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					                                                                                     204 W. O’Neal Street 
                                                                                 Gaffney, South Carolina 29340
                                                                       MAY/JUNE 2010 NEWSLETTER
                                                                 E-mail address:

From the Pastor
What a blessing to serve along side so many faithful and excited
servants of the Lord. Thanks to the men who were up so early to
prepare our Easter Sunday breakfast.
That was one of the greatest Easter celebrations I have ever been a
part of. God truly put the service together. From the special music,
children and adult choirs, youth drama and your excitement, it was
truly a day to celebrate Christ’s victory over the grave.                                     Johnny & Elaine Price
                                                                                                     207 York Dr
The Deacons have already decided to order more chairs for the                                  Gaffney, SC 29340-3630
Family Life Center. Also we are looking at ideas to improve the
                                                                                         Birthdays: Johnny: 4/29; Elaine 2/27
sound with our crowds getting larger at these special events.
Thanks to our Property Committee in all their work. The buildings
look great with fresh paint on the outside. The new security camera
system should be put in a few short weeks.
Thanks to all of our children and adults that were part of the AWANA
program this year. You did a fantastic job. What a blessing to hear
the children quote their memory verses. A special thanks to Beth and
her enthusiastic leadership in being able to get so many people                             Jon & Lynne Shackleford
involved in AWANA.                                                                       Pictured with their daughter, Clancy
                                                                                                  946 N. Logan St.
Thank you for inviting your friends, neighbors and co-workers to                                 Gaffney, SC 29341
church. It still holds true, the best way to get people to church is to
simply invite them and you have done a great job doing that.
                                                                                         Jon: 11/4; Lynne: 7/28; Clancy: 8/19
Thanks to Beckie Thompson and her Sunday School team of
workers! Our attendance in Sunday School has been growing for
some time now. Thanks to all of you who lead and teach in Sunday
for your faithful service Sunday after Sunday.
Thank you for your faithful giving to God’s work. God is blessing this
church because not only does it use these monies wisely to reach our
community for Christ, but you also give to missions that are touching
the lives of those all over the world. One member notified the church,                           Donna Dellinger
that at their death, they are leaving everything to the church. They                               PO Box 735
wanted to do something for God’s glory even after they have departed                             Gaffney, SC 29342
this earth.
                                                                                                   Birthday: 8/5
I realize that I will probably leave out a lot of people and I do
apologize, but thank you to all who love the Lord with all of your
heart and you use your gifts for His glory.


                        Sunday, May 2
                                                                                                    Bailey Jolly
                        10:30 AM service will be special with music and
                        testimonies from our senior adults.
                                                                                                 1204 S Johnson St.
                                                                                                 Gaffney, SC 29340
                        A meal will follow the morning service for all                            Birthday: 11/29
                        senior adults.

                Broad River Baptist Association
                    Annual Spring Session
                      Monday, May 3 ~ 7:00 PM
                     At West End Baptist Church                                                   Brandon Gates
                  SPECIAL GUEST: Mr. Ben Davis,                                                   101 Westfield Dr
            President of Connie Maxwell Children’s Home                                          Gaffney, SC 29340
                                                                                                    Birthday: 8/4
    Don’t forget you can give financially to the church at any time. Check out
   Come, Worship with us!            Southside Baptist Church                 PRST STD
   Our Regular Schedule is…          204 W. O’Neal Street                     U. S. Postage Paid
          Sunday’s                   Gaffney, SC 29340-2142                   Non-Profit Organization
                                                                              Gaffney, SC 29340-9998
 9:30 AM Sunday School                                                        Permit No. 266
10:30 AM Worship
 6:00 PM Evening Worship                                   Return Service Requested
          Youth Worship
          Children’s Choir
 6:30 PM Children’s —
         F.L.I.P Night Children
           & Missions
 6:45 PM Adult Bible Study
         Youth Worship
         Adult Choir Rehearsal
                                           Sunday, June 27 ~ 6:30 PM

         Special Offering
            for Martha
                                        Last Day of School
           Franks Home
           Sunday, May 9                 Thursday, May 27
                                      Youth School’s Out Event
        South Carolina Baptist                                                    Learning
Ministries for the Aging collects                                                 Inspiring
    an annual Mother's Day
Offering that is used to support
                                    PeachCenter Ministries                        Prayer
                                    Items for…
   the long-term healthcare                                               Better known as….
                                     May – Rice
     needs of pastors and
    missionaries, and their         June – Dry Pinto Beans                      F. L. I. P. Night
 spouses, who are in need of                                                  A new study that will begin
                                                                                 Wednesday, May 5
      financial assistance                                                 at 6:30 PM and go to the end of
                                      Men & Ladies                                     August.
  Two very special days
                                    Softball Schedules                    This Bible study will be on men
      coming up…                     is available on our                  and women in the Bible who
    MOTHER’s DAY                           website                        served God faithfully. During the
     Sunday, May 9                      summer Bible Study, there will be
          and                                                             recreational time outside.
    FATHER’s DAY                    Fifth Sunday Singing
    Sunday, June 20                 Sunday, May 30 at 6:00 PM

