brockton lions den 05-03-06 by mbl22215


									Re:            Paul Fuhs and William Murray
dba:           Tigers Den
Premises:      28-30 Intervale Street
City/Town:     Brockton, MA 02302
License:       AB Restaurant
Heard:         May 2, 2006


      This was a hearing concerning alleged violation of 204 CMR 2.05 (1) permitting
gambling (1 count).

        The licensee stipulated to the facts of the investigator’s report, which stated that
ABCC investigators observed a video device into which ABCC investigator Michael
Teehan deposited $1.00. The device displayed 4 replays after which the investigator reset
the replays to 0. Chief Mahoney saw a red button on the inside of the device, which
displayed that the coins in were 78577, played 650526, and awarded 600857.

        Based on the evidence, the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission finds that
the licensee violated 204 CMR 2.05 (1) permitting gambling (1 count) and, therefore,
suspends the license for a period of 3 days.

                               Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission

Suzanne Iannella, Commissioner _____________________________________________

Eddie J. Jenkins, Chairman__________________________________________________

Robert H. Cronin, Commissioner ____________________________________________

Dated at Boston, Massachusetts this 4th day of May 2006.
You have the right to appeal this decision to the Superior Court under the provisions of
Chapter 30A of the Massachusetts General Laws within thirty days of receipt of this

cc:    Local Board
       Chief Inv.
       Louis A. Cassis, Esq.

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