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					                                 WEST MICHIGAN ENVIRONET

              A Newsletter of the West Michigan Chapter of the Air and Waste Management Association
Volume No. 12 Issue No. 2                                                                                               November 2004

                                                                          OZONE CLASSIFICATION ADJUSTMENTS
                                                                                                Mary Maupin
                                                                                          MDEQ – Air Quality Division

                                                                          On September 16, 2004, the U.S. Environmental
Special Membership Promotion ......................... 1                  Protection Agency (EPA) announced an adjustment in
Ozone Classification Adjustment ....................... 1                 the classifications assigned to the ozone nonattainment
                                                                          counties of Cass and Muskegon, and the Southeast
Upcoming Programs.......................................... 2             Michigan counties of Wayne, Oakland, Macomb,
WM-AWMA Board of Directors .......................... 3                   Monroe, Lenawee, Washtenaw, Livingston, and St.
                                                                          Clair. These counties, originally classified as moderate
Boiler and Process Heater MACT Finalized ..... 3                          nonattainment, are now classified as marginal. The
Significant Dates for Recent MACT Rules ......... 4                       Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ)
                                                                          and the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments,
Joint East/West AWMA Conference November                                  working together, submitted a strong technical basis
30, 2004 ............................................................ 4   for adjusting the classifications to EPA. We now have
                                                                          the flexibility to apply corrective measures that make
Title V Fee Renewal Process ............................ 5
                                                                          sense for Michigan, in place of mandatory control
MDEQ ROP and Tier II Workshops ................... 6                      measures that may be less cost-effective.
WM-AWMA Committee Roster .......................... 6                     This action does
Corporate Sponsors & Affiliate Organizations.... 7                        not change the
                                                                          requirement      to
Spotlight on Sponsors ....................................... 8           attain the national
                                                                          health standards
                                                                          for    ground-level
                                                                          ozone. This action
                                                                          will   put   these
                                                                          areas on a much
                                                                          faster track for
                                                                          reducing emissions of pollutants. The new attainment
                                                                          deadline for these marginal nonattainment areas is
                                                                          2007.      Regaining clean air attainment status
For a limited time, an introductory membership                            throughout the state quickly is beneficial for both
to A&WMA of $100 is being offered through                                 health and the business climate.
Sections and Chapters events or local
                                                                          Muskegon and Cass counties are no longer subject to
membership drives. Hurry! Offer expires                                   the moderate area mandatory requirement to reduce
December 31, 2004. For more information,                                  pollutants by 15 percent. As recipients of ozone
click on the above link.                                                  transported over some distance, West Michigan
                                                                          nonattainment areas will see air quality improvements
                                                                          from a regional attainment strategy being developed in
                                                                                   A&WMA – WEST MICHIGAN ENVIRONET                      1
Volume No. 12 Issue No. 1                                                                        November 2004

collaboration with our neighboring states of Ohio,         Michigan will request that EPA redesignate the areas to
Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin through the Lake          attainment for ozone. The Clean Air Act requirements
Michigan Air Directors Consortium (LADCO). Emissions       for EPA to grant redesignation are as follows:
inventory development necessary for photochemical
modeling will be ongoing through mid-2005. Modeling            1. The area must meet the ozone standard;
is ongoing, as well, with the first strategy round to be       2. The area must have a fully approved State
completed in early 2005 and additional rounds                     Implementation Plan;
completed by late 2005. These modeling efforts will            3. The area must show improvement in air
evaluate various control strategies for the region.               quality due to permanent and enforceable
LADCO states will then use the modeling results to                reductions in emissions;
develop necessary control strategies for their states.         4. The area must have a fully approved
                                                                  maintenance plan; and
The MDEQ will communicate new information on these             5. The area must meet all requirements under
processes to the local communities in West Michigan.              section 110 and part D.

