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Staff Training Details! by odq14517


									Dear Seymour Summer Staff Member,
Welcome to the YMCA Camp Seymour
team; we are pleased you have accepted
a staff position this summer! You have
been selected based on your past
performance and experience, your
interview and your references – I have no
doubt that the promise this summer holds
for Seymour's campers will be fulfilled
through your hard work! Summer is
quickly approaching, our staff team is
growing, and enrollments are breaking
records! Enclosed is important
information about programs, schedules,
traditions, camp vocabulary, and your life
at Camp.

Dates and Places
Staff Training Details!
AD (Director) Staff and Trip Staff training begins Tuesday, June 18th, 9:30a.m, at YMCA Camp
All staff will live together in cabins or yurts during staff training. The bulk of the personal belongings
you will need for the summer can be moved into your first cabin/housing at the end of training.
When packing, remember that space is especially limited during staff training because we potentially
 Seymour. We’ll groups the Dining
could have other meet in in camp. Hall. (Please eat breakfast before you arrive.)

Cabin Staff and Assistant Leaders training begins Sunday, June 21st, 10:00 a.m, at YMCA
Camp Seymour. Staff will be in the parking lot to greet and direct you. Bring ID for your hire
packets (Drivers license, US Passport, Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, etc.). You will drop
your bag in your cabin/yurt and then meet up with the rest of the arriving summer staff team!
Have accessible a few necessary things such as a water bottle, closed-toed shoes, clothing for
active games, sweatshirt, etc.
Be aware that there may be another group sharing camp with us and it is important that we play
the role of hosts. Smile. Be helpful. Answer questions as best you can and help direct questions you
can’t answer to the appropriate staff.
Plan to be in camp for the duration of training—it is a packed schedule! Staff training will last until
Friday, June 25th at 4:00 PM. You will have time-off from then until we re-group at 9:00 AM on
Sunday, June 27th (the first day of camp).

Once again, welcome! We are excited to have hired such a committed team – & to have hired
you. If you have any questions between now and training, please contact us.


 Scotty                              Stephanie                          Brendan
Scotty Jackson                       Stephanie Feist                    Brendan Cronin
Camping Director                     Summer Day Camp Director           Trips & Teen Leadership              
(253) 460-8883                       (253) 460-8884                     253-460-8881
Build Your Toolbox!
Staff training will be a mix of active and quiet learning and discussion sessions. There will be lots of
opportunities for your participation. Please come prepared to learn a lot and to have a great time together
with your (old and new) friends! To do that, start assembling your own ―toolbox‖ (ideas, tips, games, songs,
activities and stories) to share during training and use during the summer!
Things to consider when adding to your toolbox include: how can I adapt this to be appropriate for different
ages and group sizes, what program themes and values does this touch on, when in the day and week would I
use this…
Here is a basic ―packing list‖ to bring to camp in your personal ―toolbox‖:
        Two stories suitable for sharing with campers.
        Two ideas for Theme Day activities.
        Two activities for Embers.
        Two ideas for unique one-hour classes or activities you could teach or lead (Camtivities, cabin time).
        Two original ideas for skits to teach to a cabin.
        One game you could play with a group of 10-15 people.
        One game you could play with a group of 50 people.
        One original idea for Morning Inspiration (focusing on a YMCA core value- respect, honesty, caring,
         responsibility, service, forgiveness).
Note to returning Seymour folks: Please put some effort and thought into this toolbox and think, find, invent
ideas that will bring new life to Seymour, as well as what games and songs you want to make sure we pass on
year to year to our campers.
I realize many of you are wondering, ―What exactly is a Camptivity?‖ ―How do I know if my idea is going to be
original at Seymour?‖ ―How does Morning Inspiration work?‖ Obviously these details will be answered in time.
 Also, during training you will receive a Camp Seymour resource book with songs, games, stories, and skit
Also, on Camp’s web page is more information - like the parent packet that is sent to all of our camper families
when they register. It is fun to see what kids get in the mail before they arrive, and what parents read about
camp and preparing for camp. Check it out:

