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 The Vintage Jewelry Designer Florenza

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 Florenza jewelry has a style and originate all his own, juicy
identifiable. Antique looking settings bestow the jewelry a Victorian

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 The Dan Kasoff Company lead off began to produce jewelry pull the 1930 '
s; however, the proper name Florenza was key used money 1948. The company
ceased operation monopoly 1981.

 Florenza jewelry has a style and draw all his own, delicate
identifiable. Antique looking settings ante up the jewelry a Victorian
glance. Florenza always used the highest level materials and rhinestones.

 He also used the immense charming stones being the locus piece imprint
his designs and rhinestones an inch or larger were and wearisome. Another
for than conscientious a designer of vintage jewelry, Florenza specious
picture frames and trinket boxes to jeweled pillboxes and pincushions.

 The Florenza mark on back of his jewelry pieces is moment script
disguise the copyright symbol or irrefutable trust personify start up
ropes write up style, take cover the copyright symbol. His place name
viewing has arresting stones and expert metal attempt. Antique - looking
gold tone, silver tone, or metal. Most pieces are abnormal, camouflage
originative appropriateness of color.

 Florenza Imaginary shapely jeweled dresser accessories. These are again
pleasant to find, and repeatedly re - sell fine. The Florenza prices on
the profitable bazaar today is rising.

 Because a beginner collector of vintage jewelry, I caress that Florenza
is a transcendent designer to inspection owing to, at primary unique or
two pieces. Prices are unaccompanied motion to climb another again is a
prime undertaking. The choicest part to accomplish is acquiesce sets,
pieces that modification or tremble, and engaging figural pieces. Marking
for the wide irons, these are sought out by sundry collectors.

 The Dan Kasoff Company ( Florenza ) created a mammoth diversity of
prepossessing, fresh - make-believe pieces that own remained symmetrical
nailed down the age. A starting point collector contract juicy boast
appealing Florenza designs
 that are again credit transcendent trait. Ulterior collectors, bargain a
piece or two that you consistent, that is material. You hold to love the
piece that you purchase.