                                                           After the new ozone design values are verified, the
For Southeast Michigan, where locally generated            DEQ will develop the needed inventories and
emissions have a large impact on the formation of          demonstrations to submit to EPA. It is very likely that
ozone in the area, the Southeast Michigan Ozone and        we will go through another ozone season before the
PM 2.5 Task Force has been meeting for several             attainment status of these areas is legally revised by
months to assist in the development and evaluation of      EPA, so it will be necessary for the 2003-2005 design
options for the State Implementation Plan. The MDEQ        values to continue to remain below the ozone standard
committed to provide EPA, in June 2005, the measures       of .08 ppm for redesignation to be approved.
selected for air quality improvements.         Emission
controls will be phased in starting in 2006 in order to
meet the new attainment deadline of 2007.             A
commitment to seek the authority to make the control
strategy measures legally enforceable by June 2006
was also made.

Requirements that remain in place for all 25                        Mark Your Calendars!
nonattainment counties include air permit provisions           Schedule of Upcoming Programs
under the New Source Review program, offsets for
new and modified major sources, and the federal            Date/Location          Program
conformity programs, both general and transportation.      November 24, 2004      Talking Turkey with Vern Ehlers
These requirements are intended to ensure that new         Duba’s Restaurant      (Luncheon Program)
growth does not add to the total pollution burden in       Grand Rapids
areas that are not attaining the National Ambient Air
                                                           November 30, 2004      Joint West/East Chapter
Quality Standards.
                                                           Lansing                Conference
                                                                                  (Full Day Conference)
2004 OZONE
                                                           December 16, 2004      No, It’s Not a Waste! Issues in
The 2004 ozone season was notable for the cool             Duba’s Restaurant      Hazardous Waste Identification
weather and low ozone levels throughout the state. As      Grand Rapids           (Luncheon Program)
a result, the ozone design values for many of              January 20, 2005       Positive Approaches to Resolving
Michigan’s nonattainment areas will no longer be           Duba’s Restaurant      Enforcement Issues
higher than the national ozone standard. In other          Grand Rapids           (Luncheon Program)
words, the 3-year average of the 4th highest ozone         March 23, 2005         WMAWMA Spring Conference
levels for the years 2002-2004 will likely be less than
                                                           Eberhard Center        (Full Day Conference)
.08 parts per million (ppm) for 11 Michigan counties
                                                           Grand Rapids
that are currently designated as nonattainment. These
counties are: Huron, Clinton, Ingham, Eaton, Kent,
                                                           For more information, visit our web site at
Ottawa, Calhoun, Kalamazoo, Van Buren, Mason, and
                                                 , or contact Dave Preston at
Benzie.                                           (616) 336-6000, or Heidi
                                                           Hollenbach at (616) 356-0243.

                                                                    A&WMA – WEST MICHIGAN ENVIRONET                  2
Volume No. 12 Issue No. 1                                                                         November 2004

                                                           type of fuel combusted. Regulated pollutants include
                                                              PM, CO, HCl, Mercury, and Total Selected Metals.
                                                              See the definitions below and Table 1 in the final

Heidi Hollenbach                       Chair (2005)        Like other MACT rules, there are requirements for
                                                           performance testing of each affected unit. Specific
Mark Horne                      Vice Chair (2005)
                                                           monitoring requirements are established during these
Dave Preston                    Past Chair (2005)          tests. The rule also requires ongoing monitoring,
                                                           recordkeeping, and reporting.
Janet Vail                      Secretary (2005)
                                                           However, a facility may comply with certain emission
Ron Blouw                        Treasurer (2005)          limits        by        successfully        demonstrating
Bill Bulkowski                     Director (2006)         eligibility/compliance with the health-based compliance
                                                           alternative. This entails testing of every affected unit;
Loretta Campbell-Jones             Director (2006)         modeling based on test results and published tables
                                                           contained in Appendix A of the rule, or other site-
Bob Ellis                          Director (2006)         specific analyses; certification and submittal of these
                                                           analyses to the regulatory authority; and incorporating
Jim Enright                        Director (2005)
                                                           the parameters that define the source’s eligibility for
Ken Evans                          Director (2005)         the health-based compliance alternative as federally
                                                           enforceable limits into a Title V permit. For an existing
Jill Koebbe                        Director (2006)         facility, the certified eligibility demonstration must be
                                                           submitted at least one year prior to the compliance
Paul Murray                        Director (2005)         date for Subpart DDDDD (i.e., by November 12, 2006.)
Sue Pemberton                      Director (2005)

