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									                                           The full report is available at http://    Feb. 20—The first draft of Japan’s
manufacturing. This advantage is 
being consolidated by large, sustained                                                fourth Science and Technology Basic
                                           sleeping-giant-asian-nations-set-          Plan shows that the country plans to
public investments designed to attract     dominate-clean-energy-race-out-
private-sector spending that once                                                     increase government investment in
                                           investing.                                 R&D to one percent of GDP by
went to the United States. In future
years, as private dollars follow public                                               2020; in 2008, the government spent
ones, the gap will widen and become                                                   0.67% of GDP on R&D. The focus
even more difficult to close. As a                                                     of the increased spending will be on
result, the United States could find                                                   the environment, energy, and health.
itself once again relying on imports to                                             Mar. 3—Bloomberg News reports that
meet its energy needs—in this case,                                                 the Obama administration is
importing clean energy technology to                                                considering filing a WTO complaint
replace imported oil.                                                               against China over its Internet
                                           Dec. 7—The U.S. Patent and
In fact, the stage is already set for      Trademark Office announced a pilot        censorship regime. The government-
such a shift. As Rob Atkinson,             program to patent applications for       imposed restrictions on access and
director of ITIF, noted in a February 3    “green” technologies. Under the          content, argue some, offer an unfair
article for BusinessWeek (available at     program, “green” patent applications     advantage to local companies and               will be eligible for special status and  restrict international trade. As Nicole
innovate/content/jan2010/                  expedited examination, reducing the      Wong, Google’s deputy general
id20100122_369263.htm), “Asia’s            time to patent significantly and          counsel, said in a Congressional
clean-tech tigers are already on the       enabling inventors to bring technologies hearing earlier in the week, China’s
cusp of establishing a ‘first-mover         to market much more quickly. Patent      use of censorship “in a manner that
advantage.’” The first wind turbines        applications generally require up to     favors domestic Internet companies
to be used on an America wind farm         40 months for final decision. The         goes against basic international trade
will come from China. And the United       expedited process will reduce that time principles.” The U.S. Trade
States lags in a host of other             by as much as one year.                  Representative’s office has requested
indicators, from production of solar                                                input from industry groups on the
cells to low-emission-vehicle              Dec. 17— U.S. Patent and                 issue.
manufacturing.                             Trademark Office data for 2009
                                           shows that, for the first time, few
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