Noti ces Calendars ha ve a rri ved Toni by Rollingstone


									Noti ces .                                                                                 ROTARY CLUB OF MURRAY BRIDGE MEETING # 2778
                                                                                                           Bulletin # 14
2009 Calendars ha ve a rri ved.
 Toni ght all members will be gi ven 5 Rota ry Calenda rs each to sell . You
will be gi ven a list of your previous yea rs sales so tha t you can follow up   This week                   30/09/08
the same clients. At this s tage i t seems that we will ha ve to try and sell    TOPIC                       Sudanese Settlement
more than the 5 as some previous yea r's organisa tions a re not ta king up      SPEAKER                     Karen Ahrens
the offer to sell and make money for themsel ves .                               CHAIRMAN                    John Scarvelis
Thanks                                                                           FELLOWSHIP                  Dave Mellen
Ron Jeri cho, Calenda r Commi ttee                                                                           Graham Peake
                                                                                 RESERVE                     Kevin Prosser
                                                                                 INVOCATION                  Dave Mellen
Meeting venues.
                                                                                 NATIONAL ANTH EM            Graham Peake
Rota rians please note the venue changes for our next 2 Cl ub Meetings .
     Next week we will be visi ting the Ramblers Clubrooms                      MEMBERS’ BIRTHDAYS
     The following week is a visi t to the Ambulance Centre.                    PARTNERS’BIRTHDAYS
Please let others know about this so they do not turn up to the Golf Club        WEDDING ANNIVERSARY
and wonder where we all a re.                                                    Next week                   Wednesday 8 th October
                                                                                 TOPIC                       Combined Services Meeting
Youth Opportuni ties Gradua tion.                                                SPEAKER
On Fri da y 19th September I was pleased to present 19 young students            CHAIRMAN                    Trevor Curtis
wi th thei r Gradua tion Certifi ca tes for the la test round of Youth           FELLOWSHIP
Opportunities Course a t the Murra y Bridge High School . This progra m is a
grea t communi ty servi ce opportuni ty for our Rota ry Club because the         RESERVE
experiences and changes tha t occur through the pa rti cipants di rectl y        INVOCATION
rela te back to the quali ty of our local community. If we can support the       NATIONAL ANTH EM
growth of sel f moti va ted young people to enter our local work force then
                                                                                 Following Week              14/10/08
we all win.
                                                                                 TOPIC                       SA Ambulance – Vocational Visit
Short Term Youth Exchange.
                                                                                 CHAIRMAN                    Daryl Webb
On Sunda y we hos ted the de-briefing for the s tudents invol ved in the         FELLOWSHIP                  Jack Redden
Short Term Youth Exchange wi th New Zealand. This meeting provided an                                        Wayne Richards
opportuni ty for the Dis tri ct 9520 s tudents and thei r pa rents and           RESERVE                     Phil Rosewall
counsellors to review the effecti veness of the Exchange Program by              INVOCATION                  Jack Redden
confi rming good fea tures and hi ghlighti ng aspects whi ch need to change.     NATIONAL ANTH EM            Wayne Richards
Our Cl ub sponsored 3 s tudents in the last round of Exchanges , but
unfortuna tel y we ha ve been unable to find any local parti cipants for the
next Exchange in 2009.
                                                                            Australian Girls Choir – reported by Sam Cozens
                                                                            Our Rotary Club was honoured to have a significant role in the visit of the
                MEETING Number 2777                23/09/08                 Australian Girls Choir.

Total Membership                 51       Dis tri ct sta tis tics   42      Our membership was delighted to host twenty two of the girls. M any
                                                                            thanks to the hosts who so willingly took on the role of temporary parents
Number Present                   29       69%                               for the young girls while they were in M urray Bridge- Sam and Liz
                                                                            Cozens, Trevor and Beverley Curtis, Ian and Barb Elston, Gary and M arg
Apologies                     H.Beaucha mp          A.Ha y                  Fischer, Bruce and Ruth Frazer, M urray and Chris Jarvis, Ron and Sabine
                              B.Murdoch             M.Klem                  Jericho, Jim and Vicki M ason, Jack and M ig Redden, Jerry and Kerry
                              G.Wilson              P.Rosewall
                              G.Peake               G.Ma rch
                                                                            Our pre-concert Rotary M eeting at Trevor and Beverley’s home was a great
                              I.Winter              J.Stocker
                                                                            success with lots of fun had by all. Highlights included a magnificent
                              W.Ja ckson            B.Kompier               rendition of the National Anthem conducted by Don M cLean with the
                              K.Male                B.Lewis                 assistance of the Australian Girls Choir. Lucky people who had a birthday
Make Ups                                                                    during the week also had a special presentation of the birthday song.
Leave of Absence              Steve Sma rt          Ma rga ret Whi tehead   Past Rotarian Dave Carman provided a tasty chicken meal with a variety of
                                                                            salads. A number of our partners organised a dessert of fruits followed by
Rotarian visitors             Jill Newman                                   tea and coffee.
Youth Exchange                Pia Mi dtturn Eie
Guests                        Bev Curtis       Li z Cozens                  The patio setting at the Curtis household was a great environment for the
Ma rg Fis cher                Sue Fos ter      Bronwyn Lehmann              festivities. An excited buzz prevailed through the whole meeting. Thanks
Ruth Fra zer                  Jan Blight      June Whimpress                Trevor and Beverley for making this area available for the occasion.
Louella Gra y                 Sa bine Jeri cho Kerry Wilson
Rosema ry Ma cCulloch         Mi g Redden Bev Sca rvelis                    Then we all moved on to the concert in the High School Gymnasium. And
                              Meril yn Schultz Vi cki Mason                 what a night of great entertainment from the visiting and local young
                                                                            musicians. The gymnasium was packed with a highly appreciative audience
                              Terrence & Lyndall Schliebs
                                                                            to hear and see the Internationally famous Australian Girls Choir perform.
                                                                            Not to be outdone the local M urraylands Schools Choir rose to the occasion
Heads & Tails                                                               with their selection of songs, and their act was followed by a Concert Band
                                                                            performance with musicians drawn from schools and the local community.
Calendar Draw                 23/09/08
                                                                            M embers of the High School Staff prepared a great thankyou dinner on the
            WON BY                       #       SOLD BY                    following Wednesday evening for the hosting parents. This was also a great
$100        M ark Scott                  210     Lawn Tennis Club           occasion to reflect upon the success of the visit of the girls, and to
            M urray Bridge                                                  recognise the contribution of our local community to enable such a visit to
$30         Blight & O'Neil              047     Bli ght & O’Neil           occur. For our Rotary M embership we should recognise the importance of
            M urray Bridge                                                  the liaison we have between our Club and the High School especially
$20         Leeanne Piazza               800     Ga ry Ma rch               through Helen Peake and M erilyn Klem. The local community and both
            M urray Bridge                                                  organisations benefit through this cooperative liaison.

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