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									                                                                                                            DESIGN: BØNNELYCKE ARKITEKTER MDD

the dispenser
                                                               In early 2002, our hotel decided to replace our assortment of soap bars
The dispenser system offers many advantages. Besides
                                                               and small shampoo bottles with the ILLI soap dispenser system. The re a-
the beautiful scandinavian design, the dispenser is
                                                               son for this decision was primarily of financial nature. For some time, our
housekeeping friendly - fast check of soap level, easy to
                                                               hotel had been interested in dispenser systems, but simply could not find
clean, easy and fast exchange of bottles, the dispenser
                                                               a dispenser, which met our requirements as far as design and functional-
has easy and flexible mounting, is economical and has
                                                               ity were concerned.
simple functionality.
                                                               With the ILLI dispenser system, we were presented with a solution, which
The attractive dispenser is small - height: 225 mm,
                                                               combined the financial advantages of a dispenser system with an elegant
width: 120 mm, depth: 75 mm. It blends perfectly into
                                                               and functional design. The simple construction of the ILLI dispenser
its surroundings, whether it is by the wash-basin, the
                                                               system has proven popular among our guests in addition to being time-
kitchen sinks or in the shower area. The dispenser is
                                                               saving for housekeeping.
easily installed with double-coated tape or screws.
                                                               Since the installation of the ILLI dispensers, we have monitored soap and
The ILLI dispenser system, made of strong ABS plastic,
                                                               shampoo consumption, and we are happy to say that both our financial
has passed quality tests consisting of more than 10.000
                                                               targets and our consumption targets have been met. The consumption of
push operations performed at the Danish Institute of
                                                               soap is less than 7 ml per guest, and shampoo is just 10 ml per guest.
                                                               F rom an environmental point of view, we are also quite pleased with the
The back piece of the dispenser is black, and the dis-
                                                               result since we have reduced plastic waste from guest cosmetics to just 1.8
penser front colour is available in black, créme white
                                                               grams per guest.
and aluminium.
Each colour is offered with printed text ‘soap’ or ‘all over
shampoo’. Alternatively, a neutral unit is available.

the cosmetics
                                                               Hanne Berg - executive housekeeper
The ILLI liquid soap, all over shampoo and the ‘3 in 1’ -
                                                               Clarion Hotel Ernst (Choice Hotels)
hair, body and hands - have been developed to meet
                                                               Kristiansand, Norway
the highest requirements for today’s modern skin care.
A high quality is guaranteed from our ISO9001 certified
production in Denmark. Furthermore the ‘3 in 1’ - hair,
body and hands - is approved by the Nordic Ecolabel-
ling regulations.

The cosmetics are lightly perfumed with unisex fra-
grance, have a neutral pH and are mild to the hands,
body and hair, leaving a pleasant feeling of freshness
and well-being. Further the product ingredient list is
visible, the cosmetics are biodegradable and the
cartridge is 100% recyclable.

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                                    ILLI SOAP DISPENSER
                                    products                                                           size                   art. no. pack.

                                    black - no text:                                                                          20100              1
                                    black - soap text:                                                                        20110              1
                                    black - shampoo text:                                                                     20120              1
                                    creme white - no text:                                                                    20200              1
                                    creme white - soap text:                                                                  20210              1
                                    creme white - shampoo text:                                                               20220              1
                                    aluminium - no text:                                                                      20300              1
                                    aluminium - soap text:                                                                    20310              1
                                    aluminium - shampoo text:                                                                 20320              1


                                    liquid soap:                                                       325 ml                 22100            18
                                    all over shampoo:                                                  325 ml                 22200            18
                                    hair body hands (nordic ecolabel):                                 325 ml                 22300            18

                                    LIQIUD SOAP Aqua Sodium laureth sulfate Sodium chloride Cocamidopropyl betaine Capryl glycoside Citric acid
                                    Methylchloroisothiazolinone Methylisothiazolinone Parfume. ALL OVER SHAMPOO Aqua Sodium laureth sulfate
                                    Sodium chloride Cocamidopropyl betaine Capryl glycoside Citric acid CI61585 Methylchloroisothiazolinone Methyl-
                                    isothiazolinone Parfume. HAIR BODY HANDS aqua Sodium laureth sulfate Cocamidopropyl betaine Glycerine Sodi-
                                    um chloride Decyl glucoside PEG-4 rapeseedamide Citric acid Parfume Phenoxyethanol Sodium benzoate Methyl-
                                    dibromo glutaronitrile. WEIGHT 1.01 g/ml STORAGE 30 months at 5-25 C PH 6.0.

                                    Scandinavian Amenities A/S
                                    Jernholmen 6-10
                                    DK - 2650 Hvidovre

                                    T: +45 3677 8008
                                    F: +45 3677 1095

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