It s in the cards The secret of IED by Feelya


It’s in the cards.                                               More capabilities in less space.
The secret of IED’s 8000 Series Totally Integrated Processing    An IED 8000 system typically takes up as little as 10% of the
System lies in IED’s Intelligent Distributed Processing (IDP)    space that would be occupied by equivalent separate compo-
concept, based on cards that slide into the 8001MF               nents. For example, one 8000 mainframe can hold 44 channels
Mainframe. Under IDP design guidelines, each card is             of 1/3 octave EQ, two redundant power supplies, and an
optimized for a specific range of functions through a            internal PC, all in only 7 vertical inches of standard EIA rack
combination of both analog and digital circuits. This design     space.
approach allows IED engineers to fully exploit the specific
performance advantages of both circuit types, while avoiding     More than audio.
the inherent limitations of either.                              As shown on the following pages, the 8000 Series can provide
                                                                 a multitude of control functions in addition to audio processing.
The heart of IDP.                                                The system even automatically checks itself and reports faults
Each 8000 Series card contains a dedicated digital               to a remote location. In short, the versatility of 8000 Series is
microcontroller unit (MCU) that controls all on-card functions   limited only by the imagination and experience of the designer.
and also communicates with the 8001CPU Central Pro-
cessing Unit. The MCU on each card means that the system         More than products.
is not constrained by the limitations of one CPU, as is the      IED backs the 8000 Series with a comprehensive program of
case with many other modular systems. In fact, any 8000          training classes and technical support. Over 2000 people
system is easily expandable and networkable, allowing            have attended seminars at our multimedia facility in Louisville,
extremely large and complex systems to be assembled in           Kentucky. In addition to an array of support documentation,
stages subsequent to the original installation without           IED can also provide custom software to make operating the
obsoleting or discarding existing components. With IED,          largest system logical and intuitive. With IED, your audio
you get the ability to grow.                                     system investment is safe.
                               Audio routing & paging                                                    Machine noise varies widely in manufacturing facilities. The 8000
                                                                                                         provides intelligent voice announcements even in the worst noise
                                                                                                         conditions by automatically adjusting volume levels to compensate
                                                                                                         for changes in ambient noise levels. Integrated supervisory functions
                                                                                                         also provide emergency evacuation capabilities.

                           Casinos utilize more music and page zones than any other
Foxwoods Resor t           entertainment application. With 24/7 operation, maintenance                                                                                                  Kellogg’s Cereal
Casino, Ledyard, CT        personnel can change system parameters for any area with just a                                                                                               Manufacturing,
                           few mouse clicks from any network port in the facility. The IEDnet
                           backbone links multiple 8000 frames and provides unlimited future
                           expansion capability.
                                                                                                           Logic control                         Military
                                                                                                                                                                                           Memphis, TN

                                                                                                                                                 Sound is critical on a mili-
                                                                                                                                                 tary ship. Noise levels are
                           Transit Facility
                           Transit terminals present special
                           problems when high noise levels
                           interfere with the voice an-
                                                                     ADA signage                                                                 high, and corrosion can
                                                                                                                                                 cause system breakdowns.
                                                                                                                                                 The 8000 Series system
                                                                                                                                                 uses advanced ambient
                           nouncement system. This partic-                                               Racetrack                               noise analysis circuitry to
                           ular system networks over 145
                           mainframes via IEDnet, provid-
                                                                  Sports Arena                           In a racetrack facility, audio          adjust output for varying
                                                                  Sports facilities have many spe-       routing is diverse. Multiple            noise levels. The system
                           ing full system diagnostics and        cialty areas in addition to the main   audio feeds route to many               continuously monitors itself
                           fault reporting to several central-    seating. Ticket areas, interior and    different areas. The 8000 system        and reports all diagnostic
                           ized locations. Additionally, pre-     exterior concourses, press boxes,      routes the race call, intertrack        tests and faults to a central
                           recorded voice messages syn-           and private suites all require zoned   wagering, and paramutual feeds          location via the IEDnet net-
New York City Transit,     chronize with color visual infor-      messaging, BGM selection, and          to various levels and grandstand        work.                                 USS Constellation
New York, NY               mation signs to provide com-           ADA signage. Supervision and           areas. Ambient noise analysis,
                           plete Americans with Disabilities      ambient noise analysis are includ-     supervision, and ADA signage
                           Act (ADA) compliance.                  ed as well.                            are also key features in a
                                                                                                         racetrack 8000 series system.

                                     Pre-recorded messages                                                                  Networking
                                                                                                         Theme Park
                                                                                                         Theme parks often combine live entertainment with a variety
                         Health Care Facility                                                            of special effects and scheduled productions. Queue line
                         Maintaining precise volume level for paging is a requirement for
                                                                                                         announcements and show control are common requirements
                         health care facilities. The 8000 maintains the level of paging and
Marine Midland Arena,                                                                                    handled by the IED 8000. With the ethernet compatible
                         background music while providing “code blue” and other voice
Home of the NHL                                                                                          IEDnet network, entertainment providers may easily link all
                         alert messages. Network based hardware, ADA visual signage,                                                                                              Keeneland Racetrack,
Buffalo Sabres,                                                                                          sections of the park providing ultimate system control and
                         and wireless paging stations are also key features of the 8000                                                                                                  Lexington, KY
Buffalo, NY                                                                                              interface ability.
                         systems used in these facilities.

