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					                                  Panda Press                                                                                             August 22, 2008
                                          Paddock Road Elementary School Newsletter
                                  3535 Paddock Rd.   Omaha, NE 68124   (402) 390-6465    Info Line: (402) 390-3322

The mission of Paddock
                                                                                          Curriculum Night
Road Elementary School
is to ensure a program of
academic excellence that                                         Next to parent/teacher conferences, Curriculum Night
serves the unique needs                                          is one of the most important events for parents during
of all learners in a positive                                    a school year. Teachers share what it is students will
instructional atmosphere                                         be expected to learn and what materials, techniques,
where students are actively                                      and activities will be used in the classroom. This is an
involved and supported                                           opportunity for families to gain valuable information
by staff, family and our                     that can be used to support student learning. Please make Curriculum
community.                                   Night a high priority! We respectfully request that this be a night
      News Briefs                            for parents only.
Please remember                                                    Mark your calendars
To call the school office at
390-6465 before 9:00 a.m. if:                                Thursday, August 28: 4 yr. old, K, 1, 2 - 6:30 p.m.
•   your child will be absent                                     Thursday, August 28: 3, 4, 5, 6 - 7:20 p.m.
    from school & why

                                                           “Well begun is half done.” Aristotle
•   your child will be late for
    school, especially if he or
    she needs a hot lunch
                                              Starting the School Day Off Right. . .
You also can call the 24 hour               The best way to finish anything is to get a good start. The better the
information line, 390-3322,                 beginning, the easier the whole job. Teach your children the power of
option #2 to report your                    getting off to a good start. It’s another way of giving your child an edge.
child’s absence.                            People who hit the ground running usually finish ahead of the rest. Good
                                            beginnings make good endings.
    Remember:                                            8:25 Breakfast
Paddock Road t-shirt
orders are due by Thursday,                              8:45 Students go to class
August 28. Become part of                                8:55 School begins
the Paddock Spirit Team!
Order form is attached.                                                                 Thank you!

                                           CALENDAR REMINDERS
August 26        Don & Millies Family Night, 4-9:00 p.m.                    September 9                Teacher Collaboration; 1:00 Dismissal
August 28        Curriculum Night, K-2, 6:30; 3-6, 7:20                     September 17                School Pictures, 9:00 a.m.
September 1      Labor Day--No School                                       September 18                Outdoor Ed. Parent Mtg., 6:30 p.m.
September 2      Paddock Road Community Club (PRCC)                                                    @ Westbrook
                 Meeting, 6:30 p.m.-All parents are invited                 October 1-3                6th Grade Outdoor Education
September 3      Fundraiser Ends
                  Social Skills                             Community Club Connections
This past week found children and adults focusing on:
How To Get the Teacher’s Attention:
                                                                          Fundraising Effort:
                                                            What: Paddock Road Community Club Fundraiser
1. Look at the person
                                                            When: Friday, August 22-Wednesday, September 3
2. Raise your hand
                                                            Why: To raise funds to support activities for our
3. Silently wait to be called on                                   Paddock Road children
When Children Do This:                                      This fundraiser was kicked off today with a motivating
•   others might see you as a good student                  assembly in the gym. Details of the fundraiser should
                                                            be in your child’s backpack. Your support and follow
•   others might want to be around you                      through is greatly appreciated.
•   teacher will be more likely to give you attention       Paddock Road Community Club Fundraiser Committee
•   might get more work done
•   may get help sooner                                                Volunteers Needed:
                                                            The Volunteer Council needs your help teaching the Stu-
•   might not disturb others
                                                            dent Enrichment Programs. The programs require just a few
Thanks for supporting our efforts with these all            hours of your time, are a lot of fun, and allow parents a great
important life skills.                                      opportunity to help out in the classroom. Sign-up forms will
                                                            be available in your child’s classroom on curriculum night. If
    6th Grade Parent Meeting                                you would like further information regarding the upcoming
                                                            Student Enrichment Programs, please contact Lisa Peters at
                 Thursday, September 18                     399-5245 or Sharon Montanye at 391-1617.
                       6:30 p.m. @ Westbrook
                                                                  Flip-Flops and Recess --
                Outdoor Education
                          October 1, 2, & 3                        A Dangerous Combination!
                                                            While flip-flops are very cute and popular, they present
Our 6th grade students and staff will head out to Platte
                                                            some safety challenges for our students out at recess. If your
River State Park for three days of outdoor education.
                                                            student likes to be active at recess, please consider sending
Fishing, horseback riding, canoeing, archery, crafts, and
                                                            safer shoes for those recess feet!
orienteering are just some of the exciting classes that
await the students. Paddock will be attending Outdoor       Personal Property Reminder
Education with students from Westbrook.                     Students are reminded that all personal items such as
Please plan on attending the parent meeting on              skateboards, walkmans, trading cards, toys, footballs, etc.
Thursday, September 18 at 6:30 p.m. at Westbrook.           are not to be brought to school unless specifically requested
                                                            by the classroom teacher. These personal items, which may
Mr. Otto, Mrs. Bridwell, Mr. Kock, Mr. Elliott
                                                            be costly, can cause a loss of valuable class time if they are
                                                            damaged or stolen. Parents, please help us by making sure

