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CVResume Translators translator resources ProZ com tonic

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									                                      50 Grove Hill Road       Phone 0207-2743057
                                      Camberwell               Mobile: 07813711682
                                      London SE5 8DG           E-mail

Lenah Susianty

Personal                    Mother tongue: Indonesian
Information                 Date of Birth: 15 September 1965
                            Place of Birth: Sukabumi, Indonesia

Education      September 1993 - June 1994, Non-degree course on French
               Contemporary Literature at Paris III, Sorbonne, Paris, France.

               1990 - 1991 Post-graduate course (Specialist I) in Journalism, Dr
               Soetomo Press Council, Jakarta, Indonesia

               1989 - 1990 Diploma IV specialising in French-Indonesian translation,
               Faculty of Letters, University of Indonesia, Depok, Indonesia.

               1986 - 1988 Diploma III in French Language, Faculty of Letters,
               University of Indonesia, Depok, Indonesia.

                            1984 - 1990 Programme S1 (equivalent to Bachelor Degree)
                            majoring in English Literature, Faculty of Letters, Christian
                            University of Indonesia (UKI), Jakarta, Indonesia.

Professional   Since 2006 Correspondent of Jakarta-based Seputar Indonesia daily.
               June 2000 - now, Freelance translator and interpreter (I have been
               doing the translation and interpreting business years before this date.
               This is the date when I officially registered to the tax office as a
               freelance translator). Subjects I’ve translated range from human rights
               issues, law, economy, technology, medical, pharmacy and health issues
               to advertisement. I do also interpreting from time to time on more
               general and legal issues. My clients now include Amnesty International,
               Down to Earth, Save the Children, CAFOD and BBC (radio and
               television), Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Canada-based Softitler
               subtitling company and many more organisations and agencies in the
               UK and abroad. I also do proofreading, editing and voice over.

                2002 Correspondent for Indonesia's prestigious weekly magazine
               Tempo (As a freelance correspondent for Indonesia‟s Tempo
               weekly I work mostly on commission, I had to report among
               others on UK‟s reaction to the Bali bombing, interviewed with an
               expert on Indonesian literature who is now teaching at SOAS, etc)

               2002-2003 Correspondent for Indonesian Harper Bazaar magazine
               (wrote stories on lifestyle and fashion)
                   October 1995 - October 2000, Producer, Indonesian Section, BBC
                   World Service, London. (Producing news programmes included
                   interviewing, reporting, translating, voicing over, presenting and editing
                   programmes. Research and writing were also key aspects when I was
                   assigned to produce feature programmes. Another duty was to liaise
                   with other sections in the World Service, either to generate a news item
                   for the main BBC News, or to deal with enquiries on a particular new on
                   Indonesia, or to contact/assign BBC reporters In Indonesia to cover an
                   event/to interview/to do research etc.). I was also on attachment for six
                   months in 1999 at BBC’s News Gathering at White City.

                   1994-1995 – correspondent for Paris-based Reporters Sans Frontieres.
                   I also wrote articles for London-based Index on Censorship around the
                   same period.

                   1991 - October 1995, Journalist, The Jakarta Post daily, Jakarta,
                   Indonesia (my specialties among others covering news on agriculture
                   and forestry, medical issues, economy in general, fashion and arts)

                   1989 - 1990, Editor, ILDEP Publishing Project (a joint project
                   between University of Leiden, the Netherlands, and Centre of
                   Development of Indonesian Language). (The job involved reading
                   manuscripts, editing, proofreading, organising the layout and
                   communicating with the author and the publishers.)

Translation        Experienced in using SDLX and SDL TRADOS
memory software
                   Please check 'projects' file attached here

                   2006: 9 of February, Interpreting in Court, Institute of Linguists, London

                   2006: 29th of November 2006, Interpreting in Police
                   Environment, Institute of Linguists, London

                   2007: 11-12nd of April 2007, FIT 5th Asian Translator Forum,
                   Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.

Organisational     1988-1990 Editor of Faculty of Letters of Christian University of
experience         Indonesia’s magazine

                   August 1994 – One of founders of Alliance of Independent Journalists
                   (AJI) in Indonesia and was also an active member whose jobs including
                   fund raising, campaigning and lobbying.

                   April 1995 – Representing AJI in International Federation of
                   Journalists‟ international meeting in Santander, Spain
                      April 1995 – Representing AJI in IFEX meeting in London

                      1996-1997 Volunteered at Oxfam‟s shop in Covent Garden and
                      Help The Aged in Ealing

                      2002-now – Trustee for Human Right Indonesia, a London-based

                      June 2006 -now Volunteering for PR/Media coverage for UK
                      Pencak Silat (an Indonesian martial arts) organisation.

Languages             English, French, Indonesian, Sundanese (West Java dialect)

                            Please email me for this

                            Film, Politic, Human Rights and Literature

Projects 2008, including:

   1. Subtitling: episodes of Ugly Betty, Brothers and Sisters, Desperate Housewives
       and Scrubs for Softitler (translation, editing, checking)
   2. Translating a market research questionnaire on mobile phone recycling (over
       5000 words)

   1. Editing for Amnesty International's short footage on death penalty abolition
   2. Translating episodes of Desperate Housewives
   3. Translating a resource book on Understanding Policing, for Amnesty International
       (over 110.000 words)
   4. Editing British Petroleum‟s (BP) Group Marine standards (over 12000 words)

   1. Translating Tonic 5 magazine and its Focus on supplement for Sanofi-Aventis,
       Paris-based pharmaceutical company
   2. Translating Understanding Policing

1. Translation, editing mostly films, incl Desperate Housewives, Brothers and sisters,
Drillbit, etc
2. Setting exams papers for FCO
1. Translating Tonic 6 magazine and its Focus on Supplement for sanofi-Aventis, Paris-
based pharmaceutical company
2. Setting syllabi for Indonesian course for FCO