                         Ambient noise analysis                                                                                     Supervision


                               IED Mic
Chataqua Health                Station                                                                                                                                            Themed Entertainment
Care Facility,                                                                                                                                                                               Attraction,
Buffalo, NY                                                                                                                                                                         Lake Buena Vista, FL
  Mics                                                                                           Amps

Phones                                                                                           Amps

 Music                                                                                           Fault
Sources                                                                                         Alarms

 Alarm                                                                                          Monitor
Sensors                                                                                        Speakers

Ambient                                                                                         Remote
 Noise                                                                                          Device
Sensors                                                                                         Control

 Remote                                                                                         Remote
  Audio                                      Electronic                                          Audio
                                               Visual                                           System
 System           Network         Laptop                     Support      Support
                  Computer       Computer   Information
Programs                                                      Printer     Modem                  Feeds

 Totally Integrated Processing                            functions. The real-time controller stores,
 Conventional audio systems collect, equal-               assigns and controls all card operations
 ize, route, distribute and amplify audio                 and microphone station activity in the
 signals. IED’s 8000 Series goes beyond                   system, while the communications processor
 ordinary audio signal processing by pro-                 handles setup, networking, message as-
                                                          sembly / storage / playback, electronic
 viding total system con-
                                                                          sign control and user i/o.
 trol. The 8000 Series
                                                                          Working together, the two
 monitors and tests the
                                                                          CPUs schedule and manage
 sound system, stores and
                                                                          self-testing, event execution,
 replays messages, con-
                                                                          system analysis, and fault
 trols remote devices,                                                    reporting.
 networks with other sys-
 tems, and warns the
 operator of malfunctions.                                               Totally Integrated Software
                                                                        IED’s TIPS software family
                                                                        includes programs for
 Totally Integrated Computing                             setup, calibration, and automatic oper-
 The intelligence in the 8000 Series re-                  ation of the system. This standard soft-
 sides in two very smart slide-in cards,                  ware package allows you to create your
 the real-time controller card (8001CPU)                  own graphic screens of your facility for
 and the communications processor                         easier operation. With IED, you get
 (8101CPU). Each card handles specific                    simple control of complex performance.
                                   8000 SERIES
Audio Distribution / Gain / Routing                                     Internal System Control
 8044AIO Audio Input/Output Card                                          8001CPU Central Processing Unit Card
   •   4 balanced audio inputs and outputs                                  •   Controls/monitors all 8000 cards
   •   Digitally controlled routing and gain                                •   Controls/monitors power supplies
       control for each output                                              •   Non-volatile configuration storage
 8044APM Audio Music/Bus Paging Card                                        •   Triggers external fault annunciator
   •   4 balanced audio inputs and outputs                                  •   RS-232 interfaces to external computer
   •   4 audio bus inputs typically used for
       background/foreground music                                      Networking, Digital Record/Playback,
       Music ducking during page
 8088SM Audio Switch Matrix Card                                            •   Keyboard, mouse, VGA interface
   •   8 balanced audio inputs and outputs                                  •   Ethernet network interface
   •   Switch/combine any inputs/outputs                                    •   System support and fault reporting via
                                                                                modem, printer, or network
 8022DR Line Driver/Receiver Card
                                                                            •   Visual message display interface
   •   Drives extremely long lines with full                                    for ADA requirements
       audio bandwidth
                                                                            •   Digital audio message record and playback

Signal Processing                                                       Paging and Zone Control
 8044DSP Digital Signal Processing Card                                   8004C Microphone Station Control Card
   •   4 balanced audio inputs and outputs
                                                                            •   Controls and monitors 4 microphone stations
   •   DSP capabilities on each output including
                                                                            •   Phantom power for 4 microphone stations
       parametric EQ, compression, and limiting
                                                                            •   Software Configurable for IED 500 or 508
 8022AEQ Analog Variable Q Equalizer Card                                       Series microphone stations
   •   2 channels 26 band 1/3 octave EQ                                     •   Telephone interface via IED508T station
   •   2 frequency shelving
 8022CEQ Analog Constant Q Equalizer Card                               Supervision and Diagnostics
   •   2 channels 26 band 1/3 octave EQ                                   8001SA System Signal Analysis Card
   •   2 selectable high pass filters                                       •   DSP provides system test tones
                                                                            •   DSP measures returned test tones
Ambient Noise Analysis                                                    8081MT Monitor/Test Card
 8040NS Nose Sensor Card                                                    •   8 balanced audio or DC test point inputs
   •   Interfaces to 4 IED0540S Ambient Noise Sensors                       •   Tests voltages from microphone level to
                                                                                70 V speaker level
   •   Discriminates between noise level
       and program audio in sensor area
   •   Changes audio output level in response                           External Systems Control
       to an area’s ambient noise level
                                                                          8088LIO 8 Input/8 Output Logic Card
                                                                            •   8 logic inputs and 8 logic outputs
Power Supplies - Main and Backup
                                                                          8088VIO 8 Input/8 Output Variable Voltage
 8102PS/8202PS Power Supplies                                             Card
   •   + 15 VDC, –15 VDC for 8000 Series cards                              •   Measures and controls 8 voltage channels
   •   120 VAC and 240 VAC operation
                                                                          8008RY (C, NO, NC) Relay Card
   •   Redundant operation                                                  •   8 form C relays triggered by 8001CPU card

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