                      Safety Patrol
                                                            that all of these items remain at home and do not come to

                  August 25-September 8
Captains (Report at 8:30 a.m.): Paige Bailey, Jules Ross
                                                                  Patrol Post: Please Note
                                                            Mr. Kock and I worked with the Omaha Police
South Paddock: KaVon Neelon, Kaleb Buss                     Department regarding a concern that we did not have
                                                            visual contact with our patrols that supervised the “fence
Front Door: Rolf Ngudia, Pat Hodson
                                                            post” patrol.
91st Street: Joey Cardenas, David Brown                     It was recommended that this post be terminated. We
Back Door (after school): DuA Lee, Alyssa Koory             documented and collected student and traffic flow
                                                            data that supported this decision. Thank you for your
(after school only)                                         understanding.
Alternates: Micheal Mickles, Brittney Loney                 Mr. Otto
     Guests Must Sign In. . .                                Procedure Reminders
Please remember to sign in and take a visitor sticker
every time you visit our school! We want to maintain a                           End of Day
safe and secure environment.                                 We are pleased that you wait for your children either
                                                             outside or in our foyer. This provides a much safer and
Beginning of the Year Reminders:                             secure dismissal. Please honor our requests to wait until
Please park in designated areas only. This is for the        after 3:30 to visit your child’s teacher and/or classroom.
safety of all students, parents, and staff.                  Our hallways are so much more secure and safe for
You are always welcome at Paddock Road. When                 children when not congested.
visiting any part of the building or playground area,
you will need to sign in at the office and wear a visitor                  Parking Reminder
sticker. Everyone will be asked to wear a visitor sticker.   Cars parked on Paddock Road must parallel park and
                                                             face north (direction of traffic). The Omaha Police
Lost and found is located in the hallway by the media        Department is working with us to provide a safe and
center. Please check it out as unclaimed items are           orderly dismissal. Please abide by this so our children
donated periodically.                                        and parents can safely enter and exit Paddock Road.
If you are bringing a forgotten item to your child(ren)
during the school day, please leave it at the office. We
will make sure your child receives the item.
                                                                          Time for School
Students leaving the building during the day need to be      P
                                                             unctuality is an important part of our adult lives.
                                                             It enhances our social lives and work lives. Things
picked up from the office. If students return during the run smoother when people are on time. This is why we
same day, they must sign back in or they may be counted address absences and tardies beginning in elementary
absent for the entire day.                               school. As parents and teachers, we try to stress the
We ask visitor/parents not to go to a child’s classroom  importance of that at an early age so it carries over into
during the day unless one has an appointment and the     adulthood.
teacher is expecting you.                                Through excessive tardiness, we send the message to
Thanks for your help.                                    our child that, “it is okay to be late.” That can also be a
                                                         message that carries into their professional lives.

       Early Dismissal Days
                                                             If your child is five minutes late every day for school, at
                                                             the end of the year, they will have missed approximately
The Westside School District offers Teacher                  2.5 days of school. Imagine how much time is missed
Collaboration Days four times a year. We will dismiss at     if your child comes in 10-30 minutes late (182 days
1:00 on these days. Here are the dates:                      of school). Being on time sets a positive tone to the
        September 9              November 12                 beginning of a person’s day.

