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					  pen refills &
  color cHart

   pen refills                                                      All	refills	contain	Non-Toxic	ink!
   1.	BR01 (Cross Type) ballpoint refill,
   available in black or blue $0.15(v)
   2.	BR02	(Parker Type) ballpoint refill,
   available in black or blue $0.20(v)                  2

   3.	BR03 Rollerball refill, available in
   black or blue $0.50(v)                               3

   4.	BR04 Ballpoint refill, available in
   black or blue $0.20(v)                               4

   5.	BR05 Gel refill, available in black or
   blue $0.35(v)                                        5

lacquered coated colors:

    Black              Blue           Burgundy          Green            Yellow         White            Pink       Lime Green    Brown

Marble coated colors:

 Marble Gray       Marble Blue     Marble Burgundy   Marble Green      Marble Gray    Marble Blue     Marble Red   Marble Green

Matte coated colors:

    Black              Blue           Burgundy          Green           Orange          Yellow         Hot Pink       White

Matte coated-Metallic colors:                                       translucent lacquered colors:

     Blue              Red              Green                             Blue           Red            Green       Light Blue

Metallic colors:

 Satin Chrome       Satin Silver     Satin Nickel     Satin Gold       Pearl White   Metallic White    Chrome       Gun Metal

    Gold           Carbon Fiber      Carbon Fiber
                      Silver            Black


                                                standard:                         options:

laser engraving
                                                         laser on brass
Computerized engraving on metal                                                   Oxidation on lasered,       Chrome	Etch on brass
or wood surfaces. $40.00(v) set up                                                electroplate surface to a   pens will be charged an
charge on new order per logo/position.                                            dark charcoal color.        additional $0.25(v)
$25.00(v) for repeat set up per logo/                  laser on aluminum          $0.25(v) will be charged    per piece.
position. $0.30(v) running charge for                                             per piece. Color-fill can
additional position.                                                              be applied to the Satin
                                                                                  Gold, Satin Chrome, and
                                                         laser on wood            Nickel Platinum pens.

silk screen
Screened logo imprint on any surface. $40.00(v) set up charge on new order
per color/position. $25.00(v) for repeat set up per color/position. $0.20(v)
running charge for additional color/position on brass/wood pens, $0.10(A) for                             Standard
plastic pens. PMS chart is based on white background, can’t be guaranteed
on colored surfaces. A product proof is recommended. PMS color match
charge: $40.00 (v) per color.
                                                                                                    PMS matched color

epoxy doMe
A clear dome place over imprinted logos. $40.00(v) for set up charge per
color, plus $0.35(v) running charge per piece. Additional color running charge:
$0.20(v) Photo/4-color	 process:	 Tooling	 charge:	 $50.00(v)	 plus	 running:	
$0.20(v). Min. Qty: 100 pcs. Allow 7-10 working days for production.
Standard	background: White/Gold/Black

Hot staMping
Metallic foil stamping on brass or plastic pens surface. $65.00(v) for new set
up per color/position, $25.00(v) for repeat set up per color/position. $0.25(v)
running charge per color/position. Minimum order: 500 pcs.
Available in 5 standard colors:	
Gold,	Silver,	Red,	Green,	Blue.

                                                                                                                IMPRINT INFORMATION

                                 Multicolor/photo/4-color process
                      transfer   1. Tooling charge: $500.00(v)-4 colors or under,
                                    please call factory for special color and pricing!

                       iMprint   2. Repeat order: $200.00(v).
                                 3. Production time: 3 weeks, please call factory for details.
                                 4. Pre-product proof: Unit cost of pen plus set
                                    up 500.00(v), 2 weeks production time.
                                 5. Free running charge.
                                 6. Color can only be close as possible. Exact PMS color
                                    match cannot be guaranteed.

decal iMprint:                                         decal clip:
1. Set up charge: $40.00 (v) per color.                1. Set up: $40.00 (v) per color. Repeat set up
2. Repeat set up $25.00 (v) per color.                    $25.00(v) per color.
3. Running charge: $0.20 (v) per color/piece.          2. Spec. sample charge $40.00 (v) per color.
                                                       3. Running charge $0.35(v) per piece.
                                                       4. Extra color silkscreen running charge $0.20(v).
                                                       5. Production time: 7-10 working days.

custoM Made clip:
                                                                custoM products:
1. Mold charge: $200.00(v), repeat charge: $75.00(v)
                                                                Lungsal is capable to produce and
2. Running charge: $0.40(v) per piece.
                                                                duplicate any metal or wood product,
3. Clip epoxy dome: $0.35(v) per piece.
                                                                unless patented or registered. Please call
4. Additional imprint running (over 2 colors):
                                                                factory for more information.
   $0.10(A) per color.
5. Minimum qty: 1000 pieces.

                                                                                          IMPRINT INFORMATION

    order acknowledgeMent
    All orders are acknowledged via fax or e-mail. All changes must be confirmed in writing. All new or repeat orders will receive an
    acknowledgement within 24 hours from Lungsal by fax or e-mail. It is your responsibility to follow up. Lungsal will not be respon-
    sible for any delayed shipment due to the fact acknowledgement was not received.

    cHanges or cancellations:
    All changes or cancellations of any order in process will be charged up to 50% of all costs incurred to date.

