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					     AORN of Greater Indianapolis

               The Circulator
                                                           September ~ 2009

President’s Message                                                           Jill Ann Jesse

Our year kicked off with an excellent August presentation at Wishard by Diana Sullivan of
Legislative Review and how to become more involved in your local areas. Additional
thanks to Teresa Nosek for her closing comments that reviewed our past year’s process
with the new CST- RN Circulator legislation that became law in July (CEU’s will come
from AORN National). Kudos and thanks to Brian Briddle and Synthese Ortho for
providing a delicious Italian meal! Many thanks to Vicki Lilly for providing a gift basket for
raffle that generated $59.00 for the chapter. The September meeting will also be at
Wishard, in the auditorium with Barbara Mitchell/Nursing 2000 talking about Workforce
Development and what is going on behind the scenes to make sure that there will be an
RN in every OR!! Food will be provided by Ethicon/Kevin Anderson.

The chapter is doing monthly “community service” projects. We will be collecting a
continuation of the August request of “back to school items” and red nonperishable
items/cans-spaghetti sauce, canned tomatoes, etc for September. Have some fun
shopping prior to the meeting and help to make a difference in our communities.

Our AORN chapter again will be participating in Nurse’s Day at the Children’s Museum
Saturday September 12th, 2009. This is a truly fun and exciting day to spend with kids and
to be a kid. Please contact Teresa Nosek if interested and talk with her as she mentors
other AORN members to take over this wonderful event. Plus we also get the see the King
Tut exhibit!!!!!

Our chapter is also planning some very interesting projects to generate funds to send
AORN members to national congress in Denver, CO in March 2010. Please consider
filling out the delegate point sheet included in this newsletter to become a delegate and
represent our chapter.

Please mark your calendars and bring a coworker on Tuesday night September 8th to
Wishard!!!! Please park in the Wishard garage to get your parking ticket stamped.

Attention: Board Members there will be meeting at 6:30pm prior to meeting.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day of no laboring!!!!!

Jill Ann Jesse, RN, MSN, CNOR, Associate C.N.O.
Director of Perioperative and Critical Care Services, Wishard Health Services
Wishard Health Services Shuttle Map
1. In between East and Ott buildings
2. In between Ott and Bryce buildings
3. Lockefield Village
4. Primary Care Center
5. Wishard Main Entrance - enter here, park in Wishard Parking
6. Emergency Department
7. Regenstrief Health Center
8. Elmwood St./Overflow Lot
9. West Building Entrance off 10th Street
                    AORN of Greater Indianapolis Delegate Application
                         Point Sheet (July 1 through June 30)

Monthly Chapter Meetings Attended:           2 points for each meeting     ______________
Current CNOR Status                          5 points                      ______________
Current CRNFA Status                         10 points (includes CNOR) ______________
Other Certifications                         2 points (please list)________________________

                                   CHAPTER INVOLVEMENT
               Committee                                             Service

Chair: 10 points;     Participating Member: 5 points
                                                       _____Obtain & coordinate speaker for
_____Ways & Means                                            monthly meeting              5points
_____Research                                          _____Elected position              5points
_____Legislative                                       _____Name on ballot, not elected 2 points
_____Archives                                          _____Chapter workshop attended     2 points
_____Membership                                        _____Hospital captain              2 points
_____Annual Fundraiser                                 _____New member recruited 1 point
_____Awards & Scholarships                                   List names, 5 maximum
_____June Dinner Meeting
_____Community Involvement

Event Volunteer (not on committee) 1 point each
_____Annual fundraiser             _____Homeless shelter             _____Children’s Museum
_____Chapter Workshop              _____June Dinner Meeting          _____other
_____Budget/finance auditor

                               NATIONAL PARTICIPATION
      5 points                                                2 points
_____Committee/Spec. Assembly Chair              _____National committee member
_____Officer/Board Member                        _____Session Moderator
_____Name on National Ballot                     _____Attend any national AORN
_____Congress or SA presenter or poster
_____Published in AORN Journal                                1 point
                                                 _____Session Assistant
                                                 _____Member of SA
                                                 _____Member Ambassador

                           OTHER PROFESSIONAL INVOLVEMENT
                                            1 point each
List any other professional nursing organizations that you are a member of (e.g. ICORN, NAON,
ISNA, etc). Provide copy of membership card.
You need to provide documentation of your claimed points. Attendance documentation will be
determined by meeting sign in sheets.

