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									         WANTED: A Newsletter Editor                                                         Prayer List
Brian James has been the newsletter editor since Dennis left for                            Friends and Family
Seminary. Unfortunately things have changed that have brought
him to tender his resignation. If you’d be interested in editing our
newsletter and printing about 20 copies for the mail, and getting      Ann Stajich             Dana S.             Janay
an e-mail copy to the pastor, please speak with Pastor Wayne.          Audrey & Harold         Debbie              Lynn Elliott
                                                                                               Donald & Carolyn    Maddie
                                                                       Carol Stoeckmann
                                                                                               Sellers             Johnson
                Website Pictures                                       Chuck & James           Dustin James
We’re looking to add pictures of church activities to our website.                                                 Stapleton
If you have photos, or discs of pictures, or digital pics that you’d              Mulder-                          Patricia
like to send let us know. Or you can place the photos or discs of                              Gary Entwistle
                                                                       Philyaw                                     Vogel
photos in the Treasurer’s mail box in the office so that our           Coralie Scott           Doris Sawyer        Rick Olson
webmaster can receive them. Or you can email your pics to Kelly        Dan                     Gerry Anderson      Susan Foss
Miller at: stubs19_@hotmail.com.
                                                                                               Jackie Mitchell     Tiffany
                                                                       Ann Stajich             Dana S.             Janay
       Spaghetti on a Board Outing                                     Audrey & Harold         Debbie              Lynn Elliott
Please join us for dinner out on Saturday, April 25. We are
heading to Rosario's Restaurant in Monona. We'll be served
salad, bread, wine or soda, and "spaghetti on a board". The                Our young men and women serving in the military
main course includes spaghetti, meatballs and sauce. The cost
is $13 per person, which includes tip and tax, plus the dinner.
Please sign up at church to join us, so we have an idea of how                            Partnership Churches
many are interested. Or you could let Donna Dillman know with                  Christmas Lutheran Church in Bethlehem
a call, 838-4725.                                                                    San Alfonso Mission in Juarez

                                                                                            Partners in Ministry
                    Dates to Save!!                                    Rev. Bob Mutton and the Southwest Association Churches
April 25th - Village Service Day                                         Rev. David Moyer and the Churches of the Wisconsin
May 2nd - Spring Association Meeting
        st                                                                                   Conference
May 31 - Confirmation Sunday
June 6 - McFarland UCC evening at the Mallards                           Rev. Jeff Tomberlin and McFarland Lutheran Church
           6:05 p.m.                                                     Fr. Steve Smith and Christ the King Catholic Church
June 12-14 Wisconsin Conference Annual Meeting
June 26 – 30 United Church of Christ General Synod in
                 Grand Rapids, MI

