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									Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Dear Massachusetts Department of Public Health:

I commend Governor Patrick and the Department of Public Health
for proposing menu labeling in Massachusetts. I agree that this
is an important step in addressing obesity, and look forward to
using easily accessible nutrition information to make more
informed decisions when eating out.

However, I have concerns about two provisions in your proposed
policy that, if implemented, would decrease its scope and
effectiveness significantly. These loopholes include:

-Listing nutrition information per serving rather than per menu
item. Who wants to do math when eating out? For example, a
Chicken Quesadilla at Ruby Tuesday (4 servings) might be listed
as 140 calories per serving. What if three people are splitting
it? What if one person is ordering it as their meal? This
loophole would leave it to restaurants to determine the number
of servings per menu item and allow for misleading nutrition
information that is hard to calculate and use.

-Excluding drive-thrus. Two-thirds of fast-food business comes
through the drive-thru. This loophole would prevent the majority
of fast-food customers from having easy access to nutrition
information when ordering.

I appreciate the Governor's and the Department of Public
Health's efforts to address obesity and chronic disease by
giving consumers the information they need to make informed
decisions when eating out. I urge you to strengthen this policy
by removing these loopholes, so we can have easy-to-find,
easy-to-understand information when eating out. Please let me
know your decisions regarding these issues.

Kelley Bradshaw

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