Citation and Traffic Court Information for WALWORTH COUNTY by gvi14925


									    Citation and Traffic Court Information for                                WALWORTH COUNTY
       You have been issued a forfeiture citation by the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Police Services.
                              Please read the following court information carefully.

Court Date:                      Citation Number:                     Name:                                      Bond Deposit $

      The appearance date on your citation is to enter a plea and have a pre-trial conference, if necessary. IT IS NOT A TRIAL
       DATE. The arresting officer will not be present. If you so choose, prior to your appearance date, you may meet with the Court
       Officer, on Wednesday, _________________ anytime between the hours of 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m at the University Police
       Department, located on the 1 floor of Goodhue Hall. This meeting may be in lieu of an appearance at Walworth County Court.
      Initial appearance dates listed on your citation are held in Room 2055 of the Walworth County Judicial Center, 1800 County Hwy
       NN, Elkhorn, Wisconsin.
      Failure to appear in court will result in a finding of “guilty” and forfeiture of the bond deposit. A traffic conviction will be reported
       to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. If you are a non-resident, the conviction will be reported to your home state.

 If the citation states “MANDATORY APPEARANCE”, you must appear in court on the date and time shown on the citation.

      If an appearance is not required and you do not wish to contest the citation, mail this form along with the bond deposit amount
       payable to: Clerk of Circuit Court, P.O. Box 1001, Elkhorn, WI 53121.
      Personal checks accepted. MasterCard or Visa is accepted by appearing in person at the Clerk of Courts Office.
      If the bond has not been posted by the court date, a default judgement will be entered and the bond will be due in 30 days.

      If you are unable to appear on the date/time stated on your citation, or the optional appearance date at University Police
       Services listed above, you must contact the University Police Services Court Officer at least three (3) working days prior to
       the court date to discuss a possible continuance. To request a continuance, you must speak DIRECTLY to the court officer.
       Leaving a telephone message will NOT automatically grant you a continuance.
      If you wish to contest the citation, you MUST appear on the court date for a pre-trial conference.
      You or your attorney may appear in court and plead not guilty. You will then have a pre-trial conference to see if an agreement
       can be reached. If no agreement is reached, you will be asked if you are requesting a court trial or a jury trial. This tri al will be
       scheduled at a later date and notice will be sent to you or your attorney.
      If a jury trial is requested, a nonrefundable $36.00 fee must be paid within ten (10) days upon entry of the plea. Failure to post
       the jury fee in a timely manner will result in a trial before the court.
      If the citation does proceed to either a court trial or jury trial, additional costs may be assessed, if found guilty, due to
       officers/witnesses being subpoenaed to testify, etc.

      A mandatory suspension/revocation will result, upon conviction, of the following:
                Speeding (25 mph or more over the established 55 or 65 mph speed zone)
                Operating while under the influence of an intoxicant
                Operating after revocation/operating while suspended (if OWI related)
      The State of Wisconsin does not have court supervision. The State of Wisconsin has a demerit point system where upon
       accumulation of twelve (12) points within any consecutive twelve month period will result in the loss of driving privileges for 2-6
       months.             For     information     regarding     point     assessment,       please   visit  the     following    website:
      If you are convicted of operating while intoxicated, in addition to the forfeiture and mandatory suspension, you will be ordered to
       complete an alcohol assessment and perform community service work for a non-profit organization.

Failure to pay fine/forfeiture will result in a commitment being issued for your arrest to serve the appropriate
alternate jail time and/or suspension of your driving privileges in Wisconsin for a period up to five (5) years or
until the citation is paid in full.

UW-Whitewater Police Services Court Officer: Sgt. Matt Schwartz (262) 472-1431

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