           Welcome Garrett Crull!!
Born 3/17/09 - 5:07am - 8 lbs 10 oz - 20.5 inches long.
Amy and Garrett are doing great!
Congrats to the whole Crull family – Jeff, Amy, Nina, and Gwen.
We give God thanks for this new addition to their family and to
                                                                                                                                     April 2009
                                                                                                                                  Volume 44 Number 4
      Thoughts from Wayne’s World                                                     Pastor Wayne
As I read the reflections of the women who went to Moon Beach                        Worship in April                                          Food Pantry Thank You!
and their experience at the Wild Winter Women’s Weekend I was                                 10 a.m.                                I just wanted to take a moment to thank those men and women
struck by a phrase one of them used (see reflections in this                                                                         (who have chosen to remain anonymous) who so generously
newsletter). She stated that being at Moon Beach and at the
                                                                    Apr. 5 – Palm Sunday (Liturgical Color: Purple);                 donated much needed items to the food pantry over the last
Wild Winter Women’s Weekend was being in a “thin” place – a                   Procession with Palms; Isaiah 50:4-9a;                 couple of weeks.
place close to God. My heart leapt in reading these words. The                Philippians 2:5-11; Mark 11:1-11                       I guess I should have spoken up in Church a long time ago.
times we experience that “thin” place can be few and far                      Noisy Offering Ends                                     The items donated were so very appreciated by our food
between.                                                                                                                             pantry shoppers. If you wanted to donate but just didn't have
                                                                                     HOLY WEEK EVENTS                                the time, don't worry! It's NEVER too late to help out our
However, as we conclude our Lenten Journey as prepare for           Apr. 7 – Tuesday; Healing Service at 7 p.m.                      neighbors in need.
                                                                                                                                     Right now we are concentrating on baking items. We need 5lb
Holy Week we have many opportunities to communion with
God…to seek that “thin” place within our worship life. We begin     Apr. 9 – Maundy Thursday; Foot washing Service and               bags of flour and sugar. We need brown sugar, powdered
the week with Palm/Passion Sunday…we walk in procession                        Communion, 7pm                                        sugar, salt, pepper, spices, mixes and frosting.
with our palms, but also remember Christ’s Passion on this first    Apr. 10 – Good Friday – Tenebrae Service, 7 p.m.                  We are always in need of tall kitchen garbage bags(please
day of Holy Week – a “thin” place?. The week moves on when                                                                           feel free to buy the largest quantity you desire and I personally
on Tuesday we come together for a service of healing. Where
                                                                    Apr. 12 – Easter; (Liturgical Color: White); Communion           will break them down into family sized quantities), toilet paper,
                                                                               Acts 10:34-43; I Corinthians 15:1-11; Mark            laundry soap, deodorant, diapers, pull-ups, feminine needs,
we can ask for God’s healing, or be an instrument of healing for
                                                                               16:1-8                                                paper towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and
someone else. Through anointing with oil, and with prayer
perhaps that “thin” place might come for you. Thursday we come      Apr. 19   – Second Sunday of Easter; Acts 4:32-35; I             conditioner.
to a new way of celebrating the gathering of disciples in the                   John 1:1-2:2; John 20:19-31                          Remember, just because we call it a "food pantry" doesn't
upper room. We will gather in the sanctuary were we have a foot     Apr. 26 - Third Sunday of Easter; Acts 3:12-19; I John           mean that that is all we offer. Often times it is the non-food
                                                                                                                                     items that are the most expensive and are considered a luxury
washing service followed by communion. This will be new to us,                   3:1-7; Luke 24:36b-48
but it may be an opening to that “thin” place that we seek with                                                                      to our shoppers. Could you imagine deodorant being a luxury?
God. I hope you’ll be open to this new experience. On Friday,
that is called good, we will gather in a dimly lit room for the                        SLY News                                       So, please, the next time you go shopping for your family,
                                                                                                                                     don't forget about those families less fortunate. Pick up a
                                                                                                                                     couple extra rolls of paper towel or what have you.
service of Tenebrae. Here we will experience the “thin” place       Our youth will be participating once again the Amazing
between the darkness of death and the promise of a new life that                                                                      Thank you MUCC for all you have already done. If anyone
