SAFIS - Online Reporting Reference Tables by lev17755


									Reference Tables:

Gear                                           Disposition
 GEAR NAME                        GEAR CODE     Animal Food
 Aquaculture                             803    Aquaculture
 Beam Trawls                              80    Aquarium
 By Hand, Diving Gear                    750    Bait
 By Hand, No Diving Gear                 760    Biomedical Use
 Dip Nets                                550    Canned Pet Food
 Dredge                                  500    Food
 Dredge, Clam                            503    Packing Only
 Dredge, New Bedford                     511    Reduction/Meal
 Floating Traps (Shallow)                 73    Unknown
 Gigs                                    662
 Gill Nets                               200
 Gill Nets, Floating Anchor              203
 Gill Nets, Floating Drift               201   Species of Shellfish Requiring a Harvest Area
 Gill Nets, Other                        207    Common Name          Scientific Name
 Hand Line                               700    Bay Scallop          Argopecten irradians
 Harpoons                                650    Mussel               Mytilus edulis
 Haul Seines                              10    Ocean Quahog         Arctica islandica
 Hook and Line                           300    Oyster               Crassostrea virginica
 Long Lines                              400
                                                Quahog *             Mercenaria mercenaria
 Not Coded                                 0
                                                Razor Clam           Ensis directus
 Other Fixed Nets                         70
 Other Gears                             800    Sea Scallop          Placopecten magellanicus
 Other Trawls                            110    Soft Shell Clam      Mya arenaria
 Otter Trawl Bottom, Fish                 92    Surf Clam            Spisula solidissima
 Otter Trawl Midwater                     97
 Otter Trawl Midwater, Paired            112       * Grades for Quahog:
                                                       • Count Neck
 Otter Trawls                             90
                                                       • Top Neck
 Pots and Traps                          130
                                                       • Littleneck
 Pots and Traps, Black Sea Bass          147           • Cherrystone
 Pots and Traps, Fish                    139           • Chowder
 Pots and Traps, Lobster                 160
 Pots and Traps, Scup                    146   For a list of inshore harvest areas, see:
 Pound Nets                               50
 Purse Seine                              30
 Rakes                                   620
 Spears, Diving                          661
 Tongs                                   600
 Troll Lines                             320
 Unspecified Gear                        801

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