Packing List In addition to the above ―toolbox‖, you should also bring the following:
 Please Bring:                                           6-8 T-shirts, socks, etc.
                                                         2-3 pairs of jeans or similar rugged pants
    Sleeping bag                                        4-5 pairs shorts
    Small pillow                                        2 Sweatshirts (preferably hooded)
    Laundry bag/pillow case for dirty clothes           Warm jacket
    Toiletry kit (with soap, toothbrush)                Waterproof raincoat with hood or poncho
    2 Towels (1 beach)                                  2 pair shoes (1 sturdy tennis shoes, 1 for-water shoe)
    Flashlight (and extra batteries)                    Pajamas or other sleeping clothes
    Sunglasses                                          Notebook and pen
    Sunscreen (minimum SPF 15)                          Daypack / backpack (for overnights)
    Chapstick (minimum SPF 15)                          Watch
    Water bottle                                        Alarm Clock
    Swim suit

 Optional items to make your life easier/more fun:       Non-aerosol insect repellent        Sandals
                                                         Camera & film                       Books
    Travel games, cards, activity books (for            Cabin decorations                   Journal
     campers and you to borrow/play)                     Musical instrument                  Pictures (of home,
    Music (to use during Embers, Kapers…)               Cultural items from home             friends, family)
    Stuffed animal (tool for kids missing home)
    Storage bins (Cabins do not have dressers)
  Prohibited Items – Please do NOT bring              I’d really think about it… Camp can be tough on gear, low on
   Live pets                                         privacy, and high on things getting lost. We recommend
   Pocketknives, weapons or hazardous                against bringing valuables including: iPods, camera phones,
     materials (e.g., matches, fireworks, etc.).      nice jewelry, personal rec/camping gear.
Program Themes
These Program Themes express the ―why‖ behind the ―how‖ at camp. Why camp is set up
the way it is, and how we accomplish what we promise to parents and campers.
Name           Description                                    Where/How it happens
Outdoor        Campers have an overnight experience in        Overnights, trips, new activities
Adventure      the outdoors, and learn/utilize outdoor        and experiences.
               living skills.
Character      Campers develop independence; gain self-       Co-op course, Camptivities, Rag
               confidence and self-worth; and assume          Program, Relationship with peers
               personal responsibility for their own          and staff.
               learning and actions.
Community      Campers acquire a sense of community           Group living/dining/traveling, Co-
               extending from their living group to the       op course, Small group activities,
               camp community and beyond.                     Large group programming
Stewardship    Campers develop and act upon a sense of        Kapers-Campers help clean camp
               ownership in, and caring for, their natural    (sweep, litter patrol, etc.); Service
               and physical surroundings.                     learning-Campers identify and
                                                              contribute to camp needs.
Leadership     Campers develop group membership,              Co-op activities, Group living
               leadership, and interpersonal skills.
Skills         Campers acquire and develop physical,          Boating, Court Sports, Field
Development    mental, and social skills in a safe,           Sports, Target Sports, Creative
               challenging environment that emphasizes        Arts, Swimming, Outdoor Living
               cooperative learning, personal progress,       Skills, Environmental Ed.,
               and a sense of fair play.                      Performing Arts
Spirituality   Campers experience creative, spiritually-      Morning Inspiration, Chapel, Rag
               meaningful activities that help draw out       Program, Cabin activity
               their personal faith, develop Christian
               values, promote spiritual literacy as a tool
               of self-expression, and respect
               humankind's collective spiritual heritage.
Values         Campers develop a meaningful personal          Morning Inspiration, Chapel,
               values system that distinguishes right from    Teachable moments, Values time,
               wrong, and informs everyday decisions          Rag Program
               and actions.
Personal       Campers get regular exercise, make             Dining Hall meals, Dippy and
Health         healthy eating choices, and take               German Stairs, ball field games,
               responsibility for personal hygiene.           Camptivities, cabin living
Seymour Semantics:
Traditions, Programs, and General Vocabulary

