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					                                     Operation Rack Presents

       Item             #          Current #              Group/Groups                            Notes
                       Need                                 Collecting
                       Per room    Taken care of!   ~Linda Shimokaji is checking into    ~Will need students/
-Yellow ribbons (to      – still                               yellow ribbon             volunteers to help make bows
place on door knobs)    waiting                      ~Virginia Bellmont is purchasing
                        on # of                               rubber bands
                          total                      Thank you, Linda, for cutting all
                       (roughly                         the pieces of bow for us!
-Dominos pizza gift       550      Taken care of!      ~Lisa Flynn (donated money)       Dominos is right on base and
cards ($5 or $10                                     ~10 $5 gift certificates donated    delivers to the barracks. If I
                                                                                          have enough money, I would
each)                                                 by the Dowling (Lt. Col.) family
                                                                                           like to purchase $10 gift
                                                    ~$100 Monica Clerc’s Bible Study     cards, if not, I will purchase
                                                                  Group                          $5 gift cards.
                                                    ~The Lanham’s Boy Scout Troop is
                                                        working on some of these
                                                ~The Farnum family will cover the
                                                    remaining gift certificates
-Subway gift cards     550    Taken Care of!    ~The Wiser family has generously     Subway is within walking
$5 each                                                                                       of
                                                offered to purchase half of these distance th the barracks in
                                                                                        the 5 Marine area.
                                                    gift certificates!! Amazing!
                                                    ~A friend of Lisa Reed has       NO SUBWAY CARDS OR
                                                 purchased the rest of the cards.   ANY CARDS WILL GO TO
                                                ~The Lanham’s Boy Scout Troop is   WASTE IF THEY ARE STILL
                                                     working on some of these       COLLECTED AS WE WILL
                                                                                    JUST PASS THEM ON TO
                                                ~We will still need these if other
                                                          groups can help.
-Movie theatre gift    550          74                  ~The Franzi Family            Marines love to attend
cards/ Blockbuster                                ~Shellie Kenney’s small prayer     movies upon their return.
                                                                                   AMC, Regal and Edwards are
cards                                             group is trying to collect movie
                                                                                      all great local theatres.
                                                  ~Jeanine Merto donated movie
                                                ~The Lanham’s Boy Scout Troop is
                                                     working on some of these
                                                ~The Castner Family
                                                ~The Junge Family
                                                ~Cindy Farnum purchased 20 with
-gift cards to other   550   Total Misc. Gift         ~Chris Vallis donated 10     These could be used to make
restaurants in the           Certificates:89           Starbucks gift cards        up for any dominos or subway
                                                                                         cards we’re missing.
OC, Starbucks, gas   ~22 - $5 Starbucks        ~A small group of sixth grade
cards, etc.                                   girls donated 5 gift certificates
                     ~2-$10 Starbucks
                                              ~The Merto Family and Worlds
                     ~4-$25 Target cards       Best Banners donated 5 Olive
                     ~2-$15 Target cards        Garden and 5 California Pizza
                     ~1 –Rubios $10               Kitchen gift certificates
                     ~ 5-Jack in the Box     ~The Lanham’s Boy Scout Troop is
                                                  working on some of these
                     ~1-Jamba Juice $5
                     ~2-Baja Fresh $15       ~We will still need these if other
                     ~5 Olive Garden                   groups can help.
                     ~5 California Pizza       ~Michael Shimokaji working to
                     Kitchen for $25             see if Taco Bell will donate.
                     ~6 Wendy’s gift
                                                    ~The Guerrero Family
                     ~6-$25 Claimjumper             ~The McGinnis Family
                     cards                          ~The Bellmont Family
                       ~8-$5 McDonald’s
                       ~2 Target cards –
                        amount unknown
                      ~4- $25 Angels gift
                     cards – to be raffled
                       out at homecoming
                      ~5- McDonald’s gift
                     ~2 --$100 southwest
                        gift cards to be
                         raffled out at
-cookies              550        Taken care of!    ~Stacey Detel’s Girl Scout Troop
                                      140          donated about 130 boxes of girl
                               ~3 more cases on    scout cookies.
