Specializing in SECURITY SERVICES Safeguards and Security and Emergency by Feelya


									       Specializing in:                                      Clients
                                       Department of Energy
                                       Department of State
  Safeguards and Security and
                                       United States Coast Guard
  Emergency Planning
                                       National Maritime Center
  Critical Infrastructure Protection                                               A U.S. Service-Disabled
                                       Health & Human Services
  and Information Assurance                                                        Veteran-Owned, Small
                                       Dept. of Homeland Security
  Protective Force Operations and                                                         Business
  Special Services Support             Defense Logistics Agency
  Security Assessments                 Executive Office of the President

  Vulnerability and Risk               Department of Transportation
  Assessments                          Food and Drug Administration
  Counterintelligence Operations       Bureau of the Census
  Exercise Planning and                Department of Justice
  Assessments                          National Nuclear Security Administration
  Threat Analysis
  Emergency Call Center                          Contact Information                 Providing Solutions to
  Operations                                                                       National and International
                                           PROTECTION STRATEGIES                    Security and Information
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY                         INCORPORATED                        Technology Requirements
  System Integration Solutions                    2300 9TH Street South
  Information Management                                 Suite 503
  Solutions                                       Arlington, VA 22204
  Technical Consulting Services                      (703) 553-0561
  Advanced Network Solutions
                                                    (703) 553-0562 fax                GSA CONTRACTS
                                                    Keith P. Hedman
  Operations and Maintenance                        President & CEO                 MOBIS GS-10F-0369M
  Services                                     khedman@protectionsi.com           Schedule-084 GS-07F-9597S
  COOP / COG / BCP and                         or visit us at our web page:
  Pandemic Communications                                                         Schedule-738x GS-02F-0067T
     A Leader in the Industry                       Multi-disciplined Security Services                Fundamental Technical Approach
Protection Strategies Incorporated (PSI) is a                                                           LEAVERAGING DESIGN AND ENGINEERING
U.S. Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned small                                                              INVESTMENTS TO REDUCE COST AND RISK
business located in Arlington, Virginia,                                                               • Accomplishments at the          White   House
providing security and information technology                                                          Communications Agency:
support services to the Federal Government
and large corporations worldwide. PSI is on                                                                      Converged IP Infrastructure
GSA Federal Supply Schedules - MOBIS,                                                                            Knowledge Management
Schedule 084, and Schedule 738X. PSI’s
uniquely qualified staff has extensive                                                                           Fixed Infrastructure
experience in Information Technology and                                                                         Travel Infrastructure
Security Services.
                                                                                                                 Mobile Communications
Proven & Experienced Experts                                                                           • Provides for Low Risk Implementation
                                                    PSI has participated in the development and
PSI's corps of security experts are veterans with   validation of several Continuity of Operations     • Requires Little or No Development Costs
years of experience with the White House,           Plans (COOP) for various government
                                                                                                       • Consists Entirely COTS / GOTS Solution
United States Secret Service, Department of         agencies. PSI is widely recognized for
Defense, Department of State, and the               comprehensive protection programs that                      PSI Value Proposition
Department of Energy. All PSI technical             integrate physical, technical, information,
personnel hold a DOE 'Q' security clearance         operations,     personnel,   computer,      and    • PSI provides “Single Belly-Button” Concept
and/or a DOD "Top Secret" security clearance.       communications security disciplines. PSI has                       Before CODES
                                                                                                       of operations. NAICSthe sale and after the
Our subject matter experts have conducted           extensive experience in developing threat          sale.
airport, seaport, and rail station assessments,     models for physical and cyber terrorist threats,
                                                    terrorists using weapons of mass destruction,      • PSI is focused to provide services based upon
other critical transportation node vulnerability                                                       its respective expertise to provide “Best of
assessments, and validation of readiness through    technical attacks, and operations security
                                                    (OPSEC) vulnerability assessments.          PSI    Breed” solutions for your needs.
"credible adversary" performance testing, both
nationally and abroad.                              personnel have developed, assisted in and          • PSI is experienced and proven successful at
                                                    assessed large scale, multi-agency emergency       providing services in extremely demanding,
                                                    management exercises.         Exercises have       austere environments requiring flawless
                                                    included scenarios involving weapons of mass       execution and support.
                                                    destruction in forms ranging from improvised
                                                    explosive radiological devices to full scale       • PSI’s team and its players have been
                                                    nuclear attacks.                                   supporting clients at the White House and
                                                                                                       numerous other high OPTEMPO – Zero Fault
                                                          Unparalleled Commitment to                   environments for decades.

                              Committed to Providing our Clients the Highest Standards of Quality

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