                                                           Boiler means an enclosed device using controlled
                                                           flame combustion and having the primary purpose of
                                                           recovering thermal energy in the form of steam or hot
                                                           water. Waste heat boilers and temporary boilers are
  BOILER AND PROCESS HEATER                                excluded.
                                                           Existing source means any affected source that is not
                    Stephen J. Lachance                    a new source.
                 MDEQ – Air Quality Division
                            Large means having a rated capacity of greater than
                                                           10 mmBtu per hour heat input and an annual capacity
The “Boiler and Process Heater MACT” (40 CFR 63,
                                                           factor of greater than 10 percent.
Subpart DDDDD) was recently finalized and is effective
November 12, 2004. While the compliance date for
                                                           New    source means any affected source the
existing sources is three years away, it’s time to start
                                                           construction or reconstruction of which is commenced
analyzing how your facility will be regulated by the
                                                           after the Administrator first proposes a relevant
                                                           emission standard under this part establishing an
                                                           emission standard applicable to such source. (This is
The rule regulates affected units at major sources of
                                                           from 40 CFR 63 Subpart A. Subpart DDDDD was first
HAPs. See the definitions of “boiler” and “process
                                                           proposed on January 13, 2003.)
heater” below. The rule excludes combustion units
regulated by other NESHAPs such as solid and
                                                           Process heater means an enclosed device using
hazardous waste incinerators, chemical recovery
                                                           controlled flame, that is not a boiler, and the unit’s
furnaces, and electric utility steam generating units.
                                                           primary purpose is to transfer heat indirectly to a
                                                           process material or to a heat transfer material for use
Emission limits are based on whether an affected unit
                                                           in a process unit, instead of generating steam.
is new/reconstructed vs. existing; large vs. small; and

                                                                     A&WMA – WEST MICHIGAN ENVIRONET                   3
Volume No. 12 Issue No. 1                                                                                               November 2004

                                            Significant Dates for Recent MACT Rules

                                                                                                    *Existing Sources

                                                       40 CFR 63        Final Federal           Initial            Compliance
     MACT Standard Source Category                      Sub Part        Register Date         Notification           Date

     Misc. Organic Chemical Production and
     Processes (MON)                                      FFFF             11/10/03               3/9/04              11/10/06

     Metal Can                                           KKKK              11/13/03             11/13/04              11/13/06
     Miscellaneous Coating Manufacturing                HHHHH              12/11/03               4/9/04
     Mercury Cell Chlor-Alkali Plant                     IIIII             12/19/03              4/19/04              12/19/06
     Miscellaneous Metal Parts and Products             MMMM                1/2/04                1/2/05               1/2/07
     Lime Manufacturing                                 AAAAA                1/5/04               5/4/04               1/5/07
     Organic Liquid Distribution (OLD)                   EEEE                2/3/04               6/2/04               2/5/07
     Stationary Combustion Turbines                      YYYY                3/5/04               none                 none
     Plastic Parts                                       PPPP               4/19/04              4/19/05              4/19/07
     Iron and Steel Foundries                           EEEEE               4/22/04              8/20/04              4/23/07
     Auto and Light Duty Trucks                            IIII             4/26/04              4/26/05              4/26/07
     Reciprocating Internal Combustion
     Engines (RICE)                                       ZZZZ              6/15/04             12/13/04              6/15/07
     Plywood and Composite Wood Products                 DDDD               7/30/04              1/26/05              10/1/07

     Industrial, Commercial and Institutional           DDDDD               9/13/04              3/12/05              9/13/07
     Boilers and Process Heaters