By the end of Week 8 it will be hard to believe that these words weren’t already in your vocabulary.
But for now, here are some definitions to get you started.
Camptivity: Camptivities are skills sessions designed to teach or expand campers’ knowledge and
skill in various program areas around camp. Camptivities offered in camp include boating (rowing,
canoeing, kayaking, sailing), field sports(softball, soccer, Ultimate Frisbee), archery, creative arts
(projects in Arts & Crafts), drama, swimming, outdoor living skills, and nature studies (marine,
forest ecology/biology/ecology), and many more! Tues-Fri.
Overnights: Every cabin spends one night sleeping outside either in main camp (Pioneers), or at a
campsite in our Outback woods. Cabins cook their own dinner and breakfast.
PYP: This stands for ―Pick your Pleasure.‖ Campers choose from a variety of one-hour activities to
do. They are different from Camptivities in that they are not necessarily skill-oriented, but they do
focus on camp values and program themes. The creative possibilities are endless!
Kapers: Kapers is the morning time each day that campers and staff spend cleaning their personal
living areas, and taking care of a shared camp area, like the shower houses.
Saska: Saska is a time for kids and counselors to relax after lunch, digest food, and get ready for
a full afternoon of activities. Saska takes place inside the cabin for both counselors and campers.
Campers should be on their bunks napping, writing a letter home, reading, or maybe playing a
quiet game with each other.
Embers: A quiet, mellow, time before going to sleep. Embers is a time for cabins to get to know
each other better and share with each other. Embers is often used as a time to summarize the day
as a group, and to work on conflicts or difficulties the cabin group may be having. It can also be
used as a cabin values time.
Rags: This is a YMCA character development and goal-setting program founded in 1914. The
ceremony, tradition, and counseling of Rags is something we will discuss during staff training.
Pioneer, Explorer, Teen Adventure Trips… These are a few of the program names we have for
our different camper ages. Please refer to the camp brochure to learn specifics. Important vocab!
Co: Each cabin has 2 cabin leaders and 8-12 (usually 10) campers. The cabin leaders are co-
leaders and hence the derivation of ―Co,‖ to refer to the other cabin leader in the cabin.
A.D. Staff: This is everyone who is not a Cabin Leader, UD Staff, or Trip Leader. A.D. stands for
Assorted Directors. Includes: Unit Leaders; Aquatic, Adventure Areas, and Creative Arts Director;
Skills Director, and Program/UC Director.
Your Life at Camp!

     Staff area with Internet access
     Nightly staff snacks.
     On-site laundry. Bring quarters-- $.50 to wash, $.50 to dry
     Vegetarian food options at all meals. Fruit bar at breakfast and Salad bar at lunch
      and dinner.
     Discounts in the Camp Store.
     Use of program equipment such as canoes, kayaks, climbing wall, and the
      darkroom with appropriate staff training.
     Generous time off: 24-hr. day off each week, one night off, and two hours off per
     Competitive industry salaries, plus room and board.
Communication: Mail, Telephone, Internet.
Incoming mail is distributed with snack (4pm).
Staff may use the public phone outside the laundry room for all personal calls. Long distance/international
calls must be paid for by calling card or collect call. Cell phones and calls must be kept out of sight from
campers. Personal phone calls are to be made and returned only during scheduled time off.
There are 2 computers with Internet access. These resources are shared among our camp staff community
and are available for use during your scheduled time off.
How can my family and friends reach me at camp?
Your name                   Camp’s office phone:       In case of an emergency: contact YMCA Camp
YMCA Camp Seymour           (253) 884-3392             Seymour at (253) 884-3392. After office hours, our
9725 Cramer Road, KPN       Messages will be           voice mail system will give an emergency cell phone
Gig Harbor, WA 98329        delivered to the Warm      number to use, and/or an opportunity to leave a
                            Fuzzy box and delivered    message with the Camp Director.
                            at meals.

