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									Portal User Group
August 2007
     Staffing Changes

   Srini Puli leaving Mass.Gov on August 24.
   Major effort ongoing for knowledge transfer –
    top priority and delaying other work.
   Web Developer position posted. This will be a
    junior level position.
   Our ability to implement changes will be
    significantly limited until we have the new Web
    Developer hired and up to speed.
   Operations Engineer position posted and
    closed. We will be interviewing.
   Other staffing changes
       Recent Changes
   CMA Deferred publisher bug fix (July 17, 2007)
    Bug fixed to prevent it from overwriting archive module content if
    preview task is pending for archive module.
   CMA Prioritize bug fix (July 24, 2007)
    If you select several dropdown boxes, then change one several
    levels higher, one of the lower level ones will not reset. This fix
    required for “move category”.
   Alert Application (July 31, 2007)
    Minor formatting changes to improve usability and appearance.
    Alerts will now appear on landing pages
   CSS Styling Changes (July 31, 2007)
    Blockquote tag - Added indent
    Resource images aligned to left margin of section
      Ongoing Change

Press Release Template Formatting
   Improves accessibility of press releases
   Uses CSS to style rather than formatting
   Being scheduled one on one with agencies.
   No downtime required – this is a change.
   Minimal formatting differences.
   Mary Fowkes Coordinating
        Teamsite Upgrade Project
   Project delayed due to staffing problems and server
    build issues.
   We have reduced scope for the initial migration to a
    simple software upgrade and move to new
   We will perform a WYSIWYG migration to a new
    product after the initial migration is complete.
   Estimate migration in mid to late September.
   User impact is extremely minimal – almost
   User communication by email and web. No training
      DR/QA Environment

   Mass.Gov disaster recovery / quality assurance
   Hardware and software ordered and received.
   Buildout in Boston ongoing. Hardware installed.
    Operating systems being installed currently.
   Mass.Gov team will spend a significant amount
    of time in the coming months installing our
    software and configuring.
   This is an important priority for ITD and
New Prioritization Process

   New Portal Enhancement Planning
       By invitation only
       Very small and focused group
       Active frequent users
       Willing and able to dedicate time
       Membership
         • Mass.Gov IA team      Brad Blake GOV
                                 Jean Calixte OCA
         • Customer members: Ellen Cummings DOR
                                   Peggy Kraft HHS
                                   Monica Synnott OSD
    Mass.Gov Application Development Process
                                                           Development Team
                                                                               v   What have
                                                                Daily              you done since
                                   Check progress                                  the last meeting?
                                   based on estimates
                                                               Reviews         v   What will you be doing
                                                               10 Min Status       between now and the
                                                                  Checks           next meeting?
                                                                               v   Do you have any

                                                     4 Week Work Period
                                                     Requirements, Design, Unit
                                                      Testing, Documentation,
                                                     Prototype Build and Review
                                                         Integration Testing
                                                                                             Functional and Deployable
                                                        Development Team
                                                        Customer Reviewers
  Team Iteration                                                                          Participants:
                             Participants:                                                Product Manager
 Planning Meeting            Product Manager                                              PEP Members                  Demo
 v Select Backlog Items      Chief Tech Strategist                                        Development Team
 v Build Decompose items     Development Team                                             Stakeholders
   to tasks

                                                                                                        Product Manager to make deployment
                                                                                                           decision factoring in demo input

        PEP                Participants:                                                                               Deploy to
                           Product Manager                                                                            Production?
    Prioritization         IA Team
      Meeting              Customer PEP members           Participants:
                                                          Product Manager
                                                          Development Team
                                                          Customer Reviewers                      No
                                                                                             Start another

    Add                                                                                            Iteration
Enhancement                    Define / Update                                                 v Acceptance Testing
 Requests /                    Product Vision                                                  v Update of User
                                                                                                 Documentation and
   Bugs                                                                                          Training
                                                                                               v Deployment
Participants:                    Participants:
PEP Members                      Product Manager                                                    Participants:
Customers                        Chief Technology Strategist                                        Product Manager
Stakeholders                     Mass.Gov Director                                                  Development Team
Development Team                 Chief Information Architect                                        Portal User Group
Product Manager
           Mass.Gov Application Development
           Responsibility Breakdown
 PAB / Mass.Gov Director                  Portal User Group                Product Mgt Group
                                              PEP Team                  Deployment Scheduling
 Strategic Direction
                                               IA Group
                                                                        COTS Patches / Upgrades
 New Product Type Decisions           Portal IA Decisions
                                                                        System Maintenance
                                     Product Feature Choices
 Senior Management Directives
                                     Enhancement and Noncritical        Critical Bug Fixes
                                     Bugfix Prioritization
 Product Vision (with PMG)                                              Team Member Time
                                     Feature specifications             Allocation
 Business Need Priority Setting
                                     Tool UI Decisions                  Code Development, Design
                                                                        and Unit Testing
                                     Prototype Reviews
ETRM / Chief Tech Strategist                                            Integration and Acceptance
                                     Accessibility / Usability Review
                                                                        Test Planning & Coordination
 Technology Decisions
                                   Post-Release / Post Iteration        Incident Resolution
 (With PMG)
 Enterprise Standards                                                   Documentation
                                   Acceptance Testing Assistance

 ITD / Mass.Gov Standards                                               Coordinate PEP & PUG
                                   Enhancement / Change
                                   Suggestions, Bug Reporting

                                  Crosscutting: New Product Selection
        “Move Category” - Status
   Input from the Mass.Gov IA team has driven
    requirements for an initial feature rollout
   Validation work continues to ensure that
    category moves do not conflict with other tasks.
   Detailed testing over next 3 weeks.
   PEP group to recommend release date based
    on level of functionality.
   Any enhancements will be prioritized along with
    other changes.
        “Move Category” - Features
   Minimal features for basic functionality – Iterative
       Move an entire category and all resources and
        categories within it.
       Does not:
         •   Move resources alone
         •   Allow Deleting a category with active associations
         •   Fix links in chunks
         •   Move an entire constituency
         •   Support multiple moves in the same generation
         •   Copy a category
         •   Move a category that has any CMA locks
       Any additional features or changes will be
        prioritized by PEP.
“Move Category” - Left to do…

 Finish validation logic
 Integration testing

 Automatically change any internal link
  resources that have a URL that would
  break as a result of a category move.
Move Category Enhancement


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