Rusted Root resumes the party with 'Rodeo' by ihd16607


									C2                The Daily News, Saturday, May 9, 2009
 Rusted Root resumes the party with ‘Rodeo’
                                        RUSTED ROOT,                                                           TERA MELOS, “Idioms
                                    “Stereo Rodeo”                                                          Vol. 1” (Sargent House)
                                    (Adrenaline) ✰✰✰✰1⁄2 —                                                  ✰✰✰1⁄2 — Tera Melos’ jerky
                                    What if a high-profile, plati-                                          math rock is always a fun
                                    num-selling musical group                                               bag, but there are two things
                                    threw a party and almost                                                about their “Idioms” EP that
                                    nobody came? Rusted Root                                                kill: They punch out spir-
                                    found out in 2002 when                                                  ited renditions of songs that
                                    painfully few of even their                                             inspired their path, and the
                                    most dedicated fans RSVP’d                                              darn thing is absolutely free
                                    to “Welcome to My Party,”                                               to you, the consumer, at the
                                    their fifth studio release since                                        band’s site (teramelosmusic.
                                    the Pittsburgh-born band                                                com).
                                    burst upon the charts in 1994                                              Rubbing off like calcula-
with the major-label smash, “When I Woke.” It appeared it              tor punk with many, many touches of hook-filled fire, the fel-
also would be their last when the principals — most notably            lows do their best to pay homage to, but also put their unique
guitarist, lead singer and chief songwriter Michael Glabicki,          stamp on, the Beach Boys’ “Meant for You”; the Clash’s com-                    JIMMY FALLON                       TRENT REZNOR

                                                                                                                                                 Jimmy Fallon,
multi-instrumentalist and harmony singer extrordinaire Liz             mercial face slap “Kola Kola”; and the Pixies’ “Tame.” They
Berlin and percussionist Jim Donovan — began peeling away              even made me not have Rivers Cuomo for three minutes by
to follow their individual muses.                                      kicking out his “Blast Off,” complete with robotic posturing
   As it turns out, however, the party isn’t quite over just yet.      and alien vocals that made me ache for a laser gun. It’s over in
In fact, if “Stereo Rodeo” is any indication, it’s just getting        like nine minutes, which gives you no excuse not to play them

                                                                                                                                                 Trent Reznor
restarted. Glabicki, Berlin and original bassist Patrick Norman        again and again. (BK)
have reunited to form the core of a reconstituted Root that not           Tera Melos play the Smiling Moose Sunday at 6 p.m. Also on
only has ended a seven-year drought, but arguably has crafted          the bill are Red Team Blue Team and Voice Like Rhetoric. Tickets
the first truly authentic RR record since the seminal “Send Me         are $8.
On My Way” soared up the charts — and subsequently onto a

                                                                                                                                                  win Webbys
                                                                                                               THE VASELINES,
handful of major motion picture soundtracks — a decade and a                                                “Enter the Vaselines” (Sub
half ago.                                                                                                   Pop) ✰✰✰1⁄2 — Scottish
   It takes barely a bar or two of disc-opener “Dance in the                                                alt-rock quartet the Vaselines
Middle” to realize that they’ve got their tribal groove back,                                               were virtual unknowns on
and they reinforce that notion throughout the remaining 10-                                                 our shores until the late Kurt
track ride. There is no “Send Me” here, but neither is there                                                Cobain began touting them                                    By JAKE COYLE
any filler — just gems such as the accurately named “Driving                                                in interviews. Nirvana even                              AP Entertainment Writer
One” and “Driving Two,” which bookend the Wilco-esque                                                       went on to cover a trio of             NEW YORK (AP) — Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show
title tune; the funky “Bad Son”; the folkish “Weary Bones”;                                                 Vaselines tunes in “Son of a        hasn’t been on the air three months, but he’s already got an
the poignant “Give You the Grace”; and the tour de force                                                    Gun,” “Molly’s Lips” and            award. The comedian was chosen as person of the year by
three-headed home stretch of “Animals Love Touch,”                                                          “Jesus Doesn’t Want Me for          the annual Webby awards for being “one of the most ardent
“Garbage Man” and “Crucible Glow,” the latter reminiscent                                                   a Sunbeam.” Formed in 1987          online evangelists.”
of an up-tempo “Cruel Sun.” Ironically, perhaps, the most                                                   by Eugene Kelly and Frances            The 13th annual Webbys were announced this week. A
Root-like moment may be their percussion-driven cover of               McKee (and dissolved two years later), the band made just one            special achievement award was also given to Nine Inch Nails
“Suspicious Minds,” with Glabicki’s still eclectic but no less         proper full-length and Sub Pop later released a compilation of           frontman Trent Reznor, who released his 2008 album, “The
interesting vocal delivery proving to be the perfect anti-Elvis.       their 19 official recordings. Even with Cobain’s pimping, they           Slip,” as a free download.