     Initial Notification - Source must file notification if they are subject to standard.
     Compliance Date - Source must be operating in compliance with standard, have ability to document compliance by
     appropriate recordkeeping, and may require demonstrated performance testing of control equipment.
     *New source deadline for initial notification is typically 120 days after installation, refer to rule for compliance
     Ron Blouw, FTC&H,

                                JOINT EAST/WEST AWMA CONFERENCE
                          LANSING, MICHIGAN                                           NOVEMBER 30, 2004

The joint East/West AWMA conference will be held this                      issues, Part 201/CERCLA/brownfield issues, New
year on November 30 at the Lansing Center in                               Source Review, power issues and more.
downtown Lansing. Speakers will include Director                              For more information on the conference, contact
Steve Chester, AQD Chief Vinson Hellwig, Margaret                          John Byl at 616-752-2149, or
Guerriero of US EPA Region 5, and Bill Rustem of                           <> .
Public Sector Consultants.                                                    For exhibitor information, contact Rick Powals of GZA
  There will be breakout sessions on a wide variety of                     GeoEnvironmental at 734-462-0207, or
topics, including MACT updates, waste characterization           

                                                                                       A&WMA – WEST MICHIGAN ENVIRONET                  4
Volume No. 12 Issue No. 1                                                                                         November 2004

       TITLE V FEE RENEWAL PROCESS                                     LIFE AFTER ROP Workshops: YOUR
                                                                    RESPONSIBILITIES AFTER ROP ISSUANCE
        Dennis Armbruster, Assistant Division Chief
           Air Quality Division, Michigan DEQ                    The Michigan DEQ is offering workshops this winter to help
                                  companies subject to the Renewable Operating Permit
                                                                 (ROP) Program comply with their responsibilities after
In 1990, Congress reauthorized the federal Clean Air Act         they’ve been issued an ROP. The workshop will focus on
(CAA). This federal legislation established an operating         annual and semi-annual compliance certifications, deviation
permit program under Title V and required states to adopt a      reporting, as well as the notification and modification
user fee system to pay for the costs of the Title V program.     requirements associated with making changes at an ROP
In response, the Michigan Legislature passed legislation in      source. If your company has an ROP, you will not want to
1993 establishing Michigan’s air quality fee program. On         miss this valuable training opportunity! A full brochure and
September 30, 2005, the latest version of the Michigan air       online registration form are available on the Web at
quality fee legislation sunsets. Reauthorization of this air, click on “Upcoming
quality fee is needed in order to maintain a federally           Workshops.” Registration Fee: $50. Registration Info:
approved Title V program in Michigan.                            Environmental Assistance Center, 800-662-9278, or E-mail
                                                                 at Information Contact:
Previous versions of the air fee legislation provided that the   James Ostrowski, Environmental Science and Services
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)               Division,       517-241-8057,        or      E-mail        at
convene a task force made up of representatives of fee-
subject facilities, environmental groups, the general public,
and any state department to which funds are appropriated         Date                Location
from the emissions control fund. The current legislation         12/02/04            Otsego Club & Resort, Gaylord
does not require the convening of a task force. However, the     12/08/04            Leslie E. Tassell M-TEC, Grand Rapids
DEQ believes it is important to have an open discussion on       12/09/04            VisTaTech Center, Livonia
how the Title V program, as well as other air quality
programs, is funded. The DEQ needs to pursue review of the       EPCRA TIER II WORKSHOPS
fee formula and renewal of this authorization to continue to
meet the requirements of the CAA and to fund and carry out       Tier Two hazardous chemical inventory reports are required under
the Title V program.                                             Title III of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of
                                                                 1986 (“SARA Title III”), also known as the Emergency Planning
The DEQ, Air Quality Division, hosted an open meeting on         and Community Right-to-Know Act. Over 6,000 facilities in
July 29, 2004, to receive input from all interested parties      Michigan annually submit this report to the State Emergency
regarding funding options for air quality programs. The          Response Commission (SERC), Local Emergency Planning
                                                                 Committees (LEPCs), and local fire departments. Nearly 3,000
meeting focused on alternatives and allowed public input on
                                                                 facilities are subject to emergency planning notification under
air quality program funding options, including renewal of        SARA Title III. All facilities are subject to one or more of the 26
the existing Michigan air quality fee established pursuant to    state and federal regulations that contain chemical release reporting
the CAA, and a possible Permit to Install fee. A workgroup       requirements. Workshop attendees will find out about the latest
was formed based on input from the open meeting.                 changes to the regulations and learn how to report and avoid costly
                                                                 penalties while protecting the first responder, the community, and
The purpose of the workgroup is to analyze funding options       the environment. This half-day workshop is presented by the
for air quality programs for Fiscal Year 2006 and make           DEQ’s SARA Title III Program and is designed for owners,
recommendations to the DEQ Director and the Legislature.         operators, and environmental and safety personnel of facilities that
                                                                 have hazardous materials on site. Participants will receive the
The workgroup will focus on renewal of the existing
                                                                 “Michigan Facilities’ Guide to SARA Title III, Emergency
Michigan air quality fee established pursuant to the federal     Planning & Release Reporting.” A full brochure and online
CAA, and will also consider funding options for other non-       registration     form    are    available     on   the     Web      at
Title V program elements.                              ,            click   on     “Upcoming
                                                                 Workshops.” Registration Fee: $50. Registration Information:
It is expected that the workgroup will meet a number of          Environmental Assistance Center, 800-662-9278, or E-mail at
times over the next few months, with the goal of developing Information Contact: Susan
recommendations by January, 2005, to be used to prepare          Parker, Michigan SARA Title III Program, 517-335-4650, or
the draft Fiscal Year 2006 budget for Legislative                E-mail at
consideration beginning February, 2005.
                                                                 Date                Location
                                                                 1/18/05             Watermark Country Club, Grand Rapids
                                                                 1/20/05             Hotel Baronette, Novi