        January 29               April 17                    Classes start at 8:55 a.m. Please make sure your child
                                                             is here so they can get the same start as all of the other
Please make arrangements for your children on these          students in his/her class. Parents, our thanks for your
days.                                                        help with this situation.
    Remember: September 9 - 1:00 DISMISSAL!
                                                             Parents (“who’s legally in charge”?)
       Medication at School                                    We are aware that some of our students have
For your child’s safety and for the safety of others,          restrictions on who is allowed to sign them out or
all medications (even cough drops), must be kept               pick them up from school. Often these restrictions
locked in the health office and must be in the original        are due to custody arrangements, protection
                 package. With the exception of cough          orders, or foster placements. In order to best
                 drops, all medication needs should be         provide for the safety of your child, if you have
                 accompanied by a blue medication              legal documents that indicate restrictions, please
                 form signed by parent or guardian;            bring the documents to school so we can make a
                 prescription medication forms must be         copy. We also ask that you notify the school if these
                 signed by the doctor.                         restrictions change.
Counselor’s Corner                                            Volunteer Council Update
Welcome to another Paddock Road school year! It               The Volunteer Council consists of 42 members. Each
has been fun to see the kids after their summer break.        school is represented by three to four members. The rest
They’ve grown, they looked refreshed, and they are            are members-at-large. As a “working board”, members
ready for their new classrooms and teachers.                  volunteer themselves and recruit others to assist with
                                                              Council activities.
I am looking forward to another school year, too. I will
be at Paddock on Mondays through Thursdays. On                Last year 532 volunteers performed 873 volunteer
Friday I am at Westbrook, but I’m only a phone call           services in our schools. This year Volunteer Council
away if you have a question. Leave a voice message and        activities will include:
I’ll get it via my computer. Love that technology!            1. Student Enrichment programs for all elementary
As a school counselor I teach weekly curriculum               students. These programs are presented while the
lessons in the areas of self- and other-awareness, group      classroom teachers attend Staff Development out of the
cooperation, problem solving/decision making, self-           building. This year teachers in grades K-2 will receive
control and career awareness. I am also available for         further training on the new Rigby reading program that
small groups or individuals that wish to work on specific     they began implementing last year. Grades three
matters. Students, parents, or teachers may contact me        through six will learn about research and implications
about concerns. We may work on topics like attending          for effective vocabulary instruction.
skills, friendship problems or the Paddock social skills.     2. Health Screenings (height, weight, vision &/or audio
I can also help parents with issues that arise at home.       for grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 6) and selected grades of secondary
My goal is to help students so they can do well in the        students. Volunteers assist with the clerical aspects of flu
classroom.                                                    shot clinics and other health related projects that may
Please stop in and say “Hi!”.                                 arise.
                                                              3. Battle of the Books Competition for teams of 4th
                                                              through 6th graders
Belva Licht
                                                              4. Westside Middle School Career Day for all 8th

  Cyber-Safety for Parents:
                                                              5. Job Interviews with Westside Career Center students
                                                              6. Senior Project volunteers to read reaction papers and
  Protecting Your Kids Online                                 listen to oral presentations
Date:      September 25, 2008                                 7. Art Display of selected art created by students in all
Presenter: Jeff Ingraham, ESU#3 Technology Trainer            grades exhibited at Countryside Village Art Fair
Time:      6:30 – 7:30 p.m.                                   8. Special Projects: President/President-Elect Meeting,
                                                              “A Blend of Friends” puppeteers, and Coats for Kids
Location: ABC Building, 909 So. 76th St.                      Volunteer Council could not do these activities without
Facebook, Myspace, file sharing, chat rooms, instant          your generous help!
messaging, spam e-mail, phishing, etc. What does it all       So when Dana Carrig, Sharon Montanye and Lisa
mean for you and your child?                                  Peters, Paddock Road’s Volunteer Council members,
This session puts the spotlight on how parents can keep       invite you to help, we hope you will join us! Assisting
their children safe while enjoying the immense benefits       with Volunteer Council projects is a great opportunity to
of technology. It includes information about personal         assist in your child’s classroom and school, and a way to
safety online, plagiarism and intellectual property theft,    get to know other parents. Thank you!
virus prevention, and more. Parents will learn ways           Jo Ann Gould
to talk to their children about online dangers. One
doesn’t need to be a “techie” to help keep children safe in   Volunteer Council President
Please register in advance with Nancy Yount at 390-2113       2008 - 2009

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