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					                                                                                 Section III
                                 Concorde Career Instit ute
                                      city, state Campus
                                Surgical Technology Program
                                   Syllabus and Schedule
                       ST-300 Level Courses- Clinical Practicum 1 & 2
                                    Class of month 200x

Course Dates:          per Clinical Schedule
Instructor(s):         varies by clinical assignment
Credit Units:          5.55 + 5.55
Contact Hours:         250 = approx. 6 weeks per course/term; 500 = courses 310 + 320
Primary Texts:         Surgical Technology for the Surgical Technologist
                       Text & Workbook, 2nd Ed., Thomson/Delmar, 2004
                       Technological Sciences for the S.T., AST, 2002

Supplemental Texts:    Pocket Guide to the OR, Maxine Goldman, F.A. Davis, 1996
                       Miltex Surgical Instruments, Miltex, 2002
                       Medical Terminology for the Health Professions, Delmar, 2005
                       Medical, Nursing & Allied Health Dictionary, Mosby, 2006
                       Certifying Examination Review Guide, AST, Reprint 2001

Desired Outcome :      After completion of the 300 level courses, it is expected that the
                       student will have acquired the basic knowledge of and the
                       ability to:
                       a. demonstrate a theoretical understanding of the indications
                           for common surgical procedures of varying levels of
                       b. integrate previously acquired knowledge and skill with
                           current learning and by applying it to surgical procedures,
                       c. pull, open, and prepare appropriate supplies,
                           instrumentation, and packs needed to perform a select
                           variety of common surgical procedures,
                       d. demonstrate a theoretical understanding and application of
                           proper patient positioning, prepping and draping for a
                           select variety of common surgical procedures,
                       e. anticipate the basic steps of common surgical procedures
                           and hence the needs of the surgeon in the surgical setting,
                       f. demonstrate a basic understanding of safe patient care
                           techniques in common surgical settings, and
                       g. demonstrate an understanding of common surgical
                           procedures and patient preparation for cases of varying
                           levels of complexity and prepare for the Program
                           Assessment Examination (PAE.)

Course Description :   The 300 level courses will provide progressive exposure to and
                       experience with common surgical procedures of elementary,
                                                                                  Section III
                        intermediate and advanced complexity performed in relation to
                        the practice of surgical technology in multiple specialties.

                        A positive care approach is utilized to facilitate the learning
                        process. It is a systematic approach to critical thinking and
                        surgical problem solving focused on the ability of the student
                        surgical technologist to predict the needs of the surgical team
                        as well as the patient.
Prerequisite(s) :       Completion of the following course with a passing grade of
                        (70%) or better is required:
                                 ST - 240 Surgical Procedures
                        And, meeting the Criteria for Clinical Assignment as
                        determined by the Clinical Coordinator and Program Director.

Course Overview :       ST 310 Observing, Scrub 2nd Assisting and Assistant
Circulating on
                        Elementary Surgical Procedures as available:
                        ST 320 Observing, Scrub 2 nd Assisting, Scrub 1 st Assisting, Solo
                        1st Scrub and Assistant Circulating on Intermediate and
                        Advanced Surgical Procedures as available:
                        1. Instrument Reprocessing (Central/Sterile Services)
                        2. Diagnostic Procedures
                        3. General Surgery
                        4. G.I./Biliary Surgery
                        5. Obstetrics and Gynecology
                        6. Genitourinary Surgery
                        7. Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery
                        8. Ophthalmologic Surgery
                        9. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
                        10. Orthopedic Surgery
                        11. Neurosurgery
                        12. Cardiothoracic Surgery
                        13. Peripheral Vascular Surgery

Instructional Methods
and Evaluation :        1. Lectures/Discussions
                        2. Attendance/Participation
                        3. Demonstrations
                        4. Clinical Case Assignments
                        5. Case Studies/Research
                        6. Program Assessment Workshops/Practice Exams
                        7. Case Reports/Clinical Experience Record
                        8. Daily Clinical Preceptor Evaluations of Competency
                        9. Bi-weekly Clinical Performance Evaluations

Grading :

      Grading Scale:    Description      Letter       Percentage        GPA
                                                                                     Section III
                           Excellent           A          90%-100%          4.00
                           Good                           B                 80%-89%
                           Satisfactory        C          70%-79%            2.00
                           Unsatisfactory                 D                 65%-69%
                           Not Competent                  F                  0%-64%
                           Incomplete                     I
                           Withdrew            W

    Final Grade Calculation:
                                  Program Assessment Workshop              10%
                                  Professional Development/Lecture       20%
                                  Performance Evaluation/Clinical Skills   70%
                                  Total                                       100%

     Notes:             1. An overall course grade of 70% or greater is considered a
                        grade. The student must achieve a 70% or greater GPA in each
                         to progress on to the next Clinical Practicum. The student must
                         achieve a 70% or greater GPA in ST 320 and take the Program
                         Assessment Exam in order to successfully complete the course.

                         2. The student must comply with the Clinical Standards and
                         perform the role of Student Surgical Technologists consistent
                         with the Clinical Objectives while focused on safe patient care.

                         3. Any student who is not present for a scheduled assignment will
                         receive a zero `(0) score for participation at the discretion of the
                         Clinical Instructor/ Coordinator. A student who submits
                         assignments, clinical documentation or case studies late will not
                         receive full credit and will be subject to disciplinary action as
                         deemed appropriate by the Clinical Instructor/Coordinator.

                        4. Cases that are missed due to absence may not be made-up as
                        the case availability will vary from day to day.

Attendance policy:
                        Regular and punctual attendance at all scheduled clinicals is
                        from all students, and is considered an integral part of course
                        The student accepts the responsibility of attending all clinicals and
                        completing all work assigned by the Instructor. A student who is
                                                                                    Section III
                      absent for (3) consecutive clinical days without properly notifying
                      college will be placed on written notice.

                      Each student’s attendance will be reviewed by their Instructor.
                      A student may not miss more than 10% of the scheduled clinical
                      in a term. If a student misses 5% or more of the scheduled classes,
                      he/she will be given a written notice. If the missed clinical days
                      reach 10% of the total term hours, he/she will be advised by the
                      Instructor in writing. At the end of the term, if the student has
                      more than 10% of the term, the student will be placed on
                      probation beginning with the next term.

                      While on attendance probation, a student may not miss more than
                      of the scheduled clinical days in that term. If at the end of the term
                      which the student is on attendance probation, the student violates
                      probation, the student will receive a grade and will than be
                      terminated from the program beginning with the next term.

                      If the student is on attendance probation and does not exceed the
                      absence rule during the term, the student will be removed from
                      attendance probation.

Tardy Policy:
                      Students are required to arrive on time for clinicals and to stay for
                      the entire day. Actual hours of attendance are recorded by the
                      Instructor for each student. Four tardies or early departures equal
                      absence. Students can only receive one tardy on any given day.

Clinical Schedule:    Please see attachment.

Clinical Standards:   Please see attachment.
                                                                             Rev. 8/06; 1-04 KRO

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