MARC CENTER
                          EVACUATION DRILL REPORT
                               BOMB THREAT

Date: Friday, January 11, 2008 at 9:00 am

Safety Subcommittee Members:         Bob McCormick-Facility, Sheila Wells-BHS, Rich
                                     Broch-HR and Becky Stroble-Accting

Staff Involved:       Carol Stamp, ERS Recpt. Trainer
                      Recpts. Gloria H., Vance B., and Michele
                      All of the CDS staff and clients
                      All Behavioral Health staff in Basement and M1
                      Kim Stephenson, CLS Acct: Sheila Davis, CLS Manager,
                      Linda Minniear, CLS Adm Asst.
                      HR staff – Rich Broch, Marc Trainer
                      Adm Staff – Barbara Smith-Odem, Exe. Adm Asst. .
                      Randall Gray, CEO

Site: Administrative Building

Circumstances: An outraged, terminated Marc Center employee planted a bomb at the
Marc Center Administrative building. The employee called and the receptionist, Carol
Stamp (ERS Recpt Trainer) taking the call followed the bomb threat checklist found on
the phone cards by each Marc Center phone and in the Emergency Procedure Handbook.
The receptionist remained calm even though the caller was very angry. Carol was able to
find out where the bomb was located and what type of explosives were used. Carol,
while on the phone pushed the panic button installed under the receptionist computer
desk to alert the “911” emergency dispatch. When Carol had gotten off the phone with
the bomber she called up to the Executive floor to inform them of the situation and found
Randy Gray’s (CEO) line busy. She then proceeded to the next Executive in charge, Pat
Gilbert (CAO) who was not in his office. She then tried John Moore’s (CFO) extension
and he also was not in. She called Barbara Smith-Odem’s (Exec. Admin. Asst.)
extension who answered and immediately got Randy off the phone and Carol told Randy
what had happened and Randy made the decision to evacuate the building. Evacuation
was done by an all page over the phone and all persons in the Administrative building
evacuated to 10th Street. One of the HR trainers, Rich Broch had seen on his way out a
brown paper bag placed in on the air/water pressure pipes. Up on the arrive of the
emergency vehicles Randy informed the fire and police what took place and followed
their instruction on how to dismiss staff and individuals from the area and alerted the
bomb squad.

1.    The receptionist area really needs two phones so if there is some else in the
      receptionist area they could make a call to administrative floor or to another area
      if needed.

2.    Be sure the person answering the call stays calm and thinks about what the caller
      is saying and not to let things going on around them distract them. Write down
      as much as you can about the discussion so you don’t forget anything.

3.    Would it be beneficial to shut down the elevator in emergency situations even
      though staff is trained not to use it when evacuating? Bob McCormick said there
      was a key the facility staff has to disarm the elevator if necessary.

4.    If the bomber discloses where the bomb is placed let evacuating staff know so that
      area might be avoided.

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