   1.   Translating and voice over for Slow Loris conservation society
   2.   Translating Ugly Betty‟s episodes for Softitler
   3.   Translating Scorpion King‟s VAMs for DVD
   4.   Research on food regulation for Leatherfood International

    1. Translating an episode of Brothers and Sisters, VAM (value added materials) for
       Iron Man DVD, editing and checking film files for Softitler
    2. Interpreting for DHL survey for Kudos Research

   1. Translating Tonic 7 magazine and its Focus on supplement for Sanofi-Aventis,
      Paris-base pharmaceutical company (French to Indonesian)
   2. Translating TV series Criminal Minds for Softitler

   1. Translating/Editing/Checking subtitles for Tree Man programme for Fox
      Television (Summer Film)
   2. Translating and editing film subtitles: Criminal Minds, VAMs for The Mummy 3
      for Softitler
   3. Translating video subtitles for Belgium-based metal company Bekaert

   1. Translating and editing for The Real Freak show (Summer Film) from Indonesian
      and Sundanese to English
   2. Translating subtitles for Ghost Town and its video VAMs, editing Eagle Eye and
      translating its VAMs for Softitler
   3. Editing a confidential policy document for an Insurance company
   4. Transcribing a video interview on plane crash accident
   5. Proofreading for STIHL power tool
   6. Translating part 2 of Suite Francaise (a novel by Irene Nemorovsky) from French
      to Indonesian

1. Translating and assisting with subtitle from Indonesia/Sundanese to English for Fox
Television Studio UK‟s programme: Treeman: My shocking story.
2. Transcreation for Omo/Rinso, a washing powder/liquid of Unilever
3. Translating Tonic 4 Magazine for Paris-based Sanofi-Aventis pharmaceutical
4. Translating an episode of Criminal Minds- „Psychodrama‟ for Softitler

                    1.        proofreading on I CI /National Adhesives files (English to
                       Indonesian) total over 4000 words
                    2.        Translating material for AGM (Lafarge), from French to
                    3.        Translating episodes of TV Series Ghost Whisperer
                       (Season 2)
                    4.        Translating VAMs of American Gangster DVD

.1. Translating Tonic 4 Magazine for Paris-based Sanofi-Aventis pharmaceutical
2.      Translating a survey on clinical study on sleep disorder and diabetic
3.      Translating films The Fast and Furious, Freeze Frame, Star Trek, etc
4.      Translating Dolce (part 2 of Suite Francaise) a novel by Irene Nemirovsky from
French to Indonesian (the translation has been submitted to the publisher)
5.      Proofing a legal contact from Indonesian to English

1.     Translating Star Trek II Black Freighter/watchmen, Star Trek, and VAMs for
2.     Hospital Interpretations (NHS trust, St Mary‟s Hospital, Chelsea and
Westminster hospital etc)

1.     Translating Amnesty International‟s Briefing on Maluku (more than 8000 words)
2.     Translating articles on fashion for a Singapore-based magazine
3.     Translating/editing Star Trek feature films, Ugly Betty, Winnie the Pooh, etc
4.     Proofreading survey on the most influence business people in Asia
5.     Translating survey on pain (heath related survey)
6.     Translating contracts for TV programme for Summer Films
7.     Hospital interpretation (more than 7 times this month for Chelsea Westminster

1.     Translating and Editing Haneef: The Interrogation, a play by Graham Pitts
(collaboration with a team of translators)
2.     Translating Lafarge‟s annual shareholder meeting announcement from French TO
3.     Proofreading dish wash pricing study
4.     Translating subtitle of Friday the 13th for Softitler
1.      Translating Tonic 9 magazine for Paris-based pharmaceutical company Sanofi-
2.      Editing Shell‟s Retail Permission to Work System and Safety Day
3.      Translating Indonesian cases articles on policing for Amnesty International
4.      Translating video added materials subtitles for various films such as Star Trek for
5.      Interpreting for Walthamstow Borough‟s Housing service

1.    Voice over and checking translation for a TV programmed “Treeman meets
Treeman” for Summer Films
2.    Linguistic assistant for a translation and voice over project (for SDL)
3.    Translating “Unfinished Business- Police Accountability in Indonesia” for
Amnesty International (Over 30,000 words)
4.    Translating a survey form for BBC World Service website

1.     Translating from English to Indonesian, study documents on General Anxiety
2.     Translating from English to Indonesian, Ethics Charters and Ethics Guidelines for
GDF SUEZ (Over 10,000 words)
3.     Interpreting for London-based Kalayaan, a charity for migrant domestic workers
(Voluntary jobs)
4.       Proofreading English to Indonesian translation document on Reducing
emissions from deforestation and forest degradation for London-based Down To Earth
(around 9000 words)

1.      Translating subtitle for Safety Day video for Belgium-based Bekaert
2.    Translating a short document on Timor Leste for Amnesty International

1.           Editing for Down To Earth(London-based NGO for Indonesia‟s environment)
(articles for their bulletins)
2.           Translating Feature Films for Softitler

1. Interpreting at a solicitor‟s office, and for the NHS
2. Translation for Singapore-based magazine
3. Translations for Down To Earth
4. Translation/editing for Levi Strauss‟ LS&CO. Way for Store Associates
(handbook/Facilitator‟s guide more than 13,000 words)

1. Translation of video footages for Brighton-based Forest Peoples (more than 20 hours)
2. Translation of subtitles for Bekaert
3. Translation and editing for Lafarge
4. Interpreting for NHS

1. Translation and editing for Diamond Offshore
2. Interpreting for NHS, Immigration solicitor
3. Translation of documents related to the Police

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