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									                                      Forester Licensing Board
                                     Minutes – December 14, 2006

                                   Berkshire-Pioneer RC&D Office
                                  433 West St. Suite 8, Amherst, MA

Board Members in attendance: M. Kelty, R. Beham, L. Fish, G. Boyce.

Others in attendance:
       Legal Counsel:

The chair referred members to the minutes of the October 19, 2006 meeting and requested
comments or corrections prior to their approval. A motion was made and seconded to accept
the minutes as written. Motion carried with a unanimous vote of members present.

Public Inquiry-None

Agenda item: “Review and discussion of letter sent by Allan Gordon and petition prepared by
Bob Perschel, Northeast Regional Director of the Forest Guild, regarding FLB member
appointments” was tabled for discussion at next meeting so that legal counsel can participate.

Reviewed and approved by the majority of the board present the new application package
submitted by Dennis Candelora.

Reviewed and approved by the majority of the board present the renewal application packages
submitted by:
Shane Bajnoci
Gregory Buzzell
John F. Flanagan
David Robb Jr.
Thomas E. Sullivan
Harry Wandeloski
Mary K. Wigmore
Robert J. Wigmore
Robert E. W. Collins
Starling Childs
Joel Carlson
Alison Wright

Department of Conservation and Recreation         Deval L. Patrick    Ian A. Bowles, Secretary
251 Causeway Street, Suite 600                    Governor            Executive Office of Environmental Affairs
Boston MA 02114-2119
617-626-1250 617-626-1351 Fax                     Timothy P. Murray   Priscilla E. Geigis, Acting Commissioner                                  Lt. Governor        Department of Conservation & Recreation
David Carter
Adrian Fabos
Christian Gearwar
Sean Libby
Lisa Smith

Matt K. reported that he was notified by the SAF forester licensing subcommittee that they
will be sending a survey to the MA FLB and other states. We will get a copy of their report
when it is complete in the spring of 2007.

FLB discussed a request by a license holder to receive credits for a self guided forestry tour
through the south and western states. FLB determined that the only available category for an
unorganized field trip is Category 5 with a maximum annual credit limit of 4.

Next Meeting Date: January 11, 2007

Meeting Adjourned

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