                                                                    GRace on April 25th. We’ll gather at 12:50 on that Sunday        has any questions at all or needs a convenient drop off site
is to come. On Saturday you are invited to join a group going to
                                                                    and travel together to First Congregational UCC to
walk the labyrinth. As you walk you empty yourself on the way in,                                                                    please contact me. Trish Bailey
at the center you communion with God (a “thin” place) and then      participate in the race. We should be back at church by 6
on the way out you ask God to fill you. Finally, we’ll gather on    p.m.
EASTER morning just as those first women did and we too will
proclaim that CHRIST IS RISEN! We too will have good news to        Sunday school News – No Children’s Sunday school                            Noisy Lenten Collections
tell, a joy to share, a “thin” place to remember.                                                                                    The Noisy Offering continues during our worship services
                                                                    on Easter Sunday, April 12.
                                                                                                                                     during Lent. Our children will collect this coin-filled offering to
So I invite you to join in all or some of these worship                                                                              help them raise money to purchase items for the food pantry
opportunities. Perhaps that “thin” place with God is waiting for                                                                     on their shopping day with the Sunday school. So remember
you as we gather together. May our eyes and hearts be open                     A Night at the Mallards                               your coins!
that we too might see and know those “thin” places where our life   Plans are underway for us to attend a Mallard’s home game this
brushes up against the life of God more closely?                    summer. We are tentatively looking at
                                                                                                              Saturday, June 6 at               Youth at General Synod
                                                                    6:05 p.m. Mark your calendars and lets make this a whole                            June 24 – 30, 2009
                                                                    church outing.
 Youth @ General Synod is for youth will be in grades 9-12 in            unable to store sale items at the church prior to the Thursday          To volunteer please call Cleo at 838-3120
2009 (I also know that eighth graders would be welcome) If you           before the sale).                                                       Volunteer needs:
 are interested please see Pastor Wayne for more information.                                                                                        1. Monday Pantry Hours (2:30 -6:30)
                                                                         Also start thinking about other ways you could help out that week           2. 2nd Harvest Pick Up (10:30-12 & 2:30-6)
                A Note from Dennis                                       before or the day of. I will be looking for volunteers to help set up       3. 2nd Mondays of the Monty (12:30 to 1:30)
I have been called to be pastor and teacher at Pilgrim UCC in            the Thursday and Friday before the sale, people to help take                4. Sunday Shopper (milk, eggs, paper products) for
Labadie, MO. Here is their website                                       down/pack up after the sale, and those to help out during the                   Monday
http://www.uccwebsites.net/pilgrimucclabadiemo.html. The                 sale (take money, help in kitchen, help in the Treasure room
website is not as fancy as McFarland’s but it works for them. It is      etc…).                                                                  Also remember we will be collecting Paper Products and
a very small congregation, about 45 members, about 40 minutes                                                                                    Personal Items (i.e. Toilet paper, Kleenex, paper towels,
west of St. Louis. They are just up the road from Purina Farms.          There is a sign up sheet in the fellowship hall at church. You can      feminine hygiene products, shampoo, deodorant, soap,
They cannot afford a full-time pastor so they have hired Eden            commit to an entire day or just a couple of hours…any bit will be       Laundry soap, tooth brushes and paste) during our Lenten
students for the past six years to serve for two years. I still need     helpful.                                                                Season which begins on Ash Wednesday, February 25.
to negotiate starting date, etc. I will be licensed for all the duties
that a pastor would do.                                                  I am also looking for an “apprentice” to show the ways of
                                                                         organizing the annual Trash and Treasure Sale. This will be my                           Labyrinth Walk –
I am very excited about this opportunity. It was great to hear           last year organizing…if interested you can call me, email me or                            Saturday, April 11
everyone cheering when I talked with Wayne. I cannot begin to            put your name on the sign up sheet as interested in organizing          We will meet at church at 9:30 a.m. to carpool to Community of
tell you in words what the support of McFarland UCC has meant            this next year.                                                         Hope’s outdoor labyrinth.
to me on this journey. I look forward to having you all along as I
continue.                                                                If you have questions or want to find out more ways to help,