Welcome back to the party. (Dave Fennessy)                             never achieved much more than cult status in America.                       Seth MacFarlane, the “Family Guy” creator, was honored
                                       DOYLE LAWSON &                     Two decades later, the Vaselines are back at it and the result        as film and video person of the year for his Web franchise
                                    QUICKSILVER, “Lonely               is this ambitious two-CD set. “Enter the Vaselines” includes             “Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy.”
                                    Street” (Rounder) ✰✰✰✰             the band’s two EPs (“Song of a Gun” and “Dying for It”) and                 Nation Public Radio led winners with seven awards,
                                    — In these troubled financial      lone LP (“Dum Dum”) on the first disc, but fans will want to             including wins for its music division, mobile news and pod-
                                    times, there is no sounder         dive into the goodies on Disc 2. It includes never-before-heard          casts. The New York Times’ online unit — last year’s Webby
                                    investment for your entertain-     demo versions of “Son of a Gun,” “Rosary Job” and “Red                   leader — earned six awards, the same total that
                                    ment dollar than bluegrass         Poppy,” plus 15 live tracks recorded in Bristol and London.              also received.
                                    legend Lawson, who con-               Songs such as “Rory Rides Me Raw,” “You Think You’re a
                                    tinues to pay rich dividends       Man,” “The Day I Was a Horse” and “Teenage Superstars”
                                    on “Lonely Street,” his and
                                    Quicksilver’s 37th trip out
                                                                       still hold up and it’s easy to see why Cobain was such a fan.
                                                                       Though a little redundant — three versions of “Son of a Gun”              On The Net
                                    of the studio and into the         appear here — this is a worthy addition to the collection of any
                                    market.                                                   (
                                                                       alternative rock fan. (Jeffrey Sisk)                                        Twitter, the fast-growing microblogging site, won the
                                       Whether stomping through                                                BIG FRESH, “Big Fresh            Webby for breakout of the year.
the genre’s characteristic string-mashers (“Big Wind,” “Call                                                Forever” (Garden Gate                  Two well-known comedians were also singled out.
Me Up and I’ll Come Callin’ on You,” “Down Around Bear                                                      Records) ✰✰✰1⁄2 — If you               Sarah Silverman was honored as best actress for her perfor-
Cove,” “Sally and Johnny”), or crooning a good old-fash-                                                    enjoy the unabashedly sunny         mance in the viral video “I’m ... Matt Damon” and for her
ioned country torch song (“Ain’t a Woman Somebody When                                                      indie pop of Apples In Stereo,      contribution to a voting initiative video. Lisa Kudrow won
She’s Gone,” “Oh Heart Look What You’ve Done,” “My                                                          Big Fresh’s latest record           for outstanding comedic performance as the star of the series
Real World of Make Believe”), or preaching a little gospel                                                  is sure to please. That’s           “Web Therapy” on
(“Yesterday’s Songs,” “When the Last of Our Days Should                                                     because Apples frontman Bob            The awards will be presented in New York on June 8, host-
Come”) or simply cryin’ the blues (“Lonely Street”), the                                                    Schneider’s fingerprints are all    ed by Seth Meyers (“Saturday Night Live”). The Webbys are
instruments are spot-on and the three-part, high-lonesome har-                                              over the 13-track “Big Fresh        known for their brief acceptance speeches, where winners are
mony exquisite.                                                                                             Forever,” the first record on       limited to five words. (Stephen Colbert, a special achieve-
   But lest anyone accuse Quicksilver of living in the past,                                                his fledgling Garden Gate           ment winner last year, said: “Me. Me. Me. Me. Me.”)
Lawson gives a very contemporary commentary on the state                                                    Records. Big Fresh got some            Since “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” began in early
of the economy in particular and society in general in the                                                  needed profile raising last year    March, the comedian has augmented his NBC broadcast
world-weary “The Human Race,” when he plaintively observes             by opening for Apples In Stereo and the influence is evident.            with Web videos, blogging and tweeting on Twitter.
