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									Venice Beach, California

Do you love the atmosphere, food, and fun of being involved in a
carnival? How about street vendors and artists? Do you love beaches,
swimming, and waves? If the answer to these questions is “Yes”, you may
just find that Venice Beach is your own personal paradise.

Venice Beach is like no other place on earth, with street vendors hawking
their wares, beautiful waves crashing on the golden beaches, and artist's
easels as far as the eye can see. Originally built at the very beginning
of the 20th century, Venice Beach has gone through a lot of changes and
growth in the last century. The founder and builder, Abbot Kinney, had
imagined an American version of Venice, Italy, with large canals and
boats to take the residents to their destinations. Few of the canals
originally dug by Kinney remain, but those that do have been transformed
into a beautiful, postcard perfect area.

The beauty of the area has meant that many artists have moved to the
Venice Beach area and made it their home. Aside from the paintings on
easels there are also murals on almost every building, and even the
lifeguard towers for the beach have been decorated! Everywhere you look
you’ll see evidence of an artistic community.

Venice Beach is well-known for its free-spirited roots. The most famous
person of the hippie era to make his home there was Jim Morrison of The
Doors, but during that time period, almost everyone who lived in Venice
was a part of the hippie movement.   Gypsies are a large part of the
scene at Venice, and so whether you're looking for your palm to be read
or your fortune to be told, you'll find what you're looking for in

It has a long, colorful history that is still be changed and added to
today—visit Venice and see history in the making for yourself!

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