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									uK	Recommended	Retail	Price	(RRP)	List*
up	to	Date	as	of	1st	January	2010
PRoDuCt	 	                            	 SizE	      RRP     PRoDuCt	 	                       	 SizE	      RRP     PRoDuCt	 	                             	 SizE	      RRP

­ iolage                                                   B
                                                           ­ iolage­(continued)                                  Shade­Memory*­­
Rejuvathérapie	                            	               Volumathérapie	                        	              Daily	Shampoo		                         250ml		 £6.95
Age	Rejuvenating	Shampoo	             250ml	      £8.50    Bodifying	Shampoo		               250ml		    £8.50    Daily	Conditioner		                     250ml		 £8.50
Age	Rejuvenating	Conditioner	         250ml	      £9.50	   	      	                          500ml		   £11.50    Color	Enhancing		
Age	Rejuvenating	Masque	              150ml	      £9.95    Cera-Repair		                    5x15ml		   £12.25    Foam	Conditioner	Cool		                 202ml		 £10.95
                                                           Bodifying	Conditioner		           250ml		    £9.50    Color	Enhancing		
Smooththérapie                                                                                                   Foam	Conditioner	Warm		                 202ml		 £10.95
Smoothing	Shampoo		                    250ml		    £8.50	   Sunsorials*	                           	              Weekly	Reconstructive	Treatment		      5x20ml		 £10.95
	       	                              500ml	    £11.50	   After	Sun	Shampoo		               250ml		    £8.50
Smoothing	Conditioner		                250ml		    £9.50	   Sun	Repair	Treatment		            150ml	     £9.50    Matrix­Men*
Smoothing	Treatment		                  125ml		   £11.75    Protective	Hair	Non-Oil		         150ml		    £9.50    Clean	Rush	Shampoo		                    300ml		    £6.95
Smoothing	Gel*	                        150ml	    £11.25    After	Sun	Repair	Spray		          150ml		    £9.50    Active	Control	Shampoo		                300ml		    £6.95
Smoothing	Serum		                      125ml		   £11.75    Styling	                               	              Thick	Surge	Shampoo		                   300ml		    £6.95
Scalpthérapie	                              	              Smoothing	Shine	Milk		            250ml		   £12.75	   Moisture	Rev	Conditioner		              300ml		    £7.95
Anti-dandruff	Shampoo		                250ml		    £8.50	   Shaping	Crème-Wax*	               125ml	    £10.75    Firmfix	Gel		                           150ml		    £8.95
Anti-dandruff	Treatment		             6x15ml		   £12.25    Defining	Elixir		                 100ml		    £8.25    Form	Putty		                              50g	     £8.95
Cooling	Mint	Shampoo		                 250ml		    £8.50    Hydro-Foaming	Styler		            265ml	     £9.25    Clean	Shine	Pomade		                      50g	     £8.95
Cooling	Mint	Conditioner		             250ml		    £9.50    Gelée			                          400ml		   £12.75    Switch	Up	Gel	Wax	                      100ml	     £8.95
Cooling	Mint	Oil	Control	Treatment	    125ml	    £12.25    Molding	Soufflé		                 125ml		   £10.75
Normalizing	Shampoo		                  250ml		    £8.50    Freeze	Fix	Hairspray		            400ml		   £10.75    Design­Pulse­­
	       	                              500ml		   £11.50    Sculpting	Jelly		                 150ml		   £10.75	   Messy	Couture	Molding	Paste	             50ml	     £9.95
Hydrathérapie	                              	              Complete	Control	Hairspray		      400ml	    £10.75    Glow	To	Pieces	Shine-Wax	                50ml	     £9.95
Hydrating	Shampoo		                    250ml		    £8.50                                                          Quick	and	Dirty	Matte	Clay	              50ml	     £9.95
                                                           Essentials                                            Switch-Flicks	Wax-Gel	                  100ml	     £9.95
	       	                              500ml		   £11.50
Cera-Repair		                         5x15ml		   £12.25    Essentials	Shampoo		             250ml		 £6.50        Loosely	Defined	Texture	Crème	          150ml	     £9.95
Conditioning	Balm		                    250ml	     £9.50    Essentials	Shampoo		             500ml		 £9.75        Shape	Scene	Sculpting	Paste	            100ml	     £9.95