                               the way (not sure   ~Another donor (who didn’t leave
                                how many are in    a name) donated 10 packages of
                                   each case)      Pepridge (sp?) Farms cookies.
                                 ~300 cookies      ~Lisa Reeds group donated 3 more
                               from Tamara King    cases of girl scout cookies
                                  ~100 cookies     ~300 cookies donated by Tamara
                                from anonymous     King, wife of a 15th MEU Marine
                                donor (you know
                                 who you are!)

-microwave popcorn    550       Taken care of!      ~Ladera Ranch Middle School
                                                     ~Mrs. Parra – wife of a 3/5
                                                    Marine donated some popcorn,
                                                         ~Anonymous donors

-DVD movies for      Roughly           5                ~Anonymous donations
each room              200-
                      the #
-shampoo               550       576 trial size       ~Planet Beauty donated the       ~The Nioxin shampoos are
                                                                                      for people with thinning hair,
                        Nioxin shampoos                Nioxin samples!           so we’ll still be looking for
                                                                                additional shampoo for each
                        Large Shampoos        ~The elementary school of St.
                                                                                  room in addition to this
                        Taken Care of…          Johns is hosting a drive for
                                                                                    wonderful donation.
                          21 hair gels                      these!
                                                    ~Lisa Reed collection
                                               ~Shelley Scites donated 500
                                               shampoos – thank you, Shelly!
-toothpaste and   550    Toothbrushes        ~Lisa Reed’s extended group has
toothbrushes             taken care of!     donated enough toothbrushes for
                                               this group and some for 1/5!
                        Toothpaste taken       ~10 of each donated by Mrs.
                            care of!           Parra – wife of a 3/5 Marine
                                            ~Lisa Reed’s group has donated at
                        126 dental floss           least 200 toothpastes!
                                                  ~Missy Blye donated 10
                                              ~Sue Hendrickson donated 10
                                              toothpastes and 7 dental floss
-lotion           550   Taken Care of!!!!      ~(10) Left over from our last
                                              “make your own care package”
                                              ~An effort on the part of the
                                               Hopper’s Lions Club group will
                                               hopefully take care of these
                                                items. Thank you, Laura and
                                                 ~Lisa Reed’s group has donated
                                                           200 lotions!
                                                        ~Sue Hendrickson
-Magazines, books       550   Taken care of!     ~Lisa Reed’s group donated 150
and entertainment                                          magazines!
items                                           ~Another anonymous donor left
                                                boxes and bags full of magazines
                                                 in my room…haven’t had time to
                                                            count yet!
-Towels, hand towels,   550   Taken care of!    ~HAVEN (Catholic) Youth Group        On April 12th, the youth
and wash cloths                                 will be donating a minimum of 50   minister of HAVEN will have
                                                                                     her kids help roll all the
                                                      towels, possibly more
                                                                                   towels we have at that time.
                                                 ~Christy Wrightson has a Lions
                                                   Heart group working on this!
                                                  ~Terri and Wendall Iwatsuru
                                                    (parents of a 3/5 Marine)
                                                   donated 21 towels and wash
                                               ~Lisa Reed’s group has donated 2
                                                  sets of towels (3 in each set)
                                               ~Theresa Walsh donated 10 towel
                                               ~Laura Hopper donated 20 sets
                                     ~Christy Wrightson purchased
                                     over 100 towel sets using the
                                     money from her group of friends!
                                     ~Sharon Wackeen donated over
                                     118 towel sets
                                     ~Sue Hendrickson donated 14
                                     ~Nancy Rosenthal donated 20
                                     ~Missy Blye donated 10 sets
                                     ~The Farnums donated 10 sets
                                     ~ The Ruiz Family donated
                                     ~The Belmont Family donated
                                     Many, many other families
                                     donated as well!
-raffia   Enough    Taken care of!      ~Laura Hopper says she has         We will use the raffia to tie
                                                                           together the towel sets with
           to tie                       enough raffia to cover this!!!
                                                                            a card stock, generic thank
          around                                  WOW!~
                                                                                     you card.
           towel                      Thank you, Laura, for taking the
            sets                     time to cut the raffia into pieces!

