The Party Outlook. An Unsigned Editorial from Communist Labor

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					                                     CLP: The Party Outlook [Feb. 25, 1920]                                            1

                                     The Party Outlook.
             An Unsigned Editorial from Communist Labor, Feb. 25, 1920.

                          Published in Communist Labor, v. 1, no. 3 (Feb. 25, 1920), pg. 8.

      Right from the outset we want to assure all who                   Facilities at both Deer Island and Ellis Island were
are interested that the condition of the Communist               entirely inadequate to take care of the hundreds of
Labor Party is, at this writing, most satisfactory, if all       deportees housed there. At Deer Island two deportees
we have had to face in the last month is taken into              went insane and one committed suicide because of the
account.                                                         persecution. At Ellis Island eight deportees died and
      We do not claim that the raids and the arrests             most of them suffered severe colds, due to bad ventila-
and the indictments did not hamper the work of the               tion and other causes.
organization. The energy and money which would have                     All deportees which belonged to the Commu-
been spent in education and organization had to, for             nist Labor Party have been released from both Ellis
the time being, be given to defense and relief.                  Island and Deer Island upon bail. To secure ample bail
      As may be known, the National Office [208 E                 in New York City was a large undertaking and we have
12th Street, New York] was included in the Red Raids.            the New York members of the party to thank for their
Party supplies were confiscated, money was stolen out             unceasing labors in this respect. From last reports there
of the cash drawer, and L.E. Katterfeld, organization            are still about ten deportees, members of the Com-
director, who happened to be the only person in the              munist Labor Party, imprisoned in Philadelphia, and
office at the time, was taken to the New York City                several in Denver.
Department of Justice headquarters, questioned, and                     In Oregon Victor Saulit and others were arrested.
shipped with hundreds of others to Ellis Island. He              In California the cases against the state officials of the
was kept there three days and until his citizenship was          Communist Labor Party were dismissed in lower court,
proven.                                                          but the comrades were immediately rearrested upon
      Instructions to the raiders were that only alien           indictments returned by the Alameda grand jury. Those
radicals were to be arrested. And when the raids were            indicted are: James H. Dolsen, State Secretary; J.E.
completed, nearly every nationality on earth was rep-            Snyder, editor of The World; Cyrus Tobey, organizer;
resented. Greeks, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Letts                 Edric Smith and J.C. Taylor, of the State Executive
[Latvians], Hungarians, Germans, Irish, Russians,                Committee; Reed, party worker in Oakland; Allanson
Poles, South Slavs [Croats, Slovenes, and Serbs], Ital-          Sessions and Max Bedacht. All are released upon bail.
ians, even a Chinaman on the western coast were                  These comrades are charged with violating the state
among the several thousand “foreigners” held for de-             syndicalist law. Their defense is well taken care of.
portation. A total of 124, including 14 women, were                     In Duluth Jack Carney was arrested for “discour-
crowded upon Deer Island, Boston Harbor. Five hun-               aging enlistment in the US Army.” He is out on bonds.
dred and fifteen, including 32 women, some with chil-             In Kansas City, Mo., the federal authorities accused
dren, were “shipped” to Ellis Island, New York. Moth-            J.P. Cannon, State Secretary, and Charles Baker, na-
ers with babies were among those sent to Ellis Island.           tional organizer, with violating the Lever Act. They
In one instance a woman, who had given birth to a                are supposed to have encouraged the miners in their
child ten days before the raids, was forced out of bed           strike. Baker was arrested in Ohio and has been re-
to share the privations of the deportees.                        leased upon bonds. From latest reports we understand

   2                                 CLP: The Party Outlook [Feb. 25, 1920]

that Cannon is still held in the Kansas City, Mo.,                  in answer to their indictment and the defense work is
prison. Ample bail for his release was offered by Kan-              going forward in a most efficient manner.
sas Comrades, but only Missouri property will be ac-                       It will be seen from this report that the party has
cepted by the Court. Comrades owning property in                    ably met the situation which confronted it subsequent
Missouri should get busy.                                           to the raids. The various subdivisions of the organiza-
       Party members arrested in New Jersey, charged                tion have shown remarkable strength and courage and
with violation of state law, are all out on bonds and               have discharged their duties to the indicted members
the date of trial has been set several times and again              and the deportees with speed and understanding.
postponed. In New York, Benjamin Gitlow was found                   When it is taken into account that almost all of those
guilty of violating a law passed right after McKinley               who held for deportation have been freed on bail; when
was assassinated in this state. His case will be appealed.          it is understood that in every case the defense is being
       At Chicago all the state and local officials of the           attended to in a manner which merits praise, then the
party, as well as the national officials, were indicted              membership as a whole may well realize that the orga-
fro alleged violation of the state sedition law. Mem-               nization as such is more powerful today than before
bers of the party named in the indictment, as reported              January 3rd.
by the press, follow: National Executive Committee:                        Close attention will now be given to education
L.E. Katterfeld, Alexander Bilan, Max Bedacht, Ed-                  and organization work. Members will be pleased to
ward Lindgren, Edgar Owens. Cook County Execu-                      learn that preliminary tasks are well under way to place
tive Committee: Samuel Hankin, Edwin Firth, John                    into the hands of all subdivisions and members the
Vogel, Arthur Procter, Jacob Schriff, Niel S. Kjar, M.A.            literature which will enlighten the workers, which will
Stolar, Charles Krumbein. Branch Secretaries: Robert                pint out to them the many commissions of crime, vio-
Norburg, R.W. Horseley, Charles Katz. Organization                  lence, and terrorism by the ruling class and which will
and Propaganda Committee, Chicago: Albert Schus-                    teach them that only all power in the hands of the
ter, G.A. Engelken, John Nelson, Meyer Dobrow.                      workers will put a stop to the White Terror.
National Executive Secretary A. Wagenknecht. Active                        One thing is assured. We shall not be intimi-
organizers and agitators: John Reed, William Bross                  dated. The purpose of the raids was to cow the work-
Lloyd, Charles Baker. Women comrades indicted:                      ers. The Red Raids will have the opposite effect. Al-
Marguerite Prevey, Helen Judd, Clara Rofsky.                        ready the lackeys of capitalism sense that they have
       This is by far the largest number of indictments             overplayed their hand. Already they are forced to back
the party has had to deal with since the ruling class               up.
decided to “safeguard” the constitution and yet the                        We will stand our ground. We will advance. We
Illinois organization has met the situation head-on.                will emerge victorious.
Comrades were released on bail as fast as they appeared

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