HOW EFFECTIVE IS                         Odor-Bloc® Equine Stall Odor Eliminator
                                         is safe and effective for all livestock
ODOR-BLOC® EQUINE                        and pets and can be used wherever
STALL ODOR ELIMINATOR?                   offensive odors accumulate. This
                                         includes bedding for cattle, sheep,
Odor-Bloc® Equine Stall Odor             pigs, livestock shows, exotic animals
                                         and pets.
Eliminator Research
                                                                                      HORSE OWNERS
      Ammonia Production with
       and without Odor-Bloc®
                                         Odor-Bloc® Equine Stall Odor Eliminator       WHO CARE
                                         is a product of DPI GLOBAL of
                                         Porterville, California. DPI GLOBAL has
                                         been in the business of reducing odors
                                         in livestock facilities for over 40 years.
                                         DPI GLOBAL is committed to high
                                         quality, all natural products backed by
                                         sound scientifically supported

                                                                                             Equine Stall
                                                                                            Odor Eliminator

Ammonia reduced by up to 60% with
   the addition of Odor-Bloc®


Odor-Bloc® Equine Stall Odor
Eliminator is non-toxic and is always                                                     Odor-Bloc®
safe to handle. It requires no special                        DPI GLOBAL
procedures for either application or
                                                            17656 Ave. 168               An All Natural
                                                          Porterville, CA 93257
disposal.                                                Phone (559) 781-0297
                                                              Safe Additive
                                         OBESOE-1 PSI3M 5/06
WHAT IS ODOR-BLOC®                        Odor-Bloc® Equine Stall Odor Eliminator     HOW IS ODOR-BLOC®
                                          does not contain any added aromas
EQUINE STALL ODOR                         or fragrances. Although some                EQUINE STALL ODOR
ELIMINATOR?                               products simply try to cover up or          ELIMINATOR USED?
                                          mask odors with fragrances or scents;
                                          this does not solve the problem. In         Odor-Bloc® Equine Stall Odor
Odor-Bloc® is an all natural
                                          addition, market surveys have shown         Eliminator is a granular product that is
environmentally safe additive that has
                                          that many added fragrances are              sprinkled on top of normal stall
been shown through extensive
                                          irritating to both horses and their         bedding. These granules quickly
research to eliminate unpleasant
                                          owners.                                     penetrate through the bedding to
odors including ammonia, sulfides and
phenols.                                                                              provide an odor protective blanket
                                                                                      throughout the stall. Odor-Bloc®
                                          WHY USE ODOR-BLOC®
Odor-Bloc® Equine Stall Odor Eliminator                                               continues to be effective, even when
                                          EQUINE STALL ODOR                           wet.
combines the odor fighting power of
Odor-Bloc® with all natural absorbents    ELIMINATOR?
to eliminate offensive odors.                                                         HOW DOES ODOR-BLOC®
                                          High concentrations of ammonia and          EQUINE STALL ODOR
Natural Absorbents – Trap moisture        other odor causing gases can
and lock in urine ammonia with a          increase the risk of serious health         ELIMINATOR COMPARE TO
unique clumping action for easy           problems for horses and farm workers.       OTHER PRODUCTS?
moisture removal.                         These include eye irritation, respiratory
                                          disease, foal pneumonia and                 Odor-Bloc® Equine Stall Odor
Odor-Bloc® - Reduces formation of         confinement cough. Elimination of           Eliminator is more effective than
ammonia and other noxious gases to        odor causing gases reduces this risk        other products since it eliminates
control odor at its source.               and helps to ensure the quality of life     odors instead of just masking them.
                                          for both you and your horses.               Unlike some products, Odor-Bloc® will
The ingredients in Odor-Bloc® Equine
                                                                                      not cause drying and cracking of
Stall Odor Eliminator are natural and
                                                                                      hooves and is not toxic or hazardous
completely safe for the environment.
                                                                                      to the environment. In addition, on a
After use, this product can be spread
                                                                                      per head per day basis Odor-Bloc®
on fields, gardens or garden composts
                                                                                      costs less.
to provide slow release nitrogen or
handled however spent bedding is
normally disposed.

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