Interurban Railway Museum by tnu17684


									Interurban Railway
  Teaching Tips
      Steps to Success
• Sign up for the field trip
  before January.
      (972) 941 – 2117
• Become an Expert in your part
  of Plano’s History.
  Steps to Success cont.

• Review the guidebook and
  video from the Elementary
  Curriculum Planner.

• Have Fun Learning the History
  of Plano!
      Steps to Success cont.
• Dress for the weather
  –   rain gear for a rainy day
  –   a hat and sun block in hot sunny weather
  –   a coat for cold weather
  –   closed shoes fit for plenty of walking

• Discuss Museum Manners.
• Bring your letters to mail!
   Taking Care of Details
• The field trip will last for
  2 hours and 40 minutes, so
  plan lunch accordingly.
• Eat snacks before leaving school.
• Be ready to guide and have the
  students ready to learn at
  10:00 a.m.
Taking Care of Details cont…

• Number of guides needed: 5
  – Suggested: 4 teachers, 1 chaperone
  – Consider Special Education teacher,
    paraprofessional. Counselor, or a parent

• All untrained adults need to attend
  a training session in January.
    How do I
    become an
expert in my field?
     Go to the
Interurban Museum
   for Training.
  January Training Dates
  Monday – January 24, 2006
  Tuesday – January 31, 2006
*It is strongly recommended that
     untrained adults leading a
       station attend ONE of
     these training sessions.
  Take some time
      to READ
and become familiar
with the station for
   which you are
The trip focuses on
   Continuity and
    Change, but
 connections can be
made to Balance and
    Stability and
Have Fun!!!

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