?
        per on the sidewalk, and your first    perpetrated, in his view, by the tax man,      when that murder is for political ends, it’s         Facebook, to its credit, yanked the
reaction is to smack him? Ever been cut        he chose the method made famous by             called terrorism.                                 tribute page on Feb. 23. Yet If I weren’t
off by a driver getting on Route 81, and       Mohamed Atta and the 9/11 bombers, and            If his name had been Nidal Hassan,             so Facebook-challenged (I don’t think
your lesser self contemplates chasing him      in his demented, self-justifying fury killed   would we be talking about his “sacrifice”?        I will ever forgive them for turning the
up the ramp and running him off the road?      a gentle soul named Vernon Hunter, who         How can anyone suggest that we become             noun “friend” into a verb, casting aside the
What about those people in line at the         happened to be in the path of Stack’s rage.    fans of Joseph Stack, and how can any             elegant and time tested “befriend” like a
grocery store, who keep fumbling in their         All this happened in Austin, which is far   responsible broadcaster continue to support       tattered napkin), I might start a Facebook
pockets for the coupon for the yogurt that     enough from Syracuse, but not far enough       someone who does? You can be a fan of             page called “I won’t listen to WFBL until
they thought was on special, while your        for Jon Alvarez. When not dressed up           Wesley Johnson; you can be a fan of Sarah         they get rid of Jon Alvarez.” (Go for it;
frozen peas melt and the line next to you      outside KFC in a chicken outfit, Alvarez       Palin. If you are a fan of this guy, you are      there’s no copyright).
zips along smooth as silk? Only happens        spends his lunch hour blabbing on WFBL-        endorsing murder, which is what Alvarez              I do find myself agreeing with Alvarez
when you’re running late. Are you feeling      AM 1390, a local talk radio station with a     did, his protests to the contrary.                on one thing. Alvarez complained that
the rage?                                      mostly conservative-leaning lineup of syn-        Should we be fans of Timothy McVeigh?          the media spent too much time covering
   We all have murderous thoughts. They        dicated yakkers.                               Should we be fans of the Unabomber? Would         the Tiger Woods apology and not enough
are fleeting, momentary and for the most          Alvarez doesn’t seem to know the dif-       you like to suggest that we understand the        time on the message of his fallen hero,
part go unexpressed. Once in a while we        ference between i
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