    1. Electronic	File	(E-Mail): Please provide IBM PC compatible format using Adobe	Illustrator,	EPS,	TIF	or
      Corel	Draw	7 file type (preferred) at 300 dpi or higher. All text must be converted to outlines (lines & curves).
    2. Camera-Ready: Please provide minimum 300% black & white art.
    3. Multi-Color	Imprint: Please submit color separated art with registration marks for each color.
    4. Art	Modification: Alterations to art, $40.00(v) per logo.
    5. Artwork is kept on file for 2 years maximum for repeat orders.

    1. Paper	Proof: No charge up to 2 proofs. Please add 24 to 48 hours to the production proof of your order.
      Signature is required to begin production. All paper proof must be reviewed carefully. Lungsal is not liable for
      any incorrect artwork or layout once it’s approved. Each additional proof will be charged $20.00(v)
    2. Product	Proof: Highly recommended for large quantity order or PMS color matching order. $40.00(v) charge per
      color/position on laser or silkscreen plus product cost and shipping. PMS match will be $40.00(v) per color.
    3. Random/Blank	Samples: With sufficient inventory, shipping within 48 hours and charged at end-quantity
      price plus shipping cost. Up to 5 pen samples can be requested at no charge if a shipping account is provided. All
      sample requests must be faxed to ensure accuracy.
    4. Repeat	Orders: $25.00(v) per color/position. Please reference previous purchase order when placing orders.
    5. Personalization: Please submit a typewritten list or disk (IBM PC format, Microsoft Excel file) to ensure accurate
      spelling. $40.00(v) for set up charge, plus $1.00(v) laser running charge per name. File must be saved in the format
      (upper/lower cases etc.) to be lasered. Stock engraving style available:    Arial, Times New Roman, Times
      New Roman Italic
    6. E-mail	paper	proofs: PDF or JPEG (black & white) no charge up to 2 proofs. Each additional proofs is charged $20.00(v)
    7. E-samples: Actual production of samples e-mailed $40.00(v) will be charged. Production time is 2-3 days after art
      approvals. Repeat set up $25.00(v) will be applied after E-sample is approved.
    8. Virtual/Digital-samples: A computer generated sample in PDF or JPEG format via e-mail. Color and size my vary, this
      will not duplicate the actual outcome of the sample. $20.00(v) per sample. Production time is within 72 hours. An EPS
      artwork must be submitted.

    1. Black medium point ink refill is our standard refill color for all pens. Blue refill exchange is available upon request,
      please add $0.20(v) to insert per pen.
    2. Ballpoint refill (BR02) can be upgraded to rollerball refill (BR03) or gel refill (BR05), please add $0.35(v) for BR03 or $0.25(v) for
      BR05 top exchange per pen.

1. Blank	Product: With sufficient inventory, ship within 48 hours. EQP on all blank products.
2. Regular	Orders: 5-10 working days upon paper proof or spec-sample approval.
3. Rush	Orders: Must be confirmed with our customer service. 1-3 working days rush order charge please add $50.00(v).
4. Over	/	Under	Runs: We reserve the right to ship any order over / under by 5%.

1. Transit time is not included in production time.
2. Shipping	Methods: Orders will ship via FedEx or UPS ground unless otherwise specified.
  You may also use your own shipping account, if you please.
3. Shipping	Handling	Charge: $5.00(v) will be added per carton.
4. Drop	/	Split	Shipment	Charge: $5.00(v) per address. Please submit quantity per address in purchase order.
5. International	Shipment: Please provide commercial invoice with declared value and UPS or FedEX
  account for duties, taxes, entry fee and freight billing purpose. $25.00(v) handling fee and $40.00(v) for
  wire transfer fee.
6. Post	Office	shipment: $15.00 (v) per carton will be added.

price and terMs:
1. All prices are F.O.B. Brea, California, Lungsal warehouse.
2. Net 30 days term are only available to customers with prior credit approval. Payment not
  received by the due date are subject to interests per month. Late payment charge:
  1.5% after 30 days, 2.5% after 45 days and 3% after 60 days. All 90 days past due invoice will be submitted
  to a collection company.
3. All first orders may require a 100% deposit to run order.
4. All less than minimum orders will be subject to a $50.00 (v) charge.
5. All prices are subject to charge without notice.
6. All prices are in accordance with this catalog , we are not liable for any incorrect, published prices elsewhere.
7. All payments must be made by check in U.S.A. FUNDS. There is a $30.00 charge for each returned check.
8. Co-Op Pricing: Please call factory for Co-Op Pricing.
9. Pre-pay orders by credit cards are accepted with no fee.

All merchandise shipped out of the United States is not covered by warranty.

Must be authorized by Lungsal. Any defective merchandise must be reported to us within 10 working days from receipt of
merchandise. We reserve the rights to repair / replace only the quantity of merchandise returned to us.

1. Wood Products: All natural woods, colors, grains and stains may vary.
2. Brass ballpoint pens can be made into matching mechanical pencils, please add $1.25(v) per unit base on the
ballpoint style of your choice and allowed 10-15 working days for production.

All logos in this catalog are for demonstrative purpose only. Imprints, logos or trademarks displayed on products in this catalog
are solely for the purpose of showing imprinting capabilities on these products. They are not intended to reflect or imply
endorsement of the products by the companies. The imprints represented and are not available for sale to anyone other than
the parties expressly authorized by the owner of such designs. Lungsal does not endorse any goods, services, companies,
manufactures or their agents and representatives.

Visa	and	Mastercard	Accepted!
For pre-pay customers/orders only. No American Express card at this time.
All credit card transaction must have an authorize signature, matching billing address and
3 digits security code. A credit card authorization form will be faxed after the order is received.

                                                                                                                 GENERAL INFORMATION

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