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					Welcome to Uniworld’s 2008 – 2009
Egypt and the Nile Grand River Cruises & Tours

We invite you to join us on a Uniworld Grand River Cruise and Tour to
Egypt where you’ll discover the world of Pharaohs, Pyramids, King Tut,
Cleopatra, the Valley of the Kings, and so much more! You’ll step back
in time to trace Egyptian history from Cairo to the shores of the Nile, all         3    “Egypt is the gift of the Nile…”

while experiencing the legends, the mysteries, the treasures and the             4–5     The Uniworld Difference
timeless wonders of Egypt.                                                               our collection of benefits…just for you!

In 2008 and 2009, Uniworld presents an unrivaled Egypt Grand River
Cruise and Tour program with expertly-planned itineraries designed
to ensure your experience is everything you’ve ever dreamed it to be.
Your Uniworld Grand River Cruise and Tour includes: deluxe hotel
accommodations in centrally-located areas, beautifully-appointed ships
with riverview staterooms, domestic air travel within Egypt, all transfers
and transpor-tation, sumptuous meals, and exciting tours fully hosted
                                                                              EGYPT GRAND RIVER CRUISES & TOURS
by knowledgeable English-speaking guides.
                                                                                 6–9     Splendors of Egypt, Cairo to Cairo – 13 days
With this level of product delivery and service, you will experience a
                                                                               10 – 13   Jewels of the Nile, Cairo to Cairo – 14 days
vacation of a lifetime. This is Uniworld’s commitment to you, and we
would have it no other way!                                                        13    Nile River and Lake Nasser Cruise Ships

For more information, please contact your Preferred Travel Professional.
Call Uniworld at 800-733-7820, or visit our website at www.uniworld.com.

                                                                              TRAVEL INFORMATION
                                                                                   14    Air Add-Ons and Travel Protection Plan

                                                                               14 – 15   Terms and Conditions
Cover photo: The legendary Pyramids of Giza

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