sarah by sarahquintal1


									                                                                                             June 2, 2010

Dear Sir/Madam,

         We are writing you today in regards to our grades in NCM100, sec. 11. It is because NCM100 is a
vital subject that is required to 3rd year. We wish to inquire regarding in our grades in Exams, Quizzes
and everything that is grade related. We doing so, we would like full disclosure on how we seem to fail
to this subject. Since we were not able to see our exams and other that is grade related. It leads us with
doubt. As a student we know the level work that we put in to this subject that is why we still have the
Question Why we failed to this subject. We still have to ask some issues regarding our professor in
charge to this subject In front of the subject coordinator and professor.

         We ask for your humble consideration and we ask for help for this regarding matter. Since this is
a vital subject that may hold us back.

                                                                                         You’re sincerely,

                                                                                       Sarah Joy A. Gatus

                                                                                     Maricar Manglinong

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