I submit the list below on which I have calculated the points for my activities from
July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009, of the educational year. I understand that the
actual awarding of points is the responsibility of the Nominating Committee. I have
provided documentation of participation in all activities. Attendance at monthly
meetings will be verified by sign in sheets and will be determined by the Committee.
The Committee will verify all points and their ruling is final.




PHONE: WORK_________________________________





TOTAL POINTS:______________________________

Have you been a delegate for our chapter? Yes No (If yes, ______ times)
Did you apply to be a delegate last year, but were not chosen? Yes No

Please Submit to Elaine Thomas via:

      Mail: 20 E. North St., New Palestine, IN 46163
      Fax: 317-834-9501
      E-mail:
              or to
      any nominating committee members

                                      September 14, 2009
             AORN Chapter Meeting
          Tuesday, September 8th, 2009
             Board Meeting 6:30 PM
        Chapter Business Meeting 7:00 PM
               Education Presentation 7:45PM

          The State of the Nursing Workforce in…

                           Barbara Mitchell, MSN, MS, RN, BC
                           Executive Director of Nursing 2000

       Donna Boland, PhD, RN, Associate Dean for Evaluation,
   Center for Academic Affairs, Indiana University School of Nursing

                       OPEN TO ALL NURSES
                        Wishard Auditorium
                                1.4 Contact Hours
Contact Hours for this continuing nursing education activity have been applied for through the Association of
   periOperative Registered Nurses, Inc., an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing
                                   Center’s Commission of Accreditation.
 Activities that are approved by AORN are recognized as continuing education for registered nurses. This
  does not imply that AORN or the ANCC Commission on Accreditation approves or endorses any product
                                        included in the presentation.
Chapter Continuing Education
September 8, 2009
Wishard Hospital Auditorium, 7-9 pm – Barbara Mitchell, MSN, MS, RN, BC, Executive
Director of Nursing 2000, and Donna Boland, PhD, RN, Associate Dean for Evaluation,
Center for Academic Affairs, Indiana University School of Nursing, will be discussing the
state of the nursing workforce in Indiana. They will be: identifying the accomplishments
of the Indiana Nursing Workforce Development Coalition (INWDC), describing today’s
challenges in addressing nursing capacity needs including qualified nursing faculty, and
discussing INWDC’s involvement in the National Forum of State Nursing Workforce
Centers. If you want to know what’s going on in nursing in Indiana, please plan to join us.
This is open to all nurses.

November 10, 2009
AORN of Greater Indianapolis and the Central Indiana Association of Orthopaedic Nurses
will be joining to hear Dr. Rafat Abonour speak on Multiple Myeloma. He will be speaking
at Petticrew Auditorium, Methodist Hospital, 1701 N. Senate Blvd, Indianapolis, IN, from
7-9 pm. There will be free parking, food and continuing education. Please bring a friend
and help us celebrate PeriOperative Nurses Week.

Other Continuing Education
-Thursday, September 17, 2009-Nina Whalen from Ortho Indy, will be speaking about
Anesthesia and Pain Issues, at the Indiana Orthopaedic Hospital, 6:30 pm.
-Saturday, September 19, 2009-the Orthopaedic Nurse Certification (ONC) Review
Course will be taking place at Community Hospital North. For more information, please
contact Teresa Nosek at for more information.

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                                AORN of Greater Indianapolis
                                       Chapter 1504
                                2009-2010 Officers and Board

Jill Ann Jesse, RN, MSN, CNOR          Wishard        

Karen Richmond, RN, BNS, CNOR          St. Vincent Heart Ctr.