This does mean I will be in school an extra year. I will cut back
                                                                         please call Heather Hofmeister at 608-235-2537 or email me at                                    MUMU
                                                                         hhlovschocolate@gmail.com.                                              Want an item in the MUMU? Please send it via email to:
on my class load to allow me time to serve Pilgrim. Diane, Kelly
                                                                                                                                                 pastormcfarucc@verizon.net by 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday
and I talked about this and decided along with a lot of prayer that      Can’t wait to go through all your trash!!!!!                            morning.
this is where God is calling me at this time. With everybody’s
help we can make it all work.                                                                                                                                              Thank you.

Peace and blessings to you all,   Dennis
                                                                                         Village Service Day                                                         Tour de Cure
                                                                         The Village is having a Service day for youth and        adults.
                                                                         There will be many opportunities for you to volunteer from                Ride for the American Diabetes Association
                                                                         stuffing envelopes to pulling weeds. We are hoping that there will      Saturday, May 30, 2009. Katie and Compton Kurtz have a
                  Rose on the Altar                                      even be opportunities for you to volunteer here at church. Watch        team already to go. See the poster outside the pastor’s office
Our newly formed Congregational Care Ministry has decided to             the paper and all       church publications (bulletin, newsletter,
start a new tradition here at McFarland UCC. We will place a             MUMU) for more information. The Village Service Day is
rose on the altar the Sunday after a new baby is born into the           scheduled for Saturday, April 25 th.
congregation to announce to the community that there is a new
life among us.                                                                                                                                         Back Bay Mission Discussion
                        Got Trash?                                                               Food Pantry                                     Sunday evening, April 19 there will be a potluck at Memorial
                                                                         We are also being challenged by the Food Pantry to bring in             UCC in Fitchburg (thanks Phil) where Shari Prestemon, the
If you’ve got trash, don’t throw it away…that’s right! It is the time    items for the food pantry during Lent. Let’s fill our collection        executive director of Back Bay, will talk about the situation and
of year again we start looking at our trash as someone else’s            basket in the fellowship hall will sorts of things. We’re               work of Back Bay Mission and the Gulf recovery. Get an
                                                                         concentrating during Lent on personal care items and paper              update on our re-building progress and on our new affordable
treasure. MUCC’s annual Trash and Treasure sale is scheduled
           th                                                            products, but food works too! Let us be generous in our giving          housing project. Come. Bring your mission folk, your youth,
for April 4 , 2009. So start collecting and storing now (we are
                                                                         this Lenten Season.                                                     yourself! We'll begin at 5:00 and be done by 7:00. RSVPs
would be nice so that we could make enough coffee though we           2nd grade and older); Harry Potter Camp (5 th-8th Grade); Junior     always on. We were "newbie’s" and it was easy to tell. We
                                                                                                                    th   th
will welcome all who come.                                            High Adventure Camp; Photography Camp (7 -12 ); Senior               were getting out of the one car that had driven down the
                                                                      High Sailing Camp; Family Camps; Rainbow Family Camps;               sidewalk to park right outside of the lodge, thinking that we
                                                                      Single Parent Camp; Fishing Camp; Work camp Weekends;                were LUCKY to find that driveway and one of the few
     Roundy’s “We Care” Program                                       Adult Quilting Camp; The Healthy Gourmet Weekend; See God
                                                                      in Golf Weekend; Joys of Marriage Weekend; Scrapbooking
                                                                                                                                           parking spaces by the door!
                                                                                                                                           The weekend flew by for me; my eyes were filled with the
Roundy's Food Stores, including Copp’s and Pick-N-Save,               Retreat; Baby Boomer Camp; Fifties Plus Weekend….and many            sights of the north woods - huge pines, a bald eagle, deer right
provide cash to local non-profit organizations through the "WE        more are available. Check it out church camping is not just for      outside the window, chickadees perched on my palm eating
CARE" program. McFarland UCC receives cash benefits if                our kids!                                                            sunflower seeds. My hands were busy with craft projects. My
your "WE CARE" charity selection is McFarland UCC.                                                                                         voice was raised in song and prayer. There was plenty of quiet
                                                                                                                                           time, down time, time for reflection. There was time to be goofy
McFarland UCC is less than $15 away from receiving a $50
check from Roundy’s, and we need your help to access this
                                                                                 New to McFarland UCC                                      (but we did warn the other campers who came to watch the
                                                                               The Congregational Care Ministry                            movie 'MAMA MIA' with us that we would be singing the words
FREE MONEY!                                                                                                                                to ALL the Abba songs and possibly throwing in a few dance
                                                                      Tapping the skills and training our congregation to promote the
