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1. Person receiving the call will get:

     A.   Location of the bomb....if possible, the specific area within the exact building.
     B.   What time the bomb is set to go off.
     C.   Is it placed in the open?
          l. Is it disguised?
          2. Is it concealed?
     D.   What kind and size is the bomb?
     E.   How did the bomb get into the building?
          1. Was it mailed?
          2. Was it carried in?
     F.   Why was the bomb put there?
     G.   Identification of the caller:
          1. Sound of voice....older, younger, male, female.
     H.   Listen for any possible background noise:
          1. Music, machinery, traffic noise, other people.
     I.   Do not hang up telephone....use another telephone and another line to call to notify others....a
          trace may be possible.

2. When a threat is received:

     A.   Notify the most immediate administrator; district administrator and/or building principal.
     B.   Immediately call sheriff's office, give all information you have, do not hang up until call is

3.        Tell dispatcher to call the fire department.

4.        Building principals will sound sure everyone is clear of the building, move teachers
          and students 500 feet from the building to await transportation.

5.        Teaches will leave the building with their students and attendance book. Move students at least
          500 feet from the building. Do not let anyone re-enter the building.

6.        Cold weather:

          A. Call bus garage and order buses to hold students.
                 (1)_________________, (2)________________________
                         teacher's name
                 (3)__________________, students will report to (4)______________________,
                 (5) ___________________________,(6)_________________________.
                                                                                         504.3 (cont.)

             (1)____________________________, (2)_______________________
                     teacher's name
             (3)__________________ will proceed to the bus garage and drive buses back to hold
             students. Buses will stop on the street. Students will be held/or transported to
             temporary housing.

7.    Warm Weather:

      A.     Teachers are to hold students 500 feet from the building to await further instructions
             from the administrators. Students will be escorted to temporary housing.

8.    Temporary Housing:

      A.     Temporary housing provided in the following locations. The Sheriff’s Office will
             arrange to have the buildings open. Elementary School: Bethany Lutheran Church,
             Middle School: Methodist Church, High School, Community Center.

9.    Building Clearance:

      A.     Sheriff’s personnel will inspect and clear the large gym and two rest rooms.

      B.     If clear, students will be returned to the school building and housed in gym until told by
             Sheriff’s Department it is safe to return to classrooms.

10.   School Dismissal:

      A.     The discussion to dismiss school will be made by the administration based on the
             recommendation of the Sheriff’s Department.

11.   Actual Bomb Discovery in Buildings or on School Grounds:

      A.     Do not move or handle bomb or unidentified package.

      B.     Notify district administration and/or building principals.

      C.     The same procedure will be followed for items 2B, 3, 4, and 5 above.
Procedure adopted by School Board October 16, 1989