D2L STAFF TRAINING by odq14517


									                D2L STAFF TRAINING
                                Module 3
                          Practical Application
           Now that you‟ve finished seeing, it‟s time to start doing!
                You can now start working on your own class.
Follow the steps listed out below to set up one complete module in D2L:

     Create a folder on your flash drive for a course titled “D2L Training 2006”

         o Create a folder inside “D2L Training 2006” titled “Module 3”

     Create a file using Macromedia Dreamweaver titled “Assignment 3”

         o To use the template, select “File – Open” from the Dreamweaver toolbar
               Select the Kingston (F: ) drive from the top scroll down menu
               Double click on the “Training Materials” folder
               The template is titled “Module Template”
         o Using the template, make your file look similar to below:
         o Change the Title of the file (in the title bar) to “Assignment 3”.
         o Select “Save as” and save the file inside the “Module 3” folder.

     Create a second file using Dreamweaver titled “Module 3 Readings”
         o Make your file look similar to below:

       o Save the file inside the “Module 3” folder as “Module 3 Readings”

   Using the “Assignment 4” word document (available on the flash drive in the
    “Training Materials” folder), copy and paste it into the Dreamweaver template,
    making sure to keep the same design. Please remember to change the Title of the file
    (in the title bar) to “Assignment 4”.

       o Save the file inside the “Module 3” folder

   Check to make sure the following files are on the flash drive in your “Training
    Materials” folder:

       o   Unit1 My Home.pdf
       o   NetIds.xls
       o   Business-books1.jpg
       o   Business-clock3.jpg
       o   Business-dollar.jpg

   Upload the files into your course through WebDav

       o To setup WebDav:
             Double click on „My Computer‟ and open My Network Places. You
                may also be able to do this from the desktop.
             Select Add a network place. Click Next
             Select Choose another network location, then click Next
             Enter https://uww.courses.wisconsin.edu/Content/<Course Path>
             The best way to find this path is through the Manage Files area. Your
                folder will show you the proper path.

                 Remember the „s‟ not http. Click Next.
                 Enter your user name and password. It will ask for it twice.
                 Create a name for your folder. Example: Management 777.
                 Click Next.
                 Click Finish.
                 Now, Copy the Module 3 folder and Paste it into the Webdav folder
                  you just created.
   In the “Content” section, go to “Add a Module” and use the title, “Module 3.” Then
    click “Save.”

   Using “Bulk Add Topic”     (in manage content), add the following files from the
    Module 3 folder under “Module 3”:

       o Assignment 3
       o Assignment 4
       o Module 3 Readings

   Change the order of Module 3 topics to be the following:

       o Module 3 Readings
       o Assignment 3
       o Assignment 4

   In design mode, Edit “Module 3 Readings” to look like the following:

       o Create a quicklink to the .PDF and the excel files (previously given to you)
             Make sure the link will open in a new window

       o Also create a quicklink to the website:

       o Next, create a direct link to the persistent link
              Make sure to include the library‟s direct link before the persistent

       o Insert a picture in the top right, over the text (also given to you)

   Add a dropbox folder for “Assignment 3”

   Add class participants “Train 1” through “Train 10” to your class
      o Click on the “classlist” link in the lower nav bar of your class home
      o Select “Add Participant”
      o Search for “Train”
      o Select (check) the boxes next to Training, Student 1 – 10
      o Click on Enroll

   Organize your 10 training students into groups
       o Select “Manage Groups” from the “Classlist” nav bar
       o “Add Group Type”
               Name the 3 groups (Group 1, Group 2, etc.)
               Select the “# of Groups” option from the scroll menu
               Set 3 as the number of groups

   Create a new discussion using your name as the title
       o Make sure to leave a comment on your own discussion (ex: your favorite
           cartoon growing up)

   Create a second discussion titled “Restricted Access”
       o Use the “Set Group Restrictions” tab to create a private group discussion
                Restrict the “Restricted Access” discussion to Group 2 only

   Create an announcement for the date of your birthday
       o Title the news: “[Your first name] is older today”
       o Under description enter your favorite kind of cake

   Add an event to the schedule
      o The event date is the day of your birthday
      o The title is “[Your first name]‟s Party”
      o Enter the following link: www.bluechopsticks.com
      o Under description type: “Welcome to my party for me – presents welcome”


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