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                                               for tile cement

Aqualon, a Division of Hercules Incorporated
Aqualon, a division of Hercules Incorporated with 2000 employees, is a major
producer of cellulose ethers. In this product segment Aqualon is one of the world’s
leading suppliers and has the widest range of cellulose ethers available.

Aqualon is a truly global company with worldwide production facilities and sales
representations. In Europe Aqualon has three manufacturing sites: in The
Netherlands, Belgium and France. Sales offices are located in Rijswijk,
The Netherlands; Düsseldorf, Germany; Pendlebury, England; Rueil, France;
Bologna, Italy; Tarragona, Spain; Moscow, Russia; Warsaw, Poland and Prague,
Czech Republic. In addition, Aqualon has agents and distributors in many
countries. Invisible to the eye, and yet indispensable, each Aqualon product stands
for performance and functionality.

                                         CULMINAL® for tile cement

                                         CULMINAL products are widely used to improve the application properties of building
                                         materials based on cement, gypsum and lime. In tile cements they improve water retention,
                                         correction time and open time, and decrease skin formation, slip and sagging.

                                         The straight CULMINAL products are series of methylcellulose mixed ethers (MHEC and
                                         MHPC) with varying viscosity. CULMINAL-C series are modifications in which additives
                                         enhance specific properties as required by special application conditions.

                                         Physically the products are white to off-white powders, that dissolve in cold water.
                                         CULMINAL has a good compatibility with electrolytes like salts, and is stable over a wide
                                         pH range.
    We recognize that our products are required to be perfect in every respect,
    available at the right time, at the right place and in a perfect condition.
    To continuously achieve this, Aqualon declared ‘Total Quality’ one of the highest
    priorities throughout the entire organization. In 1994 all Aqualon entities in Europe
    received ISO 9001 status, an essential milestone in the divisions pursuit of
    achieving business excellence. Quality is no static condition, neither it is some-
    thing that springs up by itself.

    All Aqualon employees follow regular and intensive training in the use of problem
    solving techniques and participate in improvement projects.
    Total Quality is a matter of priority at all levels of the company; this is why the
    combination of product value and service level offered by Aqualon is of the highest
    calibre. For Aqualon quality is a matter of continuous attention.


4                                                              100

    Figure 1 -                                                                                                 Water retention
    Water retention of tile cement as
    a function of the concentration                                                                            CULMINAL products strongly increase the
    of the CULMINAL                                                                                            water retention capacity of tile cements.
                                        Waterretention, %

                                                                                                               They inhibit too fast a loss of water from the
                                                                                                               mortar into the substrate and the dry tile.
                                                                92                                             As a consequence sufficient water is kept
                                                                                                               available to allow the cement to fully
                                                                90                                             harden and to develop full strength
                                                                      0      0,1     0,2     0,3   0,4   0,5
                                                                                                               properties. Figure 1 shows the retention of
                                                                      Culminal concentration, %                water in a tile cement in relation to the
                                                                                                               quantity of cellulose ether added.

                                                                                                               Additionally, the improved plasticity of the
                                                                                                               mortar facilitates workability and increases
                                                                                                               the contact area between the combed
                                                                                                               mortar and the tile.

    Figure 2 -                                                                                                 Correction time
    Correction time of tile cement as                          0,45

    a function of CULMINAL                                                                                     The correction time is the time during
    concentration.                                                                                             which the position of the tiles in the wet
                                        Culminal addition, %

                                                               0,35                                            mortar layer can be corrected without
                                                                                                               significant loss of adhesive strength.

                                                               0,25                                            Substrates and tiles with very high capillary
                                                                                                               action decrease correction time. The high
                                                                      0       5       10     15    20    25    water retention capacity of CULMINAL
                                                                                                               inhibits such rapid water loss, and thus
                                                                      Correction time, min
                                                                                                               increases correction time, as shown in
                                                                                                               figure 2.
There is more to quality than a good product and satisfied customers.
In Aqualon’s view quality is also reflected in our attitude towards the environment.
To minimize environmental impact as much as possible during a product’s life-
cycle, it is Aqualon’s objective to achieve ISO 14001 certification for its three
European production units.
Aqualon focuses on its core activity: producing cellulose ethers in many varieties
and perfecting these to meet current and future requirements of its customers.

Skin formation                                    Slip and sagging

Skinning is the formation of a skin with          Slip and sagging are flow characteristics of a
insufficient adhesion on the wet surface of       freshly applied layer of mortar on a vertical
 a freshly applied tile cement. This process      surface under the weight of a tile, see figure 4.
is caused by evaporation or hardening.            Anti-sagging additives in CULMINAL
The time between the application of the           special products improve this undesired
mortar layer and the formation of a skin is       characteristic of tile cements to such extent,
called the ‘open-time’ of a tile cement.          that even heavy, non-porous tiles applied
Additives in the CULMINAL® special types          on a vertical surface, hardly slip downward.
retard the skin formation and thus extend         As a consequence such modified cellulose
the open time of the tile cement.                 ethers are very well suitable for tile cements
This allows for a more rational use of it.        that do not contain fibers.
                                                                                                     Figure 4 -
                                                                                                     Tile cements with bad and good sagresistance.
                                                  Tensile strength                                   Testmethod: DIN 18 156.