                                                                             A&WMA – WEST MICHIGAN ENVIRONET                              5
Volume No. 12 Issue No. 1                                                         November 2004

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                             our conferences/services over the
                               internet with your credit card.

                 West Michigan Chapter Committee Roster 2004-2005
 Membership                       Sections & Chapters                  Nominating/Bylaws Council
  Jim Enright – Co-Chair           Marc Groenleer                       Heidi Hollenbach - Chair
  Paul Murray – Co-Chair          Mark Horne (Lake Michigan Section)    Mark Horne
  Bill Bulkowski
  Ken Evans                       Newsletter                           Development
  Sue Pemberton                    Mark Horne – Chair                   Ken Evans - Chair
                                   Bill Bulkowski                       Bob Ellis
 Programs                          Matt Eugster                         Paul Murray
  Heidi Hollenbach – Co-Chair                                           Ron Blouw
  Dave Preston– Co-Chair          Scholarship
  John Byl                         Jill Koebbe - Chair                 Finance
  Ken Evans                        Ron Blouw                            Ron Blouw – Chair
  Mark Horne                       Loretta Campbell-Jones               Bob Ellis
  Sue Pemberton                    Janet Vail                           Dave Preston

 Long-Range Planning              Education – Outreach                 Technology
  Paul Murray – lead               Sue Pemberton - Chair                Dave Preston – Chair
  Entire board                     Anna Christensen                     Jim Enright
                                   Jill Koebbe – Chair                  Cal Peters - Webmaster
 Spring Conference Co-chairs       Janet Vail
  Loretta Campbell-Jones
  Matt Eugster

                                                             A&WMA – WEST MICHIGAN ENVIRONET       6
Volume No. 12 Issue No. 1                                                                           November 2004