“Nations are starving while they pay our farmers not to grow              “Big Fresh Forever” was a long time in the making, as the                Reznor’s online fervor was evident Sunday, when he
the grain/Fossil fuel is going up in smoke and coming down in          guys spent seven years putting together the 30-minute release.           posted in a Nine Inch Nails forum that he was frustrated
acid rain” against a backdrop of swampy guitar.                        Of course, BF is a side project for members Ben Fulton                   with what he called Apple’s inconsistent standards. He criti-
   And of course he pays homage to his inspiration and patron          (Ulysses), Daniel Coy (Deek Hoi), Dave Farris (Club Dub),                cized the company for not making the band’s album “The
saint on “Monroe Mandolin,” which earns bonus points for               Jeremy Midkiff (Joybombs) and John Ferguson (Apples In                   Downward Spiral” available on its iPhone app even though
appending a snippet of “Watermelon Hanging on the Vine,”               Stereo, Deek Hoi, Ulysses), all of whom stay very busy in a              it’s for sale on iTunes.
the signature tune that heralded virtually every one of Bill           host of other bands.                                                        The Onion won for best humor Web site and its television
Monroe’s live performances. You’ll want this one in your port-            The record itself is quite enjoyable, with the infectious             news parody, Onion News Network, won for best writing.
folio. (DF)                                                            “W.L.U.V.” the best of the bunch. Additional highlights                  The Huffington Post won for best political Web site.
                                       ISIS, “Wavering                 include “Losing Friends to War,” “International Date Line”                  Best individual comedy short went to “Prop 8: The
                                    Radiant” (Ipecac) ✰✰✰✰             and “Satan, No.” This is a great album for the warm summer               Musical,” a video from the Will Ferrell co-founded site
                                    — Standing atop the post-          weather as you blast it from your car speakers with the top     The star-studded video (Jack Black, Neil
                                    metal mountain are ISIS,                    (
                                                                       down. (JS)                                                               Patrick Harris) suggested that gay marriage (which was then
                                    whose every release is greeted                                                                              being voted on in California as Proposition 8) would save
                                                                                                               JOEL HARRISON                    the economy.
                                    with bated breath, foaming                                              “Urban Myths” (Highnote
                                    mouths, and lofty expecta-                                                                                     Best comedy series went to “Childrens’ Hospital,” the
                                                                                                            Records) ✰✰✰ — Guitarist            medical drama parody for by Rob Corddry
                                    tions that almost no band                                               Joel Harrison says the focus
                                    could meet. Luckily, these                                                                                  (“The Daily Show”).
                                                                                                            of his new recording is the            PBS won four Webbys, including best news and politics
                                    mammoth veterans, who took                                              electric jazz he grew up with
                                    lessons taught by Neurosis                                                                                  series for its “Frontline/World iWitness.” Others with mul-
                                                                                                            in the 1970s.                       tiple awards included the BBC, Sundance Channel, YouTube
                                    and spread their own version                                               For better or worse, he
                                    across terrain and tundra,                                                                                  Live, Next New Networks and
                                                                                                            seems to hit his target.               The Webbys are presented by the International Academy
                                    never disappoint, even with                                                The opening track, “You
their fury of changes and alterations over the years.                                                                                           of Digital Arts and Sciences, a 550-member group of Web
                                                                                                            Must Go Through Winter,”            experts. Every category has two winners: one picked by the
   Never have ISIS been more spacey, realized, melodic, and,                                                is a ringer for something
as silly as this sounds, musical than on their fifth studio effort                                                                              Webbys and the other chosen by online voting.
                                                                                                            Tony Williams Lifetime or
“Wavering Radiant.” The doom and sludge barbs are there, as                                                 Mahavishnu Orchestra would
are Aaron Turner’s monster growls, but there’s more concen-            have cut back in the day. The feel here is that of a gather-
tration on cleaner vocals, and Bryant Clifford Meyer’s keys are
significantly higher in the mix, pouring in buckets of psychedel-
ics. It makes the band more accessible without compromising
artistic integrity or Godzilla destruction, and like Mastodon’s
                                                                       ing energy field, set off by a mean violin solo from Christian
                                                                          It’s a promising start but the listening soon gets soupy and,
                                                                       like many of the old records from electric and fusion years, just
                                                                                                                                                Victoria Principal sues
latest, it gives listeners more memorable songs, easier parts to
sing back, and clobbering epics you’ll feast upon when you
see the band live, such as blooping “Ghost Keys”; eerie, suf-
focating cyclone of “Hand of the Host”; the slithering slide
                                                                       sort of unremarkable.
                                                                          I find myself spacing out and not really listening to a whole
                                                                       lot of these tracks. A snarling guitar solo midway through “Last
                                                                       Waltz for Queva” four numbers in sort of wakes me up but the
                                                                                                                                                her former housekeeper
guitar soloing and gravel-abrasion explosions of “Stone to                                                                                        LOS ANGELES (AP) —               for a walk. The lawsuit claims
                                                                       energy doesn’t last.                                                    Victoria Principal is embroiled     Principal berated her for tak-
Wake a Serpent”; and watery, atmospheric closer “Threshold                Later, on “Between the Traveler and Setting Sun,” Harrison
of Transformation,” which might as well be the anthem that                                                                                     in a legal fight with a former      ing so long.