  We will recognize all the         Youth HOT DOG                                            Children’s
                                                                                              Trip to
  women and men on their            Sale following the
respective days. Plan now to        singing on May 30th.
         be with us.
                                                                               Saturday, May 15
  NO evening service on             We have discontinued making
                                                                             12:00 noon – 4:30 PM
Mother’s Day or Father’s Day        cassette tapes of our worship
                                                                           PLEASE eat lunch before
                                    services. We found they were
                                                                                  you come.
                                    not able to have the quality
                                    sound needed and that it is             A snack will be provided.
       JOY Group                    becoming harder to find
       (Just Older Youth)           cassette players.
                                    We will continue to
                                    make CD’s of the
                                    services. If you know of shut-
       Saturday, May 15             in, homebound, or nursing
      Leaving at 8:15 AM            home person who would like to
                                    receive our CD’s (and may
                                    even need a CD player), please
  *If you plan to drive, please     contact the church office.              Children’s SWIM PARTY
 indicate so when you sign up.                                                 Saturday, June 19
        Sunday, May 9th.                 wMu Mission Study
                                            Tuesday, May 11
                                           11:00 AM at Fatz                 Vacation Bible
                                                                               July 18th – 21st
                                                                             Mark your calendars
     Ice Cream Social
                                       Ladies II Sunday School Class     29. 1 Chronicles 9-10
                                       WMU Bake Sale                     30. 1 Chronicles 11-13
                                       General Fund                           Timken Comfort Kit
Please note – The church secretary     In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Francis          Challenge for the
does not count the church              Wilkins and family                     American Red Cross
offerings. By the time she receives    Mr. & Mrs. Henry Jolly
the envelopes the money or checks
have been removed from the                                              Consider assisting the Cherokee
envelopes by the counting                                               County Service Center of the
committee. To assure accurate                                           American Red Cross in
recording of your tithes and                                            replenishing their comfort kit
                                       May Bible Reading
offering it is highly suggested that   1.  1 Samuel 13-15
                                                                        supplies. These are the personal
you write the amount of your           2.  1 Samuel 16-17               items given to disaster victims
offering on the outside of your        3.  1 Samuel 18-20               and shelter guests in the event
envelope for you to receive credit.    4.  1 Samuel 21-23               of an emergency.
                                       5.  1 Samuel 24-26
Debt Retirement Fund                   6.  1 Samuel 27-31                 AMERICAN RED CROSS
Madison Baebler                        7.  2 Samuel 1-3                    COMFORT KIT ITEMS
Kay Barton                             8.  2 Samuel 4-7
Allison Beck                           9.  2 Samuel 8-11                Adult Comfort Kits
Diane Benton                           10. 2 Samuel 12-14                 Comb
Joe Brown                              11. 2 Samuel 15-17
Emily Caughman                         12. 2 Samuel 18-20
                                       13. 2 Samuel 21-22
Wofford & Catherine
Caughman                               14. 2 Samuel 23-24                 Toothbrushes
Charles Childers                       15. John 1-2                       Deodorant
Frances Childers                       16. John 3-4                       Razor
Mike & Teresa Childers                 17. John 5-6                       Tissues (individual packets)
Aliene Clary                           18. John 7                         Shampoo
Jack & Evelyn Clary                    19. John 8-9                       Conditioner
Earl Coyle                             20. John 10-11                     Bath Soap
Haskel & Jewell Durham                 21. John 12-13                     Shaving Cream
Bill & Maxine Harris                   22. John 14-15                      Not required, but nice to
Jimmy Harris                           23. John 16-17
                                                                          have in the kits: Hand
Geneva Kitchens                        24. John 18-19
                                       25. John 20-21
Melinda Hulsey
James & Parnice Lester                 26. 1 Kings 1-2
Bobby Lipscomb                         27. 1 Kings 3-5                  Child’s Comfort Kit
Sara Martin                            28. 1 Kings 6-7                     Comb
Tammie McGee                           29. 1 Kings 8-9                     Washcloth
Barry & Peggy Medley                   30. 1 Kings 10-11                   Toothpaste
Roy & Martha Millwood                  31. 1 Kings 12-14                   Toothbrushes
Annette Mintz                                                              Tissues (individual packets)
Carol Mintz                                                                Shampoo
Evelyn Osment                          June Bible Reading                  Bath Soap
Doris Painter                           1. 1 Kings 15-17
                                                                           Small Fun Pad or coloring
Jean Parris                             2. 1 Kings 18-20
                                                                             book and crayons
Vernon Parris                           3. 1 Kings 21-22
Rick & Kay Pearson                      4. 2 Kings 1-3
Mark & Jenny Pelfrey                    5. 2 Kings 4-6                      (NO food or candy items
Elizabeth Phillips                      6. 2 Kings 7-9                        please)
Dewitt & Helen Price                    7. 2 Kings 10-12
Doyle & Lisa Rollins                    8. 2 Kings 13-15                Items should be placed in zip-
Chip & Denise Scoggins                  9. 2 Kings 16-17                loc bags, gallon size is best
Jonathan & Lynne Shackleford            10. 2 Kings 18-19
Betty Smith                             11. 2 Kings 20-22               They also suggest an index card
Beckie Thompson                         12. 2 Kings 23-25               or sticker that can be included
Ruth Thompson                           13. Acts 1-3                    or attached to the bag that states
Cathy Thornton                          14. Acts 4-5
                                                                        that the KITS were donated by
Terry White                             15. Acts 6-7
Bill & Nett Wilkerson                   16. Acts 8-9                    _____________
Lynn & Linda Wilkins                    17. Acts 10-11
Josh Wyatt                              18. Acts12-13                               
                                        19. Acts 14-15                                       Memorial Day
In Memory of Bill Bishop                20. Acts 16-18                                       May 31, 2010
Allison Beck                            21. Acts 19-20
Louise Wilburn                          22. Acts 21-23
                                                                        The church office and FLC will be closed
                                        23. Acts 24-26
                                        24. Acts 27-28                  in observance.
Annie Armstrong Offering
Co-Ed Sunday School Class               25. 1 Chronicles1-2                         
Earl Coyle’s Sunday School              26. 1 Chronicles 3-5
Class                                   27. 1 Chronicles 6
Ladies I Sunday School Class            28. 1 Chronicles 7-8

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