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					Forms Editing and Creating Instructions
Information about Division of Elections Forms:

1. Forms on the Internet have been sorted alphabetical by type and numbered.
   Each form has a form name, form description of its use, a description of the
   physical make up of each form and its current revision date. In addition, each
   form has been assigned to a member(s) of the division for day to day
   monitoring of the form to ensure that the form contains current information.
   Forms on the Internet are in a PDF format. This format will not allow any
   form, when downloaded from the Internet, to be changed with the exception of
   the “S” forms which are in a Word format and are used to perform merges.

2. There are two groups that meet to oversee forms, the Forms Committee and
   the Forms Review Group.

      l   The Forms Committee is responsible for overseeing the administration
          of all forms utilized in the division. The Forms Committee assigns
          numbers to new forms and approves the release of new forms. The
          Forms Committee is made up of two fiscal officers in the Director’s
          office and two regional supervisors.

      l   The Forms Review Group is responsible for meeting quarterly to
          conduct a review of all the forms. Decisions are made regarding forms
          that need changes and are assigned to appropriate members in the
          division. The Forms Review Group monitors the updating of forms to
          ensure that they are completed and placed on the Internet site. The
          Forms Review Group is comprised of one member from each divisional

3. The gatekeeper of forms is an assigned Administrative Assistant in the
   Director’s office. This person is responsible to facilitate forms to divisional
   staff members and the webmaster.

Forms Maintenance and Revision:

1. Member(s) of the division have been assigned ownership of specific forms in
   which to perform general maintenance. By general maintenance, they are
   responsible for routinely verifying that the form is correct under current law
   and to ensure dates are accurate.

2. Any changes to an existing form or a creation of a new form may be
   completed by any staff member of the division. In addition, the Forms Review
   Group will assign certain forms for revision to member(s) of the division. The
   following steps to update or create a form should be followed.
a) Contact the gatekeeper to request the form in a Word, Excel or
   PowerPoint file to be emailed to you. Inform the gatekeeper that you will
   be revising the form. The gatekeeper will be responsible for tracking
   forms that have been provided for revision and to inform the Forms Review
   Group that a form is being revised.

b) Upon completion of the revision OR upon completion of a new form, email
   the form in draft format to the gatekeeper. Inform the gatekeeper of the
   response date to receive all comments. The gatekeeper will be
   responsible for contacting the webmaster to request the form to be loaded
   onto the Internet in the Draft for Review section or under New for new
   forms, provide the reviser's name and the response date for comments.

c) Reviser contacts all staff members necessary to inform them that the form
   will be available for comment and review on the Internet.

d) Staff member with comments should direct their comments and changes to
   the reviser by email or by fax. Comments and changes must be
   completed by the response date.

e) Upon receipt of all comments, the reviser will make the appropriate
   changes. If the comments and changes cause major changes to the form,
   the reviser must submit a second draft to the gatekeeper to allow a second
   comment period following the procedures outlined in steps b and c. If the
   form had minor comments and changes, the reviser submits the form to
   the gatekeeper in draft format. The gatekeeper submits the form the
   election projects coordinator for editing and to the election program
   specialist for any necessary legal review.

f) The election projects coordinator and election program specialist, working
   with the director, must communicate with the reviser any edits or changes
   necessary or inform the reviser that the form is okay.

g) If the form is a new form, the reviser must contact the Forms Committee to
   request a form number.

h) Upon final okay from the director, the gatekeeper informs the reviser and
   requests the webmaster to place the form on the Internet site.

i) The reviser is responsible for notifying any interested staff members.

j) The reviser is responsible for double checking that the final version of the
   form was loaded on the Internet.