Vice President
Carrie Drummond, RN                    St. Francis    

Recording Secretary
Pat Entrekin, RN, BSN, CNOR            IU Hospital    

Corresponding Secretaries – Newsletter
Diana McDowell, RN, MSN, CNOR     Clarian North       

Diana Sullivan, RN, MSN, CNOR          IUSON          

Lynn Jacob, RN, BSN                    St. Vincent Hospital

Board Members
Julie Barton, RN, MSN, CNOR, CNML      Clarian Health 

Kelly Davis, RN, BSN, CNOR             Clarian North  

Cathy Harding, RN, CNOR                St. Francis Hospital

Sondra Jones, RN                       St. Vincent Hospital

Wendy Zeiher, RN, BSN, CNOR            St. Vincent Heart Ctr.

Nominating and Leadership Development Committee Members
Rhonda Stout, RN, CNOR           IU Hospital

Shelley Suarez, RN, MSN                Clarian North  

Julie Teague, RN, BSN, CNOR            St. Vincent Hospital

Elaine Thomas, RN, BSN          St. Francis Mooresville Surg Ctr.

Vicki Lilly, RN, CNOR                  Morgan Hospital MC

National Board Member
Rhonda Anders, RN, MSM, CNOR           St. Francis Hospital

Legislative Chair
Teresa Nosek, RN, BSN, CNOR, ONC       IN Surg Ctr. – North

We will once again be raffling different baskets at our chapter meetings this year. We are
happy to accept donations of full baskets or items to be put into a basket. If you are a
home consultant or know of someone with a home-based business, that would like to
make a donation and have their business acknowledged in our newsletter, or if you know
a vendor that would like to donate those Colts tickets, please email me at :

Thanks to Vicki Lilly for her wonderful basket filled with delightful treats, including wine
and her special home-made muffin mix. The basket raised $59.00 for the chapter. At our
next meeting, we will have a grape-vein wreath with flowers and ribbon in those great fall
colors of red, orange, and yellow. Remember to bring those singles; this is a great prize
for someone for only a dollar.

News from our Membership Chair…Deborah Clark

Just as a reminder about the benefits of your AORN membership. Stop searching and
start earning! You can earn your CE’s online from the most trusted source in
perioperative nursing. You can find articles covering a broad range of perioperative
nursing topics, prepare for your CNOR exam, and meet your state and/or facility CE

The online Periop CE center offers you:
    One to five contact hour articles.
    Online testing with immediate test results and certificate printing.
    A member price of only $5.00 per CE (non-member pay $10.00 per CE).

Diana McDowell
“Recommended Practices for Hand Hygiene in the Perioperative Setting”
The AORN Board of Directors revised terminology in the recently published
“Recommended Practices for Hand Hygiene in the Perioperative Setting” to account for
the multiple regulatory paths related to Hand Hygiene products. The following
terminology revising recommendation III of this recommended practice was submitted
and approved by AORN’s board of directors on July 17, 2009:
          “A surgical hand scrub should be performed by health care personnel
          before donning sterile gloves for surgical or other invasive
          procedures. Use of either an antimicrobial surgical scrub agent
          intended for surgical hand antisepsis or an alcohol-based antiseptic
          surgical hand rub with documented persistent and cumulative activity
          that has met US Food and Drug (FDA) regulatory requirements for
          surgical hand antisepsis is acceptable.”

