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									     DAILY                                                                                        The H&F Railway
FESTIVAL EVENTS                                                                                  and Trolley Car #150

                                                    MYERSVILLE TROLLEY FESTIVAL 2008
                                                                             The Frederick and Middletown Railway began with a public meeting in
                                                                             1893 and construction began in early 1896. The first trolley reached
MUSICIANS                                                                    Braddock Heights in August 1896 and by October there was service to

                                                                             Middletown. Several farmers near Myersville, a mere six miles to the
Saturday, October 18th                                                       north, appreciated what this remarkable electric trolley system meant.
                                                                             They organized an effort to extend the rail line to their town.
Sunday, October 19th                                                         Their vision became a reality and on October 8, 1898, the first trolley

                                                                                                                                                            Myersville, Maryland
Cash Prizes Will Be Awarded                                                  entered the quiet, sleepy village of Myersville. Once the trolley system
                                                                             had reached Myersville, Hagerstown businessmen initiated efforts to

                                                                                                                                                            October 18 & 19, 2008
   Contact Nick Carras at 301-473-8800 for                                   further extend the line. Construction eventually began and the
                                                                             Hagerstown-Myersville line was completed six years later in 1904.
    applications and further information!
                                                                             A trolley car making its way between Hagerstown and Frederick would
                                                                             climb or descend a total of 3000 feet during each journey. On each of
• Quilt                       • Artwork
• Golf-tee time               • Collectibles
                                                                             these trips it would travel through Middletown and over Braddock
• Train & trolley memorabilia • Antiques                                     Mountain, some eight miles to the east of Myersville.

DEMONSTRATORS / DISPLAYS                                                     Over time, the trolley system expanded to an overall length of eighty-
• Civil War living history   • Model trains                                  seven and a half miles. In 1913, the system was renamed the Hagerstown
• Flint-knapping             • Model airplanes                               and Frederick Railway, also known as the H & F.
• Antique cars               • Cakewalk
• Sheep herding techniques • Astronomy display                               Enter Trolley Car #150: In 1923, railway owner Potomac Public Service
• History of the H&F Railway and Car #150                                    Company (renamed Potomac Edison on December 31st) purchased four
                                                                             cars from the Columbia Railway–Gas & Electric Company of South
ARTS AND CRAFTS                                                              Carolina. Cars #150-153 were modified and placed into service over the
• Pottery                     • Jewelry                                      H&F system.
• Baskets                     • Ceramics
• Original art                • Clothing                                     Nearly three-quarters of a century later, Car #150 has been painstakingly
                                                                             restored by Donald Easterday. The trolley is displayed annually on his
FOOD                                                                         property in Myersville, which is on the original roadbed of the H&F
• JB Seafood                                                                 Railway and serves as the site of the Myersville Trolley Festival.
  -Oyster sandwiches, crab cakes, & special soups
• Chubby’s Barbecue                                                          Car #150 was built by the Southern Car Company in 1918. The car
• Homemade fare – enjoy apple dumplings, pies,                               originally ran in the city of Columbia, South Carolina, which included
  soups, and special coffee
                                                                             service to Camp Jackson during World War I. In 1923, Cars #150-153
• Ice cream
                                                                             were designated as surplus and sold to the Potomac Public Service
• Climbing wall!!!
• Pony rides
                                                                             At twenty-three tons, the forty-four foot long trolley carried forty-four
• Draft-horse drawn wagon rides & hay rides                                  passengers. Four Westinghouse, 50 horsepower, 660-volt DC electric
• Balloon figures                                                            motors powered Car #150. The trolley had a top speed of about twenty
• Face painting                                                              miles per hour on level ground, less uphill, and much greater downhill!
• Clowns & juggling
• Animal display                                                             Car #150 was primarily used in Washington County, serving on the
• Hands-on crafts                                                            Hagerstown and Boonsboro runs as well as the run to Williamsport. After
• Storyteller                                                                twenty years of faithful service, Car #150 was retired by Potomac Edison
• Magician                                                                   in 1938.
• Nature trails
                                                                             Please take the time to stroll along the trolley roadbed, visit the restored
                                                                             waiting station, admire a bridge with original granite abutments, and hear
                                                                             the history of the H&F Railway being told inside Car #150.
M       yersville Lions Club and the         15th Annual Myersville Trolley Festival

                                                                                    October 18 & 19, 2008
citizens of Myersville invite you to
enjoy an exciting, yet relaxing,
educational day in the country. Our
festival site is three miles from the
historical      Appalachian       Trail,

                                                                                     Saturday & Sunday – 10am - 5pm
overlooking Myersville and the
beautiful Middletown Valley. Come

                                                                                            Admission: FREE
and ride our trolley shuttle from the
trolley grounds into the quaint town of
                                                                                                           Free Parking!

Myersville, Maryland, is a beautiful,
one hour drive from both Washington,
DC and Baltimore.                          Ride a replica trolley through the
                                             festival grounds and into the
From Baltimore: Take I-70 West                 lovely town of Myersville
roughly 10 miles past the city of
Frederick to exit 42 (Myersville-
Middletown Road, also Rt 17). After
exiting, turn right (you will pass an
Exxon, at which point you are on Main                                                                Hay Rides
Street). Continue through the city of
Myersville (roughly 1 mile). At the end
of town, you’ll come to a stop sign.
Continue straight (at this point, Main
Street becomes Canada Hill Road).
Continue on Canada Hill Road for
roughly 1/2 mile. Follow the Trolley
Festival signs.

From Washington: Take I-495 to I-
270 North toward Frederick. Upon
reaching the city of Frederick, I-270        Bluegrass Competition
ends. At this point, take I-70 West and    (See Daily Festival Events)                     Arts & Crafts Vendors           Pony Rides

                                           INTERESTED VENDORS CALL (301) 293-2788
follow directions from Baltimore as
listed above.

                                             FOR SPACE AVAILABILITY AND RATES.
From point’s west: Take I-70 East,
exiting at Myersville-Middletown Road
(Rt 17). Turn left and follow directions
as listed above.                                                      

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