Coin-operated washing machines and dryers are available for staff use. Camp does not supply bed linens or
Dress Code
All staff should be conscious of the image they portray to parents, campers, and the community. Final
decisions as to the appropriateness of attire rests with staff supervisors and the Camp Director. If unsure as to
whether or not something is appropriate, staff should simply ask. The following guidelines apply:
1) An official name badge (provided by Camp Seymour) is to be worn at all times. The Camp Seymour staff
   shirt is to be worn by all staff on Sundays and Saturdays, and by Pioneer staff on Wednesdays.
2) Clothes should be clean and well mended. Torn, skin-tight, short/shorts or provocative clothing, or clothes
   with inappropriate logos, graphics, or words may not be worn at any time while on camp property.
   Appropriate swimsuits for playing in the water with children must be worn during aquatic activities. (No
   bikinis for women or Speedo-type suits for men.)
3) Piercings should be small, non-distracting, and non-dangling. Body art may not display adult subject
   matter, inappropriate logos, graphics, or words.
       To ensure sufficient rest and sleep, good health and enthusiasm, all staff are expected to be in their quarters
       by 12:00 midnight, except for those staff who are on duty. Staff remaining in camp on scheduled time off are
       expected to comply with this policy. Staff are expected to get enough rest to prevent excess fatigue, illness
       and injury. Curfew violations may result in loss of night-out privileges or mandatory bedtime.
       Staff are expected to spend their working time with campers. Staff visitors are not permitted on camp
       property except under the following circumstances: Visitors may, for a short period of time (i.e., 10 minutes),
       wait for, pick up or drop off a staff member who is on time off at the upper parking lot. Visitors must leave
       camp premises after doing so. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Camp Director. Any such
       visitors must report directly to the camp office upon arrival at camp. See YMCA Camp Seymour Visitor Policy
       for more information.
       Sample Menu
         SUNDAY             MONDAY             TUESDAY         WEDNESDAY           THURSDAY            FRIDAY         SATURDAY
B    All b'fasts        Tortilla Wraps     Pancakes w/       Warm bagels,       French Toast w/   Hash browns       Continental
     include: Milk,     (scrambled         syrup, butter     cream cheese,      syrup, butter                       Breakfast
‘F                                                                                                Scrambled eggs
     juice, fruit,      eggs,                                jam, eggs
A                                          Sausage or                           Sausage or        (with ham as      (Cinnamon
     yogurt, Granola    hashbrowns,
S                                          bacon             Or fresh scones    bacon             available)        rolls,
     Hot/cold cereal    cheese, salsa,
T                                                            (butter & jam)                                         muffins,
     Coffee/Tea         plain yogurt)
                                                                                                                    cereal, fruit)
                                                             Scrambled eggs
     All lunches:       Sandwiches         Baked potato      Pitas (ham or      Cheese pizza      Burritos (serve   Staff lunch
     Water, Fruit,      (wheat bread,      (grated cheese,   turkey, non-                         meat and bean,    varies each
L                                                                               Soup
     Salad bar,         ham or turkey,     sour cream,       processed                            veggie in         week –
     Sandwich bar:      cheese, lettuce,   bacon bits;       cheese, lettuce,                     kitchen)          cook's choice
     either: PBJ, egg   tomato, pickle,    bread, yoghurt,   tomato, onion)                                         special
C                                                                                                 Mexi-fries
     salad,tuna         onion), Soup       Corn, Chili
H                                                            Soup
     Meat & veggie    Baked BBQ            Pasta w/ meat    Tortillas, ground   Hamburgers (or    Hot turkey        (All dinners
     (or cheese and   chicken (w/          or veggie sauce  turkey (or tofu),   veggie), hot                        include:
D                                                                                                 Mashed
     veggie) calzones veggie option)                        refried beans,      dogs, cheese,                       Milk (non-
I                                          Hot vegetable(s)                                       potatoes &
                                                            cheese, sour        lettuce, chips                      fat)
N    Hot vegetable(s) Corn on cob                                                                 gravy, Hot
                                           Fresh bread w/   cream, salsa,       tomato, onion,                      Water
N                                                                                                 vegetable(s)
                        Potatoes           garlic butter    tomatoes,           baked beans,                        Salad bar,
                        (scalloped,                         lettuce, onion,     potato salad,     Fresh bread       dessert
R                                          Frozen fruities
                        diced/herbed)                                           watermelon,
                                                            Spanish rice
1                                                                               lemonade
                        Fresh rolls

D    Meat and veggie Baked chicken         Veggie lasagna   Chips, ground       Same as above     Hot turkey       (All dinners
I    (or cheese and  (or stuffed                            turkey (or tofu),                                      include:
                                           Hot vegetable(s)                     BBQ!              Mashed
N    veggie)         green pepper)                          veggie refried                                         Milk non-fat)
                                                                                                  potatoes &
N    stromboli,                            Fresh bread w/   beans, cheese,                                         Water
                     Corn, potatoes                                                               gravy
E                                          garlic butter    sour cream,                                            Salad bar,
     Hot vegetable,  (scalloped,
R                                                           salsa tomatoes,                       Hot vegetable(s) dessert
                     diced/herbed)         Frozen fruities
     Fresh bread                                            lettuce, onion
2                                                                                                 Fresh bread
                     Fresh rolls

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