                                                                      health and well being of our faith community and the community       moves.......)
As soon as you get your new Roundy’s Rewards card (replaces                                                                                A special Sunday morning service with communion was led by
the previous Pick & Save or Copp’s card), check to make sure          as a whole. This new ministry will be working a creating a
                                                                      healthy community here at McFarland UCC – over the summer            Rev. Ann Wahlers. All of the campers joined hands for final
that you have McFarland United Church of Christ as one of your                                                                             prayers, and one prayer for the road since a winter storm was
selected charities (Code #495600).                                    with different events to get us active, and in the fall when they
                                                                      formally introduce this new ministry to us. Keep an eye out for      moving across Wisconsin that day.
                                                                      more announcements.                                                   Would I go again? You bet! But I'd better not wait 45-50 years
Second, buy some groceries! McFarland UCC gets a percentage                                                                                before my next trip to church camp. Oh, and how could I forget
of the amount you spend paid back to us.                                                                                                   to mention this, the food is OUTSTANDING! Judy TL
We have earned $187 from this program in 2008, and we are so
                                                                           Reflections on the Wild Winter                                  A wild women's winter weekend at Moon Beach Camp. When I
                                                                                                                                           signed up I thought I was going to Green Lake :) Instead of a
close to getting the first $50 for 2009, which we can achieve, with
your help.
                                                                                 Women’s Weekend                                           mere 45 minute trip, I am travelling 4.5 hours north to the St.
                                                                      There I stood on my front steps, bag packed and my favorite          Germain area on a March weekend.
                                                                      pillow tucked under my arm, trying to figure out how many years      Jean (roomy extraordinaire), Judy and Carol are great
Reminder: While you are at the store, pick up a few non-food                                                                               travelling companions and time passed quickly. As we turned
                                                                      it had been since the last time I went to a church camp, even for
items for the McFarland Food Pantry. Toilet paper, laundry soap,                                                                           off the highway toward camp an eagle swooped down from a
                                                                      a weekend retreat. Could it be 45 years ago, no -- it had to be 50
toothpaste, and shampoo are always popular items that can’t be                                                                             tree and led us to Moon Lake. The setting is gorgeous and the
                                                                      years ago..... What was I thinking? I was heading up north (aka
purchased with any kind of governmental assistance. You get                                                                                meals beyond gourmet. I got my first try at snowshoeing on
                                                                      God's country) with Lisa and Jean and Carol and I didn't even
two donations for the same shopping dollar this way. What a                                                                                the frozen lake, and we hiked into the Chequamegon forest
                                                                      know if there would be flush toilets or showers. And the name of
deal!                                                                                                                                      and fed chickadees and nuthatches from our bare hands. We
                                                                      the retreat is the Wild Women Winter Weekend? What was I
                                                                      getting myself into?                                                 reflected about walking in the world with more awareness while
                                                                       Moon Beach campground is located between St. Germain and            we shared some camaraderie with other UCC women from
Church Camp Brochures are HERE!                                       Eagle River and has been owned by the UCC since the mid              around the state in this "thin" (closer to God) place. I highly
                                                                      1950's. There are a number of cabins sprinkled along the lake        recommend others take advantage of this wonderful
                     Not just for kids!                               shore and a lodge with a big fireplace, dining room, and camp        opportunity.
There is still snow on the ground and in the forecast, but its time
                                                                      store. The terrain is a bit hilly which would be easy to trek on                            Lisa Ludwig
to think Summer Camp. Yes, the church camping program at
                                                                      summer days but the snow was melting and then refreezing
Pilgrim Center and Moon Beach is set and the brochures are on
                                                                      each night so the walkways were icy and we all walked slowly,
their way. Camps that you might want to look at are: Mom and
                                                                      carefully, and looked out for one another. When we checked in, I
Me (4 & 5 year olds); Mom, Dad, or Grandparent and Me
                                                                      could tell that many of the participants had attended before.
(completing K – 2nd grade); Dad and Me EAA (completing K-
  nd                                                                  Many were groups of church friends, like us. Many were family
2 ); Grandparent and Me Little House on the Prairie (completing
                                                                      groups - moms and daughters, or sisters. There were greetings,
1st-5th); Quilting Retreat for kids (parent and children completing
                                                                      welcoming hugs, name tags to be decorated, and the coffee was
                                                                                               * = Before or After-church activity