                                                  The addition of CULMINAL in the
                                                  recommended concentrations improves the
                                                  strength development of cement based tile

Figure 3 -
Tile cements with slow and fast skin formation.
Testmethod: DIN 18 156.
    Aqualon polymers play a minor though crucial role in hundreds of products, for
    example cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, paper, cement and gypsum products, food-
    stuffs, emulsion polymers and paints. Aqualon is an open company that seeks
    communication with its customers. Direct communication leads to better products
    and services.

    Addition level

    In function of the requirements on the tile
    cements the recommended concentration
    of CULMINAL® on dry matter is between
    0,3 and 0,5 %.

    Starting formulation of a tile cement for
    professional use.

    Portland cement                 35,00   Pbw *
    Lime                             2,00   Pbw
    Silica sand 0,1 - 0,4 mm        61,05   Pbw
    Polymer powder                   1,50   Pbw
    CULMINAL C8114                   0,45   Pbw

    Skin formation, min.            30
    Contact area, %                 85
    Slip, mm                         0
    Tensile strength, N/mm
        after dry storage,           1,18
        after wet storage,           1,05
        after warm storage,          1,15
        after freeze/thaw            0,94

    * parts by weight
Aqualon invites customers to share their wishes and ideas, to suggest product
refinement on the basis of their own practical experience and, in this manner, to
optimize the performance of their products. Technical support based on an
in-depth application knowledge and experience in the industry is offered by
Aqualon’s specialists, who have excellent research facilities at their disposal.
Our aim is to totally meet the customer’s demands. Additional information is
provided through extensive documentation and research reports, as well as
through seminars and workshops. We recognize that there is a clear need for this,
not only for the benefit of new staff at Aqualon’s customers, but also for those who
regularly handle Aqualon products.

Last, but not least, the sales and logistic organization of Aqualon maintains
representations and stockpoints in most countries of the world.


Type of tile cement                CULMINAL®         Chemical         Viscosity       Special characteristics
                                   type              basis            type

Standard quality with              MHEC 40.000 P     MHEC             very high       for universal use;
fibers                              MHPC 20.000 P     MHPC             high            long open time; good anti-sagging

Standard quality without or        C9103             MHPC             very high       for universal use;
with small quantity of             C8564             MHEC             high            very high water retention;
fibers                                                                                 long open time; very long correction time;
                                   C9115             MHEC             extra high      for lowest dosage

Standard quality without           C9101             MHPC             very high       high water retention; long correction time
fibers                                                                                 good anti-sagging, long open time,
                                                                                      easy workability

Standard quality without fibers,    C8114             MHEC             very high       high water retention; good anti-sagging;
with redispersible PVA powder,     C8555             MHPC             high            long open time; easy workability; suitable
fast setting                                                                          for combination with other types
                                                                                      of CULMINAL

Flexible tile cement with high     C9111             MHPC             medium          for heavy tiles; good anti-sagging;
content of redispersible           C8121             MHPC             high            long open time; compatible with nearly
powder                                                                                all redispersible powders
    For further information please
    contact any of the following

    Hercules GmbH,                    Hercules Incorporated
    Aqualon Division                  Aqualon Division
    Paul-Thomas-Strasse 56/58         Hercules Plaza
    D-40599 Düsseldorf                1313 North Market Street
    P.O. Box 130125                   Wilmington, DE 19894-0001
    D-40551 Düsseldorf                U.S.A.
    GERMANY                           Tel.: +1 302-594 5000
8   Tel.: +49 211-749 10              Fax: +1 302-995 4778
    Fax : +49 211-749 1200

    Hercules Ltd.,                    Hercules Italia S.p.A.,
    Aqualon Division                  Aqualon Division
    Langley Road                      Via Bondanello 15
    Salford, Lancashire M6 6JU        P.O. Box 1726
    UNITED KINGDOM                    I-40013 Castelmaggiore (Bologna)
    Tel.: +44 161-925 8737            ITALY
    Fax : +44 161-737 4513            Tel.: +39 51-715 333
                                      Fax: +39 51-714 734

    Aqualon France S.A.,              Hércules Química S.A.,
    3, rue Eugène et Armand Peugeot   Aqualon Division
    F-92508 Rueil Malmaison Cedex     Carretera de Valencia, 5/9
    FRANCE                            P.O. Box 32
    Tel.: +33 1-471 02400             E-43080 Tarragona
    Fax : +33 1-477 70614             SPAIN
                                      Tel.: +34 977-558 800
                                      Fax: +34 977-558 814

    Hercules Polska Sp.zo.o           Hercules International Limited
    ul. Migdalowa 4                   Aqualon Division
    PL-02-796 Warsaw                  Veraartlaan 8
    POLAND                            NL-2288 GM Rijswijk
    Tel.: +48 22 645 1286/7           P.O. Box 5822
    Fax : +48 22 645 1289             NL-2280 HV Rijswijk
                                      THE NETHERLANDS
                                      Tel.: +31 70-413 4341
                                      Fax: +31 70-319 1187

    Hercules CZ spol s.r.o            Hercules Moscow
    Na Vyspe 22                       1-st Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 23
    CZ-14700 Prague 4                 Business Centre "Parus"
    CZECH REPUBLIC                    125047 Moscow
    Tel.: +42 2 472 9622              RUSSIA
    Fax : +42 2 663 12438             Tel.: +7 095 931 9547 (-49)
                                      Fax: +7 095 931 9546

                                      Hercules does not recommend any use of
                                      its products that would violate any patent
                                      or other rights.


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