Access Business
Group                                                        Haviland Products
ADAC Plastics Inc.                                           Herman Miller, Inc.
American Electric Power                                      Horizon Environmental
Bill Barr, Inc.                                              Keeler Brass Company
Cadillac Renewable Energy                                    Knoll, Inc.
Cirrus Environmental Services                                Lacks Enterprises
Conestoga Rovers and Associates, Inc.                        Law, Weathers & Richardson, PC
Consumers Energy                                             Miller, Canfield, Paddock & Stone, P.C.
Dart Foundation                                              Miller, Johnson, Snell & Cummiskey
Delphi Automotive                                            NTH Consultants
DTE Energy                                                   Perrigo Company
Earth Tech                                                   RMT, Inc.
Envirologic Technologies                                     Steelcase Inc.
Environmental Partners, Inc.                                 TriMatrix Laboratories, Inc.
Environmental Resources Management, Inc.                     Trinity Consultants
Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber (FTC&H)                     Valley City Environmental Services, Inc.
Fleis and Vandenbrink Engineering                            Varnum, Riddering, Schmidt & Howlett
                                                             Warner, Norcross & Judd

                            Grand Valley State University – Water Resources Institute
                                Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
                                         MSU A&WMA Student Chapter

                     For an information packet on the Corporate Sponsor Program,
                      please contact Ken Evans at (517) 788-0404 or email Ken at

                                BECOME AN AIR & WASTE MANAGEMENT
                                ASSOCIATION WEST MICHIGAN CHAPTER
   Full members of the Chapter are members of the international Air & Waste Management Association that
   reside in west Michigan. A&WMA members from other locations can join the Chapter for a nominal fee.
   Membership benefits include a newsletter, invitations to local events, and reduced fees for these events. The
   Chapter also has a Local Associates (LA) membership for individuals who desire affiliation with the Chapter,
   only. Local Associates receive the newsletter, announcements, and local event discounts but cannot vote in
   A&WMA elections or hold offices. A copy of the Local Associate membership form can be obtained from
   the WMAWMA website, or by writing to:
                                        WEST MICHIGAN CHAPTER
                                 AIR & WASTE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION
                                              P.O. BOX 465
                                             ADA, MI 49301
                                                                       A&WMA – WEST MICHIGAN ENVIRONET              7
Volume No. 12 Issue No. 1                                                                   September 2004

                                                              Environmental Resources
       TriMatrix Laboratories, Inc.                            Management (ERM)
       Grand Rapids, Michigan
       (Satellite Location   Wixom, Michigan)
                                                               Holland, Michigan
                                                              (Satellite Location Midland, Michigan)


TriMatrix Laboratories, Inc., (TriMatrix), is an       In     July    2004    Environmental    Resources
independent, environmental analytical testing          Management (ERM) was ranked as the largest
laboratory headquartered in Grand Rapids,              "all-environmental" consultancy in the world. We
Michigan. Since 1974, TriMatrix has been               are one of the world's leading providers of
                                                       environmental consulting services and have 100
providing its clients with quality analytical data
                                                       offices in 37 countries employing over 2,500 staff.
that can be depended upon as reliable and
accurate. TriMatrix services clients throughout the
                                                       ERM delivers innovative solutions for leading
United States from a 20,000-square-foot, custom-       business and industry clients, assisting them in
designed      environmental      laboratory.    The    managing their environmental health and safety
laboratory's clientele covers a diverse range, from    risks. We offer a broad spectrum of services
the Department of Defense, to some of the              including Air Quality Management, Environmental
world's leading manufacturers and environmental        Management Systems, Compliance Assurance,
consulting firms. TriMatrix is a      5-time winner    M&A/Due       Diligence,    Aquatic    Toxicology,
(2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 & 2004) of the ACIL            Environmental      Impact/Site   Planning,    and
Seal of Excellence Award for outstanding quality,      Remediation.
timeliness, technical expertise, and client service,
                                                        Contact Name: Steve Koster,
Contact Name: Phil Komar                                              Branch Manager
         Phone: (616) 846-9528                               Phone:   616.399.3500
         E-Mail:                   E-Mail:

                                                                A&WMA – WEST MICHIGAN ENVIRONET              8