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					                                Transit and Light Rail
                                Parametrix provides planning and design services for transit agencies in major
                                metropolitan and rural areas. Our projects include multi-modal facilities, light rail lines,
                                bus rapid transit (BRT), rail stations, ferry terminals, transit centers, and park-and-ride
Multi-modal System Planning     lots. We are familiar with the challenges of integrating transit facilities into diverse
                                communities, and work closely with transit agencies and local communities to ensure
                                that transit facilities operate effectively as well as enhance the existing urban fabric.
        Travel Demand and
       Patronage Forecasting    Project Examples
    Transit Facility Planning   West Valley City Light Rail Project – UT
                                Parametrix is the lead environmental consultant for the Utah Transit Authority’s (UTA)
Intermodal Facility Planning    proposed West Valley Light Rail Transit Project, a new 5.2 mile line that starts from
                                the North-South TRAX line in Salt Lake City and extends west to West Valley City,
           Light Rail Transit   the second largest city in Utah. The project includes elevated, at-grade, and in-street
                                running segments; crosses a river, a major rail yard, and an interstate; and connects to
           Bus Rapid Transit    a major new intermodal hub with bus, BRT, and light rail service. Key issues include
                                arterial traffic operations, historic resources, neighborhood effects, floodplain and
                                nature area impacts, and noise and vibration. Since the project will be UTA’s first-ever
                                non-federal environmental review for a light rail project, Parametrix assisted UTA in
                                refining the environmental approach and documentation requirements for the project.
                                Other project partners include UTA, the Wasatch Front Regional Council, the Utah
                                Department of Transportation, West Valley City and the City of South Salt Lake.

                                Link Light Rail Transit Environmental Services – WA
                                Sound Transit’s Link light rail system includes Tacoma Link (now built and operating),
                                and Central Link, a $3 to $4 billion LRT line extending from north Seattle, through the
                                University District, Capitol Hill, downtown Seattle, south Seattle, and Tukwila to Sea-
                                Tac International Airport. Parametrix led the environmental documentation including
                                alternatives analysis for light rail route, station, and maintenance base alternatives.
                                Parametrix developed the Central Link and Tacoma Link Final EIS documents in 1999,
                                and has since developed the NEPA/SEPA environmental documents for several refined
                                operating segments of Central Link, including the Tukwila Freeway Route, the Initial
                                Segment, Airport Link, and the North Link/University Link SEIS.

                                Sounder Commuter Rail Stations – Sumner and Puyallup, WA
                                Two of the first stations built for Sound Transit’s new commuter rail service, these stations
                                are located near the central business districts in Sumner and Puyallup. The stations
                                include two platforms, passenger shelters, bus transfer centers for Pierce Transit, and
                                park-and-ride spaces. Project elements included decorative lighting, landscaping, art,
                                street, signal, and sidewalk improvements on city streets surrounding the station.

                                South/North Light Rail Corridor EIS – OR and WA
                                The proposed $2.8 billion, 22-mile, South/North LRT corridor linking Clackamas
                                County, Oregon to Vancouver, Washington. The corridor passes through three central
                                business districts (Portland, Milwaukee, and Vancouver) and over two major rivers
                                (Columbia and Willamette). Parametrix led the environmental analysis and completed
                                the draft and final EIS, including special studies for compliance with the ESA, Clean
                                Water Act, Section 106, Section 4(f ), land use goals, and other federal and state

Interstate MAX NEPA EIS and Final Design – Portland, OR
The 5.8-mile Interstate MAX light rail extension will link the Rose Garden Arena to the
Expo Center in North Portland. Parametrix completed a NEPA EIS for the project. Work
elements included traffic engineering studies to support final trackway and roadway design;
traffic signal plan preparation for approximately 35 locations; traffic signal interconnect;
preparation of signing, striping, and pavement marking plans for the corridor; and traffic
control plans during construction.

Westside Light Rail/Hillsboro Corridor – Portland, OR
Parametrix completed a NEPA EIS for a 6-mile light rail extension of the Portland MAX
system. We also completed mitigation reports, permitting, and utility engineering for final
design of the project.

DuPont Park & Ride – DuPont, WA
Sound Transit’s southernmost transit facility features bus stop waiting areas, shelters,
parking, and environmental art, and provides for future expansion for a passenger rail
station. Parametrix provided planning, design, project management, civil engineering, and
landscape architecture. We worked with DuPont’s master plan and design guidelines, Sound
Transit, and the developer to create an attractive community asset.

BRT Environmental Assessment – Eugene to Springfield, OR
Lane Transit District’s proposed BRT system, running from Eugene to Springfield will
include guided busway segments, segments with exclusive bus lanes, and segments with
mixed bus and vehicular traffic. Guideway segments include sections with a single reversible
bus lane, with protected green for buses in one direction at a time. Parametrix analyzed the
transportation impacts and completed NEPA compliance for the project and is assisting
with additional extensions of this pilot BRT line.

Renton Transit Center – Renton, WA
The Renton Transit Center was one of several projects planned to promote revitalization
of the downtown core. Parametrix provided site civil and transportation engineering and
environmental services. The project included major street reconstruction, development
of the transit center and parking areas, stormwater treatment and detention, traffic signal
design, and water and sewer main design.

SR 520/TransLake Corridor BRT Program – King County, WA
Parametrix was the lead consultant for engineering and NEPA EIS efforts to improve mobility    OFFICE LOCATIONS
in the SR 520 corridor crossing Lake Washington. The corridor’s preferred alternative will
add BRT/HOV lanes from Seattle to Redmond. It would include a 4-foot buffer between            Colorado
the BRT lane and general purpose lanes to improve both speed and reliability of transit
service. BRT/HOV direct access ramps and stations will be included at several locations.       Idaho

Pierce Transit Agency Engineering – Pierce Transit                                             New Mexico
Since 1987, Parametrix has provided on-call engineering services, including planning,
design, and construction management to Pierce Transit. We have designed new ventilation        Oregon
equipment, specialty bus stop passenger shelters, upgraded overhead jib cranes, upgraded       Portland
and expanded parking lot facilities, structurally modified bus inspection pits, building       Washington
modifications and remodels, new park-and-ride facilities, studied methane detection systems,   Bellevue
and provided construction inspection services.                                                 Lacey

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