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                    Munster MPC 2007 Dingle Peninsula


Discovery Series 1:50000 Sheet 70
Discovery Series 1:25000 Brandon Mountain

General Description
This year’s Munster MPC takes in some of the less well known and less frequented mountains of the Dingle
Peninsula. To our west is Brandon Mountain and to our east is Beenoskee, whilst to the north and south
there are sweeping views of the coastline with it’s many cliffs and beaches.

Whilst not as high as their more famous neighbours the mountains we will be visiting still demand respect and
care should be taken as the terrain can be rugged with some areas of steep ground. There are also large bog
areas where accurate navigation is very important!

We start off in the valley of Loch an Duin with it’s many archaeological sites before climbing over the sharp
cone of An Starraicín and on towards the beautiful An Loch Dubh and the imposing lower crags of An Cnapán
Mór. From here we will ascend to the Windy Gap and up to Cnoc na Bánóige (not named on the OS maps)
the highest point of the weekend before descending again across the bog and down to the high camp.

Check-in is on a narrow busy road. A local farmer has kindly allowed us use a field for Parking, but only a
limited number of cars spaces are available. Please if possible use public transport. A bus runs to the local
town of An Clochán twice on a Friday. Unfortunately there is no Sunday service but arrangements can be
made with staff on the weekend to ferry Scouts to the towns of Camp/Dingle on the Sunday where bus
services are available.

Please make sure all rucksacks are packed & boots readily accessible on Friday night. This will avoid
unnecessary packing/unpacking at the side of the road.
To allow for Team parking, staff should avoid parking at check-in but proceed to Conor Pass Car park. From
there Staff will hike in to higher camping site (Q523053) to be in place for teams on Saturday morning.


Check in at the junction (Q522088) where staff will direct you to the parking spots.

Check-in to BaseCamp
Cross the road carefully, enter through narrow gate & follow track (not shown on map) up to edge of lake.
Check in at BaseCamp & have a good night sleep. (Any team arriving late please keep noise to minimum to
avoid waking teams already in bed)


BaseCamp (Q527075) - Spur
From campsite make your way up onto the ridge.                                                                25/02/2008
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Spur (Q526074) – Col
Follow the ridge line while steadily gaining height

Col (Q527068) – An Starraicín
Use fence as a navigation handrail not as climbing aid. There is a steep drop to your left. It might be safer to
climb over fence if wind is gusty. This is a short leg but quiet steep a gradient. Keep together & help each
other along.

An Starraicín (Q528064) – Spot Height 407
Follow compass bearing from your route card to arrive at Spot height 407, as spot height is hard to see in
front of peak behind.

Spot Height 407 (Q528057) - River Crossing
Descend to edge of lake (there is a steep drop into the lake so be careful to avoid an early morning swim)
Follow staff instructions as to best place to cross stream.

River Crossing (Q527054) - Start of Track
Small ascent required around edge of lake to arrive at start of Track.

Start of Track (Q529054) – End of Track
Keep to the track around south side of lake. Again there is steep drop off into the corrie lake so be careful.

End of Track (Q532052) – Windy Gap
At end of Trail take bearing to arrive at Col.

Windy Gap (Q537049) – Spot Height 609
Follow steeply at first up the ridge line to spot height. (If visibility is low double check direction with your
compass & distance with pacing)

Spot Height 609 (Q544048) – Peak 641 (Cnoc na Bánóige)
Follow the broad ridge line over a small rocky false top to the summit of the highest mountain on this MPC.
(Keep pacing if required)

Peak 641 (Cnoc na Bánóige) (Q548048) – Boggy Col 1
Descend with care on the steep ground from the peak aiming for the flat Boggy Col & spot height 445.
(Compass bearing is important here as it would be easy to go off course over such a long leg)

Boggy Col 1 (Q551057) - Spot Height 445
Short climb onto Spot Height.

Spot Height 445 (Q551060) – Boggy Col 2
This is an important leg as you need to get direction & distance correct. The Col is featureless & in bad
weather you could easily overshoot or come up short of checkpoint location.

Boggy Col 2 (Q560061) – Spot Height 383
Climb on to the ridge of pass.

Spot Height 383 (Q564066) – Track
The track intersects the shoulder 100m after the spot height. The full path is not shown on the map but both
paths do meet on the ridge.

Track (Q565068) - Ford
Follow track that descends into Macha na Bó valley

Ford (Q563073) - High Camp
Keep to the track as it descends down to High Camp.


High Camp (Q555075) – Stables
Follow track out of valley.                                                                      25/02/2008
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Stables (Q547096) – left turn
Keep on track as far as left junction

Left turn (Q547101) – Main Road
Short descent to the gate at the main road.

Main Road (Q545101) - Checkout
Keep to the right edge of the road as you make your way back to the Friday night

NB Make sure to check out with staff before you head home. Well done and we’ll see you in Leinster!

PS Don’t forget that MPC T-shirts and Polo shirts will be available for sale at the check-out!!!!                                                                25/02/2008

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