                                                                       and crew again command the listener’s attention and this time           housekeeper that’s worthy of           She claims that she locked
chronicles the band’s dramatic growth. (Brian Krasman)                 they hold it. That owes as much to the furious playing of the           a prime-time soap opera. It         herself in a room and called
                                       SUCCESS WILL                    musicians as it does to the composition of the song. Harrison           involves allegations of a gun, a
                                    WRITE APOCALYPSE                                                                                                                               911 after Principal pointed
                                                                       says he wanted to create the sense of an unfolding journey and          sick dog and extortion.
                                    ACROSS THE SKY, “The               he does it — the track presents one amusing musical turn after                                              the gun at her. She is suing
                                                                                                                                                  Maribel Banegas claims           for false imprisonment, inten-
                                    Grand Partition and the            another.                                                                she was fired by the former
                                    Abrogation of Idolatry”               The album closes with the full-speed-ahead number “High                                                  tional infliction of emotional
                                                                                                                                               “Dallas” star on Dec. 26,           distress and assault.
                                    (Nuclear Blast) ✰✰✰1⁄2 —           Expectation Low Return.” Drummer Jordan Perlson makes                   but instead of paying her, the
                                    It’s not hard to question the      this one a real listening treat.                                                                               Principal’s lawsuit claims
                                                                                                                                               actress threatened to shoot         Banegas took her dog on
                                    authenticity of emotion with          Bottom line, when this record’s hot it’s hot and when it’s           her.
                                    the recent epidemic flood-         not it’s not. (Eric Slagle)                                                Principal, in a lawsuit filed    Dec. 26, and that when she
                                    ing of the so-called “extreme                                                                              Tuesday, states she pulled          returned with it an hour later,
                                    metal” genre. No way this
                                    many people are legitimately
                                    this angry. That’s why when
                                                                         Ex-Wilco band member                                                  the gun only after Banegas
                                                                                                                                               injured her dog and was act-
                                                                                                                                                                                   the dog was “visibly choking
                                                                                                                                                                                   and shaking.”

                                    you hear something you can
tell is genuine, it makes you want to drive a car into a mini-           sues Tweedy for royalties                                             ing aggressively toward the
                                                                                                                                               actress and another worker.
                                                                                                                                               She claims Banegas repeatedly       �������������
   Florida’s Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky (made
                                                                         CHICAGO (AP) — A former member of Wilco is suing the
                                                                       band’s lead singer, claiming he’s owed royalties for songs during
                                                                                                                                               demanded money during an
                                                                                                                                               argument and refused to leave
up of members of Dehumanized and Bodies in the Gears of the            his seven years and five albums with the group.                         her home.
Apparatus) not only have researched their threads of hatred,             Jay Bennett also claims in the breach-of-contract lawsuit filed          The dueling lawsuits will play
but they spew forth their wrath in a way that should terrify any       Monday against singer Jeff Tweedy that he deserves money                out in Santa Monica, Calif.
band just going through the motions. Their blistering death            from the band’s 2002 documentary, “I Am Trying to Break                 Neither woman’s lawsuit lists
grind has many targets — humankind, cattle mentality, orga-            Your Heart.” The film documents the making of Wilco’s album             an amount she is seeking.
nized religion — and the 13 songs on SWWAATS’ debut not                “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.”                                                    The incident that sparked
only leave you full of hate, but restore faith that, yes, a band         Bennett worked as a sound engineer and played instruments             them happened at Principal’s
can provide a hurricane force of both sonic destruction and            for the band from 1994 to 2001, according to the lawsuit filed          Malibu home. According to
malcontent on the verge of eruption that doesn’t feel forced or        in Cook County Circuit Court, which asks for at least $50,000           Principal’s lawsuit, she hired              ����������
manufactured. Take gasp at “The Realization That Mankind
Is Viral in Its Nature,” “Pity the Living, Envy the Dead,”
                                                                       in damages.                                                             Banegas from a temp agen-                ��������������
                                                                         The lawsuit said Bennett was compensated but only in “infre-          cy and the woman was only              ������������������
“Automated Oration and the Abolition of Silence” (with my              quent partial payments” equal to 15 percent of Wilco’s income           employed with her for three
personal favorite lyric, “Your mouth is a natural disaster”), and      from sales and performances.                                            days.                                    ���������������
black-as-black “Retrograde and the Anointed,” which uses                 “As a recording musician in Wilco, Bennett is entitled to                Banegas, in a lawsuit filed          �����������������
scathing sound bytes from “Zeitgeist.” It’s mean, venomous,
sarcastic, and honest, and it only amplifies their cause that their
                                                                       compensation for his services rendered in the form of continuing        May 1, claims Principal fired          �����������������
                                                                       and perpetual artist royalty payments from” Tweedy, according           her and refused to pay her          ����������������������������
metallic muscles are as natural and powerful as any. (BK)              to the lawsuit.                                                         after she took Principal’s dog

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