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					Glo-Leak Automotive
Glo-Leak is the leak detection additive that you can trust
to find leaks in vehicle engines, transmissions, power
steering, fuel and cooling systems - even bodywork.
  Step 1                                         Step 2 Run the equipment for
  Add Glo-Leak                                   some minutes, allowing Glo-
  to the equip-                                  Leak to blend
  ment under
  test. (Only a                                  Step 3
  small                                          Inspect with the Primalec UV or
  amount is                                      UV-Blue lamp and look for the

  Glo-Leak is engineered with one or more fluorophors in solution with compatible base
 fluids to give bright fluorescence under UVA and uv-blue light. Glo-Leak additives have
      been shown over more than15 years to be highly effective, efficient and safe.

    Use Glo-Leak as a routine value-added test on all the cars you service,
     as well as for quality control and troubleshooting problem leaks. Why
            not offer a leak-check service to add to your business?

Glo-Leak 310 For Automotive Oils and Fuels.                             The most popular and versatile
of our automotive leak tracer fluids. Glo-Leak 310 is blended to mix freely with all lubricants -
mineral, synthetic, semi-synthetic - found in engines, gearboxes, automatic transmissions, power
steering and even petrol and diesel fuels. Typical usage rates are 10ml per 5 litres of fuel, 10-15ml
per 5 litres of clean oil, and up to 10-15ml per 2 litres of dirty oil.
 GL1310A          Glo-Leak 310 automotive oils and fuels - 250 ml
 GL1310B          Glo-Leak 310 automotive oils and fuels - 1 litre (ave. 40 doses)

Glo-Leak 390 For water cooling systems
Add this product to the radiator or expansion bottle (when the engine is cool) at the rate of 10ml
per 3 litres of coolant, and find the leaks you would otherwise have missed.
 GL1390A            Glo-Leak 390 for coolant systems - 250ml
 GL1390B            Glo-Leak 390 for coolant systems - 1 litre

Glo-Leak 396 For bodywork, windscreens, door seals, etc .
Glo-Leak 396 is used to find rain water leaks at the rate of 25ml per 10 litres of water, and applied
externally. When you inspect from the inside of the vehicle, look for a blue glow.
 GL1396A            Glo-Leak 396 for bodywork leaks - 250ml
                                                                                                         GL Auto

                          For Vehicle Air Conditioning fluids, please see overleaf
          For UV leak tracer lamps see leaflet 001. We also offer a range of complete starter kits
                                           Please ask for details

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         “I always trust GLO-LEAK to find leaks!”
Glo-Leak Automotive A/C
Glo-Leak 383 The original product for R12 air conditioners. Produced
since 1987, this formula is for older vehicles which still have an R12 gas fill. Use
approx. 5ml per 250ml mineral lubricant and 1.5 kg of R12/R22.
Glo-Leak 384                Developed specifically for use in R134a vehicle a/c’s with
PAG lubricants, but also compatible with esters. 5ml of this product is good for
most cars with a charge of up to 1.5 kg R134a and 250ml PAG or Ester oil. Add a
little extra for larger systems, or use Glo-Leak 484.
Glo-Leak 484           This brightly fluorescing additive has been primarily
developed for use with synthetic lubricants, including esters and polyalkylene glycols.
Recommended dosage is 5-10 ml per litre of lubricant. Glo-Leak 484, however, also has the
advantage of working well with mineral oils. This product is available both in bottles and in multi
dose cartridge packs for use with special injectors (see leaflets 006 and 011).

  GL1383A        Glo-Leak 383 for R12 vehicle A/C systems - 250ml (ca. 50 doses)
  GL1384A        Glo-leak 384 for R134a automotive AC - 250 ml - (ca. 50 doses)
  GL1484A        Glo-Leak 484 for Air Conditioning - 250ml - (80+ doses)
  GL1484D        Glo-Leak 484 for Air Conditioning 48ml Glo-Gun 1 Refill Cartridge (24

What are the best ways to add Glo-Leak into to an A/C system?
                              Glo-Gun 1 direct injector
                            Treat up to 24 systems from one cartridge. Inject Glo-Leak into the
                            system in seconds. It couldn’t be simpler to use. No need to add gas or
                            pull a vacuum. Glo-Gun pre-filled
                            cartridges avoid the need to handle tracer
                            fluids and make it very quick, clean and
                            easy to use. You just snap the cartridge
                            into the gun, click onto the access hose
                            and connect it to the low side service
                            port. Each squeeze of the trigger delivers
enough Glo-Leak multi-purpose tracer fluid to treat up to 250 grams
of lubricant. There are 24 shots in each cartridge, so each one is
good for up to 24 cars.

GL2130A      Glo-Gun 1Deluxe 24-shot injector kit for R134a (DeLuxe valved coupler)
GL2130E      Glo-Gun 1 Midi 24-shot injector kit for R12 & R134a (Economy coupler)
UV2100J      Glo-Leak Tracer Kit for A/C complete with UV2100E tracer lamp, safety
             glasses, battery adaptors and carry case, and GL2130A injector kit

GL1484D      Glo-Gun refill cartridge (1 included in kits GL2130A, GL2130E and UV2100J)

GL2015A      High Side Deluxe R134a Coupler. Required for vehicles without low side port.
             Do not Inject via high side when system is running.

            For more detailed information about Glo-Leak injectors for A/C, please ask for leaflets 006 & 021
                   For information about Primalec’s uv leak tracer lamps, please ask for leaflet 001
           Why not take a look at Primalec’s other Airco service products for Air Conditioning?

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             “I always trust GLO-LEAK to find leaks!”
                    INFICON WHISPER
                          Ultrasonic Leak Detector

    INFICON Whisper Ultrasonic Leak Detector is ideal for detecting and locating sources of
ultrasonic sound through the use of sophisticated electronic circuitry. Unaffected by audible noise,
Whisper incorporates an Internal Noise Control allowing for use in extremely noisy environments,          H
 such as mechanical rooms, and around operating chillers. Because Whisper is designed to detect
                ultrasound at 40.5 kHz, not even a murmur will escape detection.

Use the optional transmitter for quick and accurate leak checking in walk – in coolers / freezers,
                   wall and ceiling joints, around doors, windows, ducts, etc.

     The Whisper Ultrasonic Leak Detector can be used in a variety of applications, such as:
     Refrigerant leaks                                 Line set leaks in foundations/walls
     Leaks in natural gas, LPG leaks                   Diagnosing solenoid operations
     Locating worn bearings                            Steam traps
     Leaks in pneumatic control systems                Electrical arcing
     Leaks in compressed air systems                   Leaks in vacuum systems
     Butane/Propane storage tank leaks

     Base unit includes                        9 V battery, rubber probe extension, head phones and
                                               storage case
     Controls                                  On / Off switch
                                               Sensitivity: maximum/ minimum knob
     Power                                     One 9 volt alkaline battery
     Weight with battery                       9 oz (0.25 kg)
     Temperature range                         0o C to + 50o C
     Storage Temperature                       -10o C to +60O C
     Warranty                                  2 years

                                 ORDERING INFORMATION
     Whisper Ultrasonic Leak Detector   711-202-G1
     Transmitter                        711-600-G1
     Headphones                         032-404

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