	       	                              500ml	    £13.95    Essentials	Conditioner		         250ml		 £7.95        Go	Big	Extra	Strong	Hold	Mousse	        250ml	     £8.95
Detangling	Solution		                  400ml	    £13.50    Amplify                                               Hair	Lock		
Ultra-Hydrating	Shampoo		              500ml		   £11.50    Root	Lifter		                    250ml		     £9.25    Extra	Strong	Hold	Hairspray	            400ml	     £8.95
Ultra-Hydrating	Balm		                 250ml		    £8.75    Foam	Volumizer		                 250ml		     £9.25    Defining	Edge	Strong	Hold	Gel	          200ml	     £8.95
	       	                              500ml	    £13.25    Hairspray		                      400ml		     £9.25    Rock	Solid	Gel**	                       200ml	     £8.95
Daily	Leave-In	Tonic	(Spray)	          400ml		   £11.75    Thicklift	Liquid	Volumizer		     125ml		     £9.95    Zoom	Force	Fix	Spray**	                 200ml	     £8.95
Hydra-Seal	Leave-in	Crème		            250ml		   £11.75                                           Vavoom
Colorcarethérapie	                          	              Intensive	Masque		               150ml		 £8.25        Gold	Heat	                              	
Color	Care	Shampoo		                   250ml	     £8.50    Nourishing	Shine	Cream		         150ml	 £9.95         All	products		             125ml	&	250ml	         £10.45
	       	                              500ml		   £11.50    Reflective	Shine	Spray		         125ml		 £9.95
Cera-Repair		                         5x15ml		   £12.25    Sleek.look                                            Volumizing	Foam		                  250ml		         £9.50
Color	Care	Conditioner	                250ml	     £9.50    Miracle	Reconstructor		          150ml		     £8.50
	       	                              400ml	    £13.95    Blow	Down	Lite	Lotion		          150ml		    £10.25    Finishing	                              	
Shielding	Shine	Mist		                 125ml		   £13.50    Iron	Smoother		                  250ml		    £10.25    Freezing	Spray		                   400ml		         £9.50
                                                           Sealing	Serum		                   50ml		    £10.25    Freezing	Spray	Extra		             400ml		         £9.50
Delicate	Care	NEW	                          	
                                                                                                                 Freezing	Spray		
Delicate	Care	Shampoo	                 250ml	     £9.95    Solutionist	–	Haircare                                Mega	Hold	Non-Aerosol	             250ml	          £9.50
Delicate	Care	Conditioner	             250ml	    £10.75    SoSilver	Shampoo		               400ml		 £10.50       ShapeMaker	Shaping	Spray		         400ml		         £9.95
Delicate	Care	Masque	                  150ml	    £11.75    Instacure	Leave-In	Treatment		   400ml		 £9.95        ShapeMaker		
Organic	Certified	Oil	                  50ml	    £13.75    Alternate	Action	                250ml	 £9.50         Extra	Hold	Shaping	Spray		         400ml		         £9.95
Strengthening	Shampoo		                250ml		    £8.50
	       	                              500ml		   £11.50
Cera-Repair		                         5x15ml		   £12.25
Strengthening	Conditioner		            250ml		    £9.50
Fortifying	Leave-in	Treatment		        250ml		   £12.75

                                                                                                                 *	Subject	to	availability
                                                                                                                 **	Available	from	1st	March	2010
                                                                                                                 These	prices	are	Recommended	Retail	Prices,		
                                                                                                                 and	salons	remain	of	course	free	to	set	their	own	prices.	
                                                                                                                 RRPs	quoted	are	inclusive	of	VAT	at	17.5%.		
                                                                                                                 Effective	1st	January	2010.	Prices	subject	to	change.

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