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									                                                                  YO U C A N M AKE A D IF FERENCE

             w                                         Be the first to TALK WITH YOUR PRE-TEEN
                                                      about ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, and other DRUGS
TREATMENT REFERRALS, AND                                                    A FA M I LY GU IDE 1

 AVAILABLE 24 HOURS A DAY                                                              w
FROM THE MASSACHUSETTS                                                    INFORMATION SHEETS
     INFORMATION AND                       Individual sheets or the entire group of pages from the brochure may
   EDUCATION HELPLINE/                     be printed.
       800-327-5050                        Highlights from the pamphlet, “Be the First to Talk with Your Pre-Teen
(TOLL -FREE; MULTI-LINGUAL)                about Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs, A Family Guide” offer parents
   TTY: 617-536-5872                       hints on guiding their children. Approaches to conversations and setting
WWW.HELPLINE-ONLINE .COM                   rules are followed by information on specific substances. Parents will be able
                                           to describe the major drugs, and the signs of their abuse. They will find
                                           Massachusetts and other resources that equip them to have a positive impact
             w                             on their children’s choices. Those who would like to do more are pointed to
ADDITIONAL I NFORMATION                    opportunities to become involved in their communities. Periodically, the
  A N D STAT I S T I C S A R E             Massachusetts Department of Public Health will add information on an
    AVAILABLE FROM:                        expanded list of drugs.
s Massachusetts Youth Health
  Survey, October 2002                     s   Pre-teens and Drug Use                 s   Talking about Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs
s Massachusetts Youth Risk                 s   Family Rules
  Behavior Survey             s   What Should I Look For?
  01/results.pdf                           s   Understanding Laws about Drug Use
s National Center on Addiction             s   Alcohol
  and Substance Abuse at                   s   Club Drugs
  Columbia University
                                           s   Cocaine/Crack
                                           s   Heroin
s Monitoring the Future,
  Overview of Key Findings 2002            s   Inhalants              s   Marijuana
s Office of National Drug                  s   Over-the-Counter/Prescription Drugs
  Control Policy                           s   Tobacco
                                           s   How Can I Learn More? Where Can My Family Go for Help?
s Parents. The Anti Drug
                                           s   What Can I Do in My Community?
                                           s   Sources of the Statistics in this Brochure
s Partnership for a
  Drug-Free America
                                               C LIC K H ER E TO VI EW O R PR INT A L L OF
                                               T H E I N F ORMATI ON S HE E TS
s U. S. Department of Health
  and Human Services
                                           [1]   Contact Questions.bsas@state.MA.US or 617-624-5140 to request
                                                 full color copies of the brochure. Be sure to include your complete
                                                 mailing address.
                             Produced by Massachusetts Health Promotion Clearinghouse, The Medical Foundation
                           Funded by Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Bureau of Substance Abuse Services

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