                   April                                                                                                                                                                           2009

                    Sunday                                   Monday                     Tuesday                   Wednesday                     Thursday                      Friday                   Saturday

                        29                                       30                         31                           1                           2                           3                          4
Sunday School 9:00 am        Worship Service 10am     Trash & Treasure Drop-Off   Trash & Treasure Drop-Off   Trash & Treasure Drop-Off   Trash & Treasure Drop Off   Trash & Treasure Drop Off    Trash & Treasure Sale
L: G Zoran            K: K & S Hopkins                         – 6-8pm                     – 6-8pm                     – 6-8pm                     All Day               Deadline at 7:30pm
U: SLY Group          N: W Hopkins & Parent                                                                         Choir 6:30 pm
                                                                                                                Confirmation 6:30 pm

                         5                                        6                          7                           8                           9                          10                         11
 Sunday School 9:00 am    Worship Service 10:00am                                   Healing Service 7pm            Choir 6:30 pm              Maundy Thursday         Good Friday Service 7pm     Labyrinth Walk – 9:30am
                    Palm Sunday                                                                                 Confirmation 6:30 pm          Foot washing and              L: J Hartman
L: J Hartman            K: W Jackson & D Outhouse                                                                                            Communion, 7 p.m.         U: E Roberts & J Reed
U: TBD                  N: T Raese & Parent                                                                                                       L: L Dosch
                                                                                                                                               U: G & M Brink
                        12                                       13                         14                          15                          16                          17                         18
 Sunday School 9:00 am Worship Service 10:00 am       13-15 – Pastor Shannon at                                    Choir 6:30 pm
               *Easter Breakfast at 9am               Eden Convocations in St.                                  Confirmation 6:30 pm
                 Communion Sunday                     Louis.
L: J Reed                   K: B & D Dillman                                                                  15-20 – Pastor Shannon on
U: D & J Blackmore          N: M Dillman & Parent                                                                      Vacation
    J & L Martin
                        19                                       20                         21                          22                          23                          24                         25
 Sunday School 9:00 am Worship Service 10:00 am                                      Food Pantry Board             Choir 6:30 pm                                                                    Village Service Day
            *Befriender’s leading worship                                                                       Confirmation 6:30 pm
      Back Bay Mission @ Memorial UCC – 7pm                                                                                                                                                        Spaghetti on a Board
L: A Ross                   K: M & P McGranahan                                                                                                                                                          Outing
U: Zoran Family             N: R Krattiger & Parent
                        26                                       27                         28                          29                          30                           1                          2
Sunday School 9:00 am       Worship Service 10am                                                                   Choir 6:30 pm
           *Amazing GRace: 1:30 – 5:30                                                                          Confirmation 6:30 pm
L: D Blackmore          K: D & C Lemke
U: J Blackmore & G      N: D Dillman & Parent
            Published monthly by
      McFarland United Church of Christ
            5710 Anthony Street
        McFarland, Wisconsin 53558

        Sunday school is at 9:00 a.m.
       Worship Service is at 10:00 a.m.

             C. Wayne Shannon

                Office Hours
       Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
        9am to Noon and 1pm to 4pm

McFarland United Church of Christ is open and
affirming to people of all ages, races, physical
    and mental abilities, economic positions,
religious backgrounds, sexual orientations and
gender identities. We will celebrate and share
    God’s unconditional love by offering the
  opportunity for membership, fellowship and
    leadership (lay and clergy) to everyone.

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