                                       Laura Hopper also purchased
                                     small cards and placed stickers on
                                     them with thank you messages to
                                       attach to the towel sets with
                                                            raffia. They look amazing!
-thank you cards and     550       Taken care of but     ~St. John’s Students/ Pals will
posters                             could always use        make thank you cards and
                                          more                       posters.
                                                          ~Lisa Reed has various groups
                                                          working on these, to include a
                                                            couple of girl scout troops
                                                        ~ The Lanham’s Cub Scouts and
                                                            Boy Scouts are working on
                                                         posters and thank you cards as
                                                          ~Any and all groups can make
                                                         thank you cards! The more the
                                                        ~Mrs. Farnum’s Pen Pal kids are
                                                            helping with these as well
                                                       ~Miss Cascella’s life skills classes
                                                       have made some beautiful posters
- Mints                  550        Taken care of!      ~Thank you, Linda Shimokaji and
                                                                 Shelley Kenney!!!
- soda and water       1 case of    Taken care of!                  ~Donations                  Each barrack room has a
                       soda & 6    ~5 cases of soda    ~Marsi Zintel got Pepsi to donate      small refrigerator. When I
                                                                                               did this with 1/5, the guys
                        bottles      donated by         200 cases of Pepsi!!! AMAZING
                                                                                              said that having cold drinks
                       of water        parents.        ~Ladera Ranch Middle School has        was one of the best things
                       per room    ~200 CASES of           taken care of all the water!
                    (roughly        Pepsi!!!!
                      200)       ~2 bottles of
                                water for each
-A T-shirt            550       Taken care of!     ~ Michael Shimokaji was able to          Most Marines have their
                                                    get a San Diego business, Olaes           items in storage. They
                                                                                          greatly appreciate the ability
                                                    Enterprises of Poway, CA, to donate
                                                                                          to shower, change into fresh
                                                     275 the t-shirts! Michael and        clothes and get a bite to eat.
                                                  Linda then bought the rest of the
                                                           T-shirts!Thank you!
-socks                550      About 396 so far         ~ 40 from old collection
                                                      ~Middle School Sock Drive
                                                              ~Miss DePinto
                                                            ~The Wiser Family
                                                                ~Ruiz family
                                                  ~Cindy Farnum used donations to
                                                     purchase 120 pairs of socks.
-razors & shaving   550 each     550 razors –        ~Laura Hopper’s Bible Study
cream                           taken care of!      Group took care of the razors
                                ~425 cans of       ~The Desper Family has donated
                                shaving cream          72 cans of shaving cream
                                                    ~Sharon Wackeen donated 75
                                                         cans of shaving cream
                                                       ~Cindy Farnum bought 72
-snack foods           550     ~550 Granola      ~Thanks to Marsi Zintel… Quaker
                                    Bars             has donated granola bars!
                             ~Frito Chips for     ~Again, thanks to Marsi, Frito
                             each Marine             chips is donating product!
                             ~550 instant          ~Ladera Ranch Middle School
                             oatmeal packets        ~Deb DiCarlo donated the
                             ~Misc snack             oatmeal! Thank you, Deb!
                             foods: 167
                             ~Otter pops (6
                             per room)
                             ~564 Fruit
                             ~600 bags of
                             sunflower seeds
                             ~ 552 cups of
                             ~snack crackers
Soap                   550     Taken care of!       ~Elementary School Drive
                              10 containers of     ~Items left over from care
                                 body wash                 package drive
                                                   ~body wash donated by Mrs.
                                                   Parra – wife of a 3/5 Marine
                                                    ~10 bars of soap from the
-Operation Gratitude   575    Taken care of!     Thanks to Ray Larson, father of a    Operation Gratitude has
                                                                                     generously given us 575 of
Care Package Boxes                          3/5 Marine ---Carolyn, founder of the care packages they mail
                                                                                    overseas. These boxes
                                            Operation Gratitude has donated
                                                                               contain travel size toiletries,
                                               575 boxes of care packaged
                                                                               a book and other items. If we
                                            usually sent overseas. All she has  are unable to collect enough
                                             asked is that we keep the boxes     toiletry items, we can rest
                                               in tact since her volunteers     easy knowing every Marines
                                               worked so hard! AMAZING!!!      will have at least a travel size
                                                                                            of each item.
                              $2, 975        So many wonderful people have           Some cash donations have
Additional Cash                              donated to these efforts, I’ve          been put towards the baby
                                                                                     shower and/or the banner
Donations for ORP                           just started adding names to the
                                                                                     party to be held on March
                                                     website instead.               29th. The donations listed to
                                                                                        the left are ones I’ve
                                             **$1,700 was given to help out a         specifically set aside for
                                                                                      ORP. I plan on using cash
                                              former 3/5 Marine’s family pay
                                                                                    donations to first take care
                                                for burial costs of a family
                                                                                   of Dominos and then to cover
                                                         member**                    any thing we’re short on in
                                             ~ $1000.00 was spent at Costco                    the end.
                                             ~$217 has been spent on paints,       ~So far I’ve used the money
                                             art supplies, paint brushes, etc.     to purchase paints supplies to
                                                                                   decorate the 550 bags, some
                                             ~I expect another $200 or so in
                                                                                   laundry detergent and tape
                                            donations on Monday – I will write
                                                 a check to 3/5 for their
                                             homecoming efforts with any of
                                                  this last minute money.
-Grocery Bags        550   Taken care of!      Clifton’s (boyfriend of Paula        We will take these bags and
                                                   Cascella) packaging company has      paint and stamp them with
                                                                                        welcome messages before
                                                    donated bags for all presents.
                                                                                               filling them!
                                                   They are donating grocery sized
                                                  white paper bags!!! The company is     Paula Cascella’s Life Skills
                                                           called Landsberg            classes and the pen pal group
                                                                                       have started decorating and
                                                                                         painting these bags. They
                                                                                               look beautiful!
Laundry Detergent    40 (5     Taken care of!              ~Donna Reyner
for Laundry Areas     each                                 ~Cash donations
Dry Drink Mixes       550      ~550 hot cidar         ~donated by Deb DiCarlo               Thank you DEBRA!
                                  ~550 hot
                              chocolate packets
Calling Cards        550             55                     ~ misc.donations             Nice for Marines to call
                                                  ~3 calling cards from Stephen and      home. Many use the pay
                                                                                         phones across from the
                                                    Marilyn Glenn, parents of Capt.
                                                                                        barracks to call loved ones.
                                                            Glenn from 3/5
                                                   ~2 Calling Cards from a group of
                                                             6th grade girls
                                                            ~Jaci Svennson
                                                    ~Elementary/Wrightson drive
Plastic Utensils    550 of     Taken care of!       ~Ladera Ranch Middle School
                     each      10 of each for
                            each room.
Candy/ Candy Bars   550    Taken care of!      ~We have plenty of candy from
                                                    the elementary school
Paper Towels        273          65                     ~Karen Willis
                                                        ~Wendy Ruiz
                                                    ~Lisa Reed Collection
                                                ~Cindy Farnum purchased a 12
                                                  pack with donation money
Cleaning supplies   273        4 windex                 ~Wendy Ruiz
(windex, etc.)                 1 pledge               ~Anonymous donor
                             4 toilet bowl      ~Cindy Farnum purchased the
                               cleaners          Green Works cleaners, trash
                           4 toilet scrubs       bags, and paper towels with
                            4 packs of 12           cash/check donations
                                2 comet
                              12 sponges
                             2 -2packs of
                             Green works
                            1-large box of
                              trash bags
                          1-pack of 12 rolls
                          of paper towels
Deodorant           550         398                 ~Anonymous donors
                                                  ~Cindy Farnum used cash
                                                 donations to purchase 200
*NEW* Oakley        550   Taken care of!      ~Thanks to the efforts of Cindy
sunglasses and                                 Williams, Oakley donated 550
goggles!                                       goggles and sunglasses. Oakley
                                              workers gave up their lunches to
                                              prepare these when they heard
                                                about our cause! AMAZING!
*NEW* Taco Bell     550    Taken care of!       ~ Cotti Foods, owned by the
gift certificates           100 $5 gift      Capriotti family, donated 100 gift
                          certificates and      certificates! The Shimokaji
                           500 free taco     family then bought the balance of
                               cards                 the cards! WOW!!!

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