Weekly time sheet with tasks-overtime SHEET TEMPLATE by pjgriffith

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									                                                                            Weekly Time Sheet
[Company Name]
[Street Address]                                                    Employee:
[Address 2]                                                         Manager:
[City, ST ZIP Code]                                                 Employee phone:
                                                                    Employee e-mail:
Week ending:             4/3/2005

Day                                 Project Name         Task           Regular Hours   Overtime Hours          Total

Monday             3/28/2005

Tuesday            3/29/2005

Wednesday          3/30/2005

Thursday           3/31/2005

Friday                4/1/2005

Saturday              4/2/2005

Sunday                4/3/2005

                                                   Total hours

                                                   Employee signature                                    Date

                                                   Manager signature                                     Date

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