The AORN board of directors also approved removing the term “FDA Approved” from
recommendations III.b, IV.b and VII.c.2 of this recommended practice.
Treasurer’s Report
Lynn Jacob, RN
                                            2009-2010 Budget       2009-2010 Actual Costs
                                           Income      Expenses    Income     Expenses

Newsletter Printing & Postage                             $25.00
Chapter Program Fees                                     $200.00
Chapter Membership Drive Rebates                         $200.00
Indiana Council of Periop Registered
Nurses (Annual Dues)                                      $25.00
CINO (Annual Dues)                                        $25.00
AORN Foundation                                        $1,000.00
Nursing School Promotion                                 $200.00
Speaker Expenses & Airfare                               $500.00
Ordinary Expenses                                      $2,175.00                    $0.00

Chapter Rebates                            $8,000.00
Ordinary Income                            $8,000.00                 $0.00

Special Expenses & Income

Workshop                                   $3,000.00   $1,000.00

June Dinner Meeting                        $1,500.00   $1,250.00
June Dinner Meeting/Silent Auction 6-09                            $910.00
Awards & Scholarship Committee
 Member of the Year Award                                 $50.00
 Awards/Gifts (for June)                                 $250.00
 Free Membership Award                                   $100.00
 Tuition Reimbursement                                   $500.00
 CNOR/CRNFA Certification/Re-cert                        $500.00
 Presentation                                            $300.00

Membership Committee                                     $200.00
 Student Nurse Memberships                               $100.00

Next Generation Committee                                $200.00

Legislative Committee
 DC Trip                                               $1,300.00
 Capital Day                                             $500.00

Circulator Advertisement Income             $500.00

Total of Regular Expenses & Income (This
Page)                                                              $910.00          $0.00
Community Involvement Committee
 Nursing 2000 Dinner                                     $800.00
 Service Project                                         $500.00
 Children's Museum                                        $75.00

Treasurer Expenses
 Taxes                                                   $100.00
 Bank Fees & Checks                                       $25.00
 P.O. Box                                                $190.00

Congress Expenses
 Research                                               $1,000.00
 Chapter Delegate Stipends                             $15,100.00
 Chapter President Expenses                             $2,000.00
 Congress for Students                                   $600.00
 Congress Presentation                                    $60.00
 Miscellaneous Expenses                                  $100.00

Ways & Means Committee                                   $500.00
 Polo Shirts                                $300.00
 Monthly Meeting Raffle                     $300.00
    August 09 Wine Basket Morgan
County                                                               $59.00
 St. Vincent Heart Center Candy Sales
 Blankets/Polos                            $1,000.00
National Leadership Meeting                 $200.00      $500.00
Miscellaneous President Expenses                         $250.00

Total of regular expenses & income from
this page                                                            $59.00        $0.00
Total Special Income/Expenses:             $6,800.00   $28,050.00   $969.00        $0.00

Total Expenses/Income                     $14,800.00   $30,225.00   $969.00        $0.00
Net Change:                               $15,425.00                $969.00
Beginning Balance:                                     $18,744.62
Ending Balance Estimate:                                $3,319.62             $19,713.62
Community Involvement-Children’s Museum

If you don’t have plans for Saturday, September 12, 2009, consider joining us at the
Children’s Museum in Indianapolis, IN. Nurses’ Day at the Children’s Museum is a fun
filled day where the kids get to explore different areas of nursing. We will be having an
interactive display and are in need of some help. It’s not difficult. The kids get to perform
a “dinosaurectomy” after donning their hat and masks. If you would like to donate your
time and talents, please contact Teresa Nosek at

Product Fair- Fall Fundraiser
This year to kick off PeriOperative Nurses’ Week, we will be having a product fair as our
fundraiser. It is scheduled for Thursday, November 5, 2009, at St. Francis Hospital Beech
Grove campus from 4-8 pm. Everyone is invited. If you have a vendor or sales
representative who would like to participate, please contact, Teresa Nosek at or Cathy Harding at

Congress Presentation
Does your facility do something special to celebrate nursing or your specialty? Do you do
special activities for AORN? Do you have a special display board to advertise AORN
activities? If so, please take a photo and send it to Teresa Nosek at
We are currently working on gathering photos for our Congress Presentation. This
presentation highlights not only what our chapter does but also what each individual
hospital/facility does. Please consider sharing your success.

                          AORN on the Web
The website for AORN of Greater Indianapolis is:

The facebook